Genesis Through Revelation Part 3

...The First Day

By AnimeLuva1

Only a day since he destroyed parts of his neighborhood, and he regretted it already. His mom was acting like she's on her PMS when she already had it last week. Neka woke him up at 3 in the morning to go back to the forest for the most exhausting training he ever had since he first decided to be her student. After that, she made him walk back with his weight's worth of weapons on his back. The training was cruel, even his mother agreed with him on that. But the only reason why his mother wouldn't stop Neka was, as Neka would say, to "make him tougher out on the streets." Bullshit, he'd say to himself, but she did have a point. All this made him one of the best if not THE best fighter in the block.

The reflection made him spend the rest of his energy. He collapsed into his bunk, caring less if his mother scolded him on not changing his clothes, and went into a much needed period of sleep

* * *

She sat herself on one of the smaller control panels, careful not to sit on any of the buttons. She swung her legs back and forth, banging her heels against the steel she sat on. She asked if she could watch the patients, which was soon granted. She put her pendant up to the front of her face, marveling at the gold seal stamped on an oval cut diamond. She turned it over, examining the nitches and ticks on its gold backing. On the bottom curve, there was some form written language on it, made up of swirls and lines that created a wave-like pattern. She ran her fingers over the line, fingering each shape.

"Obaachan?" I remember now, I was 7, still an idiot. "Nhm?" she said, looking down at me in those really pretty royal violet eyes. I was allowed to wear the pendant by then, and I was looking at it. What did I ask? Something with her name---oh yeah! "Obachan, what's this?" I pointed to the shapes. She giggled, her long, thin, baby blue hair waving while she shook her head. She took the pendant out of my hand, pointing at some shapes. "S" she said, pointing at more shapes, "C...h...a...l..a." I bit my index finger...heh I still have the habit. I thought for a few seconds. "S-c-h-a-l-a?" She nodded her purplish head. "Ssschaaaaalllaa. Did I say that right, obaachan?" She nodded again, handing it back to me. I put it on, still thinking. "So that's what it says?" I asked. "Yes." she said. "Is your name Schala?" "Yes." "That's a really pretty name obaachan." I sat next to her, on my toddler chair. "When I have kids, I'm gonna name one of 'em Schala, obaachan!" That was the first time I saw her laugh.

It's 10 years since Neka declared that, but thinking of her "obaachan" always made her teary-eyed. She sniffled and wiped a tear away with the back of her hand. It brought only more memories, especially of her death. She watched her "obaachan" die in the forest. "You have so much more to learn, I just--" "--don't have enough time." Neka told herself. Damn fate, she thought, damn it to hell. She shook her head. That's all in the past. Whoever's up there made it happen for some reason that she doesn't know of yet.

She took some deep breaths and forced herself to relax. She turned her head to the two-day old patients. Two girls, one guy, all about her age, 2 years younger or older at max. One girl a carrot top, the other a brunette with two-inch thick glasses. The guy was a red head with a katana she didn't even see or hear of.

She glanced at the digital clock over one of the doors. Fifteen minutes past, it's time to check their stats.

She walked first to one closest to her, the brunette, taking a look at various computer screens before taking a closer look at the girl herself. She got a better look at her headset, or at least she thought it was a headset. She took a closer look at the dress-looking armor she wore. It wasn't the finest looking of them all but it must work, considering all the scratches and dents it had. She couldn't tell what was under it, only the long, burgandy sleeves that showed bruises and cuts under some tears. "She'll live." Neka told herself.

She walked around to another set of screens beside the other girl. The same stats, probaby the only difference was how this one looked. She was wearing the same dress-like metal, but seemed to be in more damage.

She made a turn around another bed and checked the last set of screens. Similar condition. Neka took a closer look at his armor. It was made from probably the same metal that the other's dresses were made of. Whatever it was, it was in desperate need of repairs. It was practially Swiss cheese. Under that and singed clothing were scabs, severe burns, and bruises of all shapes and sizes.

She walked back to the control panels and typed in a report, stating simply "Just fine." and turned it off. She turned and sat on the controls, making sure it wasn't the On switch. She looked up at the ceiling and blew her bangs out of the way. "It's gonna be a looong night."

Opening her eyes was a struggle. Shades of gray was the first thing she saw, then focused on sheets of metal nailed to the ceiling. She turned her head to the left, seeing Marle sleeping. Wires and needles inside various parts of Marle's body. As she got up, the tinges of pain came from needles as well as sore mucles. She tried to move her arm back to rub a sore spot but only felt more rusty muscles being pulled to the point where the pain was unbearable. She heard someone running, turning to see her.

Neka made eye contact with the other's green eyes. She didn't know why, but something inside her head made her say de ja vu. "Please, lie down," she requested, "Ms., Ms.--"

"Lucca," she mumbled, "Lucca desu." She rested her forehead on her hands, hoping the headache will go away soon. "Please lady, don't call me 'Ms.'" Who is this girl anyway?

Next to the newly-wakened patient, the others stirred and looked around, half awake. "Where are we?" Crono asked.

"The question is, what year are we in?" Marle looked around, noticing the girl just staring at all of them. She pulled all the needles out of her skin, even if it did pinch and sat on the side of her bed. "Hi," she waved.

She couldn't move from where she was standing. What they were saying, their names, impossible. The nerd just couldn't be THE Lucca, the scientist who discovered solar power and the very first hubbercraft. She forced her adreneline to slow down, shifting her stance. "Konban-wa, Lucca. Watashi wa Neka desu. You are in Arris Dome, 1999 Ano Dominae."

"1999?!?!?" Chrono shouted, jumping out of his bed, almost falling from standing up too soon, knocking over trays in the process

"How?!" Marle gasped.

"Calm down you two," Lucca ordered, "we did happen to sink into that void of time--THE EPOCH!!!" she turned to Neka, "Where's the-"

"'Epoch'?" Neka wondered, "Oh, it's in my place. It's taking me forever to fix it."

"Phew, it's safe," Lucca sat back on her bunk.

"I-I-I'm wondering..." Neka started.

"Mhmn?" they asked, turning their heads to her.

"Who are you?"



"No, no. Not names, I wanna know where you came from, how you got here, and what the hell this Epoch it is Lucca is talking about."

After a good cup of Java with plenty of sugar in it, the idea of time traveling finally sinked in. The trio's clothing, accents, it fit in to pre-Renaissance era, just like in the history books. The only problem was explaining everything to Jacki-san. Explaining this to Sono, she dredded the thought. Hopefully they all could just be mistaken as tourists from New York, New York or actors running around in their constumes. The first idea sounded easier to believe.


"Nhm?" she voiced, not paying attention to who was talking to her.

"Where are our three patients?"

Neka jumped out of her seat, seeing Jacki prepared for another day's work. "They're at my place, Jacki-san," she claimed, "they-they woke up on me and--"

"They WHAT?!?" Jacki started, turning for the exit. "I'm going to have to check up on them immediatly." She prepared herself with pens and notepades of various shapes and sizes.

"Chotto matte kudasai!" Neka begged, blocking off the exit.

"What?" Jacki wondered, removing her glasses from her nose.

"The patients, they're...they're..."

* * *

"But I'm hungry," Chrono complained, staring at the tasty morsels on display in a stall called "McDonald's."

"Quit whining!" Lucca ordered, dragging her friend by the wrist up and down the pathway. "We have to get supplies!"

"Got 'em!!!" Marle cheered, holding in her hand a large wad of bills and a pocket full of change. Lucca snatched the money and counted it. "This should be enough," she told herself, entering a weapon's shop that she found in a black book in Neka's room.

A bell chimed as they entered. Inside, cupboards and walls were covered with an array of weapons and armor, some dating all the way back to their time while others in this time.

Chrono leaned towards the swords and daggers, staring and studying each of them with a careful eye. He leaned over the glass case to read out the prices before spotting what he thought was a fine work of art. "Service." he requested. A large man grunted, throwing his cigarette into an ashtray and headed in Chrono's direction. "Whadya want?" he demanded. "Can I see that one over there, please?" he asked, pointing out one of the longer katanas. The man turned, holding the hilt of the sword. "Ya mean the Titanium Razor?"


The man handed the sword to Chrono. He took it and checked it carefully, testing its ease in coming out of the hilt, the shape, the curve. He looked at the blade, it's luster could blind an enemy, and the black smith must have been a fine sword maker. Finally: "How 'bout a trade, oyaji?" he suggested, placing his Slasher beside the Titanium Razor.

Marle was always the picky type, even with which pajamas to wear before she goes to bed. This shop has the biggest selection of crossbows she's ever seen. After a careful look, she requested for service. A middle-aged woman came from one of the doors leading to the back of the shop. "May I help you?"

"Yeah, um, can I see the Bullseye?"

The woman nodded and set the crossbow off its shelf, allowing Marle to take a glimpse of it before handing her a set of complementary bows.

Marle picked it up, surprised at its light weight. But then there was a tube placed on it. "Nan desu ka?"

"That's a sightscope," the woman informed, "It'll help you in firing from a far range."

"Honto?" she mumbled to herself, peering through the scope while pretending to aim for Chrono's head.

"Hey! Watch were ya point that thing!" Chrono warned, ducking under an army surplus display.

Marle turned and took the Sage Bow from her shoulder and handed it to her, along with what was left of her arrows.

"I've never seen this thing in years," the receptionist commented, testing the trigger. "You got yourself a trade ma'am."

"Domo arigatou."

"Dou itashimashite."

"Eeto...what can this one do?" Lucca asked the retired soldier, testing the hold of another gun.

"That's an automatic, so if ya pull the trigger it'll fire 2 or more shots." the soldier indicated, taking a small, worn box of bullets off a shelf.

"How powerful is it?" she asked, counting the money Marle got from the pawn shop.

"Well," he recalled, "when I first used it that thing blew me across the shooting ground."

"Sou desu ne? Alrighty then! How 'bout we trade this," she put down her Ruby Gun, "and some of this," she put down 2 gold pieces, "for this" she patted the gun, "Rapid Fire Limited Edition?" she bargained.

The soldier stared in amazement. Not at the gun but the gold. "A-a-all that for one gun?"


He went into the back of the store just as soon as he got out. "Just to make it fair," he added, "I'll give you this bullet-proof vest as well."

"Sugoi!" Lucca cheered, "I accept!" She jumped in circles for a little while. " you by any chance know where we can get something better than this?" she requested, showing off what was left of their armor.

"Of course! We have lot's of stuff better than that!" he boasted, went back to the inventory of the store, and came out with an array of vests and armor.

Marle picked up a chunky, black vest."What's this called?"

"Kore waaaaa..." he scanned a Guns & Ammo magazine, "M58 desu. 'Used to protect you against lasers, guns, and most other projectiles.'"

"Sugoi," Chrono commented, "How much?"


Chrono felt his face fault while he counted the gold pieces in his pouch. "Will this be enough?"

"Oooh, more than enough," the soldier assured, "you can probably buy a few Strong Ethers and Gate's Tonic with that."

"Okay, we'll get one one of those M58s, 15 Strong Ethers and 20 Gate's Tonics for this man's armor and 1000 gold pieces." Lucca offered.

"SOOOLD!!!" the soldier announced.

Marle scanned the rest of the jackets and vests, picking up a smaller, thinner navy blue jacket. "Just my size," she noticed while trying it on, "A little on the heavy side though."

"Fine choice ma'am," he praised, "The WonderWoman Coat is top of the line for female police officers, which is how it got it's name."

"How much?" Lucca asked, trying the jacket on for herself.


"A-alright. Here's our armor and 6000Gs, how 'bout it?"

"Add another 1000 and you have yourself a deal."

Lucca gulped, shaving off 1000Gs would be taking away more than half of what was left. "500Gs." he bantered.


"550." she countered.

"Deal." They shook hands. Case closed.


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