The End of Time Chapter 1

Flight by Night

By Arsenal

They jumped through the bushes, meeting Crono’s blade. Lucca opened fire on the nearest mystic, Wondershot blowing a hole through the Red Imp. Crono parried the blow from the Outlaw. The thrust had the Outlaw’s head rolling to the ground. Crono turned immediately to parry a blow from the invaders’ leader. This twin short sword-wielding elf-like creature had finally joined the fight. Crono came forward in a blur of thrusts and slashes, coming in from several angles. He stepped back expecting a pincushion of elf. Crono had to roll from the side as the elf leapt forward with a huge slash. Still he (she?) caught Crono on the shoulder, opening a nasty cut with the other blade. Crono parried the ensuing thrust just in time. He rolled his sword over the blades, forcing the elf back. Both leapt back and prepared their attacks. Crono braced for the elf’s charge, Rainbow cutting a multi-colored swath in the air. The preparation wasn’t needed; Lucca’s next shot hit the elf in the side, launching him or her into the tree eight feet away. The battle between Crono and the elf was the only thing keeping the other mystics in check though. They were well drilled; the elf leader was replaced immediately. The mystics didn’t need the order to charge. Crono charged the ground with electricity, knocking everybody from their feet. He used the time to sheath Rainbow, heave his pack and pick up Lucca. He rushed from the clearing. He heard the leader call for their heads. The mystics were getting up now, he thought. He ran faster. It was hard; he had been fighting for almost fifteen minutes non-stop. He thought about his best friend in his arms though, and ran faster. He hoped that he wouldn’t give out anytime soon . . .


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