Mako Crossover Chapter 2


By Chris Homer

The mako eruption exploded around the ship. Cid and the others were desperately trying to hang on, all the while trying to be prepared for whatever evil may come out........

Cloud's Ultima weapon tensed as the portals brightened. He jumped up to the top of the Highwind, Tifa, Barret and Yuffie quickly joined them.

Barret and Yuffie aimed their weapons at two of the portals ready to attack whatever came out.

Cloud's face was a mask of concerntration.

"Oh shit!" A scream from below got their attention.

Cloud and Tifa went down, leaving Barret and Yuffie to warn them of any attack (much to Barret's schgrin) as Cid was desperately pulling back on the controls.

"IT'S GONNA BLOW!" he screamed.

"ER, GUYS?" Yuffie screamed, as Cloud quickly came up, but it was getting more difficult as the ships stable condition was at its much critical.

"WHAT?" Cloud shouted over the din which was being made.

Yuffie just pointed.

Cloud looked ahead at one of the most amazing sights he would have the pleasure (or displeasure) to see. The three portals were emitting yellows beams of power, but also crossing between. Whatever was coming out was going to have one hell of a time realising what it is.

"ALL RIGHT, LETS STOP THIS!" Barret screamed.

Cloud held out a red materia.


He started to activate the Knights Of The Round Materia, but then his mouth drooped open, as the portals started to come closer. He made out a few figures, they looked like young people........with round objects in their hands....

Tifa looked at the second portal coming at them....the figures were of....well, tough people. Buff, fighters? She recognised a white and red gi......

Barret looked at the third portal to see an old man figure come out. Despite a seemingly great age, he was built well, and with him......

Barret didn't get to ponder who the rest were because the next thing he knew was blackness......


Kalm didn't get iis name out of fate. It was a small town, as calm as can be. Recently, Reeve, formerly of Shinra, was looking after Marlene, who he had 'kidnapped' as ransom for Cait to continue with the quest. News quickly filtered in that Sephiroth had been defeated, people were getting excited.

The power of Meteor was then seen to be fading as both Holy and the Lifestream came into power. Reeve knew that it was Aeris who had done it, and he felt sorry for the beautiful brunette.

By his side, Marlene was holding Reeve's leg. Reeve smiled. He had apologised to her and Elymra immensely for his actions and now the three were comfortable in the hotel.

So it was a bit of a surprise when a few people materialised in front of them........

"What?" screamed Elymra.

Reeve looked as shocked as three men materialised in front of them, none of them with a good look in front of their face.

The biggest man, Reeve gasped at his size, it was near 8 foot, was the first to speak.

"Where the hell are we, Lord Bison?" he screamed. His voice was bellowing, as Reeve began to feel afraid.

" the hell should I know, this power, it has transported us somewhere." He turned to see three trembling figures, and an older man.

"And who are you?!" Bison bellowed. Then he recognised him.

"Are you that Heihachi Mishima,?" Bison grinned. 'Great, in front of me is one of the most powerful men in the world, this could be more benefital and interesting than I thought.'

Heihachi nodded, not fully comprehending what had happened. Ogre had attempted to enter his soul, Julia had used the pendant which he had got off the hell did she get it? No-matter.

Heihachi looked around. This certainly wasn't a Mishima hotel, and the two men before him were certainly less than friendly. However, Heihachi himself wasn't a do-gooder. He had just tried to kill his own grandson.

"Yes, and you are?" he commented.

"Fool, I am Lord Bison, Shadowlaw's master...." he started, but then saw the three other figures trying to sneak out of here. His eyes (Bison's), turned an intense white.

The three suddenly felt a psychokenetic force drive them back into the hotel. Marlene screamed and Elymra held her close.

"How touching!" sneered Bison.

Reeve decided to be brave.

"Who the hell are you.....and what are you do...." He was shut quickly by Heihachi who had slammed a powerful elbow onto the base of his spine.

His last thought before he slipped into unconsciousness was 'So much for being brave'.

Marlene screamed as Sagat approached them.

"Now, where are we?" he bellowed.

" are in the h.h.hotel in Kalm Tow..Town." Elymra stammered, scared to death of these three men.

Bison looked at Heihachi. "Never heard of it! ANSWER ME NOW!" Sagat bellowed.

"It''s..true!" screamed the little girl. Sagat grew amused for these poor creatures before him. He turned to Bison.

"They seems sincere, do I crush them?" he said.

"Let them live. They could be useful. I sense that they are important to someone powerful here.....what about you Heihachi, want to join in to conquer power?"

Heihachi thought. This new must be another world.....Heihachi grinned. TO control two worlds.....what an interesting concept.

"Looks like I will......I sense that you are as evil as they come, and I am as corrupt as they come....looks like we'll get on well." He snickered.

Heihachi turned to Sagat. "And him?"

Bison smirked. "Don't worry. He is the only person I trust apart from my own power. His fighting skills are legendary."

Heihachi nodded. "I know. The legend of Viktor Sagat has been around for many years. But didn't he lose a few y...."

Bison stopped. If he was here, then what about....

"Never mind. Let's get out of here. Sagat, take that slumbering figure with us. We'll take care of the pests."

As Sagat threw Reeve over his shoulder like a child, Marlene and Elymra screamed as Bison's intense power drove into their minds.


Two figures flew out of the sky (again) and landed face first outside a town. (It's Cosmo Canyon) They had no idea where they were, but then again, these two don't now where the nearest toilet is, never mind find a map.

"We blasted off again, and landed hard!" moaned the boy (James).

"Looks like we have to capture that Pikachu another t......where the hell are we?" Jessie exclaimed, not recognising the area.

"You are outside Cosmo Canyon." said a raspy voice.

They looked at two figures. One a tall man, with a pale face and a metal claw. On his side was a large gun. The second, wasn't a man, but a beast, and a big one at that? Jessie and James, otherwise known as Team Rocket suddenly felt afraid.

"He gonna eat us! He gonna eat us! He gonna eat us! He gonna eat us! He gonna eat us! He gonna eat us! He gonna eat us! He gonna eat us! He gonna eat us! He gonna eat us! He gonna eat us! He gonna eat us! He gonna eat....."

"OH SHUT UP!" screamed another voice, scratching their faces. Meowth was getting fed up of their whinning.

"If he was gonna eat ya, he would have done it whilst you were boring him and the audience with that!" he screamed. Unfortunately, he hadn't really seen the dog like carnivore in front him. This cat suddenly jumped and wouldn't be landing on his feet anytime soon.

"A D...DOG! VERY BIG DOG!!" he screamed, hanging on to a tree.

"Now whose the scaredy cat?" Jessie smirked, her fear gone momentary.

Vincent scratched his head. Most people had heard of the legendary beasts of Cosmo Canyon, these two had just arrived in the area and hadn't known about it? Vincent and Red had vanished, as had the others, and they had been teleported here. The Mako portals combining obviously had done the same thing to the others, along with the figures in the portals....

Suddenly, a realisation came to him. These two must be two of the figures that came out.......

"Do you know where you are?" Vincent questioned, his gun ready.

"Well.....not really....well, not until you told us. Anyway..."

"Exactly. Anyone from this world would have known that this was Cosmo Canyon, and that the beast next to me is the legendary Nanaki, the protector of the Canyon. Which means that you....."

"....are not from around here. Which means you have come from one of those portals."

Jessie and James suddenly had a flashback of what happened in the gyms with those kids. The flash had done something, and this must have been the result. They quickly wondered if there was any Pokemon here.....

"Which are possibly part of the evil ready to cause destruction! WHICH MEANS YOUR LIFE MUST BE ENDED!" screamed Vincent, his Death Penalty in his hand.

Jessie and James quickly saw the gun and yelped and ran as fast as they could, Meowth still hanging.

Vincent put the gun away and Red scratched himself.

"Funny, they don't seem evil. More like misguided." said Red.

"Yeah, I would have expected more of a fight of the being that were a part of Sephiroth's evil." Vincent said, with a confused look.

They looked up to see Meowth still hanging on the tree, scared to death.

"Fancy some lunch, Red?" Vincent inquired with a smile.

Red licked his lips loud enough for Meowth to here. Meowth screamed and flew up 50 feet. Red laughed.

"Let's follow him. Those two may know something, and that cat seems to be part of them." said Vincent.

Red nodded and followed them.

Unknown to both Red and Meowth, another figure from the portals had also followed them, but not in fear, more of interest.........


Jessie and James continued running, only to be surprised to see Meowth running by them....and ahead of them.

"HE'S GONNA EAT ME!" he screamed.

"Oh, great, just let us be discovered." Jessie said, sarcastically.

"I've got an idea." said James, and grabbed a round ball ready to throw. "Get yours ready as well." he said.

Vincent and Red kept up pace and were surprised to see the two waiting for them.

"Listen, we're not gonna...." Vincent started, but was surprised about what happened next.

James threw the pokeball in the air. "WEEZING, GO!"

Vincent watched the ball, and out of it came a two headed bomb like creature, coughing. It was coughing small fumes of black gas.

Before either Vincent or Red could comment, James shouted "Weezing, gas attack, now!"

Weezing shot out bolt of gas, blinding the two heroes.

"What the...." Red asked, only to hear the girl shout something.

"GO ARBOK!" she screamed.

In front of Red, as he got some of his sight back, a giant snake appeared in front of them, and whipped out a poison sting attack on Red, temporarily paralysing him.

Vincent was slightly better off. His eyesight was incredible, thanking to Hojo's experiments, one of the few benefits. He saw red down, and cast an Esuna.

Jessie was speechless as the vampire like man grabbed a green stone, it flashed, and suddenly, the dog-thingy was up again.

"Red, cast fire!" Vincent screamed.

Red obeyed, and Red's Fire3 spell was cast on the gas, exploding it, and sending Arbok and Weezing back to their masters, head first.

"Jessie, what the hell are we going to do?" screamed James.

"I dunno, James. Who are you people?" screamed Jessie.

"We are part of the group known as Avalanche, who have just saved the planet from the man known as Sephiroth. Suddenly, we are here from a mako explosion, and it seems to have been transported here somehow as well. Who are you, are you here for trouble?" Red inquired.

Shouldn't have said that. (Anyone who has watched Pokemon knows what the word 'trouble' does to Team Rocket)

"Trouble?" Their fear was quickly erased. This was the one thing they had that their opposition didn't have.

"Prepare for trouble." (Jessie)
"Make it double." (James)
"To protect the world from devastation." (Jessie)
"To unite all people within our nation." (James)
"To denounce the evils of truth and love...."
"To extend our reach to the stars above...."
"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"MEOWTH! THAT'S RIGHT!" Meowth finished the rhyme off.

"Very amusing." Vincent pulled out his gun. Team R were once again afraid.


A rock from nowhere was thrown at deadly accuracy at the gun, making it fly from Vincent's hand. Vincent suddenly looked up to see someone aiming a flying kick at him.

Vincent couldn't avoid it, the attack was so quick. It caught him in the chest, and Vincent couldn't retaliate, the attacker was cat like quick, hitting three punches, followed by a fourth, followed by a sweep kick and leapt into a cat kick.

Vincent fell back, holding his chest.

"You threaten rare wildlife like this, talking wildlife, you don't deserve to live, training it to attack like that?" screamed the voice, a high feminine voice.

Jessie and James looked at their saviour, well Jessie looked, whilst James stared. The saviour was a very cute looking girl, dressed in denim shorts, had linen cloth material around parts of her body, avoiding people seeing much of her, had a Native American style look as well as headband, and her face was typical of a cute teenage girl. Jessie turned to hit James over the head, who was growing a stupid look on his mouth. Pathetic!

Vincent grabbed his weapon, but Red put a paw on his hand.

"Easy, I don't think she is our enemy." said Red.

Vincent went up to Red confused, but he was walking up to the girl, and held his paw up. The girl acepted it and stroked its fur under the chin. Red enjoyed this and sighed.

Meowth, still staring, also ran up to the girl, also seeing peace in this figure. The girl lifted it up to her shoulder, Meowth still scared of Red, but at ease with this girl.

"Sorry about that, I didn't know you...." the girl said.

"Nothing said. Vincent doesn't usually get beatings like that. I'm impressed." Red looked her over. "You must have come out of the portal as well." Excepting a similar reaction to Team Rocket, what he got was something else.

"Yes, I managed to transport myself and my friends away from the Ogre." She showed a pendant. "This was what got us out of here, given to me by my mother, Michelle Chang. It absorbed the Ogre's power, and transported us here, however, I sense that it is somewhere here now. Looks like I may have brought more wrong than right, here." she sighed.

Red put a paw on her bare shoulder. It was warm. "Don't say that. If it hadn't happened, we wouldn't have met you or your fighting skills....or for that matter, seen those two unleash things I've never seen before....."

Jessie poked her head round the corner. "They are our Pokemon, Arbok and Weezing!" she screamed. Red looked confused.

"Pokemon?" he said.

"Meowth! You don't know what Pokemon is?!" Meowth said, taking a risk. He still felt safe on the girl.

"No....but I guess because your world is different than ours." Red said. The girl smiled.

"I know what they are, but have never used them. My friend Ling Xiayou is a huge fan of them, maybe you can ask her, it looks like these two aren't exactly rocket scientists." she said.

Jessie and James looked like thunder, but hid back in the trees as Red snarled.

"So, I guess we're stuck with each other." The girl said, extending her hand to Vincent.

"I'm Julia Chang. Pleased to meet you." she said.

Vincent extended his metal hand. Surprisingly, Julia didn't question it.

"Vincent Valentine. The beast is Red XIII, also known as Nanaki, the guardian of Cosmo Canyon, which we were just about to enter." he said.

Red explained. "This portal that you escaped from was from a Mako explosion. We need to ask the elders and consulte the observatory for information." A cold nerve struck him.

"What's wrong?" Julia asked, concerned.

"Grandfather...Seto..." he whispered.

"His grandfather died today." Vincent said. Julia looked sad.

Red shook his head. "Go on without me. I'll be ahead." he said.

Vincent said, then looked over his shoulder onto Team Rocket.

"What should we do about them?" Julia asked.

Vincent shrugged. "Let them go into their own devices." He said as he and the young girl entered the canyon.

Red sat there, howling for his family which has now departed. Team Rocket quickly got past him.

"Phew, that was close!" James laughed.

"I'll say, huh, Meowth?!" Jessie asked her cat partner.

Only he wasn't there.

"Meowth, Meowth?!" Jessie shouted (not too loud though because of Red)

James remembered. Meowth was with that girl, pesky little thing.

"Jessie, remember, he is with that girl still." he said.

Jessie's face turned into a barrage of cursing.

After she finished, James said;

"It looks like we'll have to go in and see if we can figure out how to get Meowth out of there."

"Also, how we have to get out of this planet!" Jessie said.

"Damn, I've just realised. We're no good at planning!" said James.

"Oh man!"


O.K, for people who are as confused as I am, here is what is happening.

The portals are for the characters of the three games. The mako explosion has made everyone teleport (including the FF7 characters into various places in the FF7 world)

In this chapter, Heihachi (tekken), M.Bison and Sagat (Street fighter) have taken captive Reeve, Elymra and Marlene in Kalm.

Also, Red and Vincent have arrived in Cosmo only to bump into Jessie, James and Meowth (Pokemon) from Team Rocket. They have a bit of a problem, but they also bump into Julia Chang (Tekken) who befriends them.

Chapter 3 will have the following;

Jin, Hwoarang (Tekken), Guile (SF) and Gary (Pokemon), along with Cid in Rocket Town.

Ash, Brock (Pokemon), Ryu, Ken (SF) and Ling Xiayou (Tekken) along with Cloud, Barret and Cait in Gongaga.

Chapter 4 will have the following;

Tifa, Yuffie with Sakura, Chun-Li (SF) and Misty (Pokemon) outside Midgar.

And Chapter 5 will have;

Ogre and Akuma.

Well, hope your prepared for a headache!


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