In Cyrus' Shoes Chapter 5

The War to End All Wars

By Beans

Toron landed softly on the ground near Porre after being carried back by the wind. Off in the distance he heard shouting and clashing of swords. He thought to himself, "Has the war already started?"

As he ran out of Porre he saw them. "They" were evil looking demons with red bodies and small green eyes. While he ran closer he was approached by two of the devils. He unsheathed Doreen's Blade and the light from the ruby sword seemed to blind them. He saw Glenn with some of the knights fighting, and ran over to him after easily finishing off the demons that had approached him.

Jumping high on a hill he held up the sword blinding the demons. He then looked toward Zenan Bridge. What he saw amazed him, the demons were already on the other side of the bridge fighting the knights who were on duty to protect the castle. He knew that the end of Zenan Bridge was their last line of defense...again.

He ran to Glenn who was slicing three of these monsters in many different places. When he reached Glenn he shouted loudly, "The other end of Zenan Bridge is our last line of defense. If they get past the bridge they'll easily take the castle."

Glenn dodging the attack of a demon's sword shouted back, "There are more of these demons than the king didst estimate. They just keep coming out of that cave." Glenn's eyes brightened and he turned and ran away.

Toron shouted, "Where are you going? We need you. Guardia needs you!"

Toron disappointed, fought with all his strength and ability, but this wasn't enough. The demons were pushing the men back, closer to the other end of Zenan Bridge. Just then he saw a great wall of water come rushing down, knocking the demons feet from under them. Toron turned to see Glenn with about fifteen other men running towards him fighting the demons on their way.

Suddenly they heard a frightened voice, "The demons have broken the lines. They're almost at the castle." It was Allen. He was in charge of the soldiers when Toron was away. He had been in charge then and was at the other end of the bridge when the demons ran cutting through the line of soldiers as they went.

"Somehow we must warn the king. If they capture the king all will be lost." As soon as Toron finished his statement he saw Glenn running off again, but this time he headed for the castle.

Glenn saw the demons walking in a line and knew that he could reach the castle before they did. He got to the castle steps and heard a voice, "Here they come, boys. Get ready."

"No 'tis I, Glenn. I hath come to warn the king of the coming invasion. Doth there be a secret exit?"

"Yes, there is. Vixon, take the king through the tunnels and you two go with him. The rest of us will stay here and guard the castle."

"No, thou wilst surely be killed. There are many of them cometh with me and we will fight the rest of them at the bridge for we have much need of reinforcements there."

As Glenn and the few soldiers left to guard the castle went to Zenan Bridge, Vixon took the king through the tunnels to a secret exit past Truce Inn. Glenn ran towards the demons and cutting his way back through the lines saw Toron and the his men backing up then they ran forward killing a line of demons. Glenn saw a wave of demons coming from behind Toron. Glenn raced forward summoning another large wave of water and crushed the demons. Glenn realized that his magic could hurt many of these demons at one time so he had a wall of soldiers placed around himand he started summoning more waves of water. Storm clouds rolled in from the west and lightning and thunder added to the great battle scene.

As soon as most of the devils were dead he turned his head and looked up at the castle. He saw the same red beam shooting out of the top of the castle, and he heard a hideous laugh. He looked closer and saw a black man morph into a wolf and then howl to the blood-colored moon. The wolf then morphed back into a man.

Glenn turned to Toron, "How canst this be? Dagon hath reached the castle somehow and now he canst use it strategically making it harder for us to defeat him. We must gather the men together. Tonight will be a night of terror for Guardia."


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