Chrono Crystalline Prologue

By Akira03

The Present-

The sky was washed in a bright blue that particular day over the remnants of the Mystic Kingdom, but none of the inhabitants would have ever expected that day to be one of the darkest of their world.

Ozzie the twenty-first, 'mayor' of the Mystic Kingdom was ranting and raving about the problems of his "Kingdom" whiles his assistant Blueklaw the Blue Imp was taking notes on it all, when suddenly Ozzie's expression changed. The expression became a villainous smile, like that of most generic villains.

"The Mystics had a great army once you know," Ozzie said haughtily to Blueklaw. "They almost defeated the humans,"

"Master, please don't be thinking what I think you're thinking. You know Guardia closely monitors us, and most of the army was dismantled immediately after Magus left," Blueklaw whined.

"Thinking not your strongest point is it, eh Blueklaw," Ozzie paused for Blueklaw's answer.

"No master, thinkin' for smart Mystics likes you, not for writers like me," Blueklaw moaned pitifully.

"That's correct. But try to think. We've got good leaders and Mystics scattered amongst the globe will come in greater numbers each day. And, we've got a secret weapon," Ozzie grinned confidently at his statement.

"What would that weapon be master?" Blueklaw questioned.

"Remember Lavos?" Ozzie asked.

"I don't like to," Blueklaw groaned at the name.

"Well, as you know he really messed this place up. Portals in time began appearing everywhere," Ozzie paused than continued, "If we go back in time and muster the Mystics of the past, combined with the Mystics of the future we can't lose!" Ozzie smiled maliciously, "The planet belongs to us, and you know that. Now Blueklaw send a message to the town square, we're going to muster our people."

"Err, Ozzie, how exactly will we go through time? I mean not everyone can," Blueklaw inquired.

"Hmm, you do have a point there, wait a sec, I heard a story from some human travelers about some scientist who helped save the world, well she had this thing, a key I believe that could help find and identify these portals, well if we steal that, we'll be home free!" Ozzie exclaimed excitedly. "Now go find a way to muster the troops!" Ozzie commanded.

"Yes sir," Blueklaw sighed as he got up and started working on a poster to rally the "troops".

Although Ozzie was content with his conspiracy to evil, elsewhere, darker and more serious problems were about to arise. . .

Crono, Lucca, and Marle were wandering about the annual Garudia festival, although large, it was tiny compared to the Millennial Fair. But through it all the trio was having fun anyways. Lucca had just beat Crono in the soda guzzling contest and they were about to try their luck at betting on the races around the fair when Crono stopped all of a sudden in his tracks.

"What's wrong?" Marle asked Crono. But Crono made no reply all that happened was his stare became empty.

Lucca then looked upwards towards the sky "You know, I don't feel so great either,"

Next the effect overcame Marle "Maybe it's those hotdogs we had for lunch,"

Suddenly Crono fell to his knees. His temples were pounding in a searing pain but he was determined not to scream aloud. Green shreds of light began pouring from the sky. Almost instantly the sky was ripped apart and a shaft of a hazy green light spiraled quickly down to earth. Crono, Marle, and Lucca were consumed by it and all of them were sucked up into the heavens . . . something evil was coming. . .

The Dark Ages-

"Mission complete, I've scattered the first three of our number one threat," a figure spoke up. He looked almost like a boar but without the tusks and a longer snout. His fur had a tint of blue to it and he wore a suit of bronze armor and a deep red cloak.

"Where have they all been sent to?" a human sitting on a large and dazzling throne asked. His features were almost invisible as he sat in shadows but you could see a large black sword by his side. "Saiakko where have you scattered them to?" the human inquired again.

"One to the dark ages, one to the future, and one to the end of time." The first figure, Saiakko responded.

"What?! The end of time, what sort of idiot are you," the human on the throne had a sense of anger about him but it was all but fully contained.

My liege Saiakko is a weakling and cannot be expected to do something correctly," a third spoke up, he had brown hair with a hint of blonde on top. He also wore loose black clothes, but they were offset by his standing out red eyes. Even in the darkness they were very visible. By his dress and tone it was obvious he was either a ninja or assassin, maybe even both.

"Alright then Kage, I'll let you take care of the enemy," the 'king' said.

"I shall accomplish this mission most quickly, you can count on that," Kage then disappeared. He was now on his way to find his first opponent . . . none other than Crono!

Authors Notes: I have never played Chrono Cross so anything contradicting it in this prologue or any following chapters (If this is approved) needs to just be overlooked.

Chapter 1

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