Crono And Marle: Married At Last Chapter 5


By Ayla

They stood gazing at me, at my silver sealskin coat, at my shimmering hair. I looked from one to the next, from the funny short one with purple hair, to the beautiful young girl with flowing shoulder length hair. I didn't see why they had to gape, hadn't they seen silver hair before? Finally, the kid with the spiky red hair stepped forward. He looked like he was about to speak, his mouth moved, but no words came out. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed, focusing on something behind me. They glowed yellow, like lighting. Or, that's what they seemed to me. His hands slowly came forward, energy bolts dancing in his hand. He was going to shock me! I ducked low, covering my head with my arms. I was prepared for the worst. Nothing happened. I heard sounds of water rushing, fire burning, and…. Lightning striking. Sensing danger, I pulled my arms away from my head to see what all the commotion was. My eyes fell upon a funny green man, have dead, bleeding from a deep gash across his right shoulder. I stared in amazement, my hands at my mouth in total awe. The kid with the funky hair was engaged, full force in a great battle, as were the two young females. Lightning bolts erupted from his hands, and a green half sphere engulfed the strange man…. And me. I flung myself to the floor, seeing myself fidgeting, twitching from the shock of it. I would not let it happen. No. A warm set of sparks flew through my body, yet strangely it did not hurt. Slowly, I lifted my head, to see the girl with the golden hair's mouth go blue, her hands turned blue. She drew back her hands and her head, and suddenly flung them forward, a blue beam from her mouth joined the blue in her fingers to become a beam, engulfing the green man. He froze.

"Whoa, Marle, where'd you get THAT from?" the purple haired one shouted as she lifted her hands in the air. Suddenly, it got a lot warmer. But, not scorching. A reddish light appeared from nowhere, and it flared red, orange, red, finally, a blaze of fire scorched the creature, or man, or whatever it was. The ice melted, and the thing dropped, unconscious or dead, I couldn't tell.

"Teaches you to mess with me, Ozzie!" the girl called Marle shouted at the figure.

"Come on," spiky hair boy said, "We have to get back to the castle!

"What about her, Crono?" Purple hair girl asked pointing at me. She stepped forward, smiling and said, "Sorry we had no time for a proper introduction. My name is Lucca, this is Crono and this is princess Nadia." Princess Nadia glared at her.

"Hey, Lucca, haven't we gone over this before?" She looked over at me. "Call me Marle."

"Um…ok, uh, Marle. But, who was that guy?" I asked indicating the dead or unconscious man on the floor.

"Ozzie." She said flatly. "So, where'd you come from?"

I searched my memory. Nothing. I couldn't remember. " I….. I don't know!" I cried.

"Ok, well, you can come with us." She said. " We have some preparations to make."


The girl who called herself Zala was silent as we traveled back. Lucca had brought with her a little motor boat that she took back to land. So, it was Crono, Zala and I. " So, Crono, where do you think we should have the ceremony?"

"What ceremony?" Crono asked, clearly not thinking.

"The wedding ceremony. You forgot all ready?"

"What? No!" Crono said, a look on his face that clearly said he's sorry.

"You're getting married?" Zala asked.

"MmmHmmmm. Next week actually. We have a whole bunch of prepartaions to make, like I mentioned earlier. We still have to find the perfect tuxedo, dresses for the maids of honor and I, and a whole bunch of other things." I said.

"Well, I wish you luck!" Zala said, smiling a weak smile.


"Marle! You have got to get your wedding dress TODAY!" I shouted to her. "All the maids of honor have there dresses, you're the only one who doesn't have one!!!"

"I know, I know, Zala! I just can't decide!"

"Fine, I'll choose! How about this one?" I asked, picking up a beautiful sky blue one.

"Where'd you get that?" She asked rushing over, admiring the fine silk and the fine lace.

"Right there." I pointed to a table full of dresses.

"Oh! It's beautiful! I'm getting this one!" She said with the beautiful dress reflecting in her eyes.

"Ok, if you really want it! Well, good luck at your wedding tomorrow!" I smiled sadly, thinking I was not to be allowed there.

"What is your problem? Your coming, too, pick out your dress for a made of honor."

"Really?" I asked. "Oh thankyou!!!!!" It was too bad Lucca wasn't here, but she was off at this big science convention. I smiled, admiring all the dresses. I looked up at Marle, smiling at her for her kindness towards me.


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