In Cyrus' Shoes Chapter 2

The First Battle

By Beans

Toron jumped to the ground dodging the large rock. He looked to his left and saw Allen pinned to the ground by the boulder. He looked to the other knights, "I'll distract him while you free Allen. Move!"

He turned to Aztolos and unsheathed his sword. With one quick movement he jumped at the giant and slashed him with great strength. He looked at Aztolos' bleeding chest and chuckled to himself. The monster took one look at the wound and it gash sealed up leaving no trace. With awe Toron turned back to Allen seeing he was freed he told one of the knights to take Allen back to the castle and told the other to help him.

He turned back to Aztolos just in time to see him running towards them. The next thing Toron knew he was flat on his back covered in blood. He looked to his right seeing the knights body opened and bloody. He turned to his left and saw Aztolos in the air headed towards him again. He rolled just in time and dodged the giants attack. He got up slowly and ran towards Aztolos and seeing him ready to counter attack he stopped. He knew that if he could come back to fight again he might stand a better chance. With this thought in mind he headed back to the castle. He heard the giants thundering voice, "I let you live, Knight."

Back at the castle he reported all that had happened to the king and his counselors. The king after much thought said, "Could it be Dagon trying to get out?"

"What sire? Who is Dagon? We fought Aztolos today."

"I know that, Knight Captain. Aztolos was Dagon's fighter. He never liked to get his hands dirty so he let Aztolos fight for him. Cyrus took the knights to Fiona Wood just below Cursed Woods and somehow sealed him in a cave and Aztolos is the only way Dagon can get out. Later Cyrus and the knights defeated Aztolos. Aztolos then swore revenge on the Knights of the Square Table."

Toron slept thinking on what he had just heard. The next morning he woke early and arrived at the castle to hear the rest of the story. The king sat up in his chair, "Dagon is the god of the underworld. He has strong allies it looks like another war is on the way. We must be ready for his attack. I'm puting you in charge you must recruit all the men you can and train them to be ready enough to fight. Dagon is a powerful magician who many think are immortal. He will definitely be ready and stronger than before. I have something else to tell you. It was not your fault, but by losing yesterday he will now be able to unlock the seal to Fiona Cave. He, after defeating one of the knights, will be able open the cave."

"I've failed you. I must now defeat this menace to restore honor. I'll recruit the men we can and train them. By your leave."

After all the volunteers were gathered at the castle yard the knights started to train them. When the day was over Toron headed to his house and on the way he heard a muffled, "Griiibit."


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