Genesis Through Revelation Part 1

Genesis: 1999

By AnimeLuva1

Author's Note: i know i ain't exactly tha best gamer BUT I PLAYED THIS A'IGHT ?!? so, to save us all some sanity, u'll see the who the 3 are and where and what time they are in. it should be sumthin like this:

Leene Square 1000 AD...CLM

so whatz CLM ? well, it should be obvious...C=Chrono, L=Lucca, M=Marle. Get it ? oh yeah, therez 1 exception, J=Magus. a'ight, you can read on now...


Belthasar's Lab 2020 AD...CLM

The last time Lucca got this breath-taken was on her 6th birthday, when her dad got her her first chemistry set. She stared at the polished brass-like metal in front of her, and studied the stream-lined depressions. Hesitantly, she reached out and touched the metal. --like silk-- she noted. She then looked to her left, seeing Marle with a confused look across her face; then her right, noticing Chrono's ankles and feet moving around the machine.

"Which side is the front ?" Marle asked herself.

"What do you think I'M tryin' ta' figure out ?" Chrono retorted, noticing the echo inside the cold, damp room.

They all heard a heavy object screeching its way into the room. They all looked towards the direction the sound was coming from. Instincts came before thought, and they all assumed it was another mutant from the sewers below. "Ah damn not again..." Chrono complained. He was first to unseathe his blade, quickly followed by Lucca and Marle with their weapons. Marle ran to Chrono's far left, while Lucca ran the opposite way, prepared for yet another battle.

Chrono was used to the darkness of this secret chamber, but he had to squint to see a large figure moving a large rectangular object. As it drew nearer, something was pushing a large black box of some sort. Then he started to make out a dark blue body, then an aquamarine crown. He remembered these characteristics from something, but what ? He adjusted his grip on his sword and still looked at the ever-growing figure. He realized it--

"The nu..." he whispered. He guided his katana back into its casing, then went out of his attacking stance and stood up. Lucca and Marle glanced at Chrono for a moment and looked at what was in front of them. They soon did the same with their weapons. Chrono walked backward until he was a few steps in front of Marle, to give way for the creature.

Marle looked over Chrono's shoulder and saw a giant slimy mass in front of her. She thought it might have eyed them, but the frog-like creature looked straight ahead, as if they have never existed. She was shocked by its unawareness, but then realized her stupidity. A nu was an animal that could speak. Even with their high intelligence, they still obeyed their masters. was loyal to someone, but who ? Of course, Belthasar... she thought as she recalled first being acquainted with the old man.

The nu kept pushing back the large cube of steel. By then all three of them were adapted to the light. There was more to the object than just a hunk opf metal. There were what seemed to them to be seats. The brown leather was worn out over the years, but the seats themselves seemed to have never been used. The nu kept pushing back until it was barely able to touch the surface of the larger hunk of brass. The thing just stood there and "looked" at them all. Finally:

"Scared ya didn't I?" it asked in a familair male voice. All three of them blinked, looked at each other, then back at...him.

"Actually," it...he continued, "it's me, Belthasar. I copied my memories into this thing. Pretty good, huh?" Lucca and Marle held their breath. NANI ?!? IT ?!? THAT--

The nu--Belthasar pointed to the set of buttons. The three of them ran over like kindergarteners running to the class pet. Lucca took note of what seemed to be a sundial. Marle gazed at the various colored and shaped buttons along the entire control panel. One read "L," another "R," "Start," "Stop" and on and on and on. Chrono rubbed his hands together at the sight of the metal wheel in the center of everything, hoping it might be what he thought it was.

"This thing over here" Belthasar continued, pointing to the sundial, "will help you in getting to a specific area, wherever or whenever that may be---this one over here" now pointing to the various buttons, "this'll start the thing---that one is to verify the central computer on where...well, in which era you are going---and this one..." he continued giving instructions to them for a while. After the endless lecture, Chrono complained, sarcastically, "I don't get it." Lucca and Marle narrowed their eyes on him, gritting their teeth. Belthesar merely shook his head.

"Now you'd better remember what I told you," he opened his large jaw and yawned, looking at Chrono, "you can...decide..." he yawned again, "what" The trio looked at the nu, wondering what happened to him. Then they heard snoring from his "nose" as well as "saliva" dribbling down the sides of his mouth. Chrono walked up to Belthesar and poked his "side." It--he woke up with a start, and finished his sentence, "ship."

"What to name the ship?" they asked. They looked at one another, trying to think of a good name. It couldn't be the name of a boat, it sure didn't look like one. It couldn't be just a simple name, a fine invention doesn't deserve a common name. It had to be short, but sophisticated. Grand, yet not in a royal sense; more of a stylish name.

"Epoch--" Lucca whispered.

"Epoch?" Chrono repeated. He wasn't a scholar, but he could educated as well as any in his time could. But the word "epoch" itself was never in his dictionary.

"Perfect !!!" Marle grinned, "that name sounds soooo cool." But then she realized she never heard of such a word as well. "What does 'Epoch' mean anyway?"

"In short, it's an important event," Belthasar answered straightfowardly. "Actually, I could've named the ship that myself."

Chrono tapped his foot on the base of the set of chairs before carefully stepping on it. He then saw Lucca jump and land on it like it was dirt ground. He flushed slightly in embarassment before stepping onboard as well. He sat down in on the chair that was behind the wheel. He twiddled his thumbs at the sight of the advanced technology in front of him. If I only had one of these babies in 1000 AD. At his thought of his past, he remembered exactly why they were here in the first place. They needed to save the Dark Ages.

Lucca assisted Chrono in setting the dial to 16,000,000 BC, with frustration from both sides of the story. For one thing, Chrono knows machinary as much as he knows cooking. Lucca knew how to teach as much as she knew how to use a sword.

"So..." Belthasar yawned, "do you wanna take off or..." he yawned again, "stay put?"

Chrono gave Belthasar an annoyed look, "WHY TAKE OFF OF C----" He pushed the button when he said the C in "course," he recieved a whiplash from his chair and a case of short term blindness.

Marle blinked, all around her she saw flashes of yellow, orange, and red zooming by her. She look straight ahead, there was a blinding white light ahead of them. She heard Chrono shouting in excitement. As Chrono started turning, she felt herself leaning against the smooth metal of the Epoch. Everything was sideways, if there ever was one in this "time." She felt her ponytail hang loosely in the air.

"AH! MY GLASSES !!!" Lucca was barely holding the rim of her two-inch think glasses by her index and middle finger. "CHRONO !!! QUIT THE SOMMERSAULTS !!!"

"I CAN'T !!!" he shouted back.

"YOU CAN'T?!" she repeated, feeling nauseous from all the spinning.

Chrono turned around slightly and looked at Lucca with the corner of his eye. "WELL YOU TRY STEERING THIS THING !!! THIS AIN'T EXACTLY ONE OF YOUR INVENTIONS YOU KNOW !!!" he replied sarcastically.

Marle was fixated on the ever-growing light ahead of them. "CHRONO !!! WE'RE GOING OFF COURSE !!!"

"WHAT ?!?" he shouted turning to see the controls. But he felt the warmth of the light to his left instead of straight ahead of them. He made the last and desperate attempt to move back to the center of the path. Something was jamming the steering wheel. At first he thought it was a misplaced rod from constructing the damn thing. He swatted it away, but felt his seath moving as well. "YOU STUPID THING !!!" he yelled, as if it were alive.

There was more screaming from all three of them. Sparks flew everywhere. A miniature Titanic within the threads of time. The yellow and red waters let the ship sink slowly into itself. Its passengers wanted to get off, but to do that was like jumping off the peak of the Dendaro Mountains. To their surprise, that was exactly what the red and yellow streams felt like as soon as it touched their skin---like water.

* * *

"Who do you think they are?" a boy whispered loudly, hoping not to wake up the strangers.

"I don't know," a woman answered softly.

"Neka !!! Look !!!" the boy shouted, forgetting the three who where lying unconcious on the grass.

"Shut up Somo!" she shushed her young companion.

"What do 'ya think that is?" he asked, quieter.

There was a long pause, finally:

"I don't know," she replied, "c'mon, help me with taking these three back to Arris dome."

"Ya mean we're gonna actually talk with 'em?" he asked in a loud whisper. There was a pause: "Sugee!" Somo cheered. He was sushed again by his mentor.


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