Crono And Marle: Married At Last Chapter 2


By Ayla

Marle walked through the pine needles and brush of the forest. The path to the castle had become hard to find and travel on because of all the new brush and monsters that had grown there over the past three years. She stopped as the castle came up to view. A chilly wind had began to blow. She took two steps back. Almost at once, the breeze stopped. She took a step forward, and her leg caught in a breeze of chilling wind. It seemed to chill her to the bone. Huh. Marle thought skeptically. That's strange. Her face twisted in a look of confusion. It felt as if someone was watching her. She turned and looked around the clearing. The bushes in some trees nearby shook just the tiniest bit. Must be an imp, she thought, but still, it bothered her. Those eyes....they felt as if they were still on her. Why would some imp be paying so much attention to her? There's nothing there. There's nothing there. She thought, panic growing in her. She decided she didn't want to stand there any longer. She took a step forward the evil breeze chilling her like ice. Marle started to run. She raced into the castle, her legs flying.

"Halt! Who goes there!" The familiar voice of the second in command soldier said in a monotone voice. She didn't stop to greet him. She just ran on until she reached her room at the top of the stairs panting. That's when she realized that the sharp breeze still blew. She whipped back the blankets of her bed and crawled into them, pulling them tightly around herself, and burrowing deep within them. The breeze had not lessened one bit. She felt her self being lifted, and that when she fell upon her head on her head board. She opened her eyes, and saw her pink sheets start to fade black......... "Crono........" She cried softly as the blackness closed in around her. Right at that moment, she had wanted Crono. She wanted him very, very badly.


Ozzie looked around nervously. Had anyone heard her cry? No. They hadn't.

"So you know what to do?" Ozzie XXIII asked in his terrible, scratchy voice.

"Yes. I must avenge my ancestors for what they've done." YakraXXIII said in a voice filled with hatred and evil.

"Well, then transform!" He yelled suddenly enraged.

"Keep it down!" Yakra hissed. "Marle form........CHANGE!" He started to spin around slowly, then faster and faster, as he did so, all the colors of the rainbow flashed on his skin. He finally mutated into Marle. "You know the drill?" He asked starting to worry that this wouldn't work.

"OF COURSE!" He yelled, covering his mouth. Someone must have heard........ "Get on the bed! Get on it! We haven't much time." As he said this, he pulled out a bottle. He pulled the cork out of it, then poured it all over Yakra. A block of Ice surrounded him. He would freeze until someone found him and defrosted him. It would be very likely that Crono would de frost him. He took the rapped up Marle and climbed out the window.


Crono trudged through the forest with Lucca at his heals. The castle loomed up before him all of the sudden like he had seen it do hundreds of times before.

"Jeeze, does it always do that?" Lucca asked. She was not as frequent a visitor as Crono was.

"Yep, it does." Crono replied casually. Crono ran to the castle doors, and opened them with Lucca's help.

"HALT! Who goes there?!" Asked the guards, as usual.

"Its us. Crono and Lucca. Where might Mar-. Um, Where might Princess Nadia be?

"She's in her room." The other guard said.

"Thanks!" Lucca called as they headed into the throne room. "Hi King Guardia!" Lucca called to the king as they trudged up the stairs. When they finally reached the top, huffing and puffing, the second in command night said: "The Princess Awaits"

"Huh." Lucca said as a look of puzzlement crossed her face. "That sounds so familiar..... like I've heard it before."

"Yeah..." Crono said. As they pushed the doors open to Marle's room. Crono's eyes widened as he saw Marle sprawled out across her bed.... in a block of ice. Crono just stood there, eyes wide and his mouth hanging open.

"CRONO!" Lucca yelled, snapping him back into reality. They leaped forward to reach Marle. Lucca stopped and gained energy for napalm. The fire technique melted the Ice away. Marle jumped up with an evil grin........ but...."It would have taken more time than that to defrost!" Lucca yelled.

"True Form......."

"Oh Sh-"

"CHANGE!" Marle started to morph into Yakra.


"That is NOT Marle!" Lucca cried bringing her gun up for battle. Crono drew his Rainbow out from its container.

"Ha!Hahahahahaha!" Yakra cackled.

Crono summoned up the luminaire energy to his hands. He started to float about the ground as the energy field engulfed the creature. Lucca, on the other hand, was summoning up her greatest attack, Flare. Her hands, raised above her head, she whispered the words to call upon the raging fire. It burned Yakra. Very bad. In fact, his behind was still on fire. He grabbed it and started to run in circles. The fire spread very fast. He was dead.

Crono looked around the room. On Marle's desk was a piece of paper. He picked it up, gingerly. And there, on the sheet in big, sloppy letters was written:



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