Genesis Through Revelation Part 2

In The Beginning

By AnimeLuva1

Arris Dome 1999 A.D.....CLM

"KAASAN!! KAASAN!!" Sono called, tugging at one of the professor's lab coats. His mother scribbled her signiture and gave the pad back to one of the attendants. She spun around and looked down at him. "Neka-chan brought some wierd people from the big forest out west and there's this real big thingie-"

"Sono, Sono," she said, patting the air, "slow down...catch your breath. Good, now do these 'wierd people' look hurt?"

"Yeah yeah," Sono nodded quickly, "they do a lot 'cuz this one guy with a cool sword got a lotta bruises n this orange-haired lady has a big ol' black eye and-"

"Quit talking Sono," Neka ordered from behind. She stepped into the lab, giving Chrono a piggy back while carrying Lucca and Marle on each arm, pinning them to her side. She looked around for available tables, then placed each of them seprately on another space.

"Neka! Don't place them down so hard, we don't know how bad the injuries are!" Sono's mother scolded, already examining Chrono.

"What? They only got some bruises and a bad case of a hangover, MacArthur." Neka retorted, pointing out some of Chrono's bruises.

"That's Doctor MacArthur to you miss thing," she countered, narrowing her eyes.

Uh-oh, I'm screwed now... Neka told herself as she stared at Jacki's cold blue-green eyes. She stepped back, waving her hands in front of her. "Gomen, Mrs. Jacki." she said, and gave a slight bow. She looked back at the new patients. "How soon 'til they'll wake up?"

Jacki typed jibberish on the keyboard and stared at the screen. "More than likely..." she typed some more and stopped, "...a week at max."

"Thanks." Neka spun around and exited through the door.

Sono's eyes followed Neka until the automatic doors closed behind her. "Kaasan?"

Jacki took out a small pad from her coat, her eyes switiching from Chrono's body to the pad. "Yes, So-chan?" she replied, not looking at her son.

"I-Is it okay if I go out with Neka oneechan?"

"You can go," she heard Sono already making his way toward the door, "but don't get mad at Chi-chan again, you remember what happened last time."

Sono stopped halfway through his step. "Yeah, kaasan..." he stepped through the door, "I won't." As soon as the doors shut behind him, he stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Chi," he hissed, "she was the one who got in trouble in the first place." He kicked an imaginary stone while making his way outside.

"GET HER!" Mari shouted, pointing his small gang towards the dark green-haired girl.

"YEAH! YEAH!-KILL HER!-GET'A STUNNER!" they yammered as they raced ahead towards their fugitive.

"SOOOOONOOOOO!!!" Chi cried to the clouds above, still fleeing from the delinquents that were chasing her.

* * *

At a local scrap-metal store, while attempting to bargain some spare parts, Neka heard Chi's call. Her head turned towards the direction of the voice. "Damn it, Chi." She turned to the merchants, saying "This ain't over yet." then ran off.

* * *

Sono exited the final door, seeing the color green before viewing the well-worn asphalt. The light smell of bubble-gum filled his nose. He turned to his left, seeing Chi's dark-green hair fly about. Pursuing her were some local kids he recognized. First "The Wind" Ishi, then "Shorty" Takai, and the Toge twins followed in close pursuit. Lagging behind them was none other than the leader of the rat pack, Mari.

"HEY!!" Sono shouted.

The small crowed turned towards him. Mari was the first to smile.

"Hey guys," he said over his shoulder, "look who's come to save the brat." The group pointed and laughed at him.

His face was twisted with anger. Just because Mari has a dad and a brother for cops doesn't mean he rules the place. From the corner of his eye, Sono saw Chi being held be Neka. Something almost immediately struck his right eye.

Just because Mari couldn't get an actual laser gun didn't mean he couldn't get the next best thing: a stunner. It was looked and felt like a cheap water gun, but it packed more power than that. He removed it from his pocket, carefully aiming it then fired. He smiled hearing Sono's short scream. In victory, he threw his head back and laughed. "Sono and Chi sittin' in a tree," he sang. "K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!" the group shouted from behind.

That was the last straw. Memories of his mother's commands and Neka's philosophies vanished, being replaced by his growing hatred for the Tough Guys gang, or so they called themselves. They're not even guys, Sono told himself, they're brats!!! He charged at them. Usually, they'd run away and cry to their mommies by now. But to his surprise, they looked ready.

"Sono! Don't let 'em get to ya!" Neka coached.

Sono halted his charge. He barely understood what his sensei spoke and shrugged it off. He lifted his right hand over his shoulder, grabbing the handle of his broad sword. Sono pulled it out slowly, to show the full glory of the Masamune. He didn't know why he called it that, it just sounded right. He positioned his left foot in front of him and his right below him. While still looking at the ground, he struck the Masamune point first to the ground, then rested his right hand on it.

"So who's first?" he asked in his best Clint Eastwood. The youngest members, Ishi and Takai, were already starting to back off. The Toge twins were knee-knocking, but still stood their ground. Mari, however, stood his ground, farthest away from Sono.

Sono faked a charge towards the group, and watched Ishi and Takai make a run for their money to their mothers. The Toge twins jumped back, but had a sudden courage spurt and stood as proudly as Mari did.

He didn't blink while gazing at the twins. "Oh, is it you two then?" Sono withdrew his sword from the ground and held it tight. He paced slowly towards the direction of the twins. Two seconds later, they vanished. But he continued walking, to the point where he was standing right beside his enemy.

"You're gonna die Sono!" Mari threatened, jumping a safe distance from Sono's slash.

"Yeah right!" Sono returned, holding the Masamune with both hands, "Not if you keep running to your dad and brother like you always do!!!"

The final line, and Mari charged towards Sono, with his fist aiming for his front teeth.

Sono ducked, but not fast enough to feel the impact on his forehead. He knelt down and rolled backwards, jumping back into his previous stance. He shook his head, waiting until his vision somewhat cleared. He vaulted towards Mari, holding the Masamune with the blade resting on his arm. With the expectation that Mari would again attempt to punch the new bruise on his forehead, he ducked under his fise. He rose back up with the hand holding the Masamune, tearing parts of Mari's clothing and skin.

When he checked his newly formed wounds, it was only then he felt the stinging. He licked his index finger and rubbed off the blood from his skin. "Why you..." he looked up at Sono and pointed at him, "you WILL die!"

"Ooooh," Sono mocked, "wha'dya gonna do, huh?! Stun me?!" From his free hand Sono made a "hand" gun by extending his thumb, index and middle finger in the shape of one. He pointed it to his chest and pretended to shoot himself, laughing at the idea that it would ever hurt him, after that one shot to his eye. Stunners, HA! Even worse than cap guns. *click click*

He held it with pride. His father's registered police force custom .9 . It did take a while and a few good resources to get it, but it was worthwhile. An actual gun in his hands made him feel strong enough to kill "Lavos" himself. "No, shoot you," he remarked, smiling at the sight of Sono's pale face.

"Hold it right there, sonny," Chief Bannin ordered. He got his set of cuffs ready as he walked towards yet another gang fight. "You're under arrest for violating code 592810-2 of police code law which states: 'Anyone who has stolen police weapons and/or material of any sort should be arrested and taken to jail immediately.' You have a right to get a lawyer. Anything you say can and will be used against you."

"But Daaaaaaaad!" Mari complained, attempting to free himself from his father's hand cuffs.

Bannin felt bad about arresting his own son, but the law was the law. "You've now violated police code 203851-6, the resiting arrest law. Even as a minor, you have a right to get a lawyer--"

Mari tried again. "I did out of self defense!!!"

Bannin sighed, he can never get his son out of trouble no matter how many times he tried. "Oh really? And why did Mrs. MacArthur and everyone else in the neighborhood call in reporting of a group of boys harrasing a young girl?" He escorted his son into the police car and locked the door shut. He turned to Sono, who was still prepared for battle. "Sorry 'bout that kid, it won't happen again."

Sono stared at the overweight chief of police. This stinks, he said to himself, letting his temper run wild, I coulda got 'em. But no. Someone just had to ruin it!

Neka watched as Sono began to float above ground. A pale green light surrounded him, and was still growing as seconds ticked by. "Shit no...SOOONNOOOO!!!"

His sensei's call came to deaf ears. He closed his eyes and screamed his lungs off. His aura protected him, but not those that were near by. The ground beneath him crumbled into sand, the shops shook down to their foundations, and his home, the Arris Dome, was sliced in half. With fists clenched and eyes still closed, he floated back down to the ground. He opened his eyes, seeing that he was in a 3 ft. deep crater that streched over most of the neighborhood. He looked around, seeing the people floating around with pale blue auras protecting them from the damage. He spun to see Neka with the brightest of the blue lights. She stood in her stance with her eyes closed, Chi holding onto her pant leg for life. Her brown hair floated above her as she hummed a spell. Her pendant glowed from her chest, which created all the shields.

Of all the spells her "obaachan" trained her to do, this was the one she mastered. Protecting only herself was simple, all she needed was the urge and the right tune. But multiple shields did a number on her energy. She slowed the chant, stopping until she felt the feet under her shoes. She opened her eyes, narrowing them in on Sono. "We're going to have a little talk about this."

Sono gulped. In his sensei's vocabulary, a "little talk" meant time training near the base of Death Peak without his beloved Masamune. But then, a "little talk" always started with his mother first.


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