Chronostone Chapter 1

The Conspiracy

By Biolation

The dragonflies were flying lower than they usually do because of the humid, water vapors in the air. On a verdant hill, sat Crono and Marle, giggling and goggling over the dragonflies passing by. The hill was adjacent to Guardia Castle, and it overlooked the Kingdom of Guardia. At the base of the hill, a dwarfish stream was lazily flowing. The sky was blue like Marle’s eyes, with tiny hints of bulgy, white clouds. Only three months has passed since the demise of Lavos, but Crono looked years older, with gorilla-sized muscles and tiny hints of hair popping up from his chin. His features all changed, except for his electrifying, spiky hair. Marle, on the other hand, looked as young and radiant as the first day she met Crono. Her sapphire pendant glittered in the moist atmosphere. It seemed like paradise to Marle.

“Haha, did you see that baby dragonfly? Look at it, its so young and still trying to fly!” Marle stated dreamily.

“Ya… it sure is pretty…” Crono answered half heartedly. Crono was getting bored. It was not like him to just sit around admiring the scenery. Sure, once in a while, any boy would enjoy a scenic place to have lunch with a beautiful girlfriend. But for near three months in a row, Crono had nothing to do. His sword was probably collecting dust somewhere in his room. Where exactly was it was a bigger mystery than what Lucca’s been working on.

For the past months or two, Lucca was not reachable. All Crono know was what Taban has been telling him. “Oh, Lucca’s just too busy with her new ‘secret’ invention.” Taban would say. Crono also have noticed that Marle was visiting Lucca almost every other night. He never confronted Marle about her visits to Lucca, and as far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t need to. Crono trusted both Marle and Lucca with his life and there were no reasons to believe that they would do anything to hurt him. Nevertheless, he still peaks into the island home that Lucca lives in with a ‘telescope’ that Lucca had given him for his eleventh birthday, a long time ago. Whenever he would spy on Lucca and Marle’s secret meetings, he would laugh to himself quietly, thinking how a gift from Lucca is helping him spy on whatever Lucca’s doing.

“Hey, you know will be fun? Seeing what Lucca’s up to.” Marle suggested cheerfully.

“What makes you think that Lucca isn’t going to be too busy with her work?” Crono inquired.

“Errmm, let’s just say I have a hunch, okay?”

“Hmm alright, it’s a bit humid today; think we can cool down first?”

Marle smirked, the air chilled around her hands. She cupped Crono’s face with her chilled hands. Crono’s face, which was deep red from the heat, became an extreme shade of scarlet. Oh great, why do I always blush when she does this, thought Crono.

“There, better?”

“Ah yes, plentiful of thanks.” Crono grinned.

“ ‘Plentiful of thanks?’ Is that your new expression?” Marle grinned mischievously.

“O o o-only to you.” Crono stammered as his face flushed even brighter. Marle amusingly stared at him, which did not help the blushing. Crono cannot stand her torturous stare any longer and changed the subject, “We better g g get going to… umm …uh … Lucca’s house.” The way that woman stares can literally kill a guy, Crono thought.

Marle winked and said, “OK, I’ll let you off this time.”

And the couple held hands and trekked slowly toward Lucca’s house.

Chapter 2

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