Crono And Marle: Married At Last Chapter 4


By Ayla

Marle had become hopelessly lost in Ozzie's fort. She had last been there three years before, and could not remember which way was which. Plus it was pitch black. She had to trust her instincts, and hope she didn't bang into a wall. Marle walked quickly, for Ozzie could be lurking anywhere......anywhere. Her foot steps echoed, giving Marle a shivery feeling. She was constantly looking behind her, yet she did not see anything. Marle started walking quicker, for she thought she could here footsteps behind her. She looked behind her once more, and she could see a pair of evil green eyes filled with hate. Marle started trotting, and could see that what ever was behind her was gaining. Marle started at a full out run. She tripped on something and fell hard on her stomach. She scrabbled to her feet and ran, and fast as she could toward a place she could not see. WHAM! She ran into a wall. It splintered open, and light lay ahead of her. A door! Marle was blinded by the blazing light. She covered her eyes to try and get them used to it. Marle peeled away her hand, and there, in the doorway, illuminated by the blaze, was Crono. She slowed, forgetting all about the evil green eyes behind her. Marle cried out, with joy in her voice, and flung herself at Crono. He embraced her, holding her tight. Tears of happiness were streaming down both of there faces. An evil laugh broke from behind them. Crono jumped around, yielding his sword. Marle slowly stood up, valkerye in hand. A women, with silvery hair and a white face was standing in the door frame. Her eyelashes were silver, as were her lips. She was very beautiful. She wore an amulet, clearly showing old age. Her robe was flowing, like Schala's, only silver.

"Speechless, are you?" The women said, smiling, showing pearly white teeth. "That's O.K. I can MAKE you talk!" Malice in her voice. Her arms drew up, blue lightning shimmering through them. A ball hovered in the air, made totally of lighting. She drew her arms back, and thrust them at the ball, throwing a blinding energy beam that sliced through the couple. Marle was the first to drop, unconscious. Crono sat on his knees, holding his head from the shock. His eyes started to go yellow, with sparks on energy flowing between them. His fingers started tingling with electricity. Crono thrust his hands forward, the energy flowing out and around him. He ran forward and body slammed the girl, shocking her as he hit. She flew back against the wall, screaming in rage. Crono backed away. She slowly stood up. The girl closed her eyes concentrating. A ball of flame erupted on Crono, falling down to his knees. The fire burned itself out, leaving Crono scorched and burned. He fell, and then went into an unconscious state. The girl just smiled and laughed to herself. Suddenly, out of no where, a fire ringed her, trapping her so she had no escape. A semi-short, purple haired girl wearing glasses, jumped down from above her. She immediately pulled out to revives, and fed them to Crono and Marle. They slowly awakened. Marle cast a healing spell on Crono, and his burns mysteriously vanished. With Crono's help, she sent an Aura beam, healing herself and Lucca. All the while, the girl was howling with fury and rage, and yelling about how she was being treated like an animal. Lucca calmly walked up to the girl. She observed her for a bit, and stared at her.

"What are you looking at?!" the girl shrieked, trying to find someway out of her fire cage.

Lucca turned to Crono. "This girl is possessed by a demon." She whispered. She turned back to the girl, and ever so slowly, the fire closed in on the girl. She started howling, and screaming, and crying, all at once. Finally, a green light shot from where the girls body was, and disapeared. Marle cast her "Life 2"completely reviving her. The girl slowly stood up, looking at Marle, Then Lucca, then Crono.

"And What Is Your Name?" Lucca asked.

"Zala. My name is Zala."


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