Nanaki and the Fallen Angel Chapter 5

Red Clover

By Brady Bryner, Bill Shofstall, & Anthony McKinley

Cosmo Canyon, Nanaki's Room 1:03 AM Mar. 21

Nanaki sat sleeping unpeacefully, writhing in a terrible nightmare.


"You will fail... As you have already failed the girl." Sephiroth sat in a darkened space, across from Nanaki. "Your brother will die, by my hand!" Anthony sat in front of Nanaki now. Sephiroth drew back a sword not unlike the very infamous Masamune. Nanaki jumped in front of Anthony as the sword was plunged forth.



"NO!!!" Nanaki jumped up. "Just a dream..." Tifa ran in, the only one to remain in the canyon, as she waited for the housing developments to be totally finished. Anthony was at the Waterfall Caverns, moving his people out to the world, telling them it was safe.

"What is it?"

"Nothing... Just a..." Nanaki looked at his side and collapsed. Tifa grabbed him as he fell limp.

"Oh my God!" Nanaki had a stab wound in his side. Tifa grabbed his head. "Stay awake!"

"I can't..." Nanaki passed out.

"Shit!" Tifa casts all the cures and all the potions she could use, to no avail. "Help!" She couldn't do anymore then scream for help now. "Someone!" She saw his bed. The blood had four rounded points and a white center that blood hadn't stained. It looked like a...


Cosmo Canyon, Clinic 9:43 PM Mar. 21

Nanaki awoke to the faces of Tifa, Anthony, and a doctor. "Lucky we just finished the clinic." The doctor looked like any of the other citizens of the canyon, except he wore a belt with shringes and other medical tools. "I trust you'll want to speak with him alone." The doctor left.

"Nanaki? How'd you get..."

"I... I... I don't..." Tifa sat in a chair beside him.

"No one does. No one could've gotten into your room, or at least get out quick enough that I'd miss them." Tifa had slept on the couch next to the door of the room that held Bugenhagen's machine, as well as Nanaki's room. Tifa was right. No one could've made it out without her seeing it. He'd woken up at the stab with a shout that woke Tifa.

"I know... Sephi... No it's silly... Impossible..." He thought differently.

"Is it really? After all you've seen? Is it really 'impossible'? Nothing is, and you know it..." Nanaki thought the thought over again. No, it wasn't impossible, but unlikely. He hoped so.

"Shera wired me a telegram! I gotta telegram!" Anthony was estatic. Nanaki was relaxing and actually smiled as he looked at him.

"What did it say?"

"They found Kianki!"

"I'm happy for you..." He really was, but he felt weak. His remaining eye spun upward as he passed out again. Anthony propped his frontal body up on the bed and met Nanaki's face.

"Nanaki?" Tifa ran out of the room to find the doctor. Anthony pressed his nose to Nanaki's neck. There was no pulse. "Nanaki!" Anthony buried his head in Nanaki's neck, crying. Even only knowing him for a few monthes produced his idolizing upon him. Nanaki's pulse began anew. Anthony felt it. He opened his eyes. "Na... Na... Nanaki?" More tears streamed down, but some were in fear, others in happiness. Nanaki's eyes opened.

"I'm okay..." Anthony buried his head back in Nanaki's neck again.

"Thought you were dead..." He felt sorry for his little brother. Anthony was going through too much for Nanaki to die now. Nanaki realized he was, too. The dream, his brother coming home, and, unbeknownst to him, his species begining to populate the canyon again. They were exploding in number, and had to move from the caverns. Anthony looked at Nanaki. "I'm glad you're not..."

"So am I..." Nanaki smiled weakly.

"I hafta go." Anthony walked into the door, and stumbled backward. "OW! My nose..." Tifa had heard talking, and dismissed the doctor. She opened the door and found Anthony nursing a bleeding nose. Anthony sniffed. "That hurt..."

"Aww... Quit complaining..." Tifa smiled and went back to her seat by Nanaki. "How do you feel?"

"Okay." Anthony decided to stay in the room.

"I'm gunna lay down here." Anthony laid down on a small mat, and within a few minutes, was sleeping quietly.

"He looks..." Tifa watched Anthony.

"Don't say it."

"He does look very..."



"Do you have to say it like that?"


"You make us all sound cute and cuddly...but we're not! You should be afraid, but you're not! And..."

"I wouldn't be afraid of you...ever! You're cute, too." Tifa kissed Nanaki on the nose.

"Uh! Don't do that!"

Tifa kissed him again on his forehead and gave him hug. "Oh, I do love you. You're one of my best friends." She squeezed him a little harder and let go. Nanaki tried not to smile. He laid down and turned away from her, and smiled. Tifa looked over to see his face. "See! You like affection!"

"Uh... Bu... No... I..." Tifa chuckled and laid on the remaining space of the little mat beside Anthony. She, too, fell into a peaceful sleep. Nanaki soon joined them. His dream was that of his father, dreaming about how he had tried to fend off the Gi, and succeeded. He envied him so much now. He breathed as he had when he was a young cub, quiet, smooth, long breaths. Yawns almost. Something Tifa would've called cute, if she was awake. Tifa was dreaming about Cloud, not a wet dream, for once, but a dream of rememberance, when she was sitting with him, the day before the final shot at Sephiroth. Anthony was dreaming of Kianki, several hundred years in the future, with children.


Cosmo Canyon, Cosmo Candle 1:43 AM Mar. 22

Kianki sagged along, with Lord Cait following close behind. "Wanna play a game?"

"No... You've... You're..."

"Cute? The greatest anything ever!?!"

"No... Annoying is the word..."

"Sorry... Want some music?"

"You're not going to sing, are you?"

"By God no! Here..." He removed a little machine to play music, but it blew up, and knocked Lord Cait on his back. Kianki giggled. "Ow... Well, scratch that." His face was covered in ash. He wiped his face cleaned and looked at Kianki. "You're laughing... See! I am the lord of jokes!" Kianki smacked him so hard he flew through the Cosmo Candle and into a stone wall. "HEY!!!"


Cosmo Canyon, Clinic 1:46 AM Mar. 22

"HEY!!!" The three jumped up, with Nanaki falling back on his side in near cripling pain.

"What the hell was that!?!" Anthony jumped to the window, to see two figures at the mighty bonfire below. Tifa soon joined him, and Nanaki straggled behind the two, but looked out as well.

"Who are they?" Tifa strained her eyes, as the couldn't see as well in dark as Nanaki or Anthony.

"It's Kianki!"

"And...Cait Sith?" The three went down as quickly as possible, which was relativly slow, with Nanaki dragging behind. At last they reached the two.

"Hey! Kianki!" Kianki turned around to find Anthony sitting with Nanaki and Tifa. Kianki ran toward Anthony, followed by Lord Cait.

"Wait! I dropped my cards!" Lord Cait started to pick up his cards.

"Cait Sith?" Nanaki looked past Kianki to the little cat, busying himself by picking up cards.

"Lord Cait Sith!" The cat looked up.

"Um... He's a washed up esper."

"No I'm not! I'm doing...uh...field work... Yeah! That sounds nice!" He looked up and saw the trio standing with Kianki now. "Hullo!"

"Okay..." Tifa rolled her eyes, Nanaki rolled his eye and laughed, and Kianki and Anthony stared at eachother.

"Welp! I'm tired, and gonna take a nap. Gu' night." He even sounded like Cait. He scurried away, and found a comfortable spot with Anthony's robot, who began to play cards with him, after producing a full deck.

"Kianki... You scared the beejesus outta me..." Anthony looked shyly at the ground.

"Pity... If you're gonna swear, go all the way." Anthony looked back up and smiled. Tifa was busy getting Nanaki back to his bed in the clinic. "I've been under a whole lotta stress lately..."

"You know what relieves the most stress in the world, don't you?" Anthony grinned a wide, devilish grin.

"No... Too tired..."

"You don't have to do near as much... Besides, we're alone..."


" a buetiful setting..."


"...and we're under stress."

"It'll put me under too much stress."

"And the stress will be relieved while we have sex."


"What do you have to worry about?"


"Thats pathetic..." Kianki slapped him. "Ah! Hey, all stress is relieved while we have sex."


Jungle, Unknown 6:34 AM Mar. 22

"I lost count at twelve..." Kianki panted heavily.

"Lost count at two..." Anthony was almost dead.


"Well..." Anthony took a deep breath. "You don't have to focus on sex, all together..."

"I guess we should get back."

"One more time..."

"Do you have...a death wish...or something?" Kianki almost passed out.

"I'll die happy though..." Anthony joined her on the fringe of passing out.



Jungle, Unknown 7:46 AM Mar. 22

" more..." Anthony finally passed out.

"Later... Oh, God... I really, really, hate you..." Kianki passed out. As they would say later, "Yeah, a whole shit load of endurance... Oh yeah...".


Cosmo Canyon, Clinic 7:55 AM Mar. 22

"Where's Kianki and Anthony?" Tifa looked around the whole canyon to no avail what so ever. She went back to Nanaki.

" the middle of the jungle..." Nanaki broke out laughing, though the pain in his side welled. He didn't care.

"I don't think anyone can survive from last night to now. They'd be dead."

"They could've taken a break. Maybe slept." Nanaki kept chuckling with an ever widening grin.

"You're just as perverted as Reeve, aren't you?"

"Of course not..."

"Now I know for a fact you're not level headed, and always thinking logically. You're just as bad as any other male anything, ever!" Nanaki kept laughing, though. "Oh, shut up!" Lord Cait jumped in the room.

"Hey ya'll! Some wierd dude with white hair stopped by. He looked kind of wierd. His body was sorta wooden, but other than that, he looked human."

Nanaki's heart stopped. "Was he wearing a cloak?"

"And a cape, too! And he was carrying a pretty mean looking sword." Tifa and Nanaki knew something was wrong. Lord Cait knew nothing about Sephiroth or what he had done. "Oh! And his teeth were really sharp things, and he had this green goo coming out of a cut on his forehead."

"The doll." Nanaki had read it. What had it said? "Sephiroth murdered many, many people, and wanted to take over the world. He was sent to Hell... I knew about the doll, and... But I never... If I knew about the doll, my own fears must have..." Nanaki had feared Sephiroth would take over the doll. "If I hadn't..." Arkon, Yuffie's death, no this? Nanaki didn't know what was going on, but it was wrong, and could cost lives if he didn't find out soon. He leapt from the bed, heedless to the pain, and left.


Jungle, Unknown 10:21 AM Mar. 22

"Ain't love grand?" The wooden man stabbed Anthony in the side and lifted him up. Kianki leapt at him, but found herself floating in the air, in such pain she couldn't contain screams and howls of agony. Anthony slid down the sword, leaving a trail of blood, while cringing in agony. Sephiroth started to chant in a necropian tongue, straight from the flaming abyss. Finally, he stopped.

"Sephiroth... I know who you are..."

"And I know you..."

"You think you're going to kill me, don't you?"

"Of course I am... Just waiting for the guest of honor."

"Problem is... I know a few little deals of my own." Anthony started speaking in another tongue, until a gray orb formed in front of him.

"And that is supposed to..."

"Fry your arm..." The ball charged into Sephiroth's arm, causing him to let Anthony down, while he grabbed his own arm, which was on fire. Anthony walked around him, slowly, watching his movements. Anthony had to limp, but was handling the pain well. "You're not even fully human yet..." He had seen the wooden build of Sephiroth's body. A red flash leapt out and grabbed at the great Sephiroth's arm. Anthony leapt at his other. The two limbs detached and shot a green, oily substance, like blood, but far too thick.

"GWAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Sephiroth fell back. "I'll be back for you, you..." He disappeared into nothingness, going to regenerate and plot his vengeance. With this, Kianki fell back on the ground, actually crying. No one had ever felt that much pain and survived. No one. Sephiroth didn't let her die. Nanaki saw it and ran to her, with Anthony, who limped even slower than Nanaki.

"What happened!?!" Anthony collapsed beside her.

"It hurts..." Kianki continued crying into her state of sleep. Tifa had followed Nanaki and caught up with him. Nanaki had laid down beside them, now remembering the wound in his side, which was bleeding again.


Cosmo Canyon, Cosmo Candle 7:54 PM Apr. 1

"Well... The pain is gone, but now I have this scar thing..." Anthony and Nanaki were speaking about being stabbed earlier.

"Same here." Nanaki looked at his side, seeing the blacked mark on his side where the blade had entered. "Damn thing..." Nanaki shook his head and looked behind himself. "Shouldn't Cloud be here?" Lord Cait flew out into the town on Anthony's robot.

"What the hell are you doing!?!" Lord Cait punched it several times in the back of the head. "Stop! I command you! Stop!" Anthony looked up at them.

"Stop." The robot stopped and flung the cat to the ground.

"OW!!!" He landed on his head and rolled onto his side. His crown helped to cushion the fall. "Stupid piece o' shit!" Lord Cait threw a rock at it. It caught the rock, and launched it back at Lord Cait, knocking him onto his back, screaming all the while. "Why you..." Lord Cait removed a trumpet and sword, to his scale of course. "CHARGE!" With that hundreds of little cat creatures like Lord Cait attacked the robot. All of them were just as stupid and were soon beaten back. "Umm... RUN AWAY!" Lord Cait shrieked like a little a girl and ran away. His soldiers looked at the robot.


"RUN AWAY!" The all dashed off and disappeared, except Lord Cait. He turned to the robot.

"Umm... We can make ammends...can't we?" He forced a weak smile. The robot loomed closer. "Maybe not?" The robot was about to smash the cat when his lights turned off and he fell to the ground. Anthony had punched at the panel with his paws until it stopped.

"You stupid esper! Trying to annoy my robot!" Lord Cait looked at him and mumbled some words. A black orb appeared and chased Anthony, who had run away.

"Damn cat!" The ball slammed into Anthony. It caused no pain, except for an electric shock for a moment. "Thats it!?! You stupid fuck!" A giant fireball appeared and wailed Lord Cait back. "Didn't know I could do that." Anthony hadn't realized the ball had affected him in a way, that made him a true dark mage, rather than some one who knew a few tricks. A grey ball had hit Nanaki, and a white to Kianki. "What the hell is going on?"

"You are all now..." He took a deep breath. "Officialmages." He ran the words together, and spoke fast.

"What?" Kianki's eyes grew wide.

"Well, you're only a mage now, soon you'll be a full fledged magical entity, able to use any magic there is, if you knew it. Told you I was lord of magic."

"Oh, shut up!" Kianki punched him away. Lord Cait looked up.

"Friggin..." He lowered his voice. "...horn dog..."

"What was that!?!"

"I'm hungry for a corn dog!" Lord Cait managed the same feeble smile. Kianki mumbled, knowing it was a lie, but decided not to kill him just yet.


Lifestream, Hell N/A (Enternity)

Sephiroth writhed in the flames of Hell, before the devil himself. "One more chance... One more..." So the devil would give him.

"You have one..." The devil's voice sounded like a snack hissing, although his body looked angelic, save the pointed teeth. Sephiroth's looked much the same, wings of an angel, being tormented with the fires of Hell. "I give unto you...THIS!" The dark being handed Sephiroth a sword, the Nioki.


Ocean, Unknown 9:03 PM Apr. 1

A being formed in the tower. Chaos smiled. "The dark master has given us, the ultimate warrior..." Sephiroth appeared, clothed in the black clothing he had worn in SOLDIER. Astos looked at him.

"Your training in the dark arts shall begin this eve. Prepare yourself to command your minions." Flames exploded behind Astos, as he stood in the mighty hall, leading Sephiroth. "Murder..." Pillars of flames followed them. "Kill..." Another blast of flames. Astos turned to him. "Summon forth the darkest, most eil demons from Hell to do your bidding! But remember this... If you fail, you will be..." Astos hissed. "...punished..." Sephiroth didn't flinch. He knew he couldn't fail. He couldn't face Hell. Not again. He would train armies. He would summon demons. And then... Then he would overthrow Chaos, and his evil master. Sephiroth was destined to become the Alpha and Omega. Begining and end. God.


Niblehiem Area, Nibleheim Mts. 11:34 PM Apr. 1

Tiamat sat a top the mountains. He had shredded a metal beast that floated threw the sky. Pity it had bucked him into the ocean. Tiamat knew this man called Sephiroth's devious plans to derail Chaos. Tiamat didn't care though. Tiamat wanted an army of his own, and to slay Bahamut, the one who had him banished from the Esper World, to Purgatory, after he had help Chaos. "I will kill you Bahamut... You will learn how precious life is in...when I rip it from your proud crest." Tiamat cackled.


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