Blessed Day Chapter 1

By Bounty Hunter Lani

She stood quite still as the measuring tape whipped around her. It seemed almost as if it were flying on its own, without the help of the large Guado hands guiding it. The wedding was coming on soon, and there was much work to be done. In fact, the gala was already prepared. All the work left to be done was on the new bride. She had agreed to come with them when they had ransacked the Al Bhed home, in agreement that the place would not be destroyed. She wondered if they had kept their promise......

She had to think quickly. Time was of the essence. She didn't want to do this, but she must. As much as she hated to bring the name of Yevon between her and this evil man, she knew she must. But sadly, HE also knew that she must. He was clever, she knew, but he was definitely up to something awful. She couldn't understand his reasoning for killing his father, but she knew that he was using her for something.

Her plan had been to foil him. He was dead; she knew this because they had killed him. They, she and her guardians, had done him in with their own hands. They were marked traitors. The blood was on them. Yet he was still here, clutching onto this world with an iron fist. She would not let him escape with his evil intentions.

A scowling Guado woman jerked her down from the pedestal and made her sit in a chair to fix her hair while the dress was being prepared. She had never thought she'd get married. The whole of her years from birth til now had been spend preparing for her final summoning- the one that would lead to her death. She had never thought about marriage. She had never even thought about love, not until he came along.........

His eyes, so clear and blue, smiling down at her as she offered what she could back up to him from her sad heart. Sometimes he felt sad, but he always would smile again----for her. He was always so easy to read, but she had been so naive. He had always made her laugh. Now, she feared she would never see his smiling face again. She wondered deep down if she could really defeat Seymour: beat him at his own game. If she couldn't, what would become of her? Did Seymour really want her to finish her pilgrimage? She didn't understand him at all, so why had she been taken with him at first?

She felt so ashamed of her first attraction to him. He had just showed up that day, blue eyes looking up at her beneath thick lashes. He lips, smiling so sensuously. Yuna had fallen under his spell. She had almost forgotten everything else! The others tried to warn her, but she had been blinded in lust for his touch. How could she have neglected her friends for this fiend!? Her fists shook as she thought of this. She was so embarrassed and angry with herself, but when she had tried to apologize for her blindness the first time, none of the others wanted to hear it. They had forgiven her without a word. That had made her feel a bit better.

She jumped as the Guado woman pulled her hair. Yuna was not sure whether it was intentional, but maybe that was what she needed. It was something to snap her out of her thoughts and help her to change her frame of mind. She didn't want to think about her task anymore. She needed a few moments of peace.

She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the movements her hair was making. What kind of updo was it being twisted into? But somehow, her thoughts found their way back to him. She began to smile as she pictured Tidus's smiling face in front of her. Looking at her sweetly with those boyish eyes. That stare of unknowing, that he was afraid she would find out something awful about him. But what he didn't know was that she knew. She was aware of his secrets; some of them, but the one he was so worried about her finding out she had no clue.She did though, know all along about his importance to her. She felt so safe with him around. At first it had only been because he was the son of Sir Jecht, her father's guardian. She wondered if it was still like that now. She had one of her father's guardians beside her, why not make it better with Tidus there. Besides, he always made her feel so good.

The Guado woman pulled her out of the chair as two other women hurried into the room, their faces scowling, carrying white material: the dress. Then, they began to strip Yuna of her clothes harshly and wrap, almost tie, the wedding dress around her. They were quite violent in their hurried work, but Yuna just closed her eyes and imagined she was elsewhere. She wondered where everyone was and if they were all right. It had been a while since she had last seen them. She hoped that they weren't killed by the other Guado, but then, she would never know until she saw then again. Somehow she knew they were alright. They were driven by the same force she was. They would not let her down.

She just wished she could see Tidus once more, but she could never tell him how she felt. It would complicate things too much. He didn't need those thoughts clouding his mind: making him hurt. She didn't need that either. His ignorance to what was to become of her had made her feel so much better. Perhaps that was another reason she wanted him around. He acted as though she were going to live on past the final summoning. That she would be able to travel with him. Alas, she knew she wouldn't be able to do so.

After the women were done dressing her and drapping the long transparent veil over her form, they shoved her in front of a mirror to gaze at herself. She wanted to cry at how she looked. She shouldn't look this lovely for a fiend like Seymour! But she had too keep herself under control. She would. It was for the best.

She was then taken to a room where she could hear the wedding music outside. A beautiful bouquet of flowers was trust at her. Seymour was there to greet her, decked in elegant wedding attire. He smiled at her, she didn't comply.

"You look beautiful," he told her.

She turned away smugly.

After a few moments, the doors opened and music became louder, more harsh in her ears. She took a deep breath. Suddenly, a thought came to her mind: she would imagine it was Tidus. She would walk down the aisle, imagining she was doing so with Tidus. That would keep her steady. She could be strong then. At the end, Tidus would wrap her in his strong arms and would kiss her lips, lovingly and gently. She knew it wouldn't really be the same, but it seemed it might actually work. She had to make this happen, though she could never tell Tidus how she felt about him, she had to see his face again. She had to know that he would be there by her side when she fought Sin. It was, the only way..........

Chapter 2

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