In Cyrus' Shoes Chapter 4

Doreen's Blade

By Beans

When Toron stepped outside he was greeted by Glenn's men. Both of them had shaggy, uncombed hair. One was definately older than the other and both of them carried axes. They just stood there s if waiting for Toron to say something. Toron walked forward, "So where do we go from here?" Slowly pointing towards a sumit high above the trees the younger one started, "Denadoro Mountain first."

As they headed towards the mountain Toron noticed them both as men from Truce that, he assumed, had followed Glenn after he came back from the Battle with Lavos. Toron raised an eyebrow as he tried to start a conversation, "Isn't Mt Denandoro where Glenn found the Masamune?"

"Yes." came the short reply.

"Is that where Doreen's Blade is?"

"No, that's where we hitch a ride to Doreen's Cave."

As soon as he finished the taller, older looking man held his axe in the air and as if on cue the two ran silently to a bush a sliced a small bird ready to attack in two. As they placed their axes back into the pouches on their waists the older said, "Denandoro Mountain the first and easiest challenge in our quest."

Toron glanced at the man not completely understanding his statement. Toron started to say something but stopped short at the sight of a monster with an old, battered hammer.

The ogar swung at the older follower. The man maybe in his thirties easily dodged the attack and counterd with a fierce blow to the monsters gut. The monster fell in defeat grabbing his stomach. As he looked at his victor he gave one final scream and fell dead to the ground.

Toron surprised by these men's fighting abilities asked them, "What are your names? And where did you learn to fight like this?"

The older one said, "I am Gozan and he is Zelon. And we learned to fight like this from Glenn. He devoted all of his time training a group of men to protect Leene in case any trouble started, like now."

Toron, Gozan, and Zelon started to climb this large mountain when they heard another scream. Then anither and another. Before they knew it they were surrounded by all types of monsters. Toron unsheathing his sword said with confidence, "Back up. I'll show you how we're trained to fight at the castle."

With one graceful movement he slashed two goblins, both falling to the ground decapitated. Next he moved to his left dodging a hammer slamming to the ground with emmense force. He thrusted his sword up and the ogar dropped to the ground its whole front side bleeding. Toron ran at another goblin and dropped to the ground and with one swift movement of his feet he knocked down. Jumping up he finished the goblin off thrusting his sword down through it.

Toron turned around breathing heavily, "How was that for fighting skill, eh?" Gozan and Zelon quite impressed with his show of brute smiled slightly handing him a canister of water. Toron drunk the whole canister showing that he was exhausted.

The other monsters must of seen Toron fighting for the three men got to the top of Mt. Denandoro without any other trouble. Entering the cave all three of them gazed in awe at the bright light shining cown on what seemed to be a platform. They climbed up onto the platform and felt a strange fierce wind begin to blow, and the next thing they knew they were flying through the air.

As they were flying Toron looked below him and saw the ground very far beneath him. He kept looking down and saw that they were flying over the sea next to the town of Porre. Soon in the distance a small island appeared. The wind getting less and less fierce dropped them on this island.

The island had nothing on it besides the mouth of a cave. Upon entering the cave the men saw it. The bright shining sword. The sword was a strange ruby color and as Toron got closer he heard the voice like that of ten angels say, "Do you want Doreen's Blade?"

When Toron answered yes the voices changed to that of ten demons, "Then you must challenge us." Toron jumping back and shielding his eyes from a brilliant light that began pulsate from the sword mumbled, "What is this?"

When the light stopped he looked up and saw three black beasts. He jumped up ready for battle expecting Gozan and Zelon to help him, but they had five surrounding them. Toron started the battle jumping forwards and cutting three deep wounds into one of the beasts. The beast screamed and fell to the ground. One of the beasts grabbed Toron while the other hit himin the stomach. Toron getting angry at this elbowed the monster behind him and spinning around he ripped a large hole in it with his sword. He looked at the last one and grinned. He ran at it and jumped to the side of it and sticking out his arm caught it below the chin and it fell to the ground. Toron with the butt of his sword hit the monster's neck. It not being able to breathe died soon after.

But it seemed his companions had not had his luck for the beasts were all around them hitting and kicking them. Toron raged within charged at them yelling and slashing with his sword. Now after his attack he stood in between two of them, the others now dead. They ran towards him and hit him with such force that they knocked the sword from his hand. Knowing that without his sword he had a small chance against his attackers.

Gozan wheezing in pain threw his axe to Toron. Toron seeing the axe flipped and grabbed it in the air, and when he came down he hit the beast with such strength that it collapsed turning into a heap of lifeless fur. Toron handed the axe back to Gozan, letting them take revenge on the last remaining beast. Gozan and Zelon with incredible satifaction used the famous X-strike Glenn had taught them to finish of the final beast.

Toron bleeding but still very healthy grabbed the sword and held it above his head letting the light shine off of it. The light from the sword bounced all around in the small cave. Toron heard the same angelic voice as before, "Will you return to thr main land?"


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