Seven Chapter 1


By Asyria

Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.


Palmer always heard them. The secretaries pointing at him and gasping. The mail clerks snickering. Even outside the Shinra building, down in the sectors, he heard them. Women would look at him in disgust. Children would taunt and tease. But they always have. Even when he was a child.

Mother always made him clear his plate. 'One day you'll become big and strong like your Pa, and then you can be in SOLDIER.' She would tell him. He wanted to be like Pa. Soldier, first-class. He looked so heroic in his Shinra uniform. Jason Palmer wanted to be like that.

'Oh don't worry! You just have a little baby fat, that's all.'

The other children at school would pick on him. Push him into a corner until he cried.


'Blubber Butt!'


Jason wanted nothing more than to be accepted. To be like the other kids. They could run and play without getting tired for hours.

'You just ignore those brats, honey! When you grow up and become a SOLDIER, you'll be able to look down at them like the skinny brats they are!'

As Jason Palmer got older, the taunting only increased. He tried to ignore their tormenting words, only to be backed into another corner.

'Fat Ass!'

'Put on a few more pounds, Lardo?'


Instead of playing with the other children, Jason devoted his free time to the study of space. Outer space and all it's glory always held a fascination for the young Palmer. He learned of the other planets, galaxies, and stars.

'You'll never make it into SOLDIER, Fat boy!'

'Jason, your paper on space was excellent! Perhaps you should attend college instead of SOLDIER.'

At college, Palmer was praised for his intelligence. He accelerated quickly in his classes, majoring in astronomy and business. After graduation, he applied at Shinra Headquarters and was hired. Palmer worked his way up through the ranks and was made Head of Space Exploration and Development.

Even with his high position in the Shinra hierarchy, people still gawked and stared at him. They never said anything to his face, but he still heard them.

'Mr. Messira. I've heard that you've been disrespecting me behind my back to other employees! Well, I will not tolerate such disrespect! You're fired!'

With every bite of food, he felt the power he had over them. With every pound he gained, he knew even if they did laugh, he held all the cards. Soon, they would realize that he was no fool. He held the power to make their families starve, while he ate expensive dinners. They would suffer, but he would remain healthy.

Jason Palmer.

You have been found guilty of one of the seven deadly sins.


Prepare to burn.


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