The End of Time Chapter 14


By Arsenal

Glenn had finally smashed the glass. He was trapped in a glass globe in the ceiling between two rooms. In one Magus had dealt with Crono and Lucca. In the other Flea, Slash and Ozzie were battling with Marle. He had seen the whole exchange between Lucca and Crono. He needed to get into their room. He would need their help to deal with Ozzie and the others. He dropped through the hole that he had made. Crono and Lucca looked at him.

“Mine eyes see what I cannot believe. I believed that you and Marle would wed someday, Crono.” Glenn reminded himself Marle was in trouble. “Marle is in danger. Come we must protect the princess.” Crono and Lucca nodded. Crono picked up Rainbow and followed. He vowed to rid himself of the blade once this was all done. For now, he’d need it. The three ran down the hall to Marle’s room. The halls were guarded though, and they encountered a security team of mages and outlaws almost immediately. Glenn still had Masamune so he and Crono drew their blades. Lucca stepped back and summoned her powers. The party numbered about ten. The pair of mages leapt back and fell into their various powers, chanting and throwing ingredients in the air. The outlaws jumped upon Crono and Glenn. The two fought well together. Glenn jumped high in the air from the blades of two outlaws, leaving them unprepared for Crono’s huge slash lopping their heads off. The other six closed in on Crono, expecting an easy kill. Glenn landed on them, his blade planting itself in one’s body. Crono blocked the only attack that came his way and rolled his blade over the outlaw’s own reaching into it’s heart.

Then Glenn and Crono rolled out of the way behind a stone archway. Two massive fireballs sped down the hall igniting the outlaws. Lucca had jumped into a room near her, avoiding the flaming missiles. The mages saw that the outlaws were gone and started running. The grenade bounced off the wall at the other end of the hall, landing at their feet. The mages went out with a massive bang.

The group continued down the hallway, checking doors until they found the right one. Marle stand at one end of the room pouring icicles upon the three miscreants. They avoided the ice easily. Flea threw a dart of pure energy toward Marle. Crono’s lightning bolt knocked it away cleanly. The trio charged into the room. Ozzie swept down from the ceiling to intercept Marle. Flea jumped in the way of Lucca. Slash drew his blade and swung it at Crono. Glenn disappeared from the room, glowing a dark colour. Nobody noticed his exit.

Glenn appeared in the same chamber that Magus had summoned Lavos in. Magus waited at his Mystic Circle. Glenn drew Masamune. Magus drew his scythe.

“Now I will have my revenge upon you for a lifetime of suffering!” Magus stated, his eyes blazing with hate.

“Why am I to blame? For stopping your evil conquest of Guardia, is that it? For avenging my friend, who tried to do the same? We became enemies by your actions. The folk you’ve hurt didn’t deserve your wraith.” Glenn stood tall, stating his beliefs.

“It doesn’t matter. I shall take what I want, when I want it. You will die.” Glenn heard his words. His hatred of himself made sense. His mother’s neglect, the abuse suffered from Ozzie, the constant search for his lost sister had formed Magus’s hate into one image. Glenn was that image, the only soul besides Cyrus to dare attack the evil mage directly. So now one of them must die.

“So be it. A battle to the death: yon revenge against mine quest to become human, we both shall gain from the other’s death. En garde! Let me prove thy mortality!” Glenn thrust Masamune towards Magus’s stomach. The blade hit an invisible force; Magus had an aura of protection around himself. Magus smiled wickedly and drew his scythe. Glenn took out a Globe of Barrier, surrounding himself with an aura like Magus’s. Magus levitated up into the air, his hood covering his face. The image of a hooded figure with a scythe reminded Glenn of the common image of Death. He wasn’t scared of Death.

Magus swooped from the ceiling. Screaming as he fell, Magus dropped flames onto the floor. Glenn was occupied dancing among the flames; he didn’t see Magus diving in with his scythe. He turned in time to avoid being impaled, but his thigh was sliced across. Magus jumped off the floor into the air again. His smile was apparent even through his hood. Glenn couldn’t jump to Magus again, if the mage flew for the whole battle, how could Glenn win? Glenn looked around. He suddenly had an idea. Glenn focused his energies into a single jet of water. Magus flew out of the way, thinking he had avoided the attack. That wasn’t what Glenn was aiming for. The ceiling above Magus crumbled.

A huge chunk hit Magus, throwing him to the floor. Glenn ran away from the debris. Magus got off the floor, his sickle broken in half in his hands. Magus focused his energy into a single beam of darkness. The energy gathered around his hand, Glenn limped away from Magus. The beam hit Glenn in the back, throwing him across the room into the wall. Masamune lay on the floor in between Magus and himself. Magus approached Glenn. He stopped by his ancient blade. Magus grasped the blade, sending jolts of energy up his arm. Magus bore the pain though, and lifted the blade, his massive arm allowing him to carry the heavy blade with one hand. Glenn watched him walk forward slowly, his eyes showing no fire anymore, just chill, dark hatred. Magus stood above him.

“So here it ends. A Hero of Time and the Mystic War, lying in front of me, about to be slew by his own blade. Do you have anything to say?” Magus didn’t wait to hear. He raised Masamune to drop it onto Glenn’s head.

Glenn sprung up and buried the dagger from the ogre battle into Magus’s heart. “This is for the deaths of seven valiant knights who were killed for thy vengeance.” Glenn took Masamune from Magus’s hands. “That was for the deaths of every innocent caught up in your vengeance against Lavos. This is for the hurt of every being that has suffered. May thy face be synonymous with evil, war and hatred for the rest of eternity, better for the loss of a cold, dark man consumed with selfishness, vengeance and misplaced hate.” Magus fell the moment that the last syllable left Glenn’s lips, as if Glenn was the only thing keeping him upon this world. Glenn dropped the bloody knife, considering it tainted now. Masamune was cleaned and sheathed.

Glenn turned around and saw Magus sitting up, his hand feeling into his shirt. He pulled out an amulet and held it out to the frog. His voice came strong, his will propelling it, “If you ever see her, give this to her. Tell her I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused. Tell her not to blame you.” With that Magus curled up and died, whatever emotion may have ever graced his eyes leaving them.

Glenn hesitated, then yanked the amulet free of Magus’s cold hard fingers. He put it into his pouch, not sure how to feel about the new responsibility and stepped out of the room. He appeared in the room he had disappeared from. Crono, Lucca and Marle stood face to face with Ozzie, Slash and Flea. The three minions looked bruised and beaten but fought on. Ozzie floating in the air, avoiding Marle’s bolts, Flea matching Lucca spell for spell and Slash defending against Crono’s incredible swordplay. Then Ozzie saw Glenn enter the room. He flew to the middle of the room, “Flea! Slash! To me now! The frog is here!” The three monsters stand floating in the air. “Magus has failed. We must now carry out his instructions.” The three start chanting. The four Heroes readied themselves for a magical attack. Instead a Gate opened up around their feet, sucking them in. They blacked out.


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