Nanaki and the Fallen Angel Chapter 9


By Brady Bryner, Bill Shofstall, & Anthony McKinley

Canyon, Rock 10:03 AM Apr. 19

Anthony awoke beside Kianki. "Ot' damn... How you feel?" Kianki was silent, but awake. Anthony placed a sizemable "hickey" on her neck.

"Well good morning."

"You wouldn't talk to me otherwise." Kianki sucked Anthony's ear, their basic way of leading up toward sex. "We're in daylight... Some one will have to see us eventually."

"No one else is awake..."

"Hot diggity damn! Thats good enough for me!"


Canyon, Rock 10:25 AM Apr. 19

"What the hell?" Reeve rolled over. Loud moans woke him from his sleep. "HEY! YA' DAMN HORN DOGS! LEMME' GET SOME GOD DAMN SLEEP FIRST!" Reeve rolled back over.


Canyon, Rock 10:25 AM Apr. 19

Nanaki looked up. "REEVE, SHUT THE FUCK UP! ANTHONY AND KIANKI, KNOCK IT OFF!" Cid looked up.

"EVERYONE! SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU STUPID ASSES! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" The moanings quieted, but didn't stop, but weren't AS annoying, although to Nanaki, picturing his brother having sex already put a damper on his day. Reeve shut up, as well as the others, and went back to sleep.


Canyon, Rock 10:34 AM Apr. 19


"...damn..." Anthony and Kianki were once again nearing death, the price paid at amazing amounts of sex.

"Think we'll ever have kids?" Anthony looked at Kianki.

"At this rate? Oh hell yeah! Lots... Maybe a few thousand..."

"That'd be fun..."

"...or a driving hell..." They made out again, but this only tired them yet further to pleasure induced slumbers.


Canyon, Rock 10:36 AM Apr. 19

"Took em' long enough to stop... God..." Reeve fell back asleep. Nelly had settled back in.

With a quiet, "Wark..." she went back to sleep.


Canyon, Rock 2:02 PM Apr. 19

Tifa awoke. Nanaki and Cid sat breathing, the earlier peacefully, the latter finally letting on to agewith signs of his lungs breaking down. She smiled, with an unknown happiness. She just was. "What the hell?" Nanaki was currently almost one with Tifa's side. She hadn't got up yet, and he was developing a bruise in her side. Nanaki didn't care, he was comfortable. Cid has his arm around her stomach, in a death grip. "Oh damn..." She couldn't get up. Nanaki finally softened a little, and set his head on her stomach. "N... Nanaki?" A yawn from Nanaki. "N... N... Nanaki?" Well. He wasn't that bad. Cid was another story. "Cid?" He tightened his grip and pulled her closer. Nanaki whined and followed after and set his head back onto her stomach. He nestled deeply into her stomach and sighed. Cid groaned about something and hit Nanaki. Nanaki whined again and unconsciously slapped Cid. "Please... When you're awake, but don't fight over me now... I really hope you don't fight over me when you're awake Red, not in that way..." This had to drive the thought of her, and him, doing "that". She shuddered.

She couldn't move yet, but she could still swing her head to see them. Nanaki looked so...cute. Cid, however, looked as he was, a wierd old man with lung problems and a death wish. "Come on." She tried to move, causing Nanaki to lose his warm spot and re-nestle. Cid rolled over. Freedom. Nanaki put his fore legs up across her waist and stomach. "D'oh!" She could move one arm. She tried to ease Nanaki off, gently petting and shoving him at the same time, so slightly that he shouldn't notice. "You're a great friend and all, but get offa' me!" Nanaki's eyes flittered open.

"Mmm..." Tifa didn't notice, and was still using the "pet and shove" tactic. He rolled over on her and shut his eyes, stopping directly at the base of her breast.

"God damn it..." Nanaki slid up further into the center of her body, feeling her heart beat. He once again nestled, directly at the base of her bust. "Nanaki?"

"Mmm... What?"

"Could you let me get up?"

"You're too warm... I don't wanna move..." He nestled further yet. "You're tired... Go back to sleep..."

"Oh... This is hopeless..." Tifa gave up, and went back to sleep.


Canyon, Rock 3:03 PM Apr. 19

"Had enough rest?" Anthony looked at Kianki.

"We'll all have to get a move on sometime. Everyone is still asleep."

"Wake up call?" Anthony looked at Kianki.

"You perve..." Kianki smiled.

"You're just as addicted." Anthony gave Kianki another wet kiss on the neck, and recieved one back. Moments later, they were engaged in sex, which came so easily to them it was amazing. Making out leads to sex, and during sex, they also made out, if they were in a one of two certain positions. And since making out leads to sex, the only way out was to pass out, change position, or, in a last alternative, die. The moans once again awoke the people of the canyon, even those farther away were awaken by the echoes.


Canyon, Rock 3:19 PM Apr. 19

Reeve stood up. "KAY! WE'RE AWAKE!" They didn't stop. "GOD DAMN IT! KNOCK IT OFF, NOW!!!" The moaning went on for a few minutes, but finally died out. "THANK YOU!"


Canyon, Rock 3:26 PM Apr. 19

Lord Cait rolled over, and slammed into Cait Sith. "OW! Oh, hi! Damn I'm handsome!"

"So am I! Isn't it great, being masters of everything?" Cait smiled.

"Oh yeah!" They even shared delusions.

"Oh, shut up you two!" Zekelimin walked toward the two. He pressed some hair from the side of his face with a paw.

Tim walked over. "Yeah! God you two are deluded."

Both Caits knew they were delusions, but they could dream. "I don't care... I'm still real cool!" Lord Cait puffed his chest out.

"Whatever, dude."


New Continent, Jungle 7:04 AM Apr. 24

Lord Cait wandered off. Finally, an hour long break. A crunch sound was heard behind him. He turned to see nothing. "Just my imagination. He turned again and saw a man clad in armor with guns and weaponry. "Hi, Markus! What are you doing out here?"

"Same as you... Trying to reclaim my old lands."

"I'm not out here for that. I think Figaro is still buried, anyway. How'd YOU come to live there?"


Edgar smiled. A wife. He was wed, and a procession of his best knights walked in front of him. Markus Amonti, his head Dragon Tamer. But things went horribly wrong. An arrow shot down, hitting Markus in the back. He dragged himself in front of Edgar to protect him, and removed his own bow. He fired many shots into the asassin group, which Kefka had formed before his death, to anihilate the Returners in the event of his death. He had doubted himself. Markus stood in front of Edgar, firing, to no avail, and soon Edgar was shot through the heart, killed. His wife murdered as well, Markus was the last knight left standing. Everyone else lay around him, dead or dying. He stood though. The ten asassins closed around him, weapons drawn. Markus removed a powerful dwaren axe, and slew each one of the asassins himself. "Damn..." He lay dying, but did not. He survived and took over, as was Edgar's wish. He hid the last remaining robot Edgar had built, and hid it in a beach, far, far away.



"Cait Sith, something has been bothering me... How'd you become an esper, and what the hell WERE you?"


King Etigin von Kett Shee laughed heartily at his banquet. The greatest wizard in the world. He was sorrounded by friends in a grand castle. He had banished the evil elf-like creature, Astos, for his practice of the darkest black magics. Astos had once been his greatest ally and friend. Today, he had the joy of Bahamut himself coming to a banquet he held outdoors to support the King of Dragons huge form. "Hello, Bahamut!" He spoke Conerian, the most widely spoken language at the time.

"Hello, my friend! How have you faired in the past months?"

"Great! I cleared up the problems with the demon wolves..."

"How? They were always a trouble for these people."

"Yes. I turned them into, get this, kittens!" Bahamut laughed. Etigin had always tried to be anti-violent and rather change minds or forms of his enemy at the time, just not to hurt anyone. "I also found an interesting use for all of those boar."

"The main course?"

"All five-hundred and twelve." Etigin waved to a clear area, where many, many roasts appeared, all of them boar, being roasted various ways, all salivating to both Etigin and Bahamut. Bahamut was Etigin's other best friend, and very frequent visitor, for a king. Just then, a green puff of smoke appeared, and Astos stood before Etigin, who had been talking with his cat, who also played cards.


"Astos! What are you doing here!?! I banished you to Mu!" Astos cackled in an evil fashion.

"You are responsible for this twisted form."

"You deserved it!"

"I'll make sure you're no threat to me anymore..." Astos waved his hands, Bahamut disappeared, and found himself back in his cave. Etigin's view went black. He opened his eyes and saw Astos.

"You made Bahamut disappear? Could use some work!" Etigin noticed a cape around his neck, like his odd cat. Etigin still had hands though, but they were small and furry. "What the..."

"You loved that cat so much... Why not spend an eternity as him?" Astos smiled, showing sharp, black teeth.

"Ya... Why you..." Etigin tried to change back, to no avail.

"Remember, Etigin... Your magical properties belonged to you, as king... But now..."


Etigin changed his name to Lord Cait Sith, and disappeared for many years. He returned, with the help of Bahamut, raised an army. "ASTOS!" Lord Cait rode a small chocobo, since he was only three feet tall. The dark king showed himself. Astos had taken the crown of the king, and hid it deep in a cave. He had fore seen the future, and was already setting a trap.

"What do you want?" Astos looked at Lord Cait's army. He changed them too into cats like Lord Cait Sith. They still had their weapons, which were mainly very light spears, so they could still carry them, but they had little hope of facing the dark arch-wizard. They charged anyway, but were killed, mainly, and many retreated, against the commands of their lord. But he didn't stop. He jumped off his chocobo and ran directly at Astos.

"Damn you to HELL!" Lord Cait jumped at Astos and ripped his face apart, causing blood to cover himself. He removed a small sword that he could carry, and a shield. "I am King Etigin von Kett Shee..." Astos lifted him off the ground with magic. He slowly began pulling Cait Sith apart with a gravity spell. Astos then stabbed him in the stomach with his claws. He bared it, not caring wether he lived or died. He dropped to the ground and squeezed his eyes shut, welling with tears. "I have failed my people..." Astos laughed.

"Foolish cat... You're a have always been a failure...and you shall always be a failure..." Cait Sith pulled himself up at those words, drawing exasperation from his remaining few soldiers.

"I am King Etigin von Kett Shee... I am grand master of all magic... I know all..." An orb began forming over his head. "...I see all..." It grew large and purple. "...I alter fates..." It grew larger yet. "...I am fear to fear..." It blazed on fire. "...I am pain..." It turned white hot. "...I am THE dark mage! I have studied magic all my life! I have the power of God himself..." He laughed. "...right..." The ball turned black. "" It blazed forward, near killing Astos. "ASTOS! I don't want to kill you! You don't deserve death! Dying is too good for you now! I bind you to this castle for all eternity Astos! If you step outside these gates, your body will burn in HELL! This is your tomb, Astos..." He turned away, blue cape flapping in the wind. His cat form seemed odd, especially for giving such a speech.


"I'm sorry Astos...but this is the last choice..." He mounted his chocobo and led his remaining soldiers away, to haunt the forest as wood elves for over seven hundred years before becoming an esper, when petitioned by Bahamut, who became an esper many years before.


"That's how... Told you I wasn't a total push-over... But I feel something..."


"Astos lives..."

"Impossible! He was slain many, many, thousands of years ago."

"I was alive when he died. It is the only way he could leave the castle. He was brought back..."

"Well... Hurry back to the group... I'll find out what I can of Astos..."

"If Astos is here so is..."


"Ahhh... The great Cait Sith... Come to put on a puppet show?" Chaos laughed evilly.

"I've come for you, Chaos..." Only three-hundred years prior, he faced Chaos in the Esper World, during the Esper War.

"Very well... If you must die, be honorable..."

"As always..." Cait slid on his shield and unsheathed his sword. "Bring it on." Chaos took to the air of the large chamber and sweapt in toward Cait.

"What was it HE said? So long ago... Must've forgot..."

"Maybe he can remind you when you get there!" Cait leapt at Chaos and stabbed like a madman, visciously trying to kill him.

"GWAAH!" Chaos knocked him to the ground. "You inscolent creature!" Chaos blasted a wave of fire at Cait.

"Hmmph! That supposed to hurt? Come on, you..." Cait flew across the room, and smashed against a wall. "BWAAH!" Cait threw his sword into Chaos's heart.


"When you die..." Cait didn't finish. "Goda' Hell..." He dashed to Chaos and took his own crown, and stabbed the rim into Chaos. "Oh yeah... Fuck you..." Chaos exploded in a bloody flash, destroying the temple of espers, and later led to Cait's banishment for defacing such an important place. Bahamut stood in his defense, but failed, and was sorry to have to be the executioner and banish the ex-king to the Lifestream. Chaos's fault.




New Continent, Dark Mire 4:32 PM May 12

The party continued on, into a dark and evil mire. "Nanaki? I have to admit something... I'm scared..."

"I... I am, too..." Nanaki was usually more scared then he'd let on, but he was like that. He believed he shouldn't delve his brother into hopelessness. After all, he was older, and he had to look after Anthony. "We'll be fine. Reeve's soldiers are highly trained, and we have plenty of provisions. Every last thing we need. We'll be quite alright."


"I'm sure of it." Nanaki wasn't, but he couldn't say he was sure they would soon be dead. Just then, Anthony, Nanaki, and Tifa stumbled over a log. They hit the ground, and fell through. The party of soldiers and red creatures stooped over the hole. It began collapsing all around them. "WE'RE FUCKED!" Nanaki yelped as they fell ever downward.


"FORGET IT!" They slammed into the ground, but they weren't hurt in the slightest. Soon, the rest fell around them. "What the... Are my legs still..."

" one piece?" They looked around. They were in an underground place that looked like a glade. They saw many fountains. Nanaki and Anthony were the first oriented enough to look around. "Nanaki! These fountains!" They were many colors, and looked like the lines of lifestream that stopped Meteor. They were of immense buety. "They're..."

"...the source of magic... Hot diggity damn! We found it! AH HAHA!" They began dancing around as best they could, considering they were quadrapeds. "WE RULE!" Tifa walked up behind them.

"Well? Which fountain is which?"

"They are... Purple, love, green, life, blue, health, and yellow, magic..."

"How do you know?" She looked at Nanaki.

"I don't know... I just do." Anthony was busy lapping up as much love as he could. "Hey."








"Stop that! Anthony, you know the secret to..."

"...immortality..." He stepped to the green fountain, right beside the blue. "All we do is mix the blue with green, yellow and red..."


"Yeah! The fountain of knowledge! It's right...there!" He pointed to a red fountain after the yellow. It hadn't been there before.

"How did it..."

"Get there? It was. It's just an illusion. However... No one is to drink the formula, because all it does is prevent aging at the state of adulthood in the creature in question."

"When is that?"

"Well, for me, it would be one-hundred and fifty-three. Humans... Twenty-two. really just prolongs life about one-thousand or so years..."

"Why then?"

"I don't know! Ask the bearded dude upstairs!" Anthony had them set several bottles of the formula. "We'll spend tonight here, and then back to Rame..."

"Who put you in charge?"

"I just know what I'm doing! Lemme be, Reeve... Set up the communications, maybe we can get an airship to get out here..." Reeve grumbled, but he knew a good idea when he heard it, so he set it up.


New Continent, Source of Magic 1:03 AM May 13

Anthony woke Kianki and snuck to the bottles of formula. They took a shringe and worked together to fill it with the formula. The injected it into Nanaki, and then drank some themselves. Nothing could endanger the final hope for the return of magic.


New Continent, Source of Magic 3:21 AM May 13

A winged creature, human in stature and form, with two angelic wings, drank a bottle of the formula. "I will never...ever...go back to Hell..." He returned to the tower, through a vortex he created, and disappeared, again.


Cetralin, Rame 12:03 PM May 17

The continent was named Cetralin after the Cetra. Nanaki walked through Rame. He felt strangely energetic, and terribly...happy. He didn't know what the two had done to him, and didn't care. Mustirio pulled into the complete port. He walked aboard and went to his quarters, as all went to theirs. The supplies were dropped off, and the new city of Ketaro was formed that day, around the site of the source of magic, and the formula for immortality, forgotten. Anthony joined him in his quarters. "This is it... We've just set out for one heckuva' mission..."

"Yeah. Anthony... Naw..."


"Well... Could we revive people with that?"

"No... You mean like father or mother?"

"Father more likely... He is only stone..."

"Yeah... You studied the life of the Planet and still don't understand, do you?"


"Okay... When you go into a mako induced coma, you go into the lifestream."


"The same thing with being turned to stone."

"What about a soft?"

"He has arrows in him... It would just turn him right back to stone... We may be able to use magic..."

"But we're only now getting used to this..."

"You're the call boy, you get us some help..." A portal appeared, shooting out Lord Cait Sith.

"Hey there! You called?" He bowed. No one new how serious a mind he was, but he would soon have to show them.


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