Chrome Spark Chapter 3

Capture and Torture

By Chris Homer

Rating: PG-13 (US), 15 (UK)

CAPTURE AND TORTURE : Here are a few more double plays for characters, which are not used here, but will be used for future parts.

Vincent/Lucretia: Double Chaos: A male and female chaos beast transformation and they attack with deadly accuracy. (This one is used in this part)

Reeve/Cait: Shinra Driver: Cait hit a Double Fist whilst reeve pickes them up from the neck and slams them forward.

Heici/Yuffie: Wutai Summon: They channel their energy and summon the WUTAI protector, from both families ancestor's magic.

Barret/Tifa: Knockout: Barret throws Tifa who hit's a bicycle kick, whilst Barret hits the hammer blow.

Reno/Rude: Turk Justice: A powered up blast from nightstick and gun.

Tseng/Elena: Raven Bomb: Tseng creates a fireball and throws it. Elena blasts it and it destroys many enemies in flame.

Aeris/Yuffie: All Cure: You can guess what this is.

Cloud/Barret: Meteor Satellite: The Satellite Beam/Meteorain combo.

Character order:

Lelin Barbarus
Zack Gonganga
Heici Wutai
Cloud Strife
Yuffie Kisaragi
Barret Wallace
Tifa Lockheart
Marlene Wallace
Cid Highwind
Aeris Gainsborough
Vincent Valentine
Cait Sith
Chromer Barbarus

CAPTURE AND TORTURE: (Warning, one example of rape incident shown here)

Lelin smiled at the computer screen in the reactor under Mideel. His son was doing everything right. It wouldn't be long until AVALANCHE came, and then, he could destroy them. He turned to the cell.

He cursed slightly.Elena had resisted the memory scrambler better than any of them. She had blanked out but had shown signs of recognition with Tseng still. And he wouldn't risk another blast of the scrambler, otherwise he might lose an interesting specimen. A very pretty one as well.

Elena looked at Tseng. She didn't know how she recognised him, her mind was a blank. The man known as Lelin had told her her name, and she knew very little about that. Looking at her blue suit, she figure she may be part of something, perhaps a bank clerk.......

She then saw the gun in the hand of Lelin. If she was a bank clerk, why would Lelin threaten her? Maybe his indraft didn't come in as quickly as he hoped......

Tseng was looking at the young woman in the cell opposite. She was very familiar to him but couldn't remember why. She was very nice looking, and Tseng wondered if they had been close. But the consisent throbbing in his head made him lose track of his thoughts. He had had this headache since......well, as long as he could remember. He wondered if this was a reason why he couldn't remember so much.........

"ZACK!" screamed Lelin, as he pressed a button, as the electric bars of the cell containing Zack opened. His sword, known as the Raging Blade, stopped swinging, as he bowed to Lelin.

'Zack. Another name ringing a bell.' thought Elena.

"Zack, I want you to go above ground to Mideel. I have a hunch that the creeps known as AVALANCHE will soon find us. If they arrive at Mideel, destroy them. If they don't, hunt them down. Any questions?" said Lelin.

"No, master." said Zack.

"You are a great ally. Now, prove your worth." said Lelin. Zack bowed again, and headed through the glass elevator, through the ocean, towards Mideel.

Lelin smiled. It would be easy enough to manipulate Zack to destroy. He didn't think that there was a finer warrior. He turned to look at Jessie. He smiled again, but it had a different edge to it. He walked to the cell.

Elena turned around, not wanting to see this.


Heici looked in awe of the splender of the Highwind. It was only the second time he had been on it, but the speed and awe of the plane still thrilled him to the max.

He looked at Cloud, who seemed undisturbed, despite two enemies on the other side of the plane. He had made sure they had kept their distance from Aeris, and continued as normal.

Since finding Lelin's signet ring, he had decided to head for Mideel, as Heici had suggested. As Mideel was Lelin and Chromer's home town, they had a feeling they may find some clue there.

Heici lost his train of thought and began to feel the adrenelin of the Highwind. Not too far away from him he heard Yuffie retching. Looks like not everyone shared his opinion.

Since returning to Wutai, he and Yuffie had spent a lot of time together, whether it was training, socially, or annoying the residents. He still kept his distance from Godo, after the conflict between the two families, but he seemed to tolerate the young man.

Heici wondered if the friendship they had since he was 11 and he had to look after the young girl, was more than friendship. Sure he was a few years older than she was, but hey, when did that matter?

His train of thought was broken by another retch. 'Then again, maybe not.........'


Barret paced at his normal position on the Highwind, Tifa by his side. Both of them were staring at the Turks, and they in return were staring back (although the stares were more directed at tifa, for obvious reasons). Barret had given them the third degree in the art of cursing almost since they joined the group, and Reno had returned with some smart ass remarks. Rude just said %$£! you, and Tifa wondered, 'In so many years since they have been at our throats, he gives two words to us and those were f....'

Her thoughts were interrupted by a crying.

"Marlene!" screamed Tifa.

Reno and Rude looked up. Tifa scooped up the 4 year old daughter of Barret, who had stumbled over on the Highwind, and was crying. Her knee was exposed, and blood was coming from it.

"Aw, shit." said Barret.

"Now, is that the language you want to say in front of a 4 year old?"

Barret was stunned. That had came from Reno. He and Rude cautiously took a step forward.

"Let me have a look at at." said Reno.

"Uh,uh, there is no way in hell I'm letting you two assholes treat my daughter." said Barret.

"Step-daughter." corrected Rude. "And I give you my word as a Turk, that I will not cause harm. I only wish to tend to the wound. Materia use is too dangerous for a young child, and I know how to close that up." As he was saying that, Reno had unleashed a first aid kit out.

Tifa and Barret were stunned into silence. He never expected the Turks to be child-carers. However, Reno was even more surprised that he was helping an enemy. But the truth was, they weren't as cold blooded as people saw them. They hated casualties without purpose, and some of the work that they were sent to do, they hated, particularly Elena. And now, this....child.....she looks so innoncent, she was as cute as any 4 year old girl could be....doesn't take after her father.......

Rude had taken a cold compress and some iodine like substance on the compress. Marlene did a little scream and cry, but Reno had calmed her down. Rude then applied a plaster, large and rubbed the knee. Marlene flinched, but then calmed down.

"It's O.K...." started Reno, then reliasing she had forgotten her name, despute Tifa giving it them.

"....Marlene." said the girl. Reno smiled.

Barret was still unsure of the Turks, but at least, there would be at least some bonding without resulting in cursing.


At the controls of the Highwind, Cid was deep in thought. He missed Rocket Town, his work, Shera, everything. He wondered why he got involved with AVALANCHE in the first place. Then he remembered. The damn Shinra.

How he would have loved to plunge his Venus Gospel into the fat stomach of Heidegger or Palmer. It was then he remembered that a few former Shinra employees were on the airship. Not just the Turks, but Reeve as well. He sighed. Reeve had been an ally in the form of Cait Sith, and with Cait AI protected, Reeve was turning into a warrior himself, thanks to Tifa and Heici. However, he reliased that he was once a traitor, but that was during their last adventure. And now Aeris was back, Reeve seemingly had changed.

He turned. Reeve was sitting on a bench. But then, he saw Aeris, a hand on a tearful Nanaki.

Cid couldn't helping staring at Red. He had never saw a lion cry. But he managed it. His human emotions had overtaken his powerful body. He continued to control at Highwind, but felt sorry for Red. If Rocket Town had been destroyed......oh god, help the mother %$£!*% who did it.........


Red was lying down, a tear in his eye. Chromer had destroyed Cosmo Canyon. His home, his pride, his joy, his beliefs. He would never forgive him.

No, that was harsh. He would never forgive Sepiroth, he who controlled Chromer. The bastard would pay, but he knew that Chromer's duty was to kill Aeris, as he looked up at the Ancient.

How could anyone kill her? Red was once annoyed with Aeris for treating him like a pet. However, he felt a bit guilty after Sepiroth run her through. Aeris never meant him harm, especially after he was trapped with her in the Mako experiment. He could feel her hand on his back. He looked up.

Aeris was thinking about what had happened to Red. The destruction of Cosmo had been a blow to her as much to Red. It was like her second home. Plus the fact that everyone seemed to be after her blood. Chromer/Sepiroth were trying to kill her, and the Turks were trying to kidnap her. She stared at the Turks. Cloud had given them a blackmail, in not letting them touch her. She smiled. At least one problem out of the way.

She sat down and started to talk to Red, trying to console him.

"Red...." she started.

"Why Cosmo?" he said.

"It's because of me. Chromer wants to kill me to bring back Sepiroth....." she couldn't hold the tears back. "I'm sorry, Red." He weeped and held Red neck, in a hug.

Red was surprised at the girl's reaction. He didn't want her to feel this way. Chromer was being possessed by Sepiroth, he didn't want Aeris to feel any guilt.

He looked at Reeve, who had been watching. The EX-Shinra manager, hadn't much to say, except, "Come on Aeris, don't kill yourself this way." The two of them tried to help Aeris, but it looked like a hopeless case.

Vincent had been watching them as well, expressionless as usual, but a touch of guilt went in at his heart. The fact that Lucresia had warned him about what happened, and he didn't talk to them right away. He felt it was his fault, but didn't break out as the others may have.

Suddenly, Cait Sith flickered on and droned "MASTER REEVE, THERE IS SOMEONE BELOW US, SHOOTING AT US!"

Reeve looked at Cait. He then went to Cloud.

"Cloud, Cait says someone may be shooting at us!" said Reeve.

"Thanks, Reeve. Now tell us something we don't know." said Cloud.

Reeve looked confused, until he heard the bang of a gun. It sounded like a heavy shotgun, and some of them certainly made contract. It was definetly coming from below.

Barret opened the window to return fire, but it seemed just to be one person, with a loaded version of a shotgun. When Cloud came over, he just looked at the person with his mouth open.

"No, it can't be......" he said.

Soon, the others were looking to see who was the shooter. No-one was sure who he was, but then Aeris also looked in awe.

"It's...not...him...." said Aeris.

"Who the dogshit is he?" said Cid.

Both Aeris and Cloud looked at Cid and muttered one word.



In the underwater reactor below Mideel, Elena was having a huge headache. Jessie had been seen too, and Lelin attempted rape assault was cut short by a message from Zack that he had seen an airship similar to the one Cloud had entered in Cosmo.

Lelin smirked. Although a little pissed that his duties were cut short, he could always finish off later. Besides, there was fresh blood now.

Elena looked at Jessie. The attack was not too brutal, but she was bedragaled to say th least. The thought of being raped by a 50 year old is bad enough, but a 50 year old madman?

Suddenly, Elena looked at Tseng. For the past half an hour, he had been straining his head, as if trying to stop something.

Tseng had been trying to remove the headache, trying to set his mind clear. The girl next to him was very familiar, but still couldn't place her. 'Where have I seen her? That suit is familar, that face is familiar, but I don't know her. It's like an adversary, like in the Turks......'

'Turks?' Where the hell did that come from? He remembered the word 'Turks' and then remembered something else.

(Cue flashback music)

"Tseng, you have passed the four main tests of Turk quality. Bravery, battle, intelligence and leadership. It is my distinct honour and pleasure to have you promoted to leader of the Turks." said President Shinra.

Tseng was speechless. He was handed the blue suit, although darker than his old one. However, there was a gold badge. He, like his comrade, Reno and Rude, wanted to be a Turk for a long time. He was 24, whilst Reno was 22 and Rude 30. However, he shown more aquirable attributes than Rude, and more experience than Reno. It was obvious who to pick for the new Leader as the former leader, Sabea, had taken a early retirement, due to a spine break.

" I won't let you down." said Tseng.

So Tseng knew his name. And then he remebered something else........

(Another flashback)

"So, which one do you think, Reno?" said Rude, as Tseng was talking to them about a possible new inductee.

"I don't know." said Reno. Reno, now 26, Rude, 34, and Tseng, 28, were busy looking at the people all in a row, perfect posture, who wanted to be the fourth Turk.

There had been 12 people who had volunteered to be the next Turk. Tseng had watched them train, in hand to hand, with weaponry, in shooting, with materia, and in an obstacle course. He had then given them a one to one with questions and questioned their upmost loyalty to the Turks, and what to do in certain situations.

Reno and Rude had been looking at the battle skills. They were impressed with about four of them, and had told Tseng which ones. Tseng indulged this information, and then smiled.

He looked at the last person, a young woman named Elena. She was the only female in the registration, and had phased very well in the battle mode, winning five out of six against the males. Her shooting had been perfect, the only ones, and in the questions, she had answered with no lost giggling.

"Do you accept the code of the Turks?" he had asked. She answered "Yes sir, I hope to be the most reliable member of your elite group. I will not put personal feelings over my duty and........"

"So, you want the female as the fourth member?" said Rude. Tseng nodded.

"Well, I'll admit, that she is a fine person, good combat skills and intelligence,but it had been a while since a female has entered the squadron." added Reno.

"I know." said Tseng. "But it would be a change, she is committed to the job, better than the others, she is a whizz with materia, toasting the remaining competitors, and is perfect with a gun. Besides, I don't hear you two complaining much."

Reno and Rude opened their mouths to say something, then all three of them burst out laughing.

"O.K, Tseng, you're the boss. Bring her in." said Reno.

Tseng opened his eyes again. Elena. Is that the girl opposite me? The memories of the Turks flooded to him as quick as they could. When Elena was on a cliff and he was on the other end, eyeing Aeris below, Tseng had spoken to her calmly. Then, one last thought came upon him.....

"So, Elena, after this job is over, do you want to have dinner with me?"

Elena stopped, almost dropping the Keystone. Since becoming a Turk, she had tried hard to conserve her personal feelings for Tseng, and continued her work, but without Reno and Rude, the two seemed to be getting closer, and more conversive. She immediately agreed, then.........

Tseng shot his eyes opening, remembering Sepiroth kill him, and then see members of AVALANCHE trying to help him. AVALANCHE, another memory. He remembers them all know. He has no malice against AVALANCHE now, but before he got to that, he had business.

"ELENA!" he screamed, at the woman opposite.

Elena's headaches seemed to have stopped as the man opposite shouted her name. However, she looked blank.

"ELENA, IT'S ME, TSENG!" said Tseng, who was starting to cry.

Elena knew that name was familiar. "Tseng...."

(Final flashback, I promise!)

"So, where are you taking me?" said Elena, a bit confused, that she had been taken from her room where the 12 hopeful Turks had been resting.

"Just to another phase." said Rude, calmly.

"So, why haven't the other's come?" said Elena.

Rude shrugged.

Suddenly, she passed a room where Reno had an object like a nightstick in front of him. The 11 men were in front of him and suddenly, a bright flash of light came in front of them. (Yes, if anyone is wondering, it is very similar to the 'Men In Black' scenario.) Elena stopped.

"Now, wait a second......" said Elena.

Suddenly, she stopped in front of a room. In it, Tseng had his arms folded but there was no mistake what was draped over one arm.

"Elena, it is my pleasure and privelege to induct you into the elite group known as the Turks. It has been a long time since we have had a female Turk, but we are glad to have one of your calibar to join us. So......" He handed her the suit.

Elena was speechless. He took the suit without a word and turned, a tear forming. "Thank you." she uttered before she left. "Thank you, Tseng."

Elena stared at the man. Tseng, Tseng.....

"TSENG!" screamed Elena, and tried to grab his hand but the electric bars between them put paid to that. But it didn't matter, the tears from both Elena and Tseng were following freely, and Elena couldn't believe it.

"How is it you are alive?" said Elena. Tseng, couldn't find an answer to that question. But soon, they were talking about everything since that day in the temple. Elena couldn't believe the man she had admired so much was alive and well, although it seemed impossible, she had a feeling that Lelin had some plans for him.

"So, how are the two bastards?" said Tseng.

"Reno and Rude? Just as obnoxious as ever. They still have the hots for those two AVALANCHE girls, and they tried to kidnap one of them recently, but then, this dude with metal wings attacked AVALANCHE. I think his name was...."

"Chromer." finished Tseng. "He is the son of that mad crapper up there. I remember that Sepiroth had some control over him."

"Sepiroth? But he's dead." said Elena.

"His body, yes. His soul, no. After Chromer killed him, Sepiroth threw an item known as the darkness emerald at him, and his soul escaped into that. The emerald was absorbed in Chromer's Ci'an plate, and Sepiroth is controlling his mind. The combined power of the two is almost unstoppable." said Tseng.

Elena then talked about AVALANCHE. "I'm afraid, I'm not as cold blooded as them two. When you died, I became too hot headed, and in-socialable. But during AVALANCHE and their Midgar raid, we didn't attack them. They had saved me from a pervert named Don Corneo, and since then, I didn't want to fight them, even when he drew them out with a fire in Nibelheim, I really regret that now, but I kept my feeling to myself. I bet you're disappointed with me." she ended, lamely.

Tseng smiled. "Disappointed? Elena, things have changed. Your feelings can be as open as you want, Shinra is finished, Hojo is dead, life can go on as you wish."

Elena shed a tear. "It's just that, the Turks are like a family. If I left, I don't know what I would do."

Tseng smiled again. "Listen Elena, I've got no bone against AVALANCHE. They tried to save me, but couldn't. I don't know how I'm alive, but I have a feeling they are responsible."

Elena then remembered something else about their past, she frowned. "Do you still like Aeris?"

Tseng thought about that. "Aeris.....the Ancient. I knew her for a while, she is very pretty, and she was the main instigator in saving the planet. But life must go on. My friend Reeve is helping her, as are AVALANCHE, and my life must go on."

Tseng looked at Elena. "No, my thoughts are divoted to another."

Elena quirked up. "Who?"

Tseng braved the pain and carefully put his hand through the bars. He held her hand. He smiled.

"You, Elena. You."

Elena almost fainted. Then cried with happiness. It was then their thoughts were disturbed.


Zack fired once again at the Highwind. His bullets were having little effect but he knew that. He just wanted them to land so he could annihlate them. His ultima materia in his pocket glowing. He decided he couldn't wait any longer. The residents of Mideel watched as Zack held up the materia, glowing green.

In the Highwind, a huge flash of green came about, then a crashing sound, followed by cursing from Barret, and then Cid shouting "WE'RE GOING DOWN! HANG ON TO YOUR ASSES!"

The crash was not as bumpy as they thought it would be. The ultima materia could not penetrate the outside, so the inside was destroyed. Cid could fix it in a month or so, but Cloud had more pressing business, like what the hell was Zack doing, and how come he was alive?

Zack smirked as his once best friend came at him, shouting his name. Cloud was less than 10 feet away when a bolt of lightning fried through him.

"Cloud!" screamed Tifa. Suddenly, everyone was out, Aeris leading the pack.

"Zack? Why are you doing this?" said Cloud.

"My master wants you destroyed. He was the one who gave me life once more. He has told me everything about you. I was once your friend, but you couldn't save me, instead, you took my sword.....and became the big hero. Well, my new sword is much more powerful, my Raging Blade, will engulf you in flames, and I will laugh when you incinerate!" said Zack, in a manical voice.

Cloud knew this was not the Zack he knew. Someone had a hold over him. he guessed it was the master. He decided to press on.

"So, who is your master....yipe!" He barely dodged the blow from the sword at him.

"He is the most powerful man since the one who killed me. He resurrected me, and is known as Lelin Barbarus." said Zack.

"Lelin? Where the hell is he?" said Cloud, now he was more urgent than ever to find what was controlling him.

"You want to know where he is? Well,'ll have to defeat me! YAGGH!" Zack's sword was barely paried by Cloud's ultima weapon. The others rushed to his aid, but Aeris held them back.

"No, this has to be between these two!" said Aeris.

"Why don't we just kick his ass?" said Barret.

"Ahem." said Reno, as he was holding Marlene's hand. Barret looked at him, but since he and Rude had taken a shine to Barret's step-daughter, he allowed the curse to be passed, and didn't object to Reno holding his daughter's hand. He still didn't trust them, but at least a bond had been made.

Meanwhile, the battle was pretty tense. Cloud was being pulled back by Zack, who had powered up his sword with fire magic. The blows were coming thick and fast, and Cloud hadn't made any offense at all. He somersaulted back and finally got a blow in. Zack screamed as blood came off his arm.

"One for you...." he stated.

Zack attacked, showing no pain, and blasted Cloud with ultima. He looked finished and Zack squng, Cloud just dogged, but his leg now was bleeding. He could barely stand.

".....One for me." Zack finished.

Zack was relentless, but now the pain was sinking in, he could fight with just one arm, but Cloud was fighting on one leg. Suddenly, Aeris rushed in and grabbed Zack.

"No, Zack. Don't do this." Zack turned. "Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Aeris Gainsborough. You are from Gonganga. Don't you recgonize me?"

For a long time neither spoke. Zack's face was changing from hate and malice to fear and worry. He had noticed her before. It was just before he went to SOLDIER....

(O.K, so I lied about there being no more flashbacks!)

"Zack, you will write to me?" said a 16 year old Aeris.

"Of course. Every chance I get." said a similar aged Zack. Elmyra was wary of Zack joining SOLDIER, she didn't want her adopted daughter to get any hopes of seeing him again.

Suddenly, the two of them locked in a passionate kiss. Aeris was in tears and it looked like Zack was too, although his black hair didn't show them. They stayed like that for a long time, neither one of them wanting to let go.

Reluctanctly, they withdrew, and even more reluctantly, they let go of each other.

The next day, Aeris watched Zack go on the train ready to join SOLDIER.

"Please come back to me alive." said Aeris.

"Don't worry. I will." said Zack. He kissed her once more on the lips, tears in his eyes, and mounted the train. Aeris waving him goodbye, tears in her eyes, wondering if she would ever see him again.

Zack remembered, but then the spell he had cast on Cloud went through his body. Aeris, still holding Zack's arm, was suddenly thrown back by a blast of electricity. She flew back to a tree, unconscious.

"NO!" screamed Zack, and ran up to Aeris, checking for a pulse. Relieved, he found one, but it was slow. Zack quickly admonistried CPR, and hoped for god sake, she wouldn't die, now that they had been reunited.

After about a minute, the longest minute in AVALANCHE'S life, Aeris slowly and grogilly got up. Cloud had also recovered, and was hurrying up to them.

Aeris had cured herself, Cloud and Zack and were all up to full strength. Cloud decided to introduce Zack to everybody.

"This is Barret Wallace, the originator of AVALANCHE." said Cloud. Barret grunted some reply, Zack took it as a hello.

"Tifa Lockheart, best cook in the land, and martial arts expert." Cloud said smiling. Zack also smiled. Zack knew Tifa from Nibelheim when she was the guide around Mt. Nibel. Zack was amazed at how pretty she was. Zack kissed her hand, as Tifa smiled. The resemblence between Zack and Cloud was.....scary.

"Red 13, otherwise known as Nanaki." said Cloud. Zack was surprised at the talking creature, but shook his paw. Red looked sad, Zack made a note to ask Cloud why was that?"

"Reeve and Cait, the dreaful duo." said Cloud. Reeve looked up, but smiled. He shook Zack's hand, whilst Cait saluted.

"Cid Highwind, pilot extraordinare." said Cloud. "And darn proud of it!" said Cid. Zack laughed, he seemd he was going to enjoy this group.

"Yuffie Kisaragi, pain in the ass extraordinaire!" said Cloud. Everyone especially Heici had a laugh at that. Yuffie, stood looking peeved, but knew it was true, so laughed as well. Zack looked at her, she wasn't bad either, Cloud gets all the luck now doesn't he?

"Vincent Valentine, er....." Cloud couldn't understand what to say about Vincent, but he shrugged it off and said "Blood bank." Zack nodded his head. An assassin, and a scary one at that.

"And Heici Wutai, our newest recruit." said Cloud.

"I know you, you were that gagabout who just walked over the place in SOLDIER. Didn't see you much though." said Zack.

"I left pretty soon." admitted Heici.

Zack looked at Aeris. Before he said anything, Cloud talked.

"Listen, Zack. This Lelin dude, how did he control you?"

"I don't know." replied Zack. "All I know is that he used something to bring me and some others back to life, as a way to destroy you, either physically or emotionally. One was a man named Tseng......"

"Tseng!" whispered Reno and Rude together, and for the first time Zack noticed them.

"Who are you?" said Zack.

"The Turks. They are only with us to help save a friend of theirs. Their leader was a man named Tseng." said Cloud.

"Is your friend's name Elena?" said Zack.

"Yes! Is she with Lelin?" said Rude.

"Yep, but she has had her memory blanked by Lelin, and if he does to her like the other girl...." He ended with a sigh.

"What other girl?" said Reeve.

"Oh, someone else brought back to life......I think her name was Jessie....I don't know what purpose she has with y...."

"Can you repeat the name please?" said Cloud.

Zack looked confused but did. Cloud looked at Barret, who was visibly shaking. "No, she is alive. God dammit!"


Over Mideel, Chromer was flying. According to Sepiroth, Aeris had come here. Chromer was going to kill her there and now. But he didn't want to, the girl had suffered too much. But Sepiroth was controlling him.

However, he had shown he can beat the control. He had saved Aeris and had revived AVALANCHE. However, he had destroyed Cosmo Canyon. He could rebuild it, but with Sepiroth controlling him, there is no way that would happen.

He sighed, as he headed for Mideel, with murder his intention.


Zack had told AVALANCHE everything he knew about the underwater reactor. Cloud had taken an interest in this, knowing now that Jessie was alive. Barret was still shaking from the news.

"Can we destroy Lelin?" quipped Yuffie.

"He is extremely powerful. He holds great magic and psychic power. It would take everyone here to destroy him. I hope you are ready." said Zack.

"Well, if he is anything like Chromer, it sure hell ain't gonna be a walking in the park." said Reeve, choosing his staff and gun as his weapons.

"Maybe I can help." said Vincent. Everyone turned to him.

"I blame myself for Chromer being controlled and not telling you soon enough. I knew because Lucretia told me. But I can make up for that. If I can return to her, she can come and remove the spirit of her son, as of blood line and magic, she can destroy it, despite her Ci'an weakness, I can keeping that occupied."

Everyone looked in shock as this new idea came in. It had never occured about Vincent's 'friend.' Cloud reliased that this was a good idea, but there was still one problem.

"How, the hell are you going to get to the waterfall? The Highwind was blasted by this guy!" said Cid. "By the way, that 15000 gil worth of damage."

Vincent smiled. "It looks like you've forgotten about my powers before I joined you." Suddenly, vampire like wings came out of his back as a Chaos vampire beast was starting to change Vincent's features. In a much more throaty voice, Vincent shouted "Don't worry. I'll be back soon." And with that, he was off.

So, now, the business of the reactor. Zack had shown where the secret elevator was. Reeve, Yuffie and Tifa had to calm down the residents of what happened. When it was safe enough, Zack showed them the secret passage.

"Well, this is it." said Zack.

"Yeah." said Cloud.

"If we die down there, I just want to say it's good to see you again.....and you too." he said to Aeris and Cloud. Both smiled.

Cloud and Zack bumped their fists together as they descended down the elevator. Aeris and Tifa came next.

"So, you two still got a flame huh?" said Tifa, teasing Aeris.

Aeris blushed. "It's been a long time, but he did come back to me, as he promised, and I still care for him. Besides, your one to talk." Tifa blushed. It seemed the conflicted nature between two had lessened since Zack had arrived.

"I'll kill you later, if we aren't dead already." said Tifa, still in good humour, as they followed.

Barret and Cid then followed, then Yuffie and Heici, Reeve and Cait, and on his own, Red.

"For my people, for Cosmo, we will destroy this madman." said Red, and descended into the cavern.


Lelin smirked at Elena, holding Tseng's hand. "How touching." said Lelin.

Elena growled at Lelin. "So, you got your memory back. And it seems that you two want to be alone. I'm afraid that isn't possible.You see, I never finished with Jessie, but she is getting boring. I would like some fresh blood." He stared at Elena's bust.

Tseng stood up. "Touch her you mother f.......and your sick ass will be blown to kingdom come."

Lelin laughed. "Such optimism. I must say I'm impressed. But you don't have your powers, so what can you do with me." Lelin closed his eyes as his Blind Light spell came affect on Tseng.

"Agh! I can't see a damn thing!" He then walked into the electric bars and flew back, breathing heavily.

"Tseng!" screamed Elena, but Lelin had passed through the bars without injury and stared into her eyes. He grabbed her head and began his sick attack. Elena's mouth started to scream, before she changed her mind and spat in his eye.

The backlash of that gave anger to Lelin and grabbed Elena by the head and slammed it against the wall. He tried to pry Elena's mouth opened and go for her blouse.

"Tsk. Tsk. Aren't we a bit old for sex games?" said a voice.

He turned. Cloud and Zack were standing. The party was over.


The Chaos beast had reached the waterfall in record time. Vincent had been with Lucretia for a long time since she along with Aeris was resurrected. They had fallen in love much deeper than he had thought, and he was scared what was happening. He entered the cave, still in Chaos form......... see Lucretia being attacked by 6 soldiers.

"Listen, we know you are linked with the power this evil man possesses. Either you tell us, or we'll take you away, and believe me, the last Shinra base doesn't show mercy.

Shinra? Oh god, no.

With rage, Chaos launched into them. That was all Lucretia needed. The rage inside of her from the questions and the threats delivered by these seemingly SHINRA soldiers, had exploded. She also changed into a Chaos Beast, a light blue version compared to Vincent's smoldering blue.

The Double Chaos attack had been use when they had been in Wutai. Godo saw this power and decided the best way to use it is to attack when both were Chaos. The 6 soldiers were unfortunately the first to see this theory.

Within seconds, all that was left was a trail of blood, a few limbs and the remaining bodies of the soldiers, eyes deathly closed. Lucretia changed first, as Vincent tried to speak, but then reliased he had a torso in his mouth. He spat it out and reformed.

"It's good to see you again, Lucretia, as always, but this is not a social visit. My friends need your help in removing the darkness emerald from Chromer to destroy Sepiroth. If he kills the one called Aeris, he will walk again. I know that he is legally, your son, but......"

"Stop." said Lucresia. "It's alright. I know that my son is my son and I care for him in that respect. But what he has done is too much. I will agree to help you."

Vincent nodded. He quickly explained the situation. Lucresia smiled.

"I can teleport us to Mideel. It will be quickly, using one of my transformations. Just don't expect any favours then. And no torso ripping this time!"

Vincent smiled as she started to change. "Boy, you're no fun....."


"So, the flock has emerged to play!" said Lelin, as the members of AVALANCHE, plus the Turks entered the fray.

"Let go of Elena and Tseng!" said a menacing Reno, still holding Marlene. It wasn't the best position she could be in, they thought about asking one of the residents to go, Cloud had told them to stay, but hearing that Tseng was alive, they had to go. Reno had gien his word to protect Marlene, and they had cast several defense spells on her anyway.

"So, the Turks are down to this? Helping your enemies?" said Lelin.

"We aren't helping them. They are helping us. Now give them back , you bad ass mother....." Remembering Marlene, he shut up.

"Looks like a little insurance may be needed." He pointed a gun at Jessie.

"NO!" screamed Barret.

"It would be a shame for my finger to slip." said Lelin.

Suddenly, a crystal came out of nowhere and sliced the back of Lelin's hand. She screamed as the gun flew out of his hand. He looked up, to see Vincent and Lucretia standing together. The crystal was a weapon of Lucresia's.

"15 against one. Not fair. Now if it were 50 of you...." said Lelin.

"Don't get your hopes up!" said Zack.

"So, your memory is back as well. Looks like I'll have to kill all of you?"

"Even me?" said a voice.

From the entrance, Chromer stood.

"Father, my presence is for one purpose, to kill the Ancient." said Chromer.

"Son, do as you will. I shall help you, as you have helped my friend Sepiroth." said Lelin.

"Thank you, Lelin." said a voice, coming out of Chromer, but sounding like Sepiroth.

They both advanced.


A climax in the story, eh? What will happen?

This is going to be a fairly big story, then after that by Christmas, hopefully Aeris vs tifa will be finished. Then, I am going to do two more big stories before doing three crossover stories.

1) A Chrono Trigger/FF3/FF7 crossover: Not original, but hey, why break an unbroken formula?

2) A Street Fighter/Marvel Superheroes/X-Men crossover

3) A WWF crossover.

These will be shorter, but should be more humorous. If you want more info, and like most authors, I love feedback, so write at the usual adress.


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