Chrome Spark Prologue

By Chris Homer

Chrome Spark: A Final Fantasy 7 Story - All rights of the characters, Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, Barrett, Red 13, Cid, Sepiroth, Yuffie, Vincent, Lucretia, .....blah, blah, blah......all property of Squaresoft Inc.

Prologue To Characters:

Chromer Barbarus: An EX-Soldier, infused with Mako energy. His father, Lelin, was born in Mideel. After vigorous training, Chromer at 16 became a member of SOLDIER. Lelin Barbarus, a friend of Sepiroth in the soldier army, before he went nuts because of a heavy dose of MAKO. He, like everyone was injected with Mako energy. This infused Chrome but then a Mako experiment went wrong, the injection colliding with a machine, causing a metallic reaction on his arm, changing it metal, and eventually creating a gun which was infused with Ci'an materia. He has a metal chest with the Ci'an emeralds in and controls the Ci'an materia. After escaping from Shinra, he met Heici as he escaped from getting the Ci'an emeralds. Eventually, they joined together, and are now the newest members of AVALANCHE.

Level: ?
Magic: ?
Weapon: Silver Sickle (a sickle which is also a wing, enabling him to gly)
Materia: None, his power comes from psychic energy.

Heici Wutai: A descendent of the founder of materia, Abil Wutai, Heici grew under his parents use of materia. However, his parents were in cahoots with Shinra. Godo attacked his parents after he came into power, and if it wasn't for Yuffie, he would have died. He lived with Zangan for a few years before moving on to SOLDIER briefly, but he didn't get infused, because he was just an underrated s0 and so. Later, when he found out from the Turks about the Ci'an materia, he collected it in ice emeralds, before he joined up with Chromer. This martial artist is a great warrior and can use materia just as well.

Level: 50
Magic: 1000
Weapon: Fists
Materia: Lots. Like using all magic to use with water/ice.



After the defeat of Sepiroth for the second time, the members of AVALANCHE had gone their seperate ways to have a break from everything. The celebration of Aeris returning had got to everyone, particularly Cloud and Reeve. Now, the situation was this.

Cloud had returned to Kalm, along with Tifa and Barret. Marlene is also there. They have been running Tifa's bar for a while, and it seemed like nothing has gone on. Barret has been seeing more of Marlene and enjoying every bit of it. Cloud has been wary of what happened in their last adventure, but if Chromer and Heici could save Aeris, why not give them a chance?

Aeris, Red and Reeve had gone to Cosmo Canyon. Aeris had wanted to learn more about her ancient heritage, and what better place than to Cosmo Canyon, the home of scholars and philosphers. Reeve (along with Cait) had also gone to help but when he reliased that Aeris would be there as well, he perhaps had other ideas as well........

Vincent and Cid went to Rocket Town along with Lucresia. Lucresia had rarely been outside the waterfall for a while and it was good to have a new warrior.Cid and his wife, Shera, were currently on the work of a new transport vehicle, but it was very hush-hush now.............

Yuffie had returned to Wutai and along with Heici, were pulling a lot more pranks around the Wutai area, although the stealing went down to a minimum. Yuffie had to convince Godo to let Heici stay, especially as he and his parents were enemies, but Heici was just glad to be with her............

As for Chromer.........


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