Genesis Through Revelation Part 7

Bring My People...Out...

By AnimeLuva1

"BIG boom," Ayla half-whispered, checking the impact of the blast. "How Neka do that?" she thought, scratching the back of her head.

"Con...cen...tration," Neka mumbled, "lots" She was breathing hard from all the energy she used up, and soon found herself kneeling on the floor.

"Oneesan!!!" Sono yelped, dashing to his sensei's side. "You okay?"

"Baka," she muttered, "Don't make me answer that for you..."

"Here," Chrono said flately, handing a neatly folded piece of cloth and the glass with glowing tangerine water. "Get inside the shelter before you drink the elixir," he instructed.

"'Shelter'?" she repeated, looking at the cloth, then the container. "'ya mean this is some sorta tent?"

Chrono shrugged. "Somethin'likethat," he guessed.

She followed Chrono's directions, crawling into a sandy-colored cloth bag. From outside, they heard her drop down to the floor and made snoring sounds for exactly 5 seconds. She stood up, the cork making a popping sound before she guzzled all it's contents. "HOLY SHIT!" she exclaimed, feeling a sudden rush of power flow through her veins. Her body's reaction was a surge of ki blowing up anything within a 2 feet of her. The thing that happened to be nearby was the shelter. There was no trace of it left.

"Sugoi!!!" Sono commented, turning to Chrono, "can I have some of that stuff too?!"

"Go ahead," he handed the same glowing fluid, taking a bottle for himself.

From the darkness ahead, the chunk of ice reappeared. The group were at first surprised, almost immediately going into their battle stances despite their fatigue. They heard a crack from the ice, noticing a glow that came from inside it. Another one followed, larger, revealiing more of its hidden light. Then a handful more, then plenty. Until finally, the light blinded them, forcing them to cover their eyes for what felt like forever. Then the light receded. Before them now was an old man in his 70s, wearing red sunglasses and an aged black robe.

Sono cocked his head to one side, recognizing him from his Dragon Ball Z manga. "Kame sennin?" he asked.

The old man stood upright in surprise. "Young boy, how did you know that name? Only Belthasar and Gaspar called me that back in my youth." he said nervously, pointing his gnarled finger at the brightly-dressed child.

"Who are you?" Neka asked, pointing to him this time.

"I am Melchior, Guru of Life." he introduced, bowing slightly. "I must thank you for freeing me of my icy prison."

Ayla laughed loud enough for rocks to tumble down Mt. Woe. "Daijoubu yo! Jijii make sword from rock, Ayla help jijii!" she reasoned.

The rock shook from under them. With no support from the flying Giga Gaia, even the chains couldn't hold the rock in the sky. It was instinct: They had to flee.

Melchoir paced nervoursly around the cave. With all the information Chrono gave him, it was no surprise that he did. "This is grave news," he inquired, "Zeal must be stopped! The Mammon Machine must not be reawakened! Lavos would surely destroy the world as we know it!" With that, he turned to the front of the cave, where most of them were standing, and struck the ground with his staff. He looked behind them, towards the entrance of the cave. There she was, but she seemed so, sad.

She smiled meekly at Melchoir, then proceeded with all the grace a princess had to be. The handful that were there were shocked by her presence, especially the one with short brown hair and emerald green eyes. She ignored them, gliding towards the Guru.

His mother should have known by now. He's not a child anymore, he can take care of himself just fine thank you very much. But his big sister insisted, and he has to end up in a dung heap like this. He made sure his best friend, his only friend, Alfador was close by. He looked around, already nauseated from what he's seeing. "This place stinks," he commented, sniffing the air to rub it in. He sensed someone thinking negative thoughts about him. Probably that orange-suited idiot. he thought.

"I've broken the seal," she informed the young man she saved earlier, "Hurry! Before the seal-augh!" She was struck by a flaming projectile from the entrance. There was only one man who threw such useless attacks, Dalton.

The one-eyed pirate fired again, cackling insanely. The fighters that were there crouched into their stances, revealing their weapons if they had any. "Oh no you don't," he laughed, positioning himself behind Schala. He then proceeded to choke her with his arm "I don't care about this woman."

"Ane-sama!" Janus called, rushing to aid his sister. He soon realized his mother's lackey's fast reflexes. The physical pain wasn't as bad as the mental one Dalton's laugh gave.

Kami, this guy's worse than Bakudan. Neka rolled her eyes.

"Now, my dear princess, we must hurry on to the UnderSea Palace," Dalton sang cynically. He pushed her towards the entrace/exit of the cave. He felt the occupants eyes watching him. Out of fun, he chanted to the Mammon Machine. His reward was a flash of light to cover his escape.

Melchior was almost jogging in circles before he finally made his decision. "Young man," he began calmly, "I cannot thank you enough for what you have done." He paused, noticing Chrono's nod, "But I must ask you for your help once more." Masa, mune, take care of this lad for me, "'kay." "Sure." He just finished smithing the blade last week, right before Zeal sealed him up. Melchior shivered from the memory. From under his cloak, he revealed to those present the newly-formed blade. "This is the only way the Mammon Machine can be stopped." He handed it to Chrono, who in turn gave it to Neka. The warriors before him looked at each other, nodding about what they were going to do next. He heard they slept in for the night, resting and stocking up on supplies for the gruling battle ahead.

"S-shimatta, tottemo samui da yo!" Sono shivered. He knew he should have brought his construction orange fleece. He crossed his arms and rubbed his now numb forearms. He concentrated on the cold so much that he didn't feel his mentor kick him to the snow.

"Start running," she ordered, roughly picking Sono off the ground, "well, you wanted to get warm, didn't you?" She almost threw him back to his feet, and began racing ahead of their leader towards a limestone building not far away.

Sono kicked the snow off of him, calling for his adopted oneesan, and began to follow her. He jogged by his ancestor, hearing him say something through the sudden rush of wind. "NANI O ITEIMASU KA?!" he shouted back, the wind carrying his voice.

Chrono waited for the wind to die down. He looked upwards for any other signs of a snowstorm, then down to his descendant. "Why do you put up with her?" he asked.

Sono slowed his pace, putting his hands behind his head. "She's always like that," he answered, "You get used to it. 'sides, one day, I'm gonna have a little brother or sister to do the exact same thing." he snickered.

"Su...Suteki," Neka awed. The dome was compact, but what it made up in size was its artwork. A variation between glass and motherboards were on every window. And in almost everything not made of stone was a seal. The rest of Chrono-tachi was not going to be here for a few minutes, so Neka explored a little more. She carefully studied the designs on the indigo window. What she scrutinized even more was the shape of the triangular seal. "It's my, my pendant." she stuttered. In a blink the gold chain did not hang from her neck. She placed her pendant beside the casted shape. She compared, her eyes darting from the miniature and larger versions of it. "This is getting way too weird..."



Out of impulse, she spun to face her enemies, clenching her prized possession. They were on a glass platform, in various stances of waiting. "Gomen," she mumbled, blushing slightly. She skipped a few stairs as she got up, closing her eyes as a gentle wind carried her thousands of feet in the air. When she opened them, she felt like she was in a tropical resort, complete with large palaces and a cascading waterfall. "Doko-"

"Welcome to Zeal, Neka-san," Chrono interupted, sarcasm in his voice, "Here you'll find scholastic nuts addicted to sleep lead by an insane queen who wants to be a god, or goddess."

Neka and Sono blinked. Maybe Chrono's time traveling was getting the better of him.

"No time to explore the place now," he informed them, pointing to a palace high above, "we have to get there first."

"Of all the times Zeal-sama had to put me on guard duty," Dalton growled, clenching his fist. "That stupid prophet, I swear I'm gon'na hit 'im where it hurts when he gets back." he smirked, "or when I get there first."

"Chrono-kun, why does everyone here look like they're on drugs?" Sono wondered, noticing Chrono hold a pendant much like Neka's over his head.

The door seemed to brighten slightly before it gave access to them. Chrono stepped in first, already breaking into a fult tilt sprint. "There's this evil, evil heart-like machine called a Mammon machine. Lavos is connected to it, and that's all you have to know."

Dalton looked up with his one good eye, blinking at the sight of a familiar face. "Well well well, look who's arrived." he noticed them stop a short distance from them. With the sight of Chrono, he remembered the death of his first Golem. "You're too late fool!" he laughed, "Soon, I will become a god. It's too bad you won't be able to see my full glory. GOLEM TWINS! Take care of this gnats now would you?" He let out his annoying cackle, transporting himself to Ocean Palace.

"'Golem Twins'?" Neka mimicked. No sooner did a massive, mustard yellow beast appear before her, grinning stupidly with the anticipation of battle. It moved to its left, revealing the clone of a twin behind it. "Oh man, double the ugliness." she commented, shifting into her battle stance.

Sono growled menicingly at the monsters, no, objects blocking his way. "I HAVE BIGGER FISH TO FRY!" he shouted. His ki suddenly rose, letting out sparks and cackles of electricity. He concentrated on the right Golem, his hands straight in the air. His voice became husky as streaks of lighting attacked both twins.

"Yamero!" Chrono ordered, holding his sword up in defense. "They're gon'na adapt!"

The twins let out a digusting, wreaking burp. Before long, streams of lighting jolted their enemies.

"Chrono!" Ayla called, motioning him towards her. Chrono nodded, running in full sprint. Ayla, with her almost inhuman strength, hoisted him far enough to touch the ceiling. He angled himself, almost flying towards the wall opposite one of the twins. He rebounded off of it, boosting the power of his horizontal slash on the two enemies. He ricocheted off the other wall, sliding on the floor and immediately into a defensive position.

Neka's eyebrows furrowed in concentration. She began chanting, a blue haze surrounding her body. She clenched her fists, the haze of light suddenly moving to her hands. "MY TURN!" she shouted, her fists flying into the left Golem's body.

The right Golem made a loud and nauseating burp, and a yellow light struck all nearby, especially Neka.

"Neka! Get!" Ayla threw a Gate's Tonic towards Neka, who by some reserve of strength caught it and swallowed it down. "Here!" she shouted back, throwing an Elixir. Ayla bit the cork off, gulping its contents with satisfaction. "Ayla need that." she nodded.


"Hell yeah!"

"IKUZO!" Chrono and Sono roared. Sono jumped off to the left side of the ceiling, Chrono to the right. They rebounded off and slashed the nearby Golem, landing perfectly right in front of each other. For a second they looked at each other and nodded. Again, they flew up, this time landing their cuts on the Golem they saw.

The two Golems blinked, burping loud enough to shake the flooring under them. The electricity was now double its voltage.

Sono simply landed face first on hard ground. "SONO!" Neka hoarsed, kneeling and checking for vital signs. She had too much adrenaline in her body to feel any. She clenched her fists, ever so slowly standing up. "Koros." She chanted in a language only the natives in Zeal would understand, the index and middle fingers of her hands moving in strange patterns. There was only one part of the spell that the rest could understand. "BLINDING LIGHT!" Sure enough, rays of pure white energy bursted, blinding the Golem twins. "Ayla! Chrono! Ikuzo!"

With their new cover, Chrono slashed at the left Golem with the style of a samurai, while Ayla rammed against the right Golem and bashed its skull in.

The twins didn't sound so great. They let out a wreaking smog through their mouths, and left without a trace. When the clouds lifted, gold pieces were scattered in random areas of the room. The veterans picked up whatever loot they could find, while the rookie sobbed over the youngest one's near lifeless body.

"This'll help," Chrono suggested, offering Neka a bottle of pastel green fluid. "Trust me on this one."

She opened the cork, a mediciny aroma filling her nostrils. She shook her head and blinked her eyes. She pinched Sono's nose shut, forcing the liquid down his mouth. In seconds it seemed Sono stood up ready for another round. "WHERE ARE THEY?! I'LL KILL THOSE STUPID YELLOW IDIOTS WITH MY BARE HANDS!"

Neka bursted out laughing, rolling on the floor with her hands over her stomach. Chrono and Ayla merely exchanged confused looks.

"So this is it?" Neka asked, analyzing the hologram image of a teleportation device.

"Yep," Chrono answered, the first to step onto the pod. But it's still a long way to go.


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