Mako Crossover Chapter 6

Reality Check

By Chris Homer

O.K, the main groups have been made, now there is going to be quite a bit of switching, which may decided short chapters (so this first bit may be Chapter 6a, then 6b, etc.) We start with Cloud's group in Gongagga, where he has Ling from Tekken, Ash and Brock from Pokemon, Barret and Cait from FF7 and Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter)

All the characters are in union with their respective companies, I don't plan to make any money out of them.

All original characters (e.g. Gale Dragon) are all mine.


"So, let me get this straight.........we are in another world...." Ken asked for the hundreth time, he didn't get it the first time and probably wouldn't.

"Yes...." Cloud said patiently.

".....expect for the dude with the spikey hair, the big black guy and the schizophrenic robot....who live here." Ken said.

"Yes...." Barret said, not quite as patiently.

".....and there is some evil from all of our eras which has been transported here, so we can stop it!" Ken finished.


"Thank you....hey!" Ken realised what the robot said.

"Oh well, one step at a time!" Ryu joked. Ken tried to hit him and missed.

Ling groaned. She could sense this would be an interesting ordeal.

"So, from your worlds, there is some force of evil which has also entered here. You've already told us what they are, but for the benefit of Ken......" Cloud joked.

"HEY!" Ken moaned, fed up of being picked on. (NOTE: Ken is my favourite character on the game where I kick ass at, but still, I like to take the piss out of him)

"He knows, Cloud. I've drilled it in him enough times." Ryu mused. Ken just rolled his eyes.

"How can we stop these guys? I mean, you guys look up to the job which your weapons and that magic stuff you showed, but us, I don't think we can be much help." Ash spoke for the first time.

"Maybe not battle wise, but your....what was the name again?" Cloud said.

"Pokemon." Brock, Ling and Ash said at the same time, Cloud was almost as bad as Ken.

"...Sorry, Pokemon could bring the element of surprise, and by the looks of that battle you had, some are quite powerful!" Cloud said. Both Ling and Ash showered under the praise.

"So, we conclude that Bison, Ogre and Akuma are definetly the power forces. What about this Team Rocket and their boss?" Barret asked, genuinely interested, a big man maybe, but with kids, he was something else.

"Team Rocket keep trying to steal my Pikachu." Ash indicated the little yellow rodent asleep next to him, whispering snores of "Chu...Chu...." Ling was patting it, Pikachu was trusting the young girl and liked her company, slightly annoying Ash, but not much.

"They are definete pains, but I don't think they are part of this evil. They are not smart enough or powerful enough to attempt something like this on their own." Brock stated.

"Maybe they'll work together with this Bison and co...." Ling said.

"Nah, if these two are as idiotic as you say, then Bison would crush them instantly. Do these characters have any goodness in them, that you've seen?" Ken asked.

Brock and Ash thought for a while. They had tried to kidnap and steal, and at times, had been wicked with them, but there were definete signs. When Jessiebell (For none watchers, James' 'finacee'; he hates her) tried to poach James, he let Ash and company in his dog, Growlys huge house (James' parents are millionaires), they have had several truces for certain reasons. Meowth was also caring at times, defending another Meowth's honour and also caring for Misty's Togepi......

Ash hesitated, thinking of Misty, before saying "I suppose so, they are more annoying than evil......"

Brock had seen that look in Ash's eyes, the look of sorrow and worry. He used it only for two things. When his pokemon were in trouble....or.....

Cait asked Ling about this Heihachi character.

"Heihachi treats you like your kids....(Ken was about to say she still is a kid but decided not to), he had plans for global destruction if Jin and Hwoarang hadn't stopped him. The Ogre tried to possess him, but now I think he is here somewhere." Ling said.

Cait remembered something else too.

"Listen, Ryu, Ken, you said that Bison and Akuma were evil, but you also mentioned a man named Sagat. He must have come here too......"

"Yes. Viktor Sagat is a legendary fighter, in his late 30s, has defeated many opponents, including some legends such as Gen and Adon in our world, his only three defeats in 20 years have been to myself twice, and to Ken once."

"Impressive......our friend Tifa would be impressed by some of these creditentials." Cloud paused, a pain going into his heart, about Tifa, and where the hell was she.....

Regaining composure, Cloud said "Is he evil?"

Ryu had to think about this. "I don't know....he is the right hand man to Bison in Shadowlaw, and he does many of the dealings with drugs, weapons, prostitution, and most things illegal, but I do know he is a warrior of honour, he has never killed anyone in battle, and refuses to murder with weaponry, his sense of Thai honour never allows it. I don't know."

"Well, if he is still with Bison, we'd have to take him out as well." Barret said. He stood up. "You spoke about friends.....ours are missing as well. I guess we'd better find everyone." He smiled at the two male martial artists. "You'd like to know Tifa, our own champion fighter.....where the hell are you Tif?" Barret moaned.

Ash also fell solemn, wondering where the heck Misty was? Brock put a hand on his shoulder.

"She'll be fine." he said, quietly.

"Yeah......hey, how did you know I was thinking about Misty!" Ash said, a mild blush coming over him.

"You're getting quiet. You aren't usually like this unless your pokemon are hurt, or you are worried about something." he said.

"I'm worried about this evil!" he said quickly, a bit too quickly.

"Do you like her?" he said.

"Of course, she's a friend!" Ash said, a bit quick again.

"I mean like her....." Brock said, putting more emphasis on the word like.

Ash started to blush and stutter. ", why you that?"

Ash got up and excused himself, claiming he needed some fresher air. Brock thought there was some truth, he'd need to let the air come out of those now reddening cheeks.

Ling was quiet, observing her surroundings. The two young boys were certainly interesting nough, Brock had apologised about hitting on her, although he still regarded her as 'cute.' They had an interest that she had at their age, and her childhood fantasies were still within her small frame.

She was also in the company of possibly the two greatest fighters in her realm. Surely now she was safe from anything........

...and those others. The two humans looked like they earned their respect in this world, and that robot could be very useful.

However, she had one thought on her mind.

'Hwoarang, if you die, I'll never forgive myself......."


"So, what do you think of our 'saviours?' Barret laughed at Cloud.

"Don't knock it. They could come in very handy......." Cloud started when a roar and a scream got their attention.

"It looks like the party's starting without us......" Barret said.

They ran quick out of Gongagga. The scream had come from Ash. Quick as a flash, Cloud and Barret had rushed, Ryu and Ken also left the house, as did Ling, who had released Panda, obviously now keeping it out. Pikachu had heard its trainers scream and woke up with a start. It scooted across the ground as quick as a, mouse, and Cait plodded last in the background, as slow as a,, oh forget it!

Ash stared as did Brock, and when they got there, so did everyone else, including Cloud, staring in shock.

A version of the Dark Dragon had come, but it's size was similar to a WEAPON. Ash almost fainted on the spot, but maintained his composure to try and figure a situation hwo to run away, it was a dragon, vulnerable to water.....Misty would have probably destroyed it, but Ash couldn't let other thoughts ruin his state of mind.

"Squirtle, go!" he commanded. The cute turtle was released and with a cry of "Squirtle!" went after its attacker.

Unfortunately, after seeing its attacker, it decided that the pokeball was the best place to be, running in it. Ash couldn't blame it really, it was like sending it out to death, he waited for the Reaper.

The hot breath was upon it, but it stopped short. Ash looked up and Cloud had ran at it, slashing away. He turned to see Cait casting a Quake3 spell, whilst Barret was blasting it with everything it had.

"It's weak against water and rock!" said Cait, who identified the creature as a "Gale Dragon". This was one of Jenova's tricks, probably just to warm them up, but they weren't going to be an easy feast. "Use attacks based on them." Of course, they then realised that Yuffie that all the water magic (Leviathan, Aqua Lung, etc.)

But Brock had heard them. He got two pokeballs.

"Now, you are gonna see what I can do, go Geodude, Onix!" Brock screamed.

Hurtling from the pokeball, a rock showing no fear but with a face emerged, along with a huge rock dragon. Cloud and co were slightly impressed.

"Geodude, rock throw! Onix, tackle!" Brock commanded.

"Squirtle, I know you are scared, but we need your help. Please...." Ash whispered.

A quiet sound emerged, and Squirtle reappeared, nervous, but determined to save his trainer's skin.

"Squirtle, full power water gun!" Ash said.

Squirtle obeyed, and a huge jettison of water hit the dragon in the face, along with a pile of rocks and a headbutt from Onix. The dragon screamed and cast an attack known as Gale, it's wings blasting a wind attack, hoping to send the opposition away.

Cloud went to cast his Knights materia, but Ryu put a hand on his shoulder.

"Let us handle this." said Ryu.

The attacks from the dragon had sent Ash and Brock flying. His pokemon returned, but the dragon had been weakened. Suddenly, something that hadn't seem humanly possible did.

From both Ryu and Ken's hands, electricity formed in their hands.

Cloud gasped as they shouted "HA-DO-KEN!" and the two fireballs joined together, hitting the dragon directly against the chest.

The dragon yelled. It wasn't weak or strong against electricity, but this attack had winded him.

Pikachu, seeing that, took advantage, and with a loud "PIKACHU!" it hit its most powerful Thunder Bolt attack, around the dragon, whilst Barret and Cait still attacked with gun and materia, Cloud still dumbstruck by the attack Ryu and Ken did.

However, almost everyone was dumbstruck by the little mouse, who had blasted 10000 volts into the dragon, severely weakening it. Ryu knew about Pokemon in Japan, but never one with that much power for such a small creature.

Ryu and Ken took the initative, and waved Barret off with his gun. Ryu somehow, jumped to the dragon's chest and execute his hurricane kick. The pain wasn't too much, but he followed up with a dragon punch. Blood roared from the wound as Ken followed up with a quicker hurricane kick and punch. Ryu muttered "Show off" as they stepped back. It was getting weaker.

Suddenly, Ling shouted "Let me at it!"

Ryu and Ken were surprised to see the school girl running at it, but she jumped and landed on their shoulders. She used them to springboard and jump even higher, towards the dragon's neck.

Her kick connected.

The dragon roared, bones snapping and it's neck flopping down. Ling, despite leaping over 18 feet into the air, landed on her feet easily, and dropped into a pheonix stances, her arms folded back, and yellow power seemed to fill them. Neither Ryu or Ken knew what she was going to do. Both Pikachu and Panda though were getting excited.

The dragon saw its last sight as Ling span, hit the dragon onces with her arms, and then finished the move with a double uppercut, her super attack, smashing the dragons neck in pieces.

The dragon didn't even roar. The wound from the dragon punches plus this was way too much. It collapsed without so much of a moan.

"Eww....." Ling suddenly felt like she was going to be sick.

Cloud looked amazed, as did Barret. Even Tifa didn't possess these kind of attacks. These guys were obviously something special.

He turned to see a groggy Ash and Brock getting up. Their....pokemon were quite useful as well. They may stop this evil, yet, even though, they knew it was only the beginning.

But before he could establish that anymore, he, along with Barret, Ash and Brock were babbling questions to the three martial artists. "Where did you learn that? How did you do that? That's amazing! That's impossible....."

"Hmm....most, all of my friends can do similar attacks." Ryu said. Cloud knew that the group here had some power, and from looking at Ryu's face, he knew that it wasn't all good news.

"Yep, our enemies can do them as well." Ryu sighed. Cloud nodded.

Ling raised a pokeball. "GO.....ARTICUNO!"

The legendary bird of ice appeared as Ash and Brock looked impressed.

"Articuno, turn this thing into a frozen waste!" she said.

The friendly looking bird cooed as Ling petted it and it flew to the dead dragon. It flapped its wings and ice and snow surrounded the huge dragon. Before long, it was nothing more than a block of ice.

"RIGHT, PIDGEOT, GO!" she said. Ash caught was she was doing. "PIDGEOTTO, I CHOOSE YOU!" he said.

The two birds materialized, and looked like to engage in some sort of conversation, but their two trainers caught them in mid-speech.

"Pidgeotto. Pidgeot. Blow this thing back to where it came from." they said.

Cloud smiled. He pointed to the area of the northern crater.

"Blow it as far as you can in that direction!" they said.

The two birds went into a double gust. Suddenly a tornado appeared. "WHOA!" Barret said. "HOLY SH..." he stopped himself in time.

The two birds sent the tornado above ground, so that nothing was destroyed, but Jenova was gonna get a welcoming present.......

"That was awesome!" Cloud said.

Both trainers looked sheepish as Barret was talking to Brock, impressed by his pokemon as well.

Ryu and Ken also went to congratulate Ling, by some quick thinking and some amazing agility that would rival both Sakura and Chun-Li.

They then all thought about their friends, missing in this world.

"O.K, how are we gonna find everyone?" Barret said, as everyone settled down.

"Cait, you can detect them surely?" said Cloud.

"Negative, Cloud. The Mako explosion damaged the tracer system within me. If Reeve was here, we could fix it, but...." he finished, sadly.

"Right, does Gongaga have any Chocobos?" said Barret.

"Nope, but we're near some tracks by the Gold Saucer, we can get some there....." said Cloud. "Damn, Tifa's got the Lure materia."

"Well, we can still get some. We just have to be extra careful." said Barret. Cait pulled a sleepel materia, and he could sense chocobos around the area still.

"Gold Saucer,what's that?" Ling asked.

"It's this giant amusement park...." Barret started, but never finished.

"Amusement park! Yay!" Ling started.

'Oh, no." Though Barret, knowing what going to come next. "No!"

"Aw, come on.....if you say it gonna take a while, why cant the rest of us have a bit of fun, hey, we might die tomorrow, it will be the last chance we get!" she said.

"Real pessimestic....and it ain't gonna work!" Barret said.

"Aw, come on Barret, they are only kids!" said Cloud.

"I'm not a kid! I'm 16, I just love theme parks!" she said.

"Well, you remind myself of another annoying 16 year old....." he started, but Ling got a menacing look.

"Aw come on sir, if the robot can sense it and can catch them, they it can do that, we can rest in the Saucer and have a bit of fun!" 10 year old Ash Ketchum was certainly into these sort of things.

"Well....." Barret stuttered, but Cloud could see in his face that this was a losing battle. Barret was a soft heart with kids.


Ling squealed and on impulse, leapt and hugged him. "Thank you! Thank you!" she said.

Barret had to smile, and had a feeling that this would be Marlene in 10 years.......Marlene.....Cait said she had been captured......

Ling and co were heading into North Corel, Barret held his breath as he followed the kids......ready to explain his past, his present, and the meaning of GP.......


Jenova was more than a little disappointed that the attempt on the party's life had failed. With the combined deformed power of the Ogre and Akuma, Jenova had created beings more powerful than Sephiroth could ever be. The Gale Dragon had been seen as a warm-up, but it looked like she had underestimated the power of some of the other members from the portals.

She was particularly impressed with the girl called Ling Xiayou. She had youth, yet the experience of a great warrior. Someone who could snap a dragons neck like that demanded respect. The two other warriors, Ryu and Ken, had power inside of them waiting to be unleashed.

The Ogre was a bit angry and yet pleased. After combining their power, they had gone after the groups with creatures created from their sick minds (unknowing to them, Jenova, who has no soul and is alien, is actually manipulating them), but they had defeated 'their' first offering. The two men, Ryu and Ken, were warriors who he hadn't seen before, but their power was similar, if not greater to the young Kazama boy, whose mother it had killed in pure pleasure.

Akuma knew about those two, and their power. The young girl had potential as well, but he hadn't seen creatures such as the ones the two young males along with the girl had released. The power coming from the other three, including the robot, was unheard of in their world.

Akuma relaxed, knowing that the power of Mako flowing in him, they had unlimited chances. Perhaps a different target is needed.......

Jenova directed their paths to the girl group. It should be easier, especially as a couple were in a panic about now........


Reeve woke up with an intense pain in his head. His groggy figure blinked a few times before recognising the area. It was near the chocobo farm area, and he tried to remember what happened.

A giant of a man took him out with one blow. His head felt like the Gold Saucer was on top of him.

He tried to stand but two things were stopping him. The first thing was the intense pain in his head, the second and more obvious was that he was tied to a tree.

He tried to struggle but it was useless. He was too weak in this condition.

Then he looked around better. Marlene.....Elymra.......they were gone......

"Relax.....they are fine at the moment....." said a sinister voice.

Reeve turned to look at one of the men who had materialized in front of him in Kalm. It was the smallest one, but he looked the most sinister, with his blood red attire, his white eyes, and his devils grin.

Reeve spoke. "Who are you?"

"Never mind that." The intense glare of his eyes tried to make Reeve succumb. Reeve couldn't help it but feel helpless against this man....this devil. "You should worry about yourself, this planet, your friends."

"" Reeve stuttered, extremely weak.

"They are over there, as my allies are now demonstrating." The man (Bison) said.

Reeve looked around to see Elymra also tied to a tree, and was getting berated by Sagat, both voice wise and physically wise. Every time he hit her, her way to unconsciousness deepened.

"You ba....." he started, but suddenly felt like passing out as well. Reeve came to a conclusion that he was a grain of dust compared to the man in front of him.

In the other mans arms was Marlene. She was struggling against the giant of a man who held her easily. There was no chance in hell she could escape, despite the fact that she was showing more bravery than him.


When Reeve refused to answer, Bison used his psycho power to delve into Reeve's mind. Reeve seemed to be transforming into a zombie, as his face was white, his eyes transfixed ahead of him and he seemed to be in a trance.

"I am Reeve, one of Avalanche's members." Reeve stated, in a drone voice.

"Avalanche.....who are they?" Bison 'thought' still plaguing with Reeve's mind.


Bison thought. This Avalanche could be a problem in his plan to take over this world. By delving into his mind, he learnt more about Avalanche, their skills, age, weapons.....he licks his lips seeing Tifa Lockheart in his mind, but after he got the info he wanted, he let off, leaving Reeve unconscious.

"Sagat, Heihachi, I believe we have hit pay-dirt!" Bison exclaimed.

Bison explained to them about this Avalanche, that they just recently saved this planet, so to own this world, they are a major threat which needs to be taken out.

"What about Ryu? Isn't he here?" Sagat exclaimed.

Bison thought 'Oh shit.' He had forgot that some of the Street Fighters may be here. Probably all of them who fought in Austrailia. With people like Ryu, Chun-Li and Guile here as well, they may have a few problems.

Heihachi added to the worries by saying "Well, don't forget about some of the Tekken Fighters. They ain't exactly snails in disguise either."

Bison cursed. But they did have a ploy.

And she was in Sagat's hands. Literaly.

"We'll take these two with us......they may prove useful in a hostage situation. However, the girl will remain die." he said.

Heihachi smirked. Sagat remained expressionless. "Why, sir?"

"Just to show any members of Avalanche that we mean business.....we won't hesitate to take a life.....even little girls."

Sagat dropped Marlene, she started to cry but Bison put a hold on her mind. She passed out quickly.

"The scavengers and vermin around here which I sense will finish her off quickly." he said. "Even if they don't, she die of thirst and hunger or tiredness. A young girl couldn't travel so far on foot, we've already faced some creatures and dispatched them, she won't survive." Bison finished with an evil cackle.

Sagat and Heihachi nodded, understanding the logic.

"With ease, the two men each picked up one of the unconscious figures, Heihachi with Elymra and Sagat with Reeve, and walked down another long patch.

Marlene laid down in the grass area, unconscious.

And the searchers were hunting........


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