Crono And Marle: Married At Last Chapter 1

The Proposal

By Ayla

Crono lay awake in bed. He couldn't sleep. He was exhausted, but still he couldn't seem to fall into a peaceful rest, like he wanted. Birds called softly outside, the wind ruffled his curtains. All these things used to lull Crono to sleep, but they weren't helping now. He sighed and rolled over, twisting his blankets around him. Nights like these were becoming common for Crono. He would sometimes stay awake for the entire night until he finally fell asleep, only to find he had slept he had slept only a short hour. His mind was whirling around, searching for something that he could not find. Something was not right. He turned again, his sheets practically strangling him. It felt like someone was calling him.

"Crono.............Crono.........." The voice whispered.

Crono covered his ears, but somehow, he could still hear the voice. It was getting stronger now as if it was pulling him somewhere.

"What do you want of me?" Crono asked to no one.

Crono started untangling his blankets. Whatever that voice was, it wanted him to follow it. When his blankets were finally loose enough for him to get out of, he slipped on his tunic that he had worn to the fight with Lavos. He silently crept down the stairs and opened the case that held his sword, the rainbow. Behind it, he could see his dusty Prism helm and Moon Armor. He hadn't used them for over three years. Whatever that voice was, if it wanted a fight, he'd be ready. He crept silently to the door and opened it.

"Crono?" a familiar voice asked.

Crono whirled around to see his mother at the base of the stairwell.

"Where are you going?" his mother asked, worry in her eyes.

"I.....I don't know where." Crono stuttered.

" Crono.....just be careful and......." His mother whispered. "Take this." She tossed him a bottle of hyper ether and a bottle of mid-tonic.

Crono stared at his mother for a moment. "I'll be careful." He turned and headed on the door way.

"God, keep him safe" his mother said under his breath.


The cool, night air felt good on Crono's hot face. He walked around a bit and the voice grew louder as he neared the forest to the castle. Oh Great. If he was going to the castle, how was he going to explain this to the king? Crono just about stepped on an imp when it bashed him on the knee. It would leave a mark, but he would be all right. Crono drew his sword and touched it lightly to its head. The imp fell flat on its face. He wouldn't be getting up for a while. Crono continued walking through the woods until he spotted the castle's light from the torches. He ran toward them. As Crono neared the castle, the voice started to quiet from its shouting "CRONO!" The castle doors opened as guards started pouring out.

"Crono! We're so glad your here. Princess Nadia is missing. Will you help us assist us?" One of the guards asked.

"Of Course!" Crono said. "OK, you go West, you go North. I'll go East." Crono said. He started to the East while the guards went West and North in two groups. Crono trudged on east in the maze-like forest toward the voice. He found himself in a clearing. The voice was now screaming CRONO!!!!!! CRONO!!!!!!!!! He looked around in haste trying to find the source of the voice. Instead, his eyes lay on a wounded Marle, who was lying on the ground passed out. Crono stared open mouthed then leaped toward her. He remembered the mid-tonic and yanked it out of his pouch. He poured the purple liquid into Marle's mouth. To his relief, her eyes fluttered open.

"Crono!" Marle said cried with relief flooding her. " I couldn't sleep. I wandered to this clearing to try to clear my mind, but I guess I fell asleep. I woke up to a Roly trying to kill me."

"Your All right now." He looked around. Huge eyes were staring at him. Too big for a Roly, but...... The thing jumped out. It was a Roly! A really, really, big one too. He put his hands above his head as the green energy field consumed the monster in Crono's strongest technique, Luminaire. The beast was effected, but not enough to kill it. It lunged for Crono's neck, but missed its target and almost landed on top of Marle. She gasped with fear and started to summon up the two ice glaciers that fell upon the beast, shattering as they hit. The beast took its final breath and collapsed in defeat. All this while, the voice was still raging "CRONO!!!!!!!!!!! CRONO!!!!!!!!!" Crono looked at Marle. Her beautiful green eyes shimmered in the moonlight, her golden hair flowed around her shoulders. She looked so beautiful sitting there. Crono took Marle in his arms and embraced her. He had not realized it, but he now knew how truly he loved her. The voice was still yelling "CRONO!!!!!" but stopped, dead, as he realized how much he loved Marle.

"Crono......" Marle said. " Thank You."


"Yes, I would like this diamond ring here." Crono said. He was in his towns local shop buying a ring to give to Marle. " I know its a little costly but I have enough money!"

"Crono, are you sure you want to get this ring?" Lucca asked. "It might make her fall over." Lucca was grinning. She had never, ever seen Crono this happy. She knew what Crono was planning to do.

"Yes, Lucca, I'm sure!' Crono said.

"OK, if I do say so myself, Marle will probably fall over when she puts it on" Lucca joked.

Crono took the diamond ring in his hand. "OK, we'd better hurry. I told Marle to meet me at the Town Square."


Marle stood at the gates of the town square. What could be taking Crono? Well, he usually was late. Oversleeping, losing things, that kind of thing. She spotted Crono walking up the path with Lucca, casually chatting. Crono spotted Marle and sped up his pace a little.

"Marle," Crono said fumbling in his pocket for the box that held the diamond ring. Where was it? Had he forgotten it? It wasn't in his pockets. Lucca caught up to Crono just as he found it. Crono knelt before Marle bringing the velvet box up to her. "Marle, will you marry me?"

Marle was shocked. She felt warmth fill her as Crono opened the little box to the biggest diamond ring she had ever seen. "Yes! Yes, Crono, I will!"


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