Mako Crossover Chapter 1

End and Beginning

By Chris Homer

(Note: This fanfic has nothing to do with my Chromer Chronicles. Any new characters here will have nothing to do with the other characters in my other stories. This is a completely different work)


Cloud looked at the Lifestream, erupting from the earth below them. They had done it.

Aeris had done it.

His friends had done it.

He had done it.

He couldn't believe it. The realisation became too much. He jumped up and hugged Tifa.

Tifa felt the force of her strong Cloud in her arms. She started to cry as he hugged her.

Emotions around the ship were also high. Cid was whooping about in obvious joy, Barret was ready to explode, his face has such a big smile that his face would probably rip in half. Red XIII, also known as Nanaki, was trying hard not to cry, but it seemed like he was failing. Vincent seemed as calm as ever, but really his heart was jumping. He certainly had a smile on his face, a sad one at that. Cait was jumping about and in his hiding place, Reeve and Marlene were crying as well as the evil was over. Even Yuffie had entered from her area in the cargo ship and was jumping for joy, without getting sick, not thinking about it for once.

Suddenly, a jerk from the ship woke them up.

"What? Captain, somethings wrong" said the pilot who had taken them there.

Cid ran and saw warnings flash in front of him, he saw mako erupt in front of him as the Lifestream was healing the planet.

"Cloud?" said Cid.

Cloud let go of Tifa and hurried to the old pilot.

"What?" he said.

"What the hell is going on?" he screamed.

Cloud looked ahead as the mako from the crater erupted. Cid quickly hurried the ship out of the area as the mako erupted. Something was happening.

"F..Fools...." said a voice.

No way!

Sephiroth was in front of them, in his dying breath.

"My.....mother......had....a.....plan......for.....such....occassions...." he said.

" soon.....emerge....from......different entrances.....from the....Lifestream......."

As Sephiroth disappeared, Cloud continued to stare at the Mako. It was erupting, but with a green flash. It looked like the alien creature known as Jenova wasn't finished yet.

Cloud whipped out his Ultima Weapon. Quick as a flash, Yuffie and Tifa were beside him, Conformer and Premium Heart ready. Barret and Vincent stayed behind them, ready to blast whatever came from Jenova. Red XIII stood patiently, ready to pounce. Cait grabbed his megaphone as Cid grabbed his Venus Gospel.

"All right, we aren't through yet ya mother f....."

Cid's last word wasn't heard as the Mako exploded in front of them. A flash had occured, one to the left, one to the right and one to the centre. Was this the prophescy that Sephiroth had warned?

"My grandfather told me about something like this. Too much Mako combined with any form of intensy energy, such as Jenova cells, could have disasterous consequences." he said.

"If that doesn't fault me, Nanaki....." said Vincent.


"Are those portals?"

Cloud looked shocked. Whatever Sephiroth has said, may have just come true. Would being of evil come from these portals? Steadily, he raised his weapon.


In an island, of the earthern realm of Japan, in an island unknown to many of the world......

Jin Kazama had been a fighter, ever since his mother died at the hands of Ogre. This tournament has been seemingly organised for Jin to get his revenge against the Ogre. However, he didn't know about the other members of the tournament.

In the semi final, he had faced a charming girl named Julia Chang. His grandfather had practically forced him to face her. The reason was because he wished for Hwoarang, a nemesis of Jin, to most likely face him in the final. Hwoarang had faced Paul Pheonix in the semis and had won, Paul only being there as he tied with Lei Wulong, and Lei had injured his ankle.

Julia had been the surprise of the tournament, well, one of two. Julia had virtually no battle experience, and no real experience of any fighting style, and yet, had emerged victorous many times, defeating Mokujin, a tree dummy brought to life by the Ogre, Anna Williams, a skimpy little slut set for revenge against her sister, and King, one of the favourites, a wrestler who had a good heart. Julia, ironically, beat him with a wrestling move, crushing his skull using leverage with a fisherman's suplex. Julia had been congratulated by the young wrestler and had watched her face Eddy Gordo in the quarter finals.

Julia was losing badly, Eddy Capeoria style was confusing against her Kempo/Latin America wrestling style. Eddy was controlling the match when he went for his special. He powered up his legs into two no-hand cartwhells, ready to knock her out.

At a split second, Julia had avoided hit. Her fist clenched, came down at Eddy's side of his face, before with inhuman speed, Julia hit a leg at the ankle and hitting a bow and arrow kick. She followed up with a rushing uppercut, before Eddy hit a full nelson, trying to snap the girls neck.

Julia somehow, lifted her leg up and swatted him in the face, and jumped and hit a spinning frakensteiner. The match was over. Julia had gone against the odds again.

Jin smiled. He watched her after that match. They had spent some time together, along with Lei WuLong and the other surprise in the tournament, Ling Xiayou.

Ling had also got to the quarter finals, but lost to Hwoarang. Ling had defeated Panda (although Panda actually forfeited, not wishing to fight her friend) and Tiger Jackson on route to this place, and she almost got the upset against the Tae Kwon Do expert. She had upset Forest Law to get to him, and felt that she had defeated Hwoarang. However, as she set to hit him with her thunder strike, a pain went through her leg, a pain which almost tore her apart. She gave up the fight, and Hwoarang, who had taken a liking to her in the tournament, quickly rushed her to hospital.

She was fine, her leg had been inflamed. Surprisingly, Hwoarang stayed to help her. He had already defeated Bryan Fury in the quarter finals after beating Gon. He had defeated Paul Pheonix for a memorable victory and was ready to face Jin Kazama in the final.

Jin himself had an easy way into the semi-final. He only needed to defeat two opponents in the early prelimaries which decided who got to the quarters whilst others had to defeat three. He defeated Yoshimitsu easily as well as Kuma, and faced Nina Williams in the quarter finals.

Nina attacked viciously, apparently she was attempting to assissinate Jin. Jin was not as quick as Nina and mainly of her ikedo strikes came in, along with holds and throws that Jin couldn't block.

Jin got in more than his fair share of attacks though. Nina was getting tired, and then, she spotted Anna.

Anna, who had lost all of her prelimaries, watched Nina with a piercing stare.

Nina realised that her memories were returning, her hatred for her sister, but also the assination of both Jin and his father Kasuya. However, was this the life she wished to leave....

Before she knew it, she was unconscious from Jin's unblockable elbow.


He pleaded to face Paul instead of Julia, but Heihachi wouldn't have any of it, not to be so weak to fall to a pretty face. So, the semi-final was one. It didn't last long. Julia was just as apprehensive, but didn't have the skill of Jin, who had two styles he had mastered. Julia did the best she good, but realised she was no match for him. She forfeited, and Jin was glad, he didn't want to hurt her.

So, Jin against Hwoarang would be the final match. It was tense, both of them had skill bettered than men twice their age. However, like before, the match was even, but this time there was an interruption......

"I seek the strongest souls to put into my flame."

Jin and Hwoarang stopped their battle to look into the voice. The Ogre was standing there.

Heihachi smirked. He had come. He had taken the bait. Now to get this power........

Jin growled. "You killed my mother!"

Hwoarang growled. "You killed my master!"

"You will soon join them."

Julia and Ling who had been watching them, were now in shock. They rushed into the ring.

"Jin, what's happening?" screamed the young native girl.

"Hwoarang!!!" screamed Ling as Hwoarang ran attempting to attack it.

Hwoarang axe kicks, triple kicks, toe kicks couldn't get through it's hard body. Ogre attacked with many moves from other fighters, included Bruce Irvin, Kuma, and ironically, Baek.

Hworang fell from the Hunting Hawk and the Infinity Kill attacks which were from Lee Chaolan. Ling screamed and held a near unconscious body.

Jin rushed in and attacked with a flash punch combo, into Jun's famous 3 Ring Circus attack, followed by a couple axe kicks. Ogre fended them off easily and attacked with Jin's own Tsunami Kick. Jin avoided, but noticed something behind Ogre.

Heihachi with a gun.....pointing at him.

Jin couldn't believe it. It was slow motion as the shot was fired.

Jin moved, but Ogre wasn't as lucky. It actually moved into the path of the bullet, and turned to see the shooter.

Heihachi was grabbed into the air by Ogre.

"Now you will see my true form." he said.

"No, you won't!"

Julia screamed and ran at it, with the pendant given to her, she had to stop it!

The flash blinded everyone. But Julia did not see the true ogre.

In fact, when she opened her eyes next, she didn't know where she was............


In Australia.......

Ryu felt the rain hit him hard as Bison attacked him hard. He looked to see how his friends were doing. He smirked inside, realising he wasn't the man who was supposed to have friends.

Ken Masters was facing off against the demon Akuma and losing badly. Akuma seemed impossible to beat, he seemed to pierce right through his opponent's soul, and know what to do next. Similar to Bison really, he thought, avoiding another Psycho Crusher.

Sakura had bravely fought against Sagat, Ryu thought it was a bit stupid, but Sakura wanted to, as Ryu was getting pounded by both of them. And to her credit, she had fended off quite well, but hardly got any moves it as Sagat pounded her. He was about to crack her skull, but then Chun-Li interveined.

Chun-Li was one of the few opponents, apart from Ken, Akuma, Sagat and Bison who Ryu had faced, who he was pleased to call strong. He had faced her in the semi-final of this alpha tournament, and it was even when Akuma had come and ruined everything. Now anarchy was happening.

Suddenly, a plane came from over head.

Bison raised his fist to smash into Ryu's head, when he heard the plane. He also heard a figure jump down.


Guile ran at Bison with a flying kick, which was the distraction Ryu needed. Ryu powered up his Dragon Punch and hit him on the back of the skull.

By now, even Akuma was distracted. Ken took the opportunity and hit a full flowing Shoryu-Reppa. Sakura had now recovered, and was ready to face off against Sagat as well.

Bison was in pain, but clutched his amulet, which was glowing.

Bison prepared for a Psycho Cannon attack, but was rudely interrupted by a bolt of lightning.

At his amulet.


At the Earth Gym in Japan.......

"O.K, Pikachu, use your thunder shock attack!" screamed a young voice.

"PIK-A-CHU!" a creature screamed asa huge blast of lightning enveloped the opponent Ivysaur.

"Ivy....." it screamed as it fell back.

"Ivysaur!" another voice screamed.

"You'll pay for that Ash, Ivysaur return!" Gary Oak didn't like to lose. He had to get this eighth badge now. He couldn't believe that Ash caught up to him so quickly.

He raised another pokeball. "Go, Zolbat!" he screamed.

Ash was about to raise a pokemon of his own, but he heard two very familiar voices.

"Prepare for trouble!"
"Make it double!"
"To protect the world from devastation!"
"To unite all peoples within our nation!"
"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"
"To extend our reach to the stars above!"


"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Meow!" a cat spoke. "That's right!"

"All right, we want...." said the girl, Jessie.

"Yeah, yeah, Pikachu. Whatever." said Ash who was looking bored.

Jessie was getting agitated with this little creep.

"Why you...."

She started to speak when she felt a spiked creature hit it from behind. James also fell to a hard thing which crashed into its head.

Misty and Brock smiled as Staryu and Geodude returned.

"You'll pay for that!" screamed Meowth, Team Rocket's talking cat pokemon.

"Go Arbok!" screamed Jessie, as her giant snake pokemon emerged.

"Go Wheezing!" screamed James, as the bomb pokemon with two heads came out.

Gary knew that his battle wasn't with them, so he tried to sneak out.

Suddenly, Meowth tackled him and scratched his face, Gary screamed in pain.

"Hey, this fink has pokemon as well! Should we steal them?" he screamed.

"Let's get them all!" screamed Jessie. "Arbok, squeeze attack on the girl!"

Arbok obliged as he circulated its body around Misty.

Misty screamed quietly as the pain went through her.

"ASH!" she said.

Ash turned to see his friend in the coils of Arbok, squeezing.

"How about it, punk? If you want to save your girlfriend, how about a trade? Her for Pikachu?" Jessie smirked.

Ash was dumbstroken. He loved Pikachu, but truth be told, he loved Misty as well, although he would never admit it. What could he do?

Suddenly, Arbok was fried and burnt.

Brock had used his Vulpix and Pikachu had blasted lightning, slightly burning Misty, but not much. Ash quickly helped her up.

"O.K, time to battle!" he said.

"Charmeleon, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, go!" Ash screamed.

"Psyduck, Staryu, Starmie, go!" Misty screamed.

"Geodude, Onyx, Vulpix, go!" Brock screamed.

Team Rocket felt trapped. Gary didn't know what to do.

Suddenly, each pokemon attacked at once. Fire, poison, lightining, water, rock and psychic attacks flooded the arena at once.

The reaction was vanishing.



Sorry, if I went a bit on with this, but each character will have a reference to the main story in the land of FF7.


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