Seven Chapter 2

SLOTH: Reeve

By Asyria

Sloth is a habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness.


Reeve always had it easy. All of his life, people would provide for him. Everything handed to him on a sliver platter. Never having to work for what he wanted. Being the son of a rich merchant, he was constantly doted upon.

"Anything you want, son, you just come and ask."

James Reeve went to a private school on the upper plate of Midgar. All the other children, coming from wealthy families themselves, were jealous of James' parents raining gifts on their son.

"You got a new bike!? Isn't that your fourth one this year? There wasn't nothin' wrong with the others!"

As James got older, and the schoolwork got harder, his laziness grew. He rarely did homework or studied. And when it came time for exams, he would simply guess. Never really trying.

"James, you got a F in algebra? I'll have to have a talk with your teacher."

Talk his father did, with gil. James Reeve had his education bought for him. And when it came time for him to get a real job, his father came to the rescue once again.

"I have some friends who work for Shinra Inc. They could get you a position that wouldn't require much work. A wealthy man like yourself shouldn't have to work hard."

James came to work for Shinra as part of the Urban Development team. And when President Shinra fired the Head of that department for spending too much gil, he turned to Reeve.

"Basically, I want it to look like we're doing something about the slums, but not actually spend gil. Understand?"

James excelled at doing nothing about the poverty in the slums. The people in the sectors continued to struggle, with no help from above. For years, things were going smoothly, until the AVALANCHE came along and started blowing up reactors. And with the arrival of the AVALANCHE, came President Shinra's idea to drop the sector seven plate. James had objected to the idea, not being a heartless man, but he did not do anything about it. Instead, he swallowed his guilt and went along, silently, with the plan. Even after he estimated the cost of repair to sector seven and was told he wasn't to repair it, he once again did nothing.

"I know this isn't your department, Reeve. But I need a spy to infiltrate the AVALANCHE."

But instead of going himself, as the spy, he sent a toy. A toy to do his job for him. A giant, robotic, microphone to infiltrate the enemy group. A gift of his father playfully dubbed as Cait Sith.

James Reeve.

You have been found guilty of one of the seven deadly sins.


Prepare to burn.


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