Mako Crossover Chapter 8

Highwind Takes Charge

By Chris Homer

Cid was forced to break the passionate embrace with Shera, remembering that he had to find his friends. The conservation between the two was fairly short (Cid goes to Shera "Shera I....." whilst Shera said "Cid, I...." and then they kissed), but the passion between them certainly wasn't.

"I'm sorry, Shera, for all the shit I've made you put up with, you saved my life, and now, I've got to save everyone elses.....again!" He sighed, wondering if he was getting too old for this.

Shera had to giggle, Cid was frustrated, but in a gentle way.

"I understand." she said.

Cid went to turn away, but Shera held him again and they kissed again. Cid closed his eyes as the Highwind, Sephiroth, the portals, Mako, it all exited his mind for this moment......

Guile had popped his head round the corner but saw what was going on and decided to make himself scarce. As he was about to, Cid spotted him and released Shera.

"" Cid said, stupidly. Guile smiled, he had reconciled with his wife Jane, and his daughter Amy in a previous tournament so he knew what Cid was going through.

"Have you rounded the troups?" Cid said.

"Yep, although they may fire rounds at each other" Guile said looking back at the small ensamble behind him.

Although there seemed to be temporary peace between Gary, Jin and Hwoarang, that didn't mean a rucus could erupt any second.

"Hmm..." Cid looked on as he entered. He kissed Shera then gave a 'I know it, you know it' voice to the three younger members of this group.

"Now listen..........whether you like it or we like it, we've gotta work together, and find these evil bastards which Seph called about, now, although my airship is in the crater, probably destroyed, that doesn't mean we can't travel." He smirked.

He walked down to the shed area, where a contented smirk hit his face.

"The Baby Bronco." he said.

A small plane, blue, the size of the Tiny Bronco, was awaiting in a hidden part of Cid back garden, which looked much larger than it seemed. It was hidden behind many aspects of vegetation, and despite its colour, it seemed to be hidden pretty well.

"The sister ship to the Tiny Bronco, my first flying machine." he said.

Guile looked on, impressed. It was no match obviously for his best Air Pilots, but Cid was in his words 'The best damn pilot in the business.", and after learning about him, he seemed to agree with him.

The other three had similar actions, Jin had been on his grandfather's helicopter, but it was closed and stuffy, this was air free. Hwoarang had never been in the air before, except to get to the tournament, and wasn't sure what to make of it. Gary was enthusiastic, as he had never flew before.

"All right, let's go!" Gary screamed, ready to jump on, but was held by the scruff of the neck by Cid.

"Hold it, young man, there is a slight problem." Cid said.

"What?" Gary asked, obviously eager to get on.

"The engine needs fixing." he said. "Looks like you may not be as useless as I thought."

Gary groaned, passing out on the floor with a 'I should have known' kinda look.

"Chill, kid, me and Guile can fix this crap within 10 minutes. You show us your poke-thingys and what they can do, might entertain us!" Cid said.

Gary perked up a bit, he like showing off.

He got his pokedex out, ready to bring more out when static hit it.

"What the hell......" Jin and Gary said at the same time.

"It looks like I can't bring the ones from the storage shed. The interference between the two worlds is stopping it." Gary said.

"So....which ones have you got now?" said Hwoarang.

"Well, I've got Raichu, an evolved Pikachu, which used electric attacks. Vaporeon, a water evee, which uses water and ice attacks. Golbat, an evolved Zubat, uses poison, sonic and drain attacks. Hitmonlee, who basically fights. Ivysaur, an evolved Bulbasaur, uses ground, grass and vine attacks, and also Arcaine, a powerful fire dog pokemon, evolved from a Growlithe." he said.

He released them all, whilst most looked cute, they demonstrated signs of battle and power ready.

"I have others, such as Nidoran, Beetril, Clefairy, Mankey, Weepingbell......much more than that loser, Ash!" he said, with a smug look.

"I'll take it that this loser, Ash, is your rival, and is also here......" Cid said.

"Probably....doesn't matter, if it hadn't been for that portal, I would have defeated him, and become the greatest....."

"SHUT UP!" they all said.


"Of course, you can lend them!" A smiling Chole greeted Tifa Lockheart as she entered the chocobo farm.

"Thanks!" Tifa smiled to the charming girl. Bill stood, a bit in awe with all the girls, and all pretty ones, even though some were half and even in Mistys case, a quarter of his age.

"Well, Miss Lockheart, why do ya need them all of a sudden?" said Bill, as Tifa brought out a blue, black, green, dashing yellow and gold chocobo, which were quick with replies from Sakura and Misty of ' cute!"

"We've got to save our friends, something terribly evil has got our friends, and with these we would be much quicker." she said. "Have you seen some weird figures along with two people in their thirties coming past here?" Tifa said.

"Nope, except for my staff but...." Bill chuckled, as Chole hit him.

"Hey, I hope you weren't refering to me!" she said.

"No, no, of course not!" he quickly stated as Tifa chuckled.

Bill looked at the girls, only recognising Tifa and Yuffie. "Who are these fine young ladies?" he asked Tifa.

"They are friends from another universe to save the world from an evil alien. Any other questions?" Tifa sked.

Bill thougt for a minute. "Nope, that sound fairly normal." Bill said. Chun-Li looked confused.

"What's with that?" she said.

"Saving the world for us seems normal to everyone. Besides, Bills always a bit confused when pretty girls coming into his view." Tifa said.

"Reminds me of someone else." Misty chuckled, Brock immediately coming to mind.

"Well....Thanks Bill!" Yuffie said cheerily, as the five chocobos assembled, nuzzling across Yuffie's hand, where some greens were eagerly awaiting. Of course, this ended up in a bit of a panic.

"HELP!" screamed Yuffie, as all five birds tried to feed.

"Oh my god....." Sakura started.

"If you say, they've killed Kenny, I'll kill you!" Chun-Li said. Sakura quickly shut up.

"We'd better help her though!" Tifa said, getting them into restrain.


After a lot of pushing and shoving, and a comment from Yuffie about when she used to remember when a chocobo was a meal, they assembled outside, trying to locate Bison and company.

However, there was a slight problem.

"Er, guys, how do you ride one of these?" Misty said.

Tifa stopped as she went to mount. It hadn't occured to her that only she and Yuffie could ride them.

Tifa surveyed the situation.

"Do you know how to ride horses?" she said. Misty nodded, riding on her family's horses was one of the few things apart from being a better trainer that she had over her sisters who were hopeless.

Chun-Li also nodded, her work with police involvement made it customary, but Sakura looked a bit nervous.

Yuffie, who had taken a good friendship with Sakura led her to the green chocobo.

"This one is the mildest. To ride, hold the reins.....yep, like that, now hop on." sakura carefully mounted the chocobo who looked up at her. Sakura gently stroked its head, hoping it would trust her.

"That's a, it is a boy or girl?" Sakura asked.

" names Mont, as in mountain, it's a mountain chocobo, it can cross mountains!" she said.

"Wow!" she said. "What about the others?"

Yuffie looked at them. Tifa was on the gold chocobo. Yuffie was going on the black chocobo. Misty went on the blue and Chun on the yellow.

"The blue one can cross rivers, the yellow is just a normal, except this one goes at much faster speeds than the others, the black can go almost anywhere, whlst the gold can go anywhere, even in the sea.....that's how we got this!" she said.

She went out to get the Knights materia, but realised something.

"Oh damn, Cloud's got it! I should have stole it back before we vanished!" she said.

"Er, Yuffie, how do I ride this again?"

"Oh, sorry, just hold the reins, move it left and right with a big pull and for a burst of speed, tapped the sides with your feet." Yuffie said.

"Is that it?" Yuffie said.

"Sure, these are more tame than horses, just hold on tight when it goes fast!" she said as she mounted the black chocobo.

"O...KKKKKKKKK!" she yelled as it went into motion, behind the other four but still fast enough to make her skirt a bit darker.

"This is fun!" Misty said, more comfortable than you might expect an 11 year old girl on a chocobo.

Chun was enjoying herself to the limit. She was trying to out pace Tifa, who was just ahead, looking like a pro on the gold chocobo. Just behind them came Misty, then Yuffie, who was checking behind on Sakura.

"AHHHHHH!" she yelled as it seemed she would hit the wall.

The chocobo turned right to avoid it as Sakura opened her eyes.

"Remind me to hate you!" Sakura screamed.

Yuffie smirked.

"We've still got a mission!" Tifa screamed.

"Yeah, but how you gonna do it behind me?" Chun said, pulling ahead.

"WHAT?!!!! YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!" Tifa laughed, having a rare chance of fun.

As Chun and Tifa battled for the lead, and doing a good job of arguing, they didn't noticed someone jump ahead of them.

"Hey, slowpokes!" the girl said.

Chun and Tifa stopped their arguments as Misty had pulled ahead of them.

"Catch me if you can!" she screamed and raced down. Tifa and Chun broke out of shock, fled into action, with Yuffie behind, trying her best to ignore Sakura's death threats.


"All done!"

Gary sulked in the corner as his 'telling off' was complete. He only wanted to show off his Pokemon........

"It took us half the time expected, plus it was piss easy!" Cid smirked.

Hwoarang and Jin looked up at the machine ahead of them. It looked like a piece of art, but could it fly like one?

Cid could see the skeptical looks of the two martial artists.

"Get your asses in there or you be dead before you enter!" he said.

Jin and Hwoarang didn't argue. Despite their superior fighting skill, they knew they were no match against Cid's magic.

Gary was about to complain, but decided that he didn't seem to have a choice in the matter. He groaned and also got in the plane.

Guile went on next.

"You flying?" Guile asked.

"Hell, yeah!" he said.

Guile did a sarcastic moan, Cid looked like thunder before they both laughed and hopped in.

"See ya, Shera!" he shouted, mouthing out 'I love you' so that no-one noticed, although Guile was still sniggering.

"What was that about?" Cid asked whilst he was still snickering.

"Erm....nothing." Guile said seriously.

Cid humphed and went into his pilot seat. Guile next to him, with Jin and Hwoarang behind them and Gary clinging on like mad, excited, nervous and grumpy, all at the same time (if that's possible).

Cid had no radar, so couldn't locate anyone easily. He decided the best person to call would be Red.

He clicked on his PHS, only to recieve static.

"Aw, crap! Looks like this f*&^%$! Mako explosion has cocked up the transition on my PHS!" Cid sighed, looks like he would have to do this the hard way. That being find out where there is trouble, because most likely, his friends will be behind it, and beat the crap out of whatever is upsetting him (Most like Yuffie, but thats beside the point)

"Hang on, guys!" he said, and soon, the Baby Bronco was in motion.

Guile looked passive as they accelerated into the air. Jin was calm, Hwoarang was screaming with joy, whilst Gary was just screaming. At this speed, and he was at the back, he would be the most likely to fall, despite the safety harnesses that he wisely attached himself to.

"Next stop, Cosmo Canyon!" Cid exclaimed.

"Cosmo Canyon, what's that?" Jin asked.

"It's a place full of knowledge, intellect and loads of crap that we wouldn't dream of knowing, and perhaps Red might be there, on the other hand, some of your friends might be there as well.....this crazy portal sent us three miles from anywhere....."

"Don't worry, if you are the best damn pilot in this universe, you can get us there in no time!" Guile said.

"Cheers......oh, man, where did I put my map?" Cid said.

Guile slapped his head. "Oh crap......"


Finally, Bison had come to a stop. Using his psycho power, he had arrived in a built up area (Fort Condor), where he sensed strong souls. He took out everyone that opposed him in the area and had tied down both Reeve and Elymra.

He had delved into both minds extensively, learning as much about Avalanche as he could, along with the girl named Aeris Gainsborough, now deceased, via Elymra. If such power existed on this world, it must be there for the taking.

He could feel the power inside him. (Actually, it was the Mako fuelling his Psycho Power) He could destroy building with a blink of his eye or a closing of his fist.

Bison was pure evil.

He turned to see faithful Sagat, loading up some of Fort Condors supplies. It turned out this was an army base but where the soldiers came from was unsure. Anyway, they knocked out the people in the area and would make this an interegation, not to mention, torture.

Sagat was one of the few men he trusted, but even he didn't have the power of a god. With this energy flowing in him, nothing could stop him. He decided that both Sagat and Heihachi had their uses, but when the time was right, he would discard them.


Heihachi was in a meditatory stance. His thoughts were on ruling this planet. The power of the outside world was entering his body, and strengthening him.

Although the one known as Bison was as evil, if not more so than he, Heihachi was one of opportunity.

And he would take him and Sagat down in the earliest opportunity.

He fingered the Mishina Brand 60 in his pocket, concealed carefully.


Viktor Sagat was a man of honour. That honour was lost when he was scarred by Ryu, his native Thailand turned their backs on him, a man, undefeated in nearly two decades, was defeated by a mere boy.

Shamed, he turned to crime, and Shadowlaw. However, for him, it was no more than a way to get back at Ryu.

However, when the opportunity came, he didn't take it. Ryu, as well as Ken had both beaten him, Sagat wondered if he could ever defeat them, nearing his fourties and the other two were in their mid-twenties, was he getting too old.

His huge, 7 " 5 figure stood up. Unlike Bison or Heihachi, he wasn't concerned about power, merely revenge. His morals were of better value than his master, or his 'lackies' Balrog and Vega.

He just wanted one more shot.....

Grasp a weak point......


"They're in there."

The female group had arrived at Fort Condor. When they found out that they somehow vanished and were seen in the area, they sent back the blue, yellow and green chocobos, and they all rode the black and gold to get there.

"This is it."

Chun-Li powered up her hands, ready to blow the door in.

When she realised there was no door, but a rope.

"Aw crap."

"They'll catch us, easily." Sakura said.

"Not necessarily." Yuffie said and pulled a materia.


Sagat was busy contemplating a plan when a strike and moaning from nearby caught his attention.

He ran to see Bison trying to wave away the smoke caused by strikes of fire and lightning near the area. Reeve tried to quieten down Elymra whilst Heihachi had woken up from his stance and also tried to see what was going on.

"Get the smoke clear!" Bison said.

Sagat tried waving it away but there was too much, as did Heihachi. Bison decided to clear it away with his power, concerntrating to blow it away.

And as he did.......

A familiar face greeted him.

"Chun-Li." he smirked.

Sagat also looked, seeing both Sakura and Chun-Li emerge

Ryu's weak link.......


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