Mako Crossover Chapter 5

Evil Personified

By Chris Homer

The crater itself would be a horrid sight, but the parts of Jenova thrived on the power.

And even without her 'son' Sephiroth, she already had a back-up plan.

By creating the portals, she not only could conquer an alternate world, but use people as evil as Sephiroth to conquer this one.

She knew of the evil beings that were of Akuma, Bison and Ogre, as well as the man known as Giovanni, who hadn't entered but were somehow linked with those two idiots, Jessie and James. She could contact him via them.

But in the meantime, she kept her two guests in rapid company.

These two were evil personified.


Akuma stared into his surroundings. This area seemed bare, but power was flowing everywhere. This power was incapacitating him, he was surrendering to it. He had no soul, as he lost it when he gained power to the raging demon. But now.....

A fresh world. More souls to take. More power to gain. Akuma, undefeated, would be able to gain the powerful souls of Ryu and Bison, as the power of Mako intensified his power of the Raging Demon...........


Ogre was thinking the same things. He felt power flow around him, ready for the taking. He sensed strong souls here as well. The young boy, Jin was still here, and he didn't finish taking Heihachi's soul.....

He sensed a few others that he hadn't recognised before.....a young girl, with an art which hadn't been used in many a millenium, the only one who had perfected it.

Ogre sensed many strong souls with abilites to channel their energy and release it, one of them was a champion, stronger than any other.

Ogre also sensed young souls, one with an incredible desire and spirit, and another, strong of will and mind, as well as a third, strong of knowledge and desire.

He sensed many other people, before staring into the eyes of the devil, a man who he strangely, couldn't sense.....


Ogre and Akuma looked at one another. They sensed no soul in either but craved others. They telepathically reached a conclusion.

(You are as evil as I) Akuma 'said'.

(Thank you.) Ogre 'replied'.

(We have somehow been transported into this new world......with strong wills and strong souls) Akuma said.

(I know, and I feel that we have been shared this destiny to remove them) Ogre said.

(So, whilst this unknown power flows through us, we will never have a better chance to take them, before we can return to destroy the human world) Akuma said.

(Exactly. I require power as much as you would seem logical that the Ogre and the Devil should work together) Ogre sneered.

(Interesting. I will take you up on that offer, as our power combined would be unbeatable) Akuma said.

(Yes......the thirst for power is drawing.....) Ogre started.

(.....And we shall take our fill) Akuma finished.

Akuma and Ogre suddenly glowed as they vanished from sight.

And from above them an alien figure snickered. "Fools......."


O.K, so this chapter is short, but the opening chapters are just to get the main people together in certain areas, everything will work out, I promise!

Hope you enjoy this change of style, I am! (How sad.)


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