The End of Time Chapter 11


By Arsenal

Marle wasn’t Nadia right now, but the knights treated her like she was. She didn’t like being treated like royalty, but it was necessary to reach Crono and Lucca quickly. Besides the uncomfortable treatment of the soldiers she was ecstatic. She had beaten the bane of her life; the shadow of herself named Nadia. She had forsaken the kingdoms for real now. This was even bigger than before. This time when she ran away, she was in direct responsibility of the kingdom. This was going to get her in so much trouble, but she didn’t care. The only way she’d go back to the Castle is if her friends asked her. She finally had ended up choosing her friends rather than the state. It exhilarated her. She’d have to tell Lucca and Crono. That is when she found them.

Marle reached the mountain after six hours of travel. She had travelled to the End of Time and found out from Gaspar that Crono and Lucca went to Mt.Denedaro. Now why would they go there? It didn’t matter though. She was here now. She grabbed her pack and ignored the soldier’s insistence that they escort her. She found the Epoch at the base of the mountain. She left a note there in case she missed them. Then she started scaling the mountain.

Marle found the graves. As she passed she blessed the knights the way only one of noble blood could. She left an ice crystal on each grave to mark her passing there. The trip was uneventful until she was in sight of the Masamune’s Cave. She heard battle from inside, and saw the lightning shooting from the outside. Marle starting running to the cave.


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