The End of Time Chapter 2

Nadia's Shadow

By Arsenal

Marle rolled over. She was the official ruler in Guardia right now. That meant getting up early and making all those decisions that Father usually made. It never occurred to her how boring her father’s existence was. Marle wished that her father wasn’t on vacation right now. How did he convince her to run the kingdom in his absence? The Chancellor, Webster by name, was much better at this sort of thing. She hated it of course. She was Nadia on the throne, not Marle. Nadia was a shadow that she would never be rid of. It had even cursed everyone around her. Yesterday she had received a report from the southern lands. There had been several deaths in Fiona’s forest. Marle had to send somebody to investigate the matter. But all of Guardia’s officers were out on exercises. So she called Crono, who was being trained as the Captain of the Spekkio trained Mystic Knights. On the side he was receiving training preparing him for the throne. It was widely believed that Crono would eventually become Marle’s boyfriend and ultimately her husband and the King of Guardia. She also ordered Lucca to go along. Well, not exactly ordered, Lucca volunteered to go along. She refused to let her best friend to go alone into danger (she claimed fun, but Marle knew). So Marle ordered them to investigate the matter and report later. Marle was revolted by that thought. It was Nadia she told herself that ordered her friends to go into danger. It wasn’t Marle, it was Nadia. Marle screamed against it, Nadia had to do it. That was the responsibilities of the shadow of Nadia.

Nadia suddenly felt a chill. She thought of Crono and Lucca running in that moment. She shrugged the thought off. She would have to talk the mason about the breezes in this windy old castle. Well after the ambassador from Medina, the diplomat from Porre, the priest from Fiona’s Shrine, the merchant representative from Truce . .. .


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