Mako Crossover Chapter 7


By Chris Homer

In this section, it will be Tifa's group mainly, but also Red's group.


Chun-Li and Tifa were running in quick bursts, unsure of where the figures went. They went of where they were in Midgar, so had to hurry. If this Bison is as evil as Chun-Li made him out to be, then there is no question what he might do with Reeve and Elymra, not to mention a four year old girl.

Tiredly, the other girls, lagging behind, had complained about why they were woken up and chasing some 'ghosts' as Yuffie put it. But the two older girls were more determined, and despite some attempts of strangling Yuffie and Sakura (Misty had wisely stayed quiet), they were all on their feet, searching for Bison.

The early rays of dawn had come out and light cleared the view, making the girls realise how little they slept last night. Even Misty, who had a sleeping bag, seemed to have bags around her eyes.

However, the two leading girls were obviously determined. Chun-Li had a score to settle whilst Tifa wouldn't let any harm come to Marlene, Barret would never forgive her if something happened to his little girl.

The two had quickly explained what was going on and were heading to the Kalm area. They decided to ask people of any suscipious characters. Well, Tifa and Chun asked, the others tried to get some sleep.

After an hour of asking, "Have you seen some suspicious characters.....have you seen a young girl, a mid-thirties man and woman both leave the area.......", it seemed like a hopeless situation, but then Tifa struck gold with the innkeeper.

"Listen, sir, have you seen some strange figures, or three of our friends, a 4 year old girls and a man and woman leave this area last night?" she asked.

"Well, didn't see, but......" he started.

"But....." she asked. The innkeeper was nervous, not only because of what happened, but because the beautiful woman in front of him was just inches away and he started to sweat.

"....Well, three people fitting the last description have been here for a few days now. But suddenly, last night, when I went to check upon everyone, they were gone.....wthout paying last night's fee, I tell you....."

"Forget about the god damned fee, we need to know where they went!" she said.

"I don't know! All I know is that they are gone, and I haven't got a clue where they went or for that matter who they went with!" he said.

Tifa calmed down slightly and left the inn, the innkeeper breathing a sigh of relief.


"Chun, they were here! However, I don't know where they went!" Tifa said.

"Looks like we'll have to go on instinct, we'll keep on going east....." she said.

"Yeah, too bad Red isn't with us....." Yuffie said.

"Red, whose Red?" Misty asked.

"One of our friends......well, he's a friend, but not a human friend, he's a legendary beast of Cosmo Canyon." Tifa said.

"Beast?" squealed Sakura, not overly fond of the word.

"Don't worry, I trust him with my life, along with my other friends. He is calm and friendly, and has as much intelligence as you or I, probably more." Tifa said. Sakura didn't look convinced, but the others looked satisfied. After all, it looked like everyone here is after the same thing.

"He could have traced the scent, but it looks like we have to rely on footwork." Yuffie said. "Hey, we are near the Chocobo Farm! You've got the Lure materia as well, maybe we can get a few chocobos to help us get faster!"

"We kept our blue, black, green and gold chocobos at the Farm anyway, we could just ask Bill to lend them us." Tifa said.

"Chocobo? What's that?" Misty asked.

Tifa was about to explain, when they heard a sound, a sound, they didn't like. It sound like a deep croaking.

"What's that noise?" Sakura asked.

Tifa shook her head. "I don't know, but I don't like it. Come on." she said, running to the trace of the sound.

Chun followed, Yuffie behind her, with Sakura and Misty more apprehensive of meeting whatever made that noise.


The noise was made by a flying creature, never seen before by Tifa or Yuffie. It was a bat like creature but with bird like wings and talons. It was a creature of the night, but it seemed all right in the early daylight as well. It was swooping over a small figure, breathing quickly, but looked out of it.

Tifa ran and looked at horror at the creature, circling the prey. Tifa screamed when she saw what the prey was.

It was a young girl.

"MARLENE!!!!" she screamed, angrier than ever before. The bird creature heard the scream and saw them. Tifa showed no fear as she pulled out a materia.


The old man came upon a cliff. The others (except for Yuffie) were a bit stunned. Tifa had shown them how to use basic materia, but this was way above expectations. The old man blasted a thunderbolt onto the creature, directing its impact onto it, and avoiding Marlene, which during this, Yuffie had rolled under the beast, grabbed Marlene and scooted off.

After the spell was finished, the creature screamed, and fell slightly, but not too much. It screeched again, but this time, it seemed directed at the group.

The screech attack had most of the group on their knees, the pain in their heads was excruitating. All except Yuffie had fallen, who wisely had a ribbon, which made abnormal attacks such as this inaccurate. Her shuriken was drew out and she aimed at it with deadly accuracy.

It was a good job that Marlene had passed out otherwise she would have screamed at the sight of red and black blood spilled from the creatures stomach. But Yuffie wasn't done yet.


The screeching had stopped and everyone except Tifa were in awe as giant pulsating rays emitted from her weapon, affecting the monmster, its wound getting worse and its energy getting sapped.

Now, the others had gained more confidence. Misty boldly stepped up. "Let me try something!" she asked, as she grabbed two of her pokeballs.

"Starmie, Staryu, go!" she screamed, hoping for once, Psyduck didn't pop out. She got her wish as the two starfish pokemon emerged.

"Starmie, Staryu, double tackle!" she shouted. The two starfish pokemon whirled in the air like boomerangs, striking their many edges into the already opened wound of this creature. Misty tried hard not to gag, as her two pokemon returned and readied themselves for another attack.

The creature realised it was in trouble and had to be rid of these things quickly. It's wings flapped extremely hard as a powerful gust threatened to blow them away. However, the quickness of Sakura and Chun-Li saved the day.

They were also getting blown away, but they used the gust to their advantage. The gust allowed them to jump, extremely high, as they powered up their chi at the same time.

The creature looked on as two young women were powering up their fireball attacks.



The two blue fireballs in mid-air struck the creature head on. Both Yuffie and Tifa were impressed just by that, but what Chun-Li was about to do, defied both their expections, along with gravity.

After hitting the fireball, Chun was still hgh in the air. Sakura was on the way down, but Chun still had a plan. She hadn't used this move in a while, because it was hard to time perfectly and on a smaller target, but this time, she felt that it could be the death move.

She turned in mid-air, using the gust attack to her advantage, and defied gravity with a cry of "SPINNING BIRD KICK!"

What Tifa saw was a woman, not much older than herself, in mid-air, turn upside down, and twirl like a helicopter, her kicks striking the creatures....1...2.....6 times. She then reverted upright and landed softly.

The creature wasn't so lucky. It was half-unconscious and hadn't got the energy to fly.

Tifa looked in awe at the young police officer. "That was amazing!" she said.

"Thank you!" she said, but tugged her as the creature was stirring.

Tifa raised her fist. "Now, it's my turn to impress you!" she said, running to the creature.

Chun-Li watched as Tifa's own chi was gathering around her. First was her fists striking donwards into the creatures open wound, the blows sounded like they could crack stone. Chun then saw Tifa go into a version of the flash kick, one foot on the stomach as her other foot hit it in the head. She landed perfectly on her feet and then gathered up her chi. Her next move was aided by water power, which Misty would have given everything to learn, as the sweep kick landed. Then Chun-Li saw Tifa spin behind it. Her chi was coming much stronger know. Then, somehow, she lifted the monster and slammed it hard. Before Chun could question her strength, she went into a version of the Dragon Punch, again, aided by water power. She grabbed it neck and flipped over it, smashing it in the process.

Tifa knelt by it, her fist powering up for the final blow. The creature looked so pathetic and sorry, it was in its death theores.

However, it had tried to kill a 4 year old girl. She felt no pity.

It connected, sending it back to hell where it came from.

Tifa stood up as the rotting carcass passed away. She was a bit tired, but not worse for wear. Chun-Li and Sakura were clapping, Misty looked gob-smacked whilst Yuffie had an amused look.

"The ultimate ass-kicker!" she laughed.

Tifa smiled, but then remembered Marlene.

"Marlene!!!" she shouted, but Yuffie hushed.

"She alright." And Yuffie showed the trembling, yet, sleeping figure of the young girl.

"O.K......O.k." Tifa relaxed, as she and Chun-Li looked at each other.

"THAT WAS AWESOME!" both of them said at the same time. Sakura giggled.

"You defied gravity with those moves!" Tifa said.

"You defied power with those moves!" Chun-Li said.

Misty by now was also joining in, wondering how Tifa learned the water based attacks, begging her to teach her. Of course, Tifa momentarilly refused, as they had a mission to carry out.

Yuffie picked up Marlene and Misty lent Yuffie her sleeping bag, so Marlene could be wrapped in it.

"It looks like we'd better get to the farm and fast." Tifa said, and prayed that Marlene hadn't been hurt in any way.

The excitement over, they resumed their journey.


Meowth was always a solitary creature. His ability to speak English surprised many, but was a loner. He was his own trainer, his two 'pets' as he called them, were only with him because they could do things that he couldn't because of their obvious size advantage. They treated him fairly well, but always got the blunt of their failed attempts of taking Pikachu.

However, he was really comforted by the young girl he was on the shoulder of. Unlike Jessie and James, she displayed a great deal of aura and intelligence, and overwhelming goodness, much like the girl back in his world who treated him when he was ill.

He realised that Jessie and James were not with him, but he didn't care. He knew that something was wrong here, and he felt safer with this girl than with any one. Even the big dog creature named Nanaki couldn't scare him.

Vincent and Red had been apprehensive with the cat and the two humans with the 'R' on them, but the girl they trusted. She explained a bit about her life, her foster mother Julia Chang, about her friends, the tournament and how she is here now. Vincent was impressed with her skills, as he found out, and Red was just impressed with the young girl, who seemed to command nature, and yet at the same time, seem so innocent and loving.

They arrived at the observatory. Bugenhagen had been moved out and stored into a special area. Red had been notified and was as expected, extremely saddened, but they would shoot him into the stars, a special cremation, allowing his ashes to allign himself to the planet.

Julia was saddened, even Meowth felt a bit sad, small tears forming. Red surprisingly shrugged it off, and they went to rest in the observatory.

"So, I guess, that members from three portals of your world have come to our world. Julia, you are with one group and Meowth, you are with another, am I correct?" Red said.

Both nodded.

"That means that there is a third group scattered around the planet as well. Damn, it could be good or bad." Vincent interjected.

"So, you and your friends, as well as enemies are here, in both parties." said Red.

"Yep." Meowth said. "Although, they ain't our enemies really, we've just been assigned to capture their Pikachu!"

"Pikachu?" Red puzzled, a look rare for him.

"It's a small electric mouse pokemon, usually they are docile, but this one is mega-powerful.....that's why we have to catch it!" Meowth stated.

"Hmmm.....thieves...." Vincent said.

"I prefer to say 'business'." Meowth smirked.

Vincent gave a small smile and went to the main area.

"Red, if three different portal allignments have now entered the planet, could they be shown here?" Vincent asked.

Red thought for a minute. The Mako explosion was a change in the energy of the planet, and these different particles will probably be with the people from the portals, so that could be a definite possibility.........

Both of their thoughts were interrupted by a crashing through the doors.

"WAAAH!" screamed Jessie and James, as they plowed through.

"Prepare for troubbbblllleee...." they started, before collapsing.

Everyone groaned, including Meowth. He hopped off Julia's shoulder and went to 'wake' them up, with his traditional scratch.

Two screams, and an attempt to beat up Meowth later, Jessie and James woke up to their surroundings.

"What is this?" Jessie asked.

"This is my late grandfather's observatory, and we were trying to work out what happened to you, and if your friends or in your case, 'enemies' are around here." said Vincent.

"OHHHHHHHHH......." they said, sarcastically, but Meowth looked at them with a believing look.

"I know how to work this thing, but there is only room for three. Vincent, Julia you won't mind coming in, whilst those two recover." Red said. Vincent and Julia nodded, although Julia didn't have a clue what was going on.

"O.K, Meowth, make sure you don't get into any trouble." Julia said.

"Trouble...." Jessie started, but Meowth scratched her again before she could start the chant.

Julia had to giggle. She hopped in with Vincent and Red as they move up a floor.

Julia looked dumbstruck as she saw what looked like the planet, in model scale, ahead of her, but it looked.....real. Shooting stars and energy from the land and space were transporting around it.

"It's beautiful." she whispered.

Red smiled. His grandfather was proud of his work. Red realised now he would have to follow his footsteps in the work of becoming an Elder, as well as protector of Cosmo Canyon.

They went closer for a better look. Energy was projecting from many areas. The planet was their oyster.

Red looked at the air of the Northern Crater and nodded. "Here, look here." he said.

Vincent and Julia looked at one particular area. It showed a lot of energy flow from the area bursting in many directions.

"If we follow the trail, we can locate wherever everyone is." Red stated.

The three main paths of energy were flowing into paths. Two parts were in the Kalm area, one bright, one dark.

"This signifies that energy of goodness and evil are in the area." Red said, a bit worried. Julia nodded, looking at Heihachi or Ogre could be there. Vincent looked as passive as ever.

Red went over the Mako particles which have recently been transmitted. There was some in the Rocket Town area as well as some in Cosmo, of course. However, he noticed that whilst most of the Mako was pouring out of the Crater, there was some power which remained there. This was odd, because the Crater in this condition, would gush Mako, unless.....

He noticed that they were dark, and as big as a large marble on the model, signifies lots of power.

"This isn't good." Red stated, as he proceeded to tell his two friends what happened.

Julia held her breath. "One of them is probably Ogre.......he loves power and is as evil as they come........"

"So, who is the other?" Vincent asked.

They were about to consider options, when Red spotted something else on the model. Something disturbing as far as he was concerned.

"Look at this outside the Canyon." he said.

They looked and found another similar size dark power outside it.

"No.........what could that be?" Red said.

"It can't be that Team Rocket?" Vincent said. Red shook his head.

"Then who is it?" Julia asked.


So, who is the other power? Hazard a guess, mail me, it isn't a character that has already been mentioned, but is a character out of the four games in this fanfic.


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