The End of Time Chapter 13


By Arsenal

Lucca had another dream. But this time it wasn’t a pleasant, warm dream like the last one. Crono was in this one. But Lucca wasn’t there. She saw him from a cage of some sort. She could see his every move, but couldn’t touch him. He was on the ground while dozens of dark creatures circled him. He had Rainbow in his hands and he tried to fight, but he could never hit the creatures and they kept slashing and biting him. Eventually they would all bury him at once and tear him to shreds, eating the remains. Then the dream would start over. Lucca cried and cried, the horror of it almost killed her. She awoke.

She was in the basement of Magus’s castle. Crono awakened the same time she had. When they had fully woken a dark figure slipped from the shadows. It was Magus. Lucca reached for Wondershot. It wasn’t there. Crono was looking for Rainbow too. Magus walked around.

“What do you want?” Lucca asked.

“Nothing with you. Shut up and listen.” Magus ordered. “This story is for Crono’s benefit. After Lavos melted you, your friends came looking for me. I had been looking for a friend, but when I saw Glenn at the cove, I decided to settle old business. Unfortunately he had grown stronger than I had anticipated and I lost the fight. From Glenn I received this.” Magus stepped into the light. A scar crossed his face; it glowed a light blue, the same colour the Masamune glowed. “I survived and then lived only to plot my revenge. I needed something to make it really painful though. Then I thought of it: his friends. But somebody stood in my way. That was you. You were the only one strong enough besides Glenn to stop me, so I needed you out of the way. So I hired an assassin and provided her with enough monsters to lure the Heroes of Time to the forest. But she messed up and I had to bring you all here. All the same it’ll work out.” Magus pulled Rainbow from his dark cape. It glowed multiple colours like before, but it returned to black, not white. “Glenn is somewhere watching this whole thing. I hope he likes my revenge. Say good-bye Crono.” Magus thrust the blade through Crono, blood seeping out from the wound. He would be dead in a matter of seconds. Magus turned to Lucca. “I have an enchantment on the blade. If you kill yourself with it, his life will be spared.” With that, Magus disappeared from the chamber.

Lucca lay crying as she tried to stop the blood from seeping out of Crono’s body. She removed Rainbow and pressed the kerchief Crono had given her to the wound. It wasn’t good enough. The wound was too large. Lucca thought about what Magus had said. She snatched Rainbow and readied herself to be impaled.

'Crono was killed for me, he loved me enough to do it for me. I’ve got to do it for him.’ Lucca thought. She let the tears fall to the floor. She bid silent farewell to Crono and then got ready.

Just before she dropped herself upon the blade a strong hand gripped her shoulder. She turned. Crono stood in front of her, a bit bloody, but alive. She hugged him tightly and pressed her lips against his. “What . . .”

The Greendream Necklace hung from his hand. “It works.” Then he kissed her back, just as passionately.


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