The End of Time Chapter 7

Gasper’s Revelation

By Arsenal

Lucca awoke feeling better than ever. Her leg didn’t even hurt. She wondered where she was. She saw Crono kneeling by her, a concerned look on his face. She nearly kissed him after that dream. Instead she settled for a hug. “Oh, Crono! That was horrible! You almost got killed! Wait a minute, where’s Tasha?”

“I think I can answer that.” A heavily accented voice said from the back. It was Gaspar. “When you two arrived here, she was off balance. Crono was unconscious so she tried to kill him in his sleep. She couldn’t. She has some sense of honor in her soul somewhere. So she tried to kill me. Spekkio leapt forth to my aid. She couldn’t put a dent in him without magic, so she ran down the hall and escaped in one of the Gates. By the time she did that she was badly wounded.”

Crono nodded. “I treated your leg with the water in that pail. Spekkio helped me remove poison.” With that he went into the backroom to discuss supplies with Spekkio.

“You love him don’t you?” Gaspar said, surprising Lucca.

“What! Of course not. Absurd. Ridiculous. Laughable. Out of this world!” Lucca exclaimed.

“You can’t lie to me. I know. Before Spekkio could cure you I had to probe your mind to make sure Tasha didn’t do anything in case we tried to remove the poison. I saw your dream, as well as your hopes. I even saw you view Marle in a less than favorable light.”

“Are you implying that I hate Marle?”

“No, just that you regret that she intervened in your relationship with Crono. I’ll have to tell you this secret. I’m a Master of Time and I’ve explored this possibility before. If Marle wasn’t ever involved, you and Crono would have definitely been married eventually.”

“But, I don’t care, really, I’ve never felt anything for Crono . . .”

“He loves you too.” That knocked the wind out of Lucca for once. “I had to probe his mind too. He has a similar dream, but never pursues it. You both think the other isn’t interested. It’s a sin really.”

“What . . . what should I do? Okay, I admit it! I love him. He’s the only boy that ever was interested in me. I stead cooped up in my lab so much that I made few friends. He’s my best friend. I don’t know why. He was popular long before I was! He could’ve had any girl, could’ve had any friend. He chose me. Why? That’s why I love him: he’s sweet, nice and selfless. He’d give me his heart if I ever lost mine, step in front of me if a bullet came my way. Hell, he DID it in the Ocean Palace. I almost lost him because of that.” Lucca looked like she was about to faint, explaining her feelings to herself, more than anybody else.

Gaspar did a good job responding, “Young lady, if you think I even care, then you’re in the wrong place. But to pursue these feelings, go to Mt.Denedaro in 600 AD. Your relationship may only advance if you go there. That’s all I may say. The rest is up to you.”

The conversation ended at exactly the right time. Crono stepped out the door with several large packages in his arms. He threw them into a magically repaired and transported Epoch. “Spekkio told me we needed to go to Mt.Denedaro to find out what to do next. Let’s go. I’m all rested up.” Lucca nodded her agreement; relieved she wouldn’t need an excuse to travel there. She jumped into the Epoch and they took off.

“Did you talk to the boy?” Gaspar asked Spekkio.

“Yep, he took it strangely. He practically beat himself in the head analyzing the situation.”

“Hmm, I hope we did what’s right. By the gods, I hope.” Gaspar shook his head low so Spekkio couldn’t see his broad smile.


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