Seven Chapter 3

LUST: Reno

By Asyria

Lust is an uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or appetite; lecherousness.


Reno used women. Everyone knew this. Reno Farris: Shinra's Playboy. His fondness for sex was as infamous as his skills as a Turk. Some of the clerks from Shinra had speculations on how many children Reno has probably fathered. There was similar speculation about Reno's father. Being raised by his father only, he knew nothing of his mother or how to properly treat women. Reno learned only from his father, a man who brought home a different woman every night.

"Love 'em and leave 'em, son! Don't get too close, or they'll walk all over you!"

The definition of love to the young Reno was sex. One night stands. Finding a pretty girl and seducing her, only to leave before she wakes in the morning. Reno's sexual exploitations started at age 13 with any girl he deemed worthy. Neighbor's daughters. Girls at school.

"You really like me, Reno? You aren't just saying that?"

After dropping out of high school at 16, Reno joined SOLDIER. He used his wild red hair and wild attitude as bait for any woman who'd take it. Teen girls from his old high school. Other SOLDIER's wives.

"Come on in Reno! Don't worry, my husband doesn't suspect a thing!"

But women weren't the only ones who liked Reno's passion. The Shinra and the leader of the Turks were watching him as well. At age 21, Reno was offered a promotion.

"Farris, we've been watching your progress. The Turks need more men like you. Men with no attachments."

Having no attachments was exactly what Reno was looking for. No commitment. No relationships. No love.

People say that Reno loved women. He did not. He used them. He would ravish them of all the energy and passion he could from them and then discard them.

"Listen, babe. I got what I wanted from you, now get lost!"

Sex, drinking, and his job became his life. When Reno was working or sleeping, he was at a bar, picking up women to later devourer. No woman was safe around him. How many more boys had Reno created to grow up to be just like him?

There is only speculation.

Reno Farris

You have been found guilty of one of the seven deadly sins.


Prepare to burn.


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