In Cyrus' Shoes Chapter 3

The Hero Reappears

By Beans


Toron turned around sword in hand ready to attack. He saw something green flash across a small field. He looked closer and saw a frog jump behind a bush. "Who's there? What do you want?" Toron asked quite paranoid.

"I am Glenn. At thy service." the Frog stated after jumping out from behind the bush. "I heard about the appearence of Aztolos. I remember when Cyrus destroyed him."

"Yes that's nice, but I've heard enough about Cyrus to last me for ten years. You said that you were at my service. What do you mean by that?"

"I can give thee information and help in the battle. It takes the power from a strong sword called Doreen's Blade to defeat Dagon. I canst help thee with my magic if you wish."

"I'd like that but I must defeat him myself to restore honor. If you'd really like to help I must train some men and I need the help of a master swordsman like yourself to train them properly in the time that I have."

"You cannot defeat this creature by thyself. I cannot even do that. I wilst help you train the men, only if I may fight Aztolos. He scarred Cyrus in their battle and I seeketh revenge. I also have some men who have followed me since my return from the battle with Lavos. They will help you find Doreen's Blade while I train the men."

"Alright. How will I find you again?"

"Tomorrow my men will meet you and I wilst be at the castle."

"One last question, why did you run away and hide?"

"I do not deserve the praise of others. The others do, for I alone could have never done what we did together."

That night as Toron slept he thought about the little green man. He wondered why he was so humble. He knew that if he had done such a thing he would have bragged trying to make others think highly of him. He couldn't get much sleep thinking about Doreen's Blade. What was it like? He had seen the Masamune shining with power in Glenn's hand, but could he possibly carry a sword of even half that strength?

The next morning he awoke, tired, but excited. He looked out his window and saw the sky covered in black. He jumped out of bed and put on his shining gold armor, he pulled his long hair up and put on his helmet of matching gold. He grabbed his Red Katana and headed out the door.

At the castle Glenn started to train the brave volunteers. He taught them the art of the sword as much he thought was needed. Next he started with defense. Soon the men under Glenn's teaching were reading to practice. As they went to the forest to find Imps they heard a scream and saw a beam of red and black light shoot into the sky piercing the early morning dimness.

Glenn hurried the men as they challenged the Imps. Glenn, taking his time with each one, perfected their skills as best he could till late afternoon. Then at evening everyone in the kingdom heard the cry of a thousand demons. And saw the red light again. Glenn said under his breath, "The time for vengence is come. The cave hast been opened."


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