Mako Crossover Chapter 3


By Chris Homer

NOTE: The use of the character 'PANDA' is a genuine character in Tekken 3, but in this fanfic, I am portraying Panda as a Pokemon. Just to avoid confusion.


"Oh my head!" screamed one male voice.

"Me too. Where the hell are we?" said another.

The two voice recognised each other.


"Shut up! I'm not too pleased about what has just, Hwoarang, what did just happen?" said the second voice.


"LING! LING, ARE YOU AROUND?!" he screamed to hopefully listen out for his young friend.

Jin also looked around. A minute ago, his grandfather had just tried to shoot him. Now, he was in an area which he had never recognised before. There was a huge rocket tilting to the side, and a number of shops nearby, this was certainly no Mishima resort. He bit in disgust of thinking why his grandfather would attempt to kill him, but was also concerned with his two friends, Ling and Julia, where would they be?

"LING, JULIA, CAN YOU HEAR US?" screamed Jin.



Hwoarang immediately softened, but raised his anger level at the mentioned of his now deceased idol.


That stung. Jin loved his mother more than anything else in the world. Her death had brought him to his grandfather to get revenge on the Toshin. But now, the words from Hwoarang's mouth were too much.

Without warning, Jin's calm nature was history, and his fist connecting with Hwoarang's face quickly.

Hwoarang, surprised, quickly got into his fighting stance.

"Anytime you Mishima bastard!" he smirked.

"O.K, you Korean piece of shit!" Jin spoke.

Unfortunately, before the battle began, a couple of vine outstretched to their arms, effectively binding them.


The voice to the last comment was now moving towards them, and by him, a small dino-like creature, with leaf-like items on its back was coming towards them. The vines which were currently binding the Tekken fighters were coming from this creature.

"I don't need your balling, and Ivysaur doesn't take to strangers very well." smirked the young male. (NOTE: For Pokemon watchers, I don't know Gary's Pokemon, so I'm just choosing ones which I think are appropriate for him)

"Who the hell are you, you piece of crap?" an angered Hwoarang inquired.

"Such language, I'll have to make you quiet." smirked Gary, itching for a fight. He didn't know what had happened, but wherever he was, he and his pokemon were near invicible.

Three pokeballs were released from his hand. "Golbat! Hitmonlee! Vaporean! GO!"

Jin and Hwoarang (for once) were gobsmacked as three creatures emerged from the circular balls. A bat-like creature, a weird duck like monster and a cute rabbit/cat creature, coloured blue, emerged from them.

"Now, I'm sure you want to know what they can do....." he started, only to see Ivysaur struggling with the vines. Both Jin and Hwoarang had escaped and had seemed to call a temporary truce, because they were coming at Gary, full guns blazing.

"Er......Golbat, Sonic attack!" Gary stammered, knowing by the look of these two, he would be cannon fodder.

Golbat attacked with supersonic beams, and both Jin and Hwoarang were covering their ears. But for different reasons. Hwoarang because he couldn't hear himself think. Jin because he was going into a meditatory stance.

Using the technique from his mother, Jun Kazama, Jin blocked out all thoughts and power attempting to enter his head, Golbat's attack was useless.

Gary stood in shock as the smaller of the true, but the more muscular, stepped out of Golbat's supersonic attack as if it were nothing.

"Er, Golbat, return!" The pokeball returned the energy.

Hwoarang was spent from the supersonic attack as Gary commanded Hitmonlee to attack.


Cid was wondering why he was outside his hometown, but he was glad he was. Cid looked up to see the Shinra No.26, the sign of failure.....

....and victory. He remembered his skirmish in space, and loved it. He had conquered his fears and dreams, and was in there. But he wasn't alone.

He looked around, but Cloud, Tifa, Barret and the others weren't around. 'Damn! That %$£%*! up portal has sent them half-way across the planet, and I don't have a %$£%*! clue to where they are.'

That brought him back to the thought of the rocket, and realised that one member of the trip was still here.


'Damn!' Another thing he had ruined. He blamed Shera for his own undoing, and she had simply went along with it. He hadn't helped her, thanked her for anything. It would seem like he was a cruel piece of shit, but he had been like that, so he could hide his true feelings.

He loved her.

He had to tell her now he was here. He didn't know what evil Sephiroth had brought through those portals, but he sensed it was greater than any evil that could have happened. He had to tell her, just in case the planet was in danger again.

With a sigh, he prepared to walk in.

He heard someone cursing before he walked in.

Near him, on the ground, was a tall man, who had a half-mohawk style haircut, which was unusual, and was blond, even more unusual. Cid looked him over, as he was getting up, in obvious pain. His body was muscle-bound, had to weigh over 200 pounds, and would have given Barret a run for his money as far as intimidation went.

Cid had never seen him before, and he knew this area like the back of his hand.

Deduction, he came from one of those portals. Is he one of the evil? By the look of his face, a look of hatred and anger, he deduced it probably was. He got his spear ready, the man make look powerful, but he had no weapon. Unless he was some sort of sorcerer........

The man looked around, as if searching for something....or someone.


Well, his mouth rivaled Cid's, but Cid didn't care about Bison or Buffalo, or whatever he was looking for, he had to find out who he was.

"Hey!" he screamed.


Guile turned to see a blond man in a scruffy suit, with a spear in hand and a cigeratte in his mouth. Guile looked at him and he reminded him of himself, albeit a little smaller and not as well built. Guile however wasn't interested in mingling with the local company, although he had no idea where he was.

"I don't have time for talk, I'm here to get my revenge on a man known as M.Bison." Guile held a picture out for the man to see. "Have you seen him?"

Cid was surprised. Was this a cop? Didn't look like no cop he had seen before. It might be a trick to get him to trust him though. Stay calm, Cid Highwind.

"No, never seen him in this world or lifetime. Who are you?" Cid questioned.

"Captain Guile, US Air Force." he said, authority based.

US Air Force? Never heard of it. Now this was bullshit. Cid knew that was a lie.....or was it? Maybe he is telling the truth, maybe there is such thing in their world....Oh, his mind is getting screwed again.

"Bullshit! What are you talking of, US Air Force, that's crap, there is only the Shinra air force, and I am the head honco, Cid Highwind, so cut out the crap."

Guile forced himself to remain calm. Was this man part of Bison, not known what the US Air Force. Had he been subject to Bison's 'therapy' as well?

It seemed they reached the same conclusion that they were enemies, before both connected with a fist.

They both staggered back. Cid regained his voice quickly.

"You evil son-of-a-bitch! You ay taking over this planet!" he screamed.

"I don't know what your talking about, but I don't care either. You're going down!" Guile retaliated.

Cid scoffed. He got his spear out. "You will never defeat a member of Avalanche, look out, you haven't got a weapon, so you are no match for me!"

Guile smiled. "Oh, you may be surprised!"

Guile stood like a brick wall as Cid charged at him. 'This is easy, charging fool, I'll disarm him with a flick of my wrists."

Guile went to kick the outstretched spear out of Cid's hands. But Guile was surprised when all he hit was air. In a split second, Cid reversed the spear like a baton and struck guile in the stomach with the blunt end, before spinning it again, and this time, using the sharp end.

Guile, with amazing reflexes, avoided the shot to the stomach, but got slashed in the arm instead. Guile refrained from screaming in pain, it looked like he would be using the heavy arsenal.

Cid backed off, realising he had the advantage, didn't think that materia mattered, this git would be defeated easily.

He was surprised when a powerful blast of sonic energy suddenly hit him in the chest.

Cid fell back as the man said something like 'Sonic Boom' he couldn't hear it fully as he has busy taking it as best he could. The spear deflected some of the impact, but it was knocked out of his hand, and the rest hit him in the chest.

He saw the man running into him and he shouted 'SOMERSAULT!'

Guile hit his infamous flash kick on Cid, who had seen Tifa do a version of this move in her limit breaks, but this man did it with 3 times the power. Cid felt him slipping into unconsciousness.

Quickly, his stubborn nature clouded his mind and he got up.... see Guile pummel him with his 'Opening Gambit' attack. Guile unleashed a fury of punches tapped off with another flash kick.

Cid was certainly slipping off now. This man fought like a demon. If this was a sign of things to come.....

.....No, he couldn't give up. He wouldn't give up.

He stood up.

Guile was slightly surprised by the man. He looked like no fighter, yet he had survived his best attacks. He was impressed by the tough hide of this man.

"Your no quitter. I like that. But if you are a part of Bison's team, I can't let you live."

Cid fumbled for a materia. He knew he didn't have a cure or barrier so he just hoped and prayed, not even sure which one it was.

Guile powered up his chi, looking for a double flash kick which would finish Cid off.


He started, but ripples of ligthning passed through his body. Guile screamed as the Bolt3 spell that Cid has unknowingly cast made his body refuse to function. Guile fell down...... did Cid.


Guile awoke to see Cid trying to help with his wounds.

" you do that?" Guile said.

Cid held it up. "Materia, power of Mako in this world is entrapped in it, and from it, you can cast spells."

Guile held it. "So, you aren't part of Bison's experiment. If you were, you would never know this. Hell, I don't know this!"

Cid got it back. "And you are not part of the greater evil that will attempt to destroy us. Although, you gave me a pretty big headache!" Cid implyed. Guile had to smile.

"Where am I?" Guile asked.

"Rocket Town." he asked.

"Never heard of it." Guile replied.

"Who are you and where are you from?" Cid tried.

"I am Captain Guile, of the US Air Force, in the world I come from. My mission is to arrest and publicly execute by any means necessary the Shadowlaw tyrant, M.Bison."

Cid shuddered. "Is this man evil?"

Guile scoffed. "Oh, yes, this man has power beyond anything. He has conquered most of our Asian world and hopes to dominate mankind with his 'Psycho power'. I have to stop him!"

"Just you?" Cid asked, a bit intrigued.

"Well.....myself, along with the other streetfighters, Chun-Li, Ryu, Ken...."

"Streetfighters? There are more warriors like you?" he said.

"Sure. Ryu is the current champion. Ken is his close rival. Chun-li is my partner to stop Shadowlaw. There is also a young fighter, Sakura. Bison along with Sagat make up the main fighters of Shadowlaw. There is also a devil entity known as Akuma. He seems unbeatable." Guile concluded.

"So, you want to stop this evil in your world, which I presume, is now in our world. You came through a portal." He added, seeing the skeptical look on Guile's face.

Cid extended his hand. "I have many friends who can stop this evil, and I think there are other people like you from those portals as well. Let's work together. I'm Cid Highwind, leader of the Shinra airforce, by proclaimation, and best damn pilot on this planet!" he finished.

Guile smiled, shook his hand, and entered Rocket Town.


Guile looked on, hoping to see the huge rocket that Cid told him about which was why this town was named and became famous. What he saw first was completely unexpected.

He saw a young boy, no more than 12, was busy commanding a duck like creature to attack a teenage boy, who looked like he was skilled in the martial arts.

Hitmonlee was strking with a Chun-Li style lightning kick, which was blocked by Jin. His arms were sore, because the attacks were like metal.

Jin sidestepped Hitmonlee's next attack and struck with an axe kick. He immediately reeled back in pain.

Gary laughed. "Ha! Ha! You can't hurt Hitmonlee like that, you pathetic....."

Gary stopped laughing as he saw Jin rolling into some swift kicks, his elbow flashing. Before either Gary or Hitmonlee knew what was going on, Hitmonlee was thrown 15 feet by Jin's Devils uppercut attack.

Gary wasn't even gonna question how he did that. He returned Hitmonlee and sent out Vaporean.

"Vaporean, Ice ray, now!" Gary screamed.

Vaporean obliged and a beam of ice hit Jin in the chest, temporarily freezing him.

"Vaporean, Ice Shower!" Gary commanded.

Vaporean showered Jin with a snowflake style rain, cold upon touch. Jin fell to his knees, his energy slowly fading. Gary grinned. Finally, the luck was with him.

Suddenly, a blaze of fists and an axe kick sent Vaporean hiding back in his pokeball.

Gary stunned, saw Hwoarang dusting himself off, recovering from Golbat's sonic attack. He looked at Jin.

"Get up, you wimp, so we can kick this clown back to where he came from....wherever that is!" he said.

Gary got another pokeball, about to release Raichu, but the fear factor sunk in and Gary was now very afraid.

Suddenly, a beam of pure sonic energy struck Hwoarang in the chest. He dubbed oevr in pain.

Jin tried to see where the source of their energy came, but he couldn't as he was feeling sleepy.

He looked in the direction to see an american like man just recovering whilst the other man was holding a gem flashing. Some sort of magic Jin thought.

Using the same technique to combat the Golbat, he held back the urge to sleep and rushed to him.

Guile struck with a spinning knuckle, sending Jin into oblivion with the pain and the spell finally giving in to its effect.

"I don't like anyone picking on kids, even if it a snobbish battle brat!" Guile screamed.

Gary thanked his blessings as the two men, picked up Jin and Hwoarang up.

"Why do I think these are the others from the other portals?" said Cid.

"Beats me." said Guile.

"Hold it!" said the kid. "Can you tell me where we are? I mean, I'd usually whip ya, but I need help."

Guile and Cid looked at each other and nodded.

Gary suddenly started to pass out as Cid activated the sleepel spell again. Guile, the stronger of the two, picked up Gary by the scruff of the neck and headed to a particular house.

"Your home?" Guile commented.

"Well, not exactly, but when I get there, I've got some explaining to do, not just about these clowns, but there is something I have to say to someone. I just hope she'll forgive me." Cid said in solemn.

Guile nodded in understanding. He had a wife and kid as well. He knew what Cid may be going through.

A blast of water hit the three of them as Guile woke them up, the hard way. Jin, Gary and Hwoarang looked up, at each other, and looked ready for another fight, but saw Guile, and quickly shut up.

"Now, I'm gonna ask you once. Who are you and where are you from?" Guile asked.

Hwoarang looked ready to snap, but Jin spoke calmly.

"I am Jin Kazama, son of Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, grandson of the leader of the Mishima industry, Heihachi Mishima."

Guile couldn't believe his ears. He had heard of the Mishima corporation and not good things. Especially with Heihachi. But this boy certainly didn't resemble him. He seemed powerful to resist that sleep spell Cid had cast, and he spoke with sincerity.

"Look, does he care, Jin. Does he give a shit? He attacked me and he's gonna pay!"

With that, Hwoarang attempted to hit an axe kick, but Jin held him back.

"Hold it, let him speak, we may get the answers about where the hell we are?!" Jin said.

Hwoarang snarled, hating to follow orders, especially from Jin, but for once, he was right.

"We were in the finals of the Tekken Tournament when the enity known as the Toshin or Ogre as it is more commonly called came and attacked us. Heihachi, my grandfather, for some reason, tried to kill me but Ogre was in the way. Ogre tried to kill him, and then my friend Julia used her magic to contain him. And that is the last thing I know."

Guile pondered this. He had heard of the Tekken Tournament, the most financial of the fighting tournaments, but it was for supposed true martial artists, so people like him couldn't enter because of their special attacks. But Ryu was certainly a true martial artist. But probably because if Ryu entered, he'd destroy everyone.

What Jin had just told him also confirmed that there was others, and Heihachi and this Ogre certainly looked like to be part of the evil Cid had warned him about. But what about this Julia? Were there others ready to help?

"It looks like we may be fighting on the same side, young man. I, also, come from a fighting tournament, the third Alpha tournament, and am after an evil being known as Bison. But I have a feeling they are all here on this world, where my new friend, Cid, is a member of the group which just saved it. And now, it looks like we may have to join forces and stop the evil from trying to take over this planet again." he said.

"Sounds true." Jin had heard of the alpha tournaments. His grandfather said it was inferior because it allowed anyone in and the money was pitiful comapred to the Tekken. But Jin has just seen Guile fight, how could a inferior fighter use an attack like that? He had heard of two legendary fighters from these tournaments, Viktor Sagat and Ryu Hoiji as well, the highest ranking fighters in the world. Pitiful, grandfather, he smirked to himself. 'I'll never listen to you again.'

Jin turned to Gary, who was sitting there fiddling with his pokeballs.

"What about him?" Hwoarang asked.

Guile pondered. Cid had told him there were three portals. One was for the Streetfightes. The second was for the Tekkens. The third.....

"Who are you?" Guile asked, to Gary.

"I am Gary Oak, grandson of the legendary Pokemon master, Proffesor Oak....." he was interrupted by both Jin and Hwoarang.

"Proffesor Oak?!" they both shouted. Neither of them were interested in Pokemon much, but both knew a person that did.

"Did you know a young girl named Ling Xiayou?" Hwoarang asked.

Gary pondered. That name was familiar.

"It sounds familiar.....she was one of the early students of my grandfather, but turned to martial arts. I hear she is still interested though."

"That's for sure." Both Jin and Hwoarang laughed, Xiayou had four pokemon on her and had enjoyed taunted her peers with her attacks, usually directed at Hwoarang in particular.

Gary now knew why they weren't surprised by his pokemon. "You know her?"

"Yep." Hwoarang said, calming down. "She is one of our friends, who may be here somewhere."

"Another friend?" Guile asked. 'This could be better than I thought."

"It looks like we could be all here for the same thing..." said Guile.


"Oh shut up, from what I've seen, your Pokemon are more than able to battle." Hwoarang said. This comment brought a smug smile to Gary's face. The ego-battle was affecting him.

Guile nodded. "You are coming with me and Cid, and we are going to find everyone of your friends, along with ours, and we will stop all these evils." He walked away from them, making sure no argument ensued.

"Cid....we're ready...." he shouted, as he popped his head into the kitchen.... see Cid and Shera in a passionate kiss.

"Hmmm....this can wait a bit......." Guile thought.


Cloud had landed in a fairly familiar area to him, Gongaga. His best friend Zack was raised here, and he felt a sadness knowing what happened to him.

He looked around, and saw Barret and Cait also groggily standing up. (Although how a robot could be groggy, scrambled maybe, Cloud wondered)

Unfortunately, the distrust between Barret and Cait maybe a problem, because as he looked around, he didn't see any of his friends elsewhere.

Barret got up with his trademark calm. "WHAT THE $%£! HAPPENED?!"

"Gee, Barret, you're so kind when youre angry!" Cait mocked. (NOTE: Reeve has been captured, but Cait is running on an AI circuit designed for situations like this, look, he's important to the story and its the best I can do!)

Suddenly Cait felt a pain go through its body.

"Cait, what wrong?" Cloud said, as the moogle seemed to be going through a short circuit.

"Reeve......he's been....something has happened to him....and Elymra and....Marlene...." Cait struggled out.

Barret screamed a bellow which could be heard in every known universe.

"If anything happens to her...." he screamed.

"It's not my fault!" Cait protested. "Three men came and kidnapped them apparently....AGGH!" Cait screamed.

"Now what?" Barret complained.

"Reeve...has just collapsed...." Cait seemed to be struggling. Cloud went over to try and help him.

"You can still operate, can't you?" Cloud said, who didn't know the first thing about technology.

"Yes........these men, they must be part of the evil Sephiroth mentioned. We've got to stop them!"

"Shit, we know, but we're in Gongaga, and they are in Kalm. How are we gonna get there, use your useless carcass to float there?" Barret said.

Cait looked hurt. Cloud sensed a fight going on, but heard a noise behind them.

"Hey, you're awful pretty. Can I pleeeasee have your number please?" said a male boy, behind them, talking to a young teenage girl in a red dress with chinese design.

"Leave me alone, I hardly know you, I've just come to my senses in somewhere I've never seen before, and already a hormonial git is trying to hit on I'll think I'll hit on you!"

The girl bent down into a pheonix stance, and promptly kicked the young male into existence.

"I tried to tell you Brock, you're too hormonial!" said another boy, who looked younger, but he looked like a small Cloud, except his hair was dark instead of brown.

Cloud had never seen them before, and sensed that they came from the portal. Cait had a Shinra databank which allowed him to recognise any person on this planet. After relaing the details to Cait, he checked with his databases to recognise any of the figures on his huge databank, but none come up. Cloud now knew that these were from the portal, although by the way the girl and the older boy were looking at each other, they were probably from different portals.

The youngest boy suddenly spotted them. Cloud and Barret looked at him. He had a red cap on, blue shirt, white trousers, and looked no older than 10. The young boy, surprisingly didn't run away from the imposing figures that they were.

Ash looked at the two men, along with the pokemon like creature by them. He got his Pokedex and tried to analyse the creature.

"No pokemon in this area." it said.

"No pokemon?!" Ash looked confused as Brock was recovering from the girls attack.

Ash went up to the girl. He smiled. She was just as high-strung and vicious as Misty.....

Misty? She wasn't with them. He suddenly got worried. He didn't have a clue where he was or where she was.

"I'm sorry for what my friend did, he can't help it. Can you help us? We don't know where we are!" Ash said.

"I was hoping you could tell me the same thing." The girl said. Ash was uncomfortable in these situations.


Ling was uncomfortable in these situations. Talking to handsome boys like Jin and Hwoarang always made her blush. The boy in front of her was too young, but he was cute and she had to blush.

"I'm sorry." she giggled. "You just remind me of some friends of mine."

"What?" the boy replied. "I was gonna say the same thing!!"

They both laughed. Brock was tutting under his breath. 'How does he do it?'

The boy extended his hand. "I'm Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town, Pokemon Trainer."

Ling returned the hand. "Ling Xiayou.....did you say Pokemon trainer?"

"Yep. Proffesor Oak gave me my Pikachu." Suddenly, a yellow head popped out of its head.

"Pikachu!" it squealed happily.

"How cute!" Ling said, clapping her hands. Ling then surprised Ash by speaking to Pikachu, in Pokemon language. Pikachu seemed as surprised as Ash was, but soon spoke excitedly.

"Pika, pi, pika, chu, chu!" (How are you little friend?) Ling said.

"Pika, pika, pi! Pi, pi, pi, pika, pikachu!" (I'm fine! How do you know my language?) Ash understood what they were saying, but what Ling said surprised him even more.

"Pikachu, pi, chu, pi, pi, pika, chu, pika, pi, chu, chu!" (Proffesor Oak trained me in pokemon language when I was younger)

"WHAT?!" Ash choked. "You know the Proffesor? Why didn't you tell me?"

Ling smiled. "He taught me many things, but I had to return to my Uncle Jifrey instead of becoming a Pokemon master. My parents had died, and I couldn't look after myself that well. He taught me Pheonix style martial arts, and I entered the Tekken tournament."

Ash nodded. The Tekken tournament was almost as huge as the Pokemon League in Pallet Town.

"Do you still train pokemon?" Ash asked.

"Yes." And from her belt, four pokeballs were shown. "I always carry them, these were the four pokemon I trained from scratch after I captured them. They are very strong....."

"Want to battle? Four-on-four?" Ash asked.

Ling stammered. She hadn't been in a pokemon battle for a long time, but she knew her pokemon were exceptionally strong.

"Sure." she said and raised one.

"PANDA, GO!" she screamed and released the ball.

From the ball, a huge panda bear released growled.

"Whoa, what is that?" Brock spoke for the first time after getting rejected. Ash asked Dexter, his pokedex.


"Wow. Powerful, but still, I think I can beat it." Ash said.

Ash brought his hat round and choose a pokeball. "Charizard, I choose you!"

Ling saw a huge fire pokemon come out of it.

"O.K, Charizard, it's tough, but you are tougher, right?" he said.


"O.K, Charizard, flame blast now!" Ash commanded.

Charizard blasted a huge flame at Panda which stunned it momentarily.

"PANDA, ROLL ATTACK!" Ling shouted.

Panda rolled under the flame and bombarded its body into Charizard. It fell back slightly.

"PANDA, SALMON SLASH!" Ling commanded.

Panda raised its claws and slashed Charizards head. Charizard screamed in pain. Ash looked on, impressed by Panda but worried about Charizard.


Charizards blasted a tornado of flame to Panda. The flame was so strong, it rose Panda's huge frame into the air, slamming it into the ground.

Ling was shocked. She ran up to Panda.

"Panda, I'm sorry. Are you all right?" She touched its singed body.

Panda nuzzled Lings arm and licked her face. Ash had to admire her. Like him, she cared about her pokemon's wellbeing. He went to Charizard's tired and scratched face.

"Are you O.K, Charizard?" he said. Charizard nudged his hot breath on Ash's brow. It felt funny, but didn't hurt him.

"Panda, return." Ling commanded. Panda went into the pokeball, as did Charizard.

"I don't want to hurt your pokemon any more." said Ash. "But I'd still like to know which ones you've got." he said.

"Likewise." Ling asked.

Ash released Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Pidgeotto. He told her he had Muk and Crabby as well.

Ling released hers. Brock was amazed as out came some of the best pokemon and rarest of the time.

"An Articuno, A Ninetails and a Pidgeot?!" Brock exclaimed. He had a Vulpix which could evolve into a Ninetails, along with Ash' Pidgeotto into a Pidgeot, this girl knew more than he imagined. He knew that if she went into a league, she could easily compete with the best.

Suddenly, all the pokemon seemed to be getting into a friendly chat. Ling, Ash and Brock had to smile.

"So, where are you from?" Ash asked Ling.

"That's the thing. I was watching a Tekken battle at one moment, and the next moment, I'm here. Something to do with what my friend Julia did to that sounds ridiculous, I'm sure...."

"No!" whispered Ash. "Something happened to us too. I was having a pokemon battle with a rival, Gary Oak, I was about to get the Earth Badge, but he interrupted me. We battled, then our enemies, Team Rocket tried to attack us, and the next thing I know, we're here. There is another of us as well, Misty, a friend."

"Same here, my friends Jin, Hwoarang and Julia are missing, along with that evil Heihachi creep....he scares me, I could take him out though!" she smiled.

Ash smiled. Looked like the two weren't all that different...........


Cloud and Barret forgot their anger for a bit to watch this scene. It was extremely cute, although they didn't know what those things were. They took it as things from their universe.

"Should we introduce ourselves?" Cloud said.

"I don't know.....can they be any help? They sure as hell don't like or sound evil, but....."

"That girl seems to know some form of fighting skill, and the two young men seem to be well into those attacking creatures, so they could be some use as well." Cloud said.

It was then when between the two parties, two men fell from the sky.


"Ouch, that hurt!" said the man in red.

The man in white was already up and looking round. "Where are we.....this isn't the Austrailian battle field...."

Both Ling and Ash were in shock of the man in front of them.

"Ryu....Ryu Hoiji, the number one ranked fighter in the world.....and Ken Masters as well, the NAMA champion (North American Martial Arts: This is made up). What are they doing here?" Ling was in shock.

"Probably the same reason why your here kid." said another voice.

Ash turned to once again see the two men. The big black man spoke first, and he had a gun attached to one of his arms. Not good. The other man had a huge sword strapped to his back. Not very good. The cat-toy thingy had a microphone. Not quite a hat-trick but he was still wary.

"This world young fellow, is a world which is in tormoil, because of the evil which may have come from all your worlds." said Cait.

"Actually, by deduction, we are from the same world, just different parts of it." Ling commented.

"Don't be a smart kid. I can tell that you are not the evil which has come here, so we need your help. Are there any people from your world which you would consider evil....."

"Definetly." Ken said. "That evil bastard, Bison, along with the devil himself, known as Akuma. They are evil son of a bitches."

(Shh..Ken, there are kids around) Ryu whispered.

Ken looked, then remembered he had a son of his own, and quickly shut up.

"What about you?" Barret asked, looking at the young girl who called herself Ling Xiayou.

"That Heihachi and that Ogre are definetly evil. Ogre is immensly powerful, he could destroy the world, and Heihachi wants to take over the world."

"Two qualities I hate." muttered Cloud. He looked at the two kids. "What about you?"

Ash and Brock looked like in deep thought. "Well, Gary is annoying, but not evil. Team Rocket are real pain in the butts, but they are not bloodthirsty. Unless....."

"Unless?" Barret said.

"Well, whenever they talk about their boss, they get all scared. There may be a connection with him, although thats all I know. It's just a whim." Ash said.

"Not much help." Barret muttered. Cait nudged him.

"Hmm." Looks like we've got a bit of explaining to do. He walked into Gongaga. "Come in, everyone, looks like I've got some talking to do."

Everyone walked in, except for Ken, who muttered "What the hell is going on?" before flocking the pack.


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