Chrome Spark Chapter 4


By Chris Homer

Character order:

Cloud Strife
Zack Gongaga
Lelin Barbarus
Chromer Barbarus
Barrett Wallace
Marlene Wallace
Tifa Lockheart
Vincent Valentine
Aeris Gainsborough
Cid Highwind
Cait Sith
Heici Wutai
Yuffie Kisaragi


REUNION: (Note: Thanks to Paul Nathans and Frank Verdosa for helping me out and encouraging me to write more, both of these authors have great works and I'm glad they could help me out to improving my stories.)

Cloud looked on along with Zack, their swords gleaming in front of their two enemies. The odds were totally in their favour, but the combined power of Lelin, along with Chromer and Sephiroth, it seemed unbeatable.

"So, Chromer. Once a hero, now a villain. How does it feel, Chromer.....or should I say Sephiroth?" said Cloud.

Chromer/Sepiroth looked at him with the evil eye, his pronged claws out ready, along with a sickle. "Rembember Cloud? Remember Nibelheim. The day it started for me, and you. You may have killed me once, and then killed me again, but the person that destroyed my being, will now be your undoing." said the voice of Sephiroth, from Chromer's body."

Lelin laughed evilly. "Looks like you made an impression Sepiroth, but even we can't counter against such odds."

Chromer laughed. "Yes, father. Perhaps we should even things out!"

Suddenly, an eerie wind appeared in the reactor area. It surrounded many of the combatants. Barret and Reno were in front of Marlene, protecting her no matter what the cost, but then they saw something they dared not to believe.

"I don't suppose you have met my friend Jenova, oh yes, you did, you killed her. Well, now, the tables will turn. Whilst we destroy Cloud and his twin brother, you can deal with JENOVA MORPHIS!" said Lelin.

Suddenly, the reactor started to get larger, red heat started to fill the area.

"Oh, by the way, I lied, it isn't a reactor, it's an underwater volcano, expect it erupted Mako energy. This was an area in Mideel I discovered when I was trying to discover an entry to the Lifestream. Apparently, conserved materia energy was hidden here during the Ci'an destruction, and I founded an entry to it via a crystal elevator. I eventually used that elevator to return to the surface. Using mako energy, and my own technology, I turned this place into a fortress and was able to keep tabs on everything without doing anything. I felt bad about what I did to my son, and after a while I fled here, and hearing of the death of Sepiroth, I decided to do a few bargains with AVALANCHE, and with my power of Mako, plus my technology, I brought back life, and it has brought me betrayal, but pleasure as well." Lelin ended looking at Jessie.

"You sick bastard!" screamed Tifa, but was cut off by something.

A form of Jenova was entered the much larger room now, but Jenova looked different. It still had it's two tendral arms, and it's head resembled Hojo's final incarnation at the raid in Midgar. However, it's body was more....human....and it looked like.....

Almost immediately, Tifa reliased what form this was. Each part of the body resembled one of the AVALANCHE members. The hair was Cloud's, it had a gun-arm....Barret. The chest, too much like Vincent. It's other arm had a paw like Cait, the legs were Cid. On the back, XIII was clearly seen, and on the sides, a shuriken and stave were clearly seen.

JENOVA MORPHIS close it's eyes. "MULTIPLY!"

Jenova started to glow white. Suddenly, figures started to go around her, like clone shapes. Suddenly, they started to materialise.

Before she knew it, Tifa felt a fist connect to her face. She looked up to see her adversary........

.........and found herself looking in a mirror.

For ahead of her, an exact replica of Tifa was attacking her. The real Tifa barely blocked out the fist connected at her, and quickly glanced around.

She saw Vincent and Lucresia attacking a Vincent replica, or to put it more accurately, defending against a Vincent replica, as the replica had both of them by the throats and dangling in the air. Barret and Reno were finding out that avoiding shots and protecting Marlene against a rival Barret wasn't easy. Aeris, along with Tseng and Elena were fighting against a rival Aeris (The new hall had destroyed the cells, and despite being in a weakened state, Elena and Tseng decided to help), Rude was helping Red in a rival version of himself, Reeve and Cait were fighting a Cait double, and Heici and Yuffie were backpeddling against a version of Yuffie herself. Only Cloud's form failed to materialize.

Cloud and Zack were battling against Chromer and Lelin. Cloud and Zack had struck with a double Blade Beam, and Zack had cast Wall and stayed back, still slightly weak, letting Cloud take them out, and Zack was going to pick them off as they came.

But Chromer and Lelin are a unique force. Their psychic powers were legendary (If interested, I'm working on a Psychic Force story in the future) and Chromer combined with Sepiroth seemed unbeatable. Lelin had cast one of his most powerful attacks, Ice Vizer, where an ice dragon was commanded and attacked, but Cloud and Zack easily survived. Lelin looked visibly angry and had cast Ice Barrier on him and Chromer, and the sword blows were having little affect. Cloud cast fire to neutralize the affect and Zack rose from the back.


Zacks equilivent to a Level 4 Limit Break was a powerful weapon. He summoned a Kjata like boar onto his opponents, but instead of blasting them with Ice, Fire and Lightning, the boar did a sense and sensed their weaknesses, then launched into an attack. They were hardly pushovers, but the boar cast Fire3, Bolt3 and Ultima together before finishing it off with a Quake Special.

Zack was in shock as Lelin and Chromer still stood, but Lelin was visibly weak. Chromer however, looked as strong as ever.


This was not a Chromer attack. This was Sepiroth. The intense heat without this attack was bad enough, but now it was getting unbearable. They new they would die, but had a plan.

Cloud summoned his final attack. Pheonix.

This move was a real life saver against Ruby Weapon. And it had saved their asses again. Back at full strength, Cloud looked around to see how the others were doing.

Not good.


Tifa and the fake-Tifa couldn't oust each other's defense. They knew what each of them was going to do. Every attack was blocked or countered. They even had the same materia so nothing doing here.

Other battles were doing worse. It seemed that the Jenova's magic enabled to see the thoughts of the opposition so that the Jenova clone could always be one step ahead. Such was the case of the phoney Barret. Barret had help from Reno, but the battle wasn't any easier. As it was 2 against one, Barret had the combined strength of Barret and Reno, and the fake Barret's attacks were more powerful.

Another few hundred rounds flew in from the direction. Reno's wall had protected them well, but for how long?

Marlene shook with fear.

"Who's dumb-ass idea was it to bring Marlene here?" said Barret.

"Yours." said Reno. "You said....."

"I know what I said! I just didn't reliase what was going to happen!" said Barret.

"Gee, that's a first!" said Reno, sarcastically.

Barret would have hit him with his gun arm if a sound hadn't disturbed him. It was the sickening sound of the gravity suction. The fake Barret had cast Demi2 on Barret, sapping half of his strength.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." said Reno.

Reno tossed an X-Potion to Barret and at the same time cast Turk Light on Barret. It sent him in a spin.

Reno smirked.

"Here's my limit break! END OF SYSTEM!"

Reno ran at the dazed fake Barret. His first attack was a 5 hit strike from his nightstick, his physical part. Then a 1000 volt charge from the same weapon, before ended it with a Fire3 spell. The fake Barret stood a moment longer.......and then vanished.

"They ain't so tough." said Reno, turning to Barret.

"Why did you save my ass?" said Barret.

"I didn't. I saved mine, yours just happened to be in the way." said Reno.

"You little bastard! I'd ring your scrawny neck if....."


Barret then remembered Marlene still in his arms. The defensive spells they had cast had saved her, but she was crying her eyes out. Both Barret and Reno felt touches of guilt.

"Sorry, baby. Sorry if I scared you like that." said Barret holding her tight. After a few minutes of cooing and hugging, they decided if the others needed help.

Surprisingly, they didn't.


All the others were now on the offensive, expect for Tifa, and Barret and Reno went to help her. Vincent and Lucresia had escaped the death grip applied by the fake Vincent, and had changed into different monsters. Vincent into the Death Gigas and Lucresia into the Hell Masker. The fake Vincent however, changed into the Chaos Beast.

The Chaos Beast was more than a match for the two of them though. He had just slashed them with his Chaos Saber attack, temporarily putting them out of action, preparing for the deadly Satan Impact.

Vincent obviously sensed this, and as did the Mako cells within Lucresia, who still remembered being in the 'other side.' She had entered the hall of the dead, in a similar way to Bugenhagen. Her Mako cells from Hojo and as the rightful mother of Sephiroth, she had been able to enter. However, her reincarnation had brought her closer to Vincent, and Vincent was becoming more emotional by the second.

A Gigadunk and a Splatter Combo stopped Chaos in his tracks, the two monsters that Lucresia and Vincent had changed into were not as powerful as Chaos, but they had already changed once, and it was a hard power to repeat quickly, so they had to make do.

However, this Vincent was not prepared for the attacked. The Jenova had prepared him to do battle with Vincent in his Chaos form, and perhaps Vincent sensed that, which was another reason why he didn't change. A Livewire later, Chaos blasted them with Satan Impact. They were barely alive but then Lucresia cast Nightmare.

Even Chaos had no defense against this attack. 6 conditions fell on Chaos, and as much as he tried to resist them, he couldn't. First came Silence, then Poison, sapping his strength, then Confusion, then Frog, then Mini and finally Sleep. Chaos was now an unconscious little frog, being rapidly losing his strength. The two creatures smiled. A Gigaddunk and Splatter Combo later, and one dead froggy.


The fake Aeris wasn't too much of a problem, despite her strong magic skills. The reason was the fake Aeris was concerntrating her attacks on the real Aeris, and almost totally ignored Elena and Tseng. Before 'Aeris' knew it, Elena hit a body blow and Tseng draped her arm around his shoulder, grabbed her leg, picked her up high, before jumping back and slamming her first, in a modified DDT.

Elena smiled. "Your forte finisher."

Tseng smiled. "The move I used to defeat Rude for the crowning touch to become the new leader of the Turks."

The fake Aeris was unconscious. The real Aeris concerntrated hard. The power of the Ancient's shown through, and she absorbed the remaining energy of the fake Aeris. Before long, she vanished. She smiled and Tseng, meaning 'thank you.' Tseng returned it with a nod.


Rude was blasting away at a malicious 'Red XIII'. The real Red was attacking like God knows what. Rude must presume he had cast 'Howling Moon' on himself, as he was having no thought for defence, he was just tearing 'Red' apart.

Rude felt a touch of guilt from the destruction of Cosmo. He had lost a lot of friends during the Sector 7 Slum incident, not to mention in the Midgar Raid. So, he could understand how Red felt. Despite his cold self, Rude was a fairly social person, and no matter who it was, he didn't like bloodshed.......unless he was being paid to do it.

Rude blasted another shot at the fake Red. He was bleeding from several wounds. However, he made one last lunge at Rude, a 'Blood Fang.' Rude brought his gun up a little too late.

Suddenly, before the contact was made, the real Red hit a powerful slash in the chest of the leap of 'Red.' With a final howl, he slumped to the ground, blood splashing, before disappearing.

Rude nodded, meaning 'thank you.' Red thought that Rude had a lot of the characteristics Vincent had. He wondered how good a relationship Vincent had with the Turks before Hojo shot him.


The fake Cait was absorbing a lot of punishment. However, the roulette wheel spun again, and he was determined to get the All Over attack on them. He had cast a summon spell on Cid and he was currently out of it.

The real Cait was also trying to get the roulette wheel on All Over. He had used Dice several times, but 'Cait' seemed to heal easily.

Suddenly, Reeve said something into a communicator. Cait ran to 'Cait' and hit a double fist into 'Cait's' body. The fake Cait, unprepared was helpless when Reeve shouted;


One of 'Cait's' arm was over Reeve's head, both of his hands lunged behind 'Cait's' back, before picked him up and slamming him forward. A devasting manoevure. The fake Cait disappeared in a flash.

"You may have been the power, but you just hit ROCK BOTTOM!*" said Reeve.

*: NOTE: For wrestling fans, this is a striking resembence to Rocky Maivia. Just homage to the best wrestler in the WWF. And there will be an upcoming crossover on that as well!


The fake Yuffie had already been defeated. Both had used Level 2 limited breaks, the Bicycle Kick/Blaze Punch combo of Heici and the Blood Ritual of Yuffie.


Only 'Tifa' remained.

About half of the enterage stayed. The other half left to help Cloud and Zack.

'Tifa' smirked.

"You may have defeated my minions, but try me out for size!" she screamed.

Suddenly, she started to transform again. This time into a huge version of Cait Sith.

"I am Jenova Morphis! All Form!"

The fighters that had remained were Tifa, Barret, Reno, Rude, Tseng, Elena, Cait and Reeve. This version of Cait seemed to have the combined strength of all of the members, and all of their attacks, randomly morphing into one of them and doing one of the limit breaks. Indeed, for a few minutes, the fleet had been hit with Cid's 'Big Brawl', Yuffie's 'Doom Of The Living' , Cait's 'Dice' and an attempted 'Finsihing Touch.' It knocked out Tseng and Elena (who are not armed remember) and messed up Cait's electronics, but Tifa, Barret, Reno, Rude and Reeve remained.

"Let's rock!" they screamed.

"Satellite Beam!" A blast from the sky got through the reactor and blasted Jenova Morphis.

"Turks Rule!" said Reno, and blasted a Molotov Bomb at Jenova, erupted all around Jenova.

"Rude Awakening!" said Rude, ran to Jenova, grabbed the head, got the gun, and blasted an electric bolt through himself. But it didn't effect him, but blasted into Jenova, and the recoil hit the gun and blasted another bolt into him.

Reeve walked forward. He had never tried his Level 4, but he was going to make an attempt.


A glow came from the stave in his hand, beaming many colours. Reeve closed his eyes as the beam started to get larger, still flowing in colour. Everyone, including Jenova, stopped to look at this sight. Then, the beam shot out, right into Jenova's chest.

The power flowing through the beam shook Jenova. First fire went into him, then ice, lightning, gravity, water, wind, earth, ultima and holy blasted through him. No-one could Jenova had survived.

Yet, he stood. Making a countdown, he was prepared to cast Ultima.

Then Tifa ran at Jenova, punching, then kicking in the air and on the ground, with immense strength, slammed him down, before rising an uppercut into the face of Jenova, jumping over him and slamming him, and finally, a burst of energy and power burst into Jenova's face from her pretty fist. Jenova disn't have a chance.

A half unconscious group lay down. Marlene was still there, hiding in a corner. Barret and Reno had cast Wall several times, but somehow, she was hardly noticed.

Now, just the little matter of..........


Cloud and Zack were starting to struggle. They were still strong, but they were running out of Potions, and didn't have any cure materia. Chromer on the other hand, did, and Lelin, although getting weaker, was always doused in the stuff.

Cloud ran, attempting the Omnislash. Attempting being the word, the first blow was blocked by Chromer's sick, before a monk flame from Lelin blasting Cloud into the next world.

Zack was by his side, looking up at the father and son.

"Well, it was nice knowing you!" said Lelin. Chromer's sickle aiming for Cloud's throat.



With a snarl, Red hit his five hit combo without mercy. He had immediately had Howling Moon worn off, but his anger of the destruction of Cosmo focused on Chromer. His slashes were super strong with the Limited Moon at full strength, and Chromer couldn't stand up to him. Sephiroth was being felled by this creature, and Lelin didn't know what to do.

Suddenly, a cloud descend over both of them.

Cloud turned to see Yuffie and Heici holding hands, in deep concerntration. It seemed like they were uttering a prayer. Their hands appeared to be glowing.

Suddenly, a huge Leviathan Beast appeared above them. But it was not like the sea serpent, the aerial dragon looked much more like....Bahamut.

This Leviathan/Bahamut monster looked on the two 'humans.' A flare was being powered from his mouth. "WUTAI FLARE!"

A huge blast of holy water blasted Zack, Cloud, Chromer and Lelin. However, the affects were different. Zack and Cloud seemed to be getting stronger, they reliased that they were being healed. However, Chromer and Lelin seemed to be unseening. The flare was too bright.

Aeris had now joined them as well along with a hobbling Cid. Red had stopped as well. When they were seeable again, Lelin was on the floor, motionless. Chromer was alive, but barely.

"'t....won....y..yet." said Chromer.

With that, a glow surrounded the two of them, soon they had vanished as well.

Cloud turned to look at the ninjas. "What the hell was that?"

"The WUTAI protector." Began Heici. "Before the war of Midgar and Wutai, and the neighbouring conflicts between the Wutai and Kisaragi families, there was legend of a protector of the area of Wutai, a power more powerful than almost any summon."

"We found it recently on top of a Dachao statue in Wutai." continued Yuffie. "We needed a Gold Chocobo to get it, but we had one belonging to my father, so I just stole the materia....and, bang, bosh, finished."

Cloud smiled at them. Yuffie was still a real pain in the ass, but since she met Heici, she was becoming much more helpful and tolerable. Even before, she had matured quite well.

"Thanks a lot you two." smiled Cloud.

Yuffie blushed, Heici saluted. Soon, everyone else had joined. "We've defeated Jenova, and it looks like you didn't miss us!" said Barret.

"Yes, but you look a little worse for wear!" said Cloud.

"Hey, Yuffie. Want to show them another trick?" said Aeris.

"Oh, you bet." Yuffie smiled.

Both girls concerntrated. Suddenly, an area of wind was flowing around them. Also, they felt some refreshing water splash onto them. They released it was a healing combo, probably from Aeris's healing wind and Yuffie's clear tranquil. Soon, they felt renewed and ready for action once more.

"WOW! Another trick?" said Cloud.

"Remember the combo lessons in Wutai?" said Yuffie. "Well, we are using them to good use now!"

"We better, this battle may be far from over." said Cloud.


Chromer looks up from above Mideel, his father on his shoulder, flying above the medical city.

"Sephiroth? Stop making me do this. Please remove the darkness emerald!" said Chromer.

"Ha, ha. No chance. The blood is ready to be spilled. I will not rest until either that girl or the first slayer is returning to the planet."

Chromer fought with his control, and failed. But he managed to finish with one word.



From the reactor, Reno had set a bomb to destroy it. As it was under Mideel, it wouldn't do any damage to it directly.

Reno, Rude, Elena and now Tseng had visited the local bar. Reno was drinking heavily, Rude was just sitting with one drink, whilst Elena and Tseng were talking in a corner. After the battle, they had reunited, and after the initial celebrations, they had been talking about their future. Tseng had told them that there was no Turks now that Shinra had fallen, and he told them that if they wished, they could move their own seperate ways. However, the Turks were a team, and they still wanted to hang together, for a new business, just for companionship, they had been together for a while and had gotten used to each other's company for so long, that the thought of being apart just put them off the idea. Well, maybe Reno.......

Late at the bar, Reno was obviously drunk, and was 'flirting' with some of the females in the bar. A few had to tell him no meant no, in a less than dignified way. Rude could drink a lot without getting drunk, as a slow drinker as well, he could last all night.

Elena and Tseng had only drunk 2 glasses when Elena asked him a question.



"In the prison, did you mean what you said?" said Elena. Both were in Turk uniform, but neither had a weapon, lost in the battle or Lelin had them. Anyway, they could buy different ones from the weapon shop in Mideel anyway. Both used guns, and it wouldn't be hard to get a gun around here.

However, the topic wasn't about battles.

Tseng thought for a moment. Elena was one, if not, the most beautiful blonde woman he had ever seen. Could he give her up for another?

No way.

Tseng held her hand and smiled.

"I don't know Elena. May be this will suffice."

Tseng bent over and softly kissed Elena on the mouth. Elena pulled him to her, wrapping her arms around Tseng, kissing him deeply. Rude shoued 'Get a room' to the two but they ignored it.

Elena stood up. "Yep, that answered it."

Tseng scooped up Elena into his arms and walked to the innkeeper, the touch of her just making both of them euphoric.

"Can we have one room please....with a double bed?" said Tseng, still holding Elena.

"Of course. 100 gil." said the innkeeper.

He walked up the steps, with a chant of Woo hoo!' from Rude, a drunk Reno, and a crowd by the bar.

And not much noise was made up there for a long time.


Jessie was lying in a bed in Mideel's health centre. Jessie was suffering from stress, pains to her sexual organs, and mental anguish. Barret after the battle had finished had helped her out of the cell, but she only replied...."Leave me alone." To which Barret replied "She don't recgonise us...."

Obvious the numerous attacks from Lelin had frightened her into submission that everyone was Lelin. Even when Barret carried her out, she was screaming. However, the doctors had put her to sleep and tried to establish the problem.

Barret, Tifa and Cloud watched as the results came through. They stuck around to see if she would pull through. Tifa and Barret in particular were hoping the results came their way, good friends of course from the early AVALANCHE days.

Barret stood by his friend's beside, holding her hand, with his good arm.

"Listen, gal. I can't believe you're alive, but please, don't go mental on us. You're a tough girl, and as bright as can be. You've got to pull through for me.....please."

A tear fell from the near 300 pound man. Marlene hugged her father. His only hope in life, and maybe a second, but please, let it be so......


O.K, Part 4 finished, the climax not too climatic but what ya gonna do?

A Preview of Chapter 5: ROOMATES

A lot of bonds start to develop. Elena and Tseng we know. Barret remains in Mideel to help Jessie, as does Tifa. Red and Reeve return to help Cosmo. The rest of them go to find Chromer.

They find the trail into the Promised Land. The North Crater, where it happened last time....will it happen again? And what role do the Turks and Lucresia play in it, plus the CH debut of Elmyra and Godo.

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