The End of Time Chapter 12

Final Battle

By Arsenal

Crono and Tasha circled each other. Crono spoke to her, “Why are you so intent on dying? What gives you such an edge that you think you can beat me now?”

She responded with a smirk, “I got some new blades from Ozzie. Much better.” Crono looked at her short swords. Both glowed an unnatural navy blue colour. Rainbow flared several colours, always returning to white. “If I remember right, I won the last match.” Crono had enough talking and lunged for her throat. Tasha responded quickly.

Tasha pushed Crono off. They’d been fighting for ten minutes now, both sporting cuts, none of them decisive. Tasha lunged with one blade and slashed across with the other. Crono jumped to the right and ducked under the slash. His legs swept Tasha off her feet onto the floor. Crono jumped in the air. Tasha rolled away as he planted his blade into the stone floor. She leapt to her feet. Crono didn’t bother retrieve his blade, it was implanted into the stone, and he wouldn’t be able to pull it free. He threw a ball of lightning onto the floor at Tasha’s feet, exploding the area into sparks. Tasha flew into the wall. She recovered quickly for the size of the hit. She rushed toward Crono, seeing him unarmed. Crono was agile enough to dodge the thrusts and slashes Tasha kept trying to deal, but he was getting tired. She would eventually land a blow and that would kill him. The fight was lost. That was until he heard a shout.

“Crono! Mine blade. Use it to defeat this witch!” Glenn had worked his hand free and threw Masamune to Crono. Crono caught it and brought it to bear onto Tasha. It was a heavier blade than he was used to, but it was a blade. Tasha’s blades came in at various angles. Crono blocked each attack. When he managed to turn her blades he came down with a straight chop. Tasha’s blades came up to block, but she fell to her knees from the weight from the weight of the blade and the force Crono put behind it. Crono slashed across. Tasha fell back, throwing her legs out in front of her. She kicked with her ankles launching her to her feet. Crono jumped right into her, knocking her to the ground. He jumped up and held the blade to her throat, “Surrender” he demanded. She spat at him and threw a dart at him. He jumped back to avoid the poisonous bite. Tasha leapt up and charged at Crono, her anger blinding her actions. Crono had no choice. He thrust Masamune forward. Tasha collapsed upon it. Crono pulled Masamune free. Suddenly everybody exploded into action. Lucca unpinned a grenade and threw it near Rainbow, blowing it loose. Crono threw Masamune to Glenn, who cut himself free. Crono picked up Rainbow. The three Heroes of Time faced Ozzie, Slash and Flea.

“Oh well. I guess we’ll have to kill you ourselves. Too bad Magus’s agent couldn’t do it.” Ozzie said.

“Magus?” Glenn exclaimed. “I thought he was dead!”

“Well, I don’t care what you thought. All I care about is if you die. Flea! Slash! Get ready!”

Suddenly Ozzie collapsed on the floor, two crossbow bolts sticking from his shoulder. Marle entered the room. The four could take this trio, but the fight would never happen. Everybody heard a bang, and then everybody blacked out.


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