Crono And Marle: Married At Last Chapter 3

Then Came A Scream

By Ayla

Marle awoke in her bed, cold sweat on her forehead. Her breathing was hard, heavy.


That voice.... it sounded so...... familiar. Her eyes slowly opened, and adjusted to the brightness of the room. Marle's head lolled to one side. She touched her head with her hand, feeling the coolness of it. She froze. Her hand was not the size it should have been. Her arms were definitely not as long as they had been yesterday. Marle's eyes grew wide with worry, and she swiftly touched her hair.

"Oh god!" She cried. Her hair was about five inches shorter than it should be.

"Sweetie? Are you OK in there?" a voice called. The same, strongly familiar voice. She whipped her head around and froze. There, standing in the door frame, was her mother, with a look of concern on her face. "How's my little girl doing?"

"Mother?" Marle was staring at her mom, who was supposedly dead.

"Mother? Since when does my little four year old call me mother?" Queen Aliza smiled kindly. Suddenly, a big, red spear shot through her.


Marle jerked awake, crying. It was only a dream.... A dream.... She reached over for her poyotzo doll, which reminded her of Crono, and how they met. Her hand met nothing. She continued to grope in the dark until her hand hit something. A switch. She flicked it, and immediately, a light shimmered on. Marle's mouth dropped. This was not were she had grown up, this was a place filled with evil, and hate.

"Welcome to my castle!" A voice yelled from behind her. There, standing right behind her, was a face she had fought so very long ago.

"Ozzie!" She screamed with terror. Marle slowly backed away from that demon. Marle reached behind her for her crossbow.

"Looking for this?" Ozzie taunted, a grin full of malice grin covering his face. He pulled out her valkerye. "You belong to me now."

"I belong to no one!" Marle cried, seething hate came with every word.

"Oh, I think you do. You belong to.....Crono! Now, Crono is......DEAD!"Ozzie said as he advanced toward her, pinning her against the wall.

"No......." Marle cried despairingly, falling to her knees. "You lying little bastard! "

"But I am not. You see, my good friend Yakra never fails.......Never..." He drew himself still closer to her until there was barely an inch separating them. He reached toward her face and gently stroked it with his vile, greenish hand.

Marle glared at him with a ferocity that no one had ever seen before. Blue crystals formed in her hand. Her head whipped back, and her mouth turned blue. She thrust herself forward, the ice in her hand combing with the blue in her mouth. A shifting blue ball engulfed Ozzie, and quickly turned to ice. Marle grabbed her Valkerye and slammed it into the ice, shattering it about the ground, and also into Ozzie. Ozzie stared in disbelief, his mouth slightly open.

"Don't. Touch. Me." Marle snarled. Ozzie continued to stare. Marle gave him one last glare, and left without a word more. She had just taught herself a new attack, Ice Elimination. The chamber she was in, was very large. She reached a door, and pulled on it. Nothing. "If it won't open, I'll make it open. "Marle muttered to herself and yanked out her Valkerye.

"There are only two places Marle could be." Lucca said to Crono, who seemed to be in Lala land, wallowing in his pain. "Crono are you listening to me?"

"I should have been there for her...." Crono said quietly. "Its all my fault. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!"

"Crono, listen to me. Marle is not a wimp, OK? She can take care of herself if necessary." Lucca was saying. Crono looked up at her, tears in his eyes. Lucca was disturbed, Crono NEVER cries. "Well, now that I have your attention, we have two places he could be. He could be on the South continent somewhere, or, I would say Ozzie's hide out. You check Ozzie's hide out, got it?"

Crono nodded, standing up immediately, and walked out the door.

Crono jumped in the Epoch, and sped to Ozzie's fort, or, where it used to be. There was no fort. He turned the mighty ship around, and headed back toward land. He passed over an island with a big, building in it. Crono swerved around, and landed on it. He had passed over that island many times, and there had never before been a building on it. He heard a loud shatter, and then, nothing. The Epoch's engines died, and Crono jumped down to the ground and raced to the door. He knocked on it, and waited. No one answered. Backing up, he got his right shoulder ready to break down the door. Crono rushed forward, his feet flying. Suddenly, when he was about five feet away from it, the door exploded into splinters. The impact knocked him on his butt. And there, from the doorway, a princess emerged.


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