In Cyrus' Shoes Chapter 1

The Expectations

By Beans

Toron awoke to see the sun just over the top of Mt. Guardia. "Oh no!" he thought to himself, "I've slept in again." As he jumped out of bed and hurriedly tried to get ready he heard someone knocking on his door.

"Toron! Get up!" It was Allen, Toron's closest friend. Allen tall, square-shouldered, and blonde was the only one who didn't call Toron "Knight Captain" or "Sir Knight." As Allen stepped into Toron's courters he spoke up, "Toron if your late again you know what will happen."

"Yes, Yes. I'm going." As Toron closed the door he heard the Chancellor's familiar, squeaky voice.

"Late again Knight Captain?"

"I, uh,..."

"Yes I can see that you are very late. When Cyrus was here he was never late. He even got up before me and I get up well before sunrise."

"I'm not Cyrus, dolt." whispered Toron as he rounded the corner and headed to receive his daily instructions from the king.

"What was that?"

"Nothing sir."

As he knelt before the king the doors opened and slammed against the stone wall. He saw a short, fat man whose face was red and Toron knew that this man was quite upset.

Toron drew his sword and prevented the man from getting anywhere close to the king. The man showing his disappointment yelled, "I've got Imps all through out my forests. My town members can't even go get wood without them jumping around and kicking rocks at people. And they're getting closer to Porre every day!"

The king in his calm, gruff voice stated, "These Imps are everywhere. They know when someone can put up a fight and run. I'll try to stop them from getting to Porre and I'll have lumber delivered to Porre on a regular basis."

Toron perked up realizing his chance to prove his strength and bravery, "Sire, I will take some men down there today and solve this problem."

Later in the afternoon Toron took Allen and three other knights to go to Fiona Wood and get rid of the Imps when they got there they heard a strange voice that sounded demonic.

"I am Aztolos. Keeper of the key to Fiona Cave. I will decide whether you live or die! Mwa ha ha!"

When they turned around they were standing in the shadow of a twelve foot giant. His hair reached the ground and his muscles bugled as he laughed and threw an huge rock at them as if it were a pebble.


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