The End of Time Chapter 3

A Revelation

By Arsenal

It was another hour before Crono had finally lost the mystics. Lucca lay against a tree now, out cold, recovering from the poison dart in her leg. Crono sat awake and alert, in case of attack. He also was worried. Lucca had been injured in the fight and that was why she couldn’t run or walk anywhere. Her leg was poisoned. Crono had looked at the wound when they sat down. He couldn’t really tell how long it would take the leg to become totally infected with poison, but he knew that it needed medical care soon. The bottle of Heal in his pack had been applied, but the poison didn’t let up quickly enough. Crono hoped for the best. In the meantime he thought about himself. He was very exerted; he had drained himself using the magic in the last fight. He probably killed about ten mystics by himself, fifteen with Lucca. They would be looking for him. He wondered how many there were. He never expected that amount! There were almost one hundred fifty enemies in this forest, without the animals! Only a better reason to get out as quickly as possible. Crono laid a map on the ground, checking it by a spark he created on his finger. The nearest sign of civilization was Fiona’s Shrine, eighty kilometres. Two days marching in the best circumstances and these weren’t the best circumstances. Crono circled the coordinates on the map with his quill, and wrote a brief description on the map.

Two hours later, he woke Lucca. He wished that he could let her sleep longer, but they needed to leave soon. She opened her eyes slowly.

“Crono! What happened? I don’t remember anything after that elf you were fighting. I got hit with something and was knocked unconscious. What happened?” Lucca exclaimed, concerned.

“Don’t worry. You got rid of the elf, so I escaped with you in my arms. I ran as fast as I could and lost them. You’ve been asleep for about two hours since I stopped. Listen, we have to get to Fiona’s Shrine. You’re in bad shape, and we’ll need more than tonics to take care of you. You’ll be fine.” Lucca’s cheeks blushed briefly at the thought of being in Crono’s arms. She shook it away quickly, hoping he hadn’t seen it. Lucca tried to get up, and fell down as she discovered her leg wouldn’t support her weight.

“What’s going on? Why can’t I stand?” Lucca looked at her leg, and saw the puncture wound, where the dart had struck. Her face went pale. She knew what the small wound meant. And she had bad memories of the disability of walking. Crono winced in pain as the revelation crossed over Lucca’s face. He packed the rest of the supplies in his bag, got his direction focused and slid the map into his pocket. Then he picked up Lucca and kissed her on the forehead, “Be strong, you’ll be alright.” he whispered in her ear. If he only knew what that did to her . . .


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