Mako Crossover Chapter 4

Girl Power

By Chris Homer

A young girl, no older than 11, was sobbing outside the polluted area of Midgar. This girl had red hair (I think), yellow shirt, blue denim shorts (I'm guessing here, I'm not a studier of Pokemon fashion), and completely lost.

She had lost her friends, had no idea what happened. She saw Psyduck, Starmie and Staryu go into battle, and the next thing she was here.

She had been looking around the area but it was deserted. She however, had some unpleasant experiences with some Whole Eaters.

She was scared as their silk attack tied her up. Luckily, Starmie saved her as she released as Staryu defeated the Whole Eaters easily. But she was still lost, and unknowing to where she was.

Finally, her body couldn't take it and she fell into semi-unconsciousness, still sobbing.


Watching the poor girl suffer, four other members of the female sex were watching her, unsure what to do.

The first two were familiar with the area, although they too weren't sure what happened.

(Flashback to about 3 minutes ago)

Two female figures had just fell from the sky, hurt and tired after battling Sephiroth. Tifa looked at the young ninja, complaining as usual.

"O.K, what the hell happened?" she screamed.

"I don't know." Tifa replied. She looked around. She and Yuffie were the only members of Avalanche in the area, and why they were outside Midgar, who knows....

The Mako explosion.

The portals.

It must have seperated them from the others.....but then, where the hell were they?

And the portals......what evil came from them?

Tifa suddenly reached the conclusion that whatever evil came out, some must have been transported here.

Yuffie dusted herself from the ground. "Look, I don't know what happened, but can we get out of here?"

Tifa stood up. "No, I have a feeling we are going to meet some people. Not good perhaps."

Yuffie nodded, and her hand strayed to her shuriken when she heard a noise.

"Hey, whats that?" she said, hearing a muffled noise.

It sounded like crying.

They turned at the ruined Midgar, and saw a young girl, different looking from most of the girls usually in the Midgar area. Was this one of them? She looks so......innocent....but looks can be deceiving, perhaps she was a spy, or this was a spell...

But then why was she crying, and practically passed out......

Both Yuffie and Tifa reached the same conclusion and strode out to the outskirts of Midgar.


Two female figures had just fell from the sky, hurt and tired after battling with Sagat and Bison. One was very young, the other wasn't much older but had a much better look of authority.

"Sakura.....are you O.K?" Chun-Li looked at the poor girl, who looked passed out, she had just lost heavily to Sagat and was only just recovering, her eyes fluttering in and out.

"Sakura...." she said gently as the young girl started to wake up.

"Wh...what.....Chun.....what....happened?" the young girl asked.

"It's O.K, Sakura......" she started to say, but then looked around. "Hey, this doesn't look familiar."

Chun-Li went to her mobile phone, and started to phone Interpol. Only to find something was jamming the frequency.

"What? How can this happen....." Chun pondered to what happened before. It was obvious that she had been transported somewhere, this was certainly not Australia, and her friends, and for that matter, enemies were no where in sight. What power from the lightning and the powerful attacks had somehow transported her

Sakura sat up, her skirt dusted up from falling a few many times against Sagat. Sakura was still trying to focus after the beating she took, and wasn't as quick witted as Chun-Li. Still, even she couldn't shake off the fact that something was wrong, perhaps the fact that her idol, Ryu, was no-where in sight.

Sakura stood up as cheerfully as she could and asked "Do we ask for directions?"

Chun-Li looked thoughtful for a bit. "I don't know, this looks so....unfamiliar.....I feel an evil sense stronger than Bison could ever have in this area..."

Sakura nodded, also feeling a sense of dread with this place.

Suddenly, they heard sobbing from a nearby area.

"Sounds like we aren't the only people with problems." Sakura inquired.

They looked to survey the area for the source of the sound. It was coming from a young girl, crying, and looked like to be passed out from exhaustion.

Chun-Li looked at her, as Sakura was wondering that she had seen her somewhere before......

"Come on, she's just a kid, we'd better help her....." Chun asked. Sakura nodded, knowing she had seen her from somewhere before.......


Misty just wanted to die. Ash was gone, Brock was gone, her life seemed to be a disaster, and worse, some more bug like enemies were coming for her. Misty was scared of bugs anyway, but bugs who could attack was the worst fear for her. She was too scared to even use her pokemon. She cringed as the four creatures came for an easy meal.


Misty looked up to see four females coming from different directions, arms raised.

The youngest one (sakura), had screamed a wary cry and ran into her Hari-chiban attack. This involved her spinning on the ground, kicking away before fishing off with a roundhouse to the chest. The bug creature she had aimed at didn't have a chance and died before she even finished the move.

The other young one (Yuffie) had jumped in the air and threw what looked like to be a shuriken onto another. It died instantly.

The girl next to her (Tifa) just crushed the other one with a fury of her fists.

The oldest (Chun) had gone into her axe kick move, her hands on the ground and smashed her heel into the final creatures brain. It didn't have a chance.

The four girls who had just saved her all asked her at the same time "Are you all right?"

They looked at each other for a second, then went back to the girl.

"I'll....I'll live. Thanks a lot. I was scared stiff!" the girl sobbed.

Tifa looked at her. "Your not from around here are you?" she inquired.

Misty shook her head. "No, I was with my friends in a pokemon gym and the next thing I knew I was here, and I don't have a clue where I am!"

Sakura perked up at the word 'pokemon' , trying to recognise who the girl was.

"I'm lost, tired, hungry, and I don't know where my friends are!" she sobbed, falling back to the ground.

Tifa looked in the eyes of the girl. No way was this an enemy. She seemed absolutely sincere and caring. She reminded her of herself when she was younger, when Cloud went away......

Cloud.....where the hell was he? He'd better not die now afetr everything which had happened........

Yuffie was eyeing the other two women who had helped her as well. Had these come from the portal as well, or one of the other portals?

Suddenly, she found herself asking 'Who are you?'

Chun-Li looked at the young girl who had asked the question. "What about you?" she replied.

Yuffie scoffed. "I'm Yuffie Kisaragi, master thief and ninja from Wutai."

'And the most modest.' Sakura thought, but then her brain heard everything she said and she got confused.

"Wutai.....I've got an A in Geography and have never heard of that in my life." she said.

"Fool, it's the solitude town on the western continent." Yuffie smiled.

Sakura scratched her head. "What, North America, South America, Central America, Caribbean.....what are you on about?"

Now Yuffie was confused. "What are you talking about?"

Chun-Li and Tifa had guessed what had happened, but let the two argue whilst they consolled the other girl. Both sensed a cat-fight going to happen, and both were going to enjoy it.

"Look, if you're one of this evil, then you must be evil at annoying and confusing people, because its working on me!" Yuffie groaned.

Sakura started to seeth. "I don't know what you are on about, but nobody calls me annoying.....well, perhaps Ryu......"

Yuffie smirked. "Well, what ya gonna do about it?"

Sakura smirked. "Why, kick your sorry behind of course. I've just been pummelled by a giant but I'm ready to handle a skank like you!"

Yuffie angered. "YOU LITTLE SLUT!" And threw her materia down. "I don't need materia to take on the likes of you!"

Sakura smiled sweetly, but with a sense of evil. "Sure, whatever." In the back of her mind, she was pondering what 'materia' was.......

Sakura had to avoid a quick kick from Yuffie, as she ran in, fists blazing. Her shuriken was drawn, ready to give her a lesson.

Sakura, wisely backed off as she threw the throwing star. She powered up her chi and ;let it fly. "HA-DO-KEN!"

Yuffie, as well as Tifa and Misty, were dumbstruck by the ball of energy, hurtling towards Yuffie. Yuffie, on a last second impulse, dodged and threw her weapon again. Sakura kicked it back and Yuffie ran in.

"BLOODFEST!" she shouted, and ran in, hitting all parts of her combo. Sakura was dazed as Yuffie set up for another limit break.

"GAUNTLET!" The powerful blue energy enveloped Sakura as she fell down even weaker.

"All right!" Yuffie screamed and ran in for the kill.

But Sakura was ready. "Sho...." She started to run.

"O...." Yuffie stopped as a blur of power came from her hands.

"KEN!" Sakura finished her version of the Dragon Punch, fists hitting Yuffie's face many times, she was dazed. Sakura followed up with her version of the hurricane kick. Now for the coup de grace.

She powered up her chi again, but this time to its full strength.


Yuffie held up her shuriken to throw again.

"-HA DO KEN!" The ultra-powerful fireball was heading towards Yuffie.

It hit the shuriken on the way, but it only dispelled a third of the power. The rest hit Yuffie full on.

Yuffie fell back, a dazed look in her eyes. Tifa had to smile. Despite the fact that her friend had been hurt, the sight was too hilarious. Chun-Li was also smirking. Even Misty was trying hard not to laugh.

They couldn't hold it forever. All three burst out laughing at the same time.

Yuffie shook the cobwebs and looked at them. "HEY! I'M NOT A LAUGHING STOCK!" she screamed.

Tifa looked at her, as well as the girl which had just kicked her ass. She quickly realised that this girl had some power to do those attacks. How did she do it, was she evil?

She looked in the girls eyes. No, she wasn't. Tifa had a sixth sense for things like this, coming from years of martial arts training. She, plus the other woman, were both skilled fighters, and had incredible power, but they were definetly on the side of good.

It seemed that they, as well as the young girl, had been transported here from their worlds as well. Tifa walked up to the girl.

" did you do that?" she asked.


After a discussion between the women, particularly in both Tifa and Yuffie expressing a knowledge of how to do the fireball attack, they all reached the same idea.

"So, you've must have been transported here....but Sephiroth said that a great evil would come. You don't seem evil." said Tifa.

"Yeah, but their attacks sure hurt!" Yuffie moaned, unhappy still of being thrashed by Sakura.

"No, it wouldn't be us, it would be that bastard, Bison." Chun-Li said. "He is the lord of Shadowlaw, in our world, that is a huge base which dubs around in anything illegal. I am a member of a police force called Interpol and entered the alpha tournament so I could defeat him.....and avenge the death of my father." She finished, her head low.

Tifa looked at her in pity. The young girl Misty had fresh tears to her eyes.

"What about Akuma as well, he's an evil son of a gun as well!" Sakura said.

"Good point. There is a demon warrior that may have come as well known as Akuma. He is undefeated in battle, and kills people with a technique known as the Raging Demon. However, Ryu....." Both girls sighed at this point. ".....Ryu, one of our friends, survived the attack, along with Bison. That means that Akuma seeks their powerful souls to increase his strength. I wouldn't be surprised if he went after ours as well, he has no allies or enemies." Chun-Li finished.

Tifa nodded, cross legged by the fire they had made just outside Midgar.

Tifa looked at the other girl. She was very young, but just by looking in her eyes, she had a firey spirit which would be the downfall of others.

"So, Misty, what about you?" Tifa inquired kindly.

The young girl smiled for the first time, it was one of those heart-warming smiles, and not only did she feel better, the others did as well.

"I came from a Pokemon Gym in our world, and myself and my friends, along with some enemies of ours were battling. The next thing I knew was I was here." Misty said.

"Pokemon.......interesting. I've been to Pokemon matches when I was a bit younger, but its as big as it ever was!" Sakura added. "That's where I saw you before.....last year, I watched you battle a young boy near my hometown. You were pretty good considering you only had water pokemon and he had loads!"

Misty nodded. "That boy was one of my friends, Ash Ketchum." she said.

Sakura nodded. "He's one of the biggest newcomers, he had 7 badges last time I heard."

Misty nodded. "Yep, and he was getting his eighth, before Gary and Team Rocket interrupted us."

Yuffie spoke. "Are they the evil from your world?"

Misty pondered this comment for a moment. "I don't think so......They are annoying, and yes, some have had their thieving licenses redone and kidnapping, but I'd classify both of them more annoying rather than evil, perhaps who they work for......Gary is just a plain nuisance, he has tried to hit on me....I got my revenge though!" she smirked, remembering in the gym he had offered her to be a cheerleader, he got a karate chop to the face for that.

Tifa looked at her. "Do you know martial arts as well?"

"Kind of." she said. "When I was younger, my father taught me and my sisters dance movements to become more graceful. However, he began favouring them more, so I decided to enroll in the local gym. I learnt the basics of martial arts and have expanded into them on the outdoors. It was how I got to be interested in Pokemon as well."

"And your friends? Can they be trusted?" Yuffie asked.

Misty looked at them all and giggled. "Sure, but whatever you do, make sure Brock doesn't hit on any of you. Believe me, he's a bit amorous!"

They all chuckled. "Ash, he's cool. We argue a lot but he's very nice. Very kind to his Pokemon too." She said this with a sigh.

Tifa and Chun-Li gave a look that neither Skaura, Yuffie or Misty noticed. It was a knowing look.

"So, what do we do?" Misty asked.

"I guess we have to find everyone. We're near the Chocobo Farm, so a days walk and we can borrow the black chocobo we've left there." she said. That way, we can get to Costa Del Sol, and then go to the other continent, where the majority of the towns are. I'm not sure how we are gonna get across the water areas though...."

"Easy!" chirped Misty. "As I said, I've got water pokemon, if we make some sort of raft, we can go anyway we want!"

With that, Misty showed her seven pokemon for them to see, (NOTE: In the series, Misty has five, but because I think they are fairly weak, I'm giving her Vaporeon as well, along with Jigglypuff) Staryu, Starmie, Psyduck, Horsea, Goldeen and her newest one from evolving an Evee, Vaporeon, and her cute Jigglypuff.

Tifa and Yuffie were dumbstruck, Sakura clapping her hands whilst Chun-Li looked impressed.

Misty picked up Horsea and knelt down by Vaporeon and patted it.

"Aww, how cute!" the other girls said simultaneously.

They started to pat the cute pokemon (Psyduck, Horsea, Jigglypuff and Vaporeon), whilst Goldeen returned (It can't survive as well out of water like the others) and trying to pat starfish pokemon would be a feat in its self.

After pleasantries were over, Misty returned them all, then remembered something.

"Oh, no, where is it?" she realised.

She searched her backpack, panicking momentarilly, but gave a sigh of relief when she found what she was looking for.

"Oh, Togepi, don't you ever scare me like that!" she said, hugging the egg pokemon. Togepi looked a bit scared, but happy to see its trainer.

Another chorus of ahhs (This one is really cute) followed as Misty held it close.

Darkness however was falling.

"I think we'd better pitch camp first. It's a while to the nearest town so we'd better rest good, I think we've all had a tiring day." Tifa said.

The girls nodded. After getting some firewood and Tifa amazed the others with the use of a fire materia, which they had explained early earlier, when they used one to cure Yuffie and Sakura, they all pitched camp and fell to sleep quickly.


Unfortunately, their sleep was rudely interrupted.

A loud noise awoke Tifa and Chun-Li whilst the others slept more soundly.

They woke to see three figures, laughing fairly noisily. At first, they thought it would be some drunkards, and were prepared to kick them soundly, but they realised why would people walk around here, it is miles before the nearest town.......

Suddenly, Tifa recognised something. One of the figures was carrying somebody, whilst two more were being....

....they were floating?

She then recognised them! REEVE, MARLENE, ELYMRA!

'No!" she thought, turned to Chun, but a look of anger was on her face.

She was looking at the most muscular of the men, draped in blood red attire, and a cap drooped by a dark cloak. It was unlike a man she'd ever seen. The two other men were also an unusual sight. One was an old man, but built like Barret, and the other was humongous, don't see many men that size.

Suddenly, she realised who Chun was looking at.


She nodded in anger as she whispered the name she hated the most.



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