The End of Time Chapter 6

A Life Passed By

By Arsenal

“Dong, dong, dong.” Lucca awoke to the ancient ring of Nadia’s Bell. That suddenly struck her as strange; Nadia’s Bell had a sweet clear note. This was more like . . . Leene’s Bell? What happened to Nadia’s Bell? And how could she hear it? She lived too far away. Lucca opened her eyes. In front of her was Crono’s room. Same desk, same clone, same doll, same cat. She rolled over, right into the sleeping form of Crono. Lucca stifled a scream. She was in bed with Crono! His eyes flickered open.

“ Lucca? What’s the problem? You look really pale. Here let me keep you warm.” Crono’s strong arms extended around Lucca. She felt a wave of pleasure. They laid there for half an hour sharing each other’s heat. Lucca felt Crono’s even breathing. She couldn’t lie here forever, pleasant as it was. She rose quietly and softly, not wanting to wake Crono. She went downstairs, expecting to see Crono’s mother. She wasn’t there. Lucca searched everywhere. Crono’s mom wasn’t anywhere. Lucca gave up. She noticed how hungry she was, so she made breakfast. Just as everything was finished, Crono came down the stairs. He greeted her good morning in an new way: he kissed her on the lips. Lucca thought her kneecaps would pop out of place. They sat down to eat. Lucca laid down and wondered what the hell was going on. Crono and her sat talking until breakfast was over and they drank their coffee.

“So what should we do today, dear?” Crono asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe we should see Marle.” Lucca said.

“Marle? Who’s Marle? I haven’t met that friend of yours.” Crono replied, looking puzzled.

“Huh?” Lucca couldn’t believe it. Suddenly thoughts went whirling around in her head. Then the blackness came upon her. Before the dream ended Lucca thought a single thing: that was a life that she passed up a long time ago. Since they met Marle.


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