Ghosts of the Past, Present, and Future Prologue

By Artificer Urza

Author's Note:

The date of the fall of Guardia and the year that Chrono Cross took place have been verified to insure the chronological accuracy of this story. At the beginning of each chapter I will tell you the year, the place and the reality in which the chapter takes place. Reality shall be designated by Home (Serge's World) or Alternate (The world Serge visited); if I don't say which reality it is in, then identical events occur in both realities. The characters and events in this story are based on the first time I passed Chrono Cross and the multiple times I passed Chrono Trigger; if you have first hand, official, verifiable knowledge that would change this story, tell me so that I can change it accordingly.

Year 1005 AD
The fall of the Kingdom of Guardia
And the disappearance of the legendary sword, the Masamune.
Guardia Forest.

Two figures ran through Guardia Forest, escaping the burning Guardia castle. One was dressed in royal finery as a prince; he had spiky orange hair and green eyes, he wore a katana at his side. The other was blonde with a ponytail, she wore a long flowing white dress and she carried a crossbow.

"Damn it, I hate this thing!" Princess Nadia swore as her dress got caught on something for the fifth time. "Why did they have to attack now?"

"I don't know, but the next time someone wants to fight I'll ask them to choose a more convenient time, okay?" Crono laughed as they ran through the forest.

The Porre army had attacked and overrun the garrison in a surprise attack and though the battle had been fierce the kingdom had still fallen quickly. The two monarchs Crono and Nadia had escaped the assault, but had been herded into Guardia Forest. The two ran into a dead end: a clearing in the forest, which was very familiar to them both.

"Isn't this the second time we've been pushed into this place?" Crono asked wearily.

"Yeah, but unfortunately, the gates are all closed so we can't travel through time to escape this time." Nadia replied readying her crossbow.

The two did not need to wait long as a hail of bow fire fell on them. The projectiles were slow enough for Crono to knock them away with his katana. Nadia fired off a few shots, if only to distract the soldiers firing at them. Pain exploded in Crono's shoulder as an enemy crossbow bolt lodged itself in his shoulder joint. The impact propelled him to the ground. He grabbed at his shoulder in an attempt to remove the bolt, but to no avail. His hand came away with blood. Nadia looked over at him in shock and worry. And then, to Crono's perspective, time slowed as Nadia ran towards him. He saw the crossbow bolt fly towards his wife, it struck her and light exploded in the clearing, blinding him and the soldiers in the forest. When he could see again, Nadia was gone, her pendant lying on the ground a fine crack in the dark, now powerless jewel.

Chapter 1

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