Mako Crossover Chapter 9

Bosses, Battles and Bikes?

By Chris Homer

NOTE: Some of the Pokemon used are not real, are my own creation. You'll see as you read later in the chapters, just a warning.


Giovanni didn't know how he had got to this world. He was checking upon his latest enhancement of Pokemon Land, when all of a sudden, he is being given orders by an alien figure known as Jenova. However, the good thing about this was that this creature had given him power.

Power. His favourite word in the english language. Giovanni craved rare pokemon, as they meaned power. However, Jenova had taken him one step farther.

The Mako energy had not gone into him, but into a device he carried. An enhanced pokeball.

The power came from the pokeball. And from it, any pokemon he wished came out. Not just all 150(1) current types, but also any new ones, such as the girls Togepi.

Those three had put a mess to many of his plans. Sure, those bungling idiots, Jessie and James were easy to dupe, but they had outsmarted a scheme by Butch and Cassidy, as well as leading and defeating many of his men aboard the Saint Anne.

He was pissed with them.

But now he had some business to take of.

To teach two idiots a lesson, as well as take his first step into conquering this world.....


Jenova had brought Giovanni to complete its evil army. With Bison, Heihachi, Giovanni and Sagat, Jenova would be unstoppable. Powered through Akuma and Ogre, they would get the job done....and then become her new 'sons'.

Giovanni would take care of the knowledge palace known as Cosmo Canyon, showing that this evil would mean business.

Jenova went back to work. Akuma and Ogre would soon be unleashed onto the world, and Jenova would take its place as owner of the planet.


"WE'RE DOOMED!" screamed Jessie and James together, holding each other, shaking irritably. Meowth went to scratch them again, but this time, felt their fear. And yet, it seemed so familiar.......

Vincent, Red and Julia had jumped down from the observatory as they sensed the evil presence. Vincent had reached for his death penalty as Red snarled, worriedly. Meowth shook a bit before hopping back onto Julia's shoulders.

"What is it?" Julia said.

"I don't know. I've tried to sense it, but it is no-one or nothing from this world." Red said.

"Which means that it is from another world....perhaps, one of the portals?" Vincent inquired.

"MEOWTH! I recognise it. But it can't be....." Meowth stated.

"What are you saying......." Jessie started, but Meowth had hopped off Julia's shoulder and was scampering as fast as it could to outside Cosmo Canyon.

Julia ran, following Meowth, as did Red. Jessie and James were next, wondering what Meowth sensed, with Vincent last, looking unconcerned, but deep, his worry was exceeding.

Julia was very quick, almost keeping up with Red as he rushed ahead, trying to catch up with Meowth, but the cat was extremely quick when it wanted to be.

Meowth had sped ahead of them, he had spotted Red catching up but he was gonna get there first. He recognised who it was, but how could it be.....he wasn't near them when they teleported, and this sense of evil......

Meowth got his answer as a green aura came ahead of him, being enveloped around a dark person, shrouded in black and brown, almost vampiric.

The sinister attire was scary, but Meowth knew who it was before even looking at him.



Ash had been having a wild time at the Saucer. A version of the Battle Square had been erected, aiming at the young audience. The simulator derived any method of attack possible to defeat your opponent. Ash had been winning games and able to get onto more games with the amount of GP he had been winning (which Barret had explained before hand).

But there was a particular reason why he wanted to winish this one.

The Battle Points were similar to the system utilised in the main Battle Square, but the prizes were let battle wise. For 8000 points, Ash was going for, because the prize was a brand new bicycle.

It was the latest thing from Square Tech, a brilliant piece of work, it could be adjusted to how many gears you wanted, and sped at great speeds, and a fantastic grip on the road.

But it wasn't for him. It was for Misty.

He owed her a bike since 'borrowing' it to escape from some Spearows. He could never afford one, so winning one would be the best option. The prize was brilliant, but winning it was difficult. He was on 7857 points, and was allowed to use his pokemon to battle. However, the handicap was much more difficult, but this final battle would clinch the points. However, his pokemon were exhausted.

The last creature, however, was also quite weak. Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Pidgeotto had fainted, only Charizard and Pikachu were left, after realising he couldn't get his others because static between the two dimensions had stopped him from getting Krabby and Muk. He could still use it to spot Pokemon but considering that there wasn' t any apart from the ones Ling had, his Pokedex was useless.

Charizard and Pikachu were down to their last specks of energy. However, they wouldn't give up.

The monster, a skeletal crossbones, using ghost/poison attacks, was weak, but rushed in to connected with a knockout tackle.

Suddenly, Pikachu shot up.


The thunder shock attack, Pikachu's best attack and last ditch effort, rendered the skeleton immobile. Charizard gave it a huge gust of flame. "CHHHHHAAAARRRRRRR!"

The skeleton gave up. It wasn't about to complain. After all, it was only a simulation. But why did it hurt then?

"PIKA!" "CHAR!" The two remaining pokemon emerged victorious, and gave their victory signs.

"Yeah!" screamed Ash from the simulation. He had transported his pokemon into the simulation, and they had done him proud.

8452 points. More than enough to get the bike.

He smiled as he went over to the counter and ordered it.

The man smiled, pleased that the young man got what he want. He was stubborn and determined, a great will for life.

"Can I keep it here? It's for a friend." Ash said, knowing a bike wouldn't last long in the carnage that they may have to face.

The man smiled. "Sure."

Ash smiled as the bike was put in a 'reserved' spot, wrapped in pink ribbon.

Ash hurled a squeal of delight behind him as he turned around.

Behind him, Ling had squealed in delight after beating Brock for the umpteenth time on a game known as 'Bushido Blade'.

"All right, pay up." she said.

Brock grumbled, as he fished for his last remaining GP. If he won, Ling would have to give him a kiss, but even in a remote hope, Brock couldn't get his luck. Oh well.......

"'re pretty good." Brock admitted, grumbling.

Ling chuckled as Brock crossed his eyes. She was enjoying this. Barret had given her a good chunk of GP, but she won more times than she lost. It was a great place, almost as good as some of the ones in Tokyo and Hong Kong......

She sighed. She missed home. And yet, the excitement of the tournament, and now, a pawn in saving the world.

Ash sighed. He missed his adventures, but this was a beginning of a new one. This was his 3rd day here, and despite the threat of death, at least he was enjoying himself.

He calmly walked up to Ling and Brock.

"She beat you again, huh?" Ash snickered.

"It's not funny!" Brock screamed, although he was dying to laugh as well.

Ling snickered, and soon, they all started off.

"Did you win anything Ash?" Brock asked.

"Yep." he said. "A new bike for Misty.........if I ever see her again...." Ash sulked.

Brock looked at his young friend. Yep, all reports were in, he was in love with Misty. Hopefully, Ash would have better luck than he did with girls.

Brock had gotten very thoughtful. He could be involved with saving the world. He could be a hero.....maybe that would help. Nah.

He heard a purring by him. His adorable Vulpix (my favourite pokemon aside from Pikachu) purred by him. Brock bent down and started petting it and stroking its fur.

As if one cue, Pikachu hopped from exhaustion into its trainers arms, where Ash promtly started to tickle it. Pikachu giggled, giving 'friendly' shocks to its trainer.

Ling looked on. How her two new friends adored their pokemon. They were adorable admittingly. She still like them, but focused on martial arts more. He remembered when she was being taught by Professor Oak in her early years, and she aquired her starting pokemon, a bear cub. It was known as 'Panda' and was so adorable. She raised it brilliantly, but when she took up martial arts, most of her pokemon training was forgotten.

However, she and her uncle Wang had kept up raising Panda, and then Ling got a bit lucky. On her 14th birthday, as part of her training, she had to climb up Evolution Mountain. From there, she saw some poachers trying to get a huge blue bird.

Ling ran and didn't even give them any chance to see what was going on. She disabled them quickly and they ran off.

She released the bird but it was in no condition to fly away. She took it back to Wangs temple where it was nursed. She found out it was a rare ice pokemon called Articuno. She took care of it, it was in a version of a coma.

From then, Wang bought her a Vulpix and Pidgey for her birthday, seeing that she was getting interested in pokemon again. She loved them and raised them brilliantly. She evolved Vulpix a year after getting it, using a Fire Stone, and Pidgey evolved into Pidgeotto, then Pidgeott within the following year.

The Articuno had recovered, but didn't want to return, because it was afraid of what might happen. So it stayed with Ling, realising that Ling had cared for it, and that not all humans were dangerous.

She had pokeballs, but she preferred to keep them out. But in this world, there was little chance of that happening. Except for Panda, who was her best friend, and people were scared to death of it.

Ling smiled. Her new friends were enjoyable company, but she missed her home. She went back to the joy of the park, forgetting her joys and worries at the same time.


Barret and Cloud were surprisingly having almost as much as a good time as the 'kids' were. Ryu and Ken were also with them, both of them enjoyed the games as much as the 'kids' did, they weren't particularly worried about Cait. He could take care of anything nearby, his weapons and materia were at his strongest.

Barret was a big kid at heart. But his heart had been affected by a number of tragedies. The fall of Corel, the death of his wife, and now the abduction of Marlene, he wondered if God plagued him.

Cloud noticed the worry on his friends eyes. "Whats up?"

Barret broke up from his trance. "Nothing. Just reliving some bad memories."

Cloud smiled. "She'll be alright."

Barret tried to smile back, but couldn't.

"How do you know that Spike? This new evil is supposed to be more powerful than Sephiroth, and part of it has kidnapped Marlene. Who knows what is going to happen to her....I"

Cloud put a hand on his friend's shoulder. "We'll save her. Or by hell fire and brimstone, my sword will rip apart those who harm her." he said.

Barret knew that Cloud wasn't just talking about Marlene. He sensed that Tifa had some impact on Cloud's worry.

He had a feeling that the night before their battle with Sephiroth, that the two of them had remained on the Highwind area. According to Tifa, they had just 'talked' but Barret had caught them sleeping outside, their heads on their shoulders, he wondered if they were more than friends.

" you love Tifa?" Barret asked, quite bluntly, trying to take his mind of the abduction of his daughter.

Cloud was a little bit shocked and surprised by the question. "Well, I...erm..ah..erm..."

It was true that Cloud shared something more than friendship over near 20 years. But was it love? Was that what he felt with Tifa. Or with.....

Aeris. The beautiful brunette Cetra. It was almost a fall in love at first sight scenario. Her personality was so pleaant. And she was so innocent, yet powerful. And yet, that innocence and stubborness is what got her killed. He felt a bit guilty as he was her 'bodyguard', but seeing near death....and seeing Aeris in the Lifestream as the Lifestream started to fold the wounds of Meteor, just before this whole portal crap had started........the looks she gave him was one of understanding.

Understanding that he loved Tifa, and the love of Aeris was guilt on his behalf.

Cloud sighed and turned to Barret and nodded.

"Yes, I do. And if anything happens to her...."

Barret nodded in understanding.


Ryu and Ken had wondered away from Cloud and Barret who were talking. Despite the personalities and worlds between the two groups, Ken and Ryu were suffering similar problems to Cloud and Barret.

Ryu was playing the noisy games to avoid his conflicting emotions. He had been seen as a man of cool daemoner, one of little emotion. However, three people had changed that.

Ken, Chun-Li and Sakura. His three best friends. Others had helped him during battle such as Guy and Fei Long as well, and Ryu could smile now with the best of them.

Ryu had been challenged by his long time friend and partner when he entered the tournament, and Ken had been badgering him in getting a girlfriend. It was the first time Ryu had smiled in a very long time.

It was then when an excited fan introduced herself for the first time.

Her name was Sakura, a members of the Street Fighting Fan Club and the number one ranked fighter in the junior street fighting league. Now 16, she could be able to enter the alpha tournaments.

He remembered their first meeting.

"OOF!" Ryu groaned as a young girl collided into him. He was slightly winded but the girl was on the floor.

"Are you all right?" Ken asked, helping the girl up.

"I'm....fine...." she stuttered, her lower lip cut. The girl was young, about 16, Ken and Ryu were 24, and seeing a young girl was beyond their morales. She had a cute face, ruined by the blood, but they weren't perverts. Her dress had been cut a bit and her skirted had been hemmed up.

"Are you O.K, Miss...." Ryu asked.

"Sakura. Sakura Tsangeou." she said. Ryu helped her up and wiped off the cut on her lip tenderly, Sakura trying not to flinch.

"Thank you..Mister..." Sakura said and then looked up at him.

"Ryu....Ryu Houji?" she said.

"Yep. That's me." Ryu smiled, something he had been doing a lot more often since being with Ken and Guy, the gruesome twosome.

Without warning, Sakura had wrapped her nimble figure around Ryu's strong body. Ryu trying to breathe, whilst Ken was trying hard not to laugh.

"Ryu....I've waited for the day I could meet you......I'm your number one fan!" she screamed, a huge smile on her face, despite the cut.

Ryu sighed. He had a feeling that he wouldn't be rid of her.....


And that was definetly true. Sakura hung around them every day up to now. To be honest, Ryu didn't mind. Sakura was the scatterbrained sister he wished to have. She was very chatty and happy, the opposite to Ryu, but thanks to her, most of his emotions were coming back to him. Ken, Guy and other streetfighters had helped him as well, but one emotion was missing.

That was love. He hadn't felt the supreme emotion that he should feel. He felt anger, depression, happiness and many of the primary emotions in one person, but not love. There wasn't a person he had connected with. The only person close enough was Sakura, but he loved her like a sister. She was a bit young, and she was a bit over-exubberant. He smirked again.

However, not one he could love. Until he saw her......


The brackets for the quarter finals had been called up. Ryu would be definetly on it, after winning all of his prelimaries, as had Ken. Sakura hadn't made it, entered late in the competiton despite winning all but one of her matches. She was upset, and had to be consolled by Guy back at the hotel, who had also been knocked out.

Ryu saw the bracket. The eight finalists were;

Ryu Hoiji (Rank 1)
Ken Masters (Rank 3)
Viktor Sagat (Rank 2)
Scarlett Vega (Rank 7)
Master Gen (Rank 4)
William Guile (Rank 8)
'Akuma' (????)

At this point he stopped. He had watched many of the battles, including the fights of Bisons two bodyguards. The winner of the final eight would face him in the final. He saw that Gen had manage to get in. His win column was legendary and he was defeating men left and right. The man William Guile had been a surprise, no real martial art fanese, but he made up with agression and style, shown when defeating Bison's third bodyguard Balrog, to decide the final slot.

The demon 'Akuma' they had faced before, with Akuma winning. However, Ryu won the war, surviving the Raging Demon.

He then realised he only connected 7 men. He looked at the eighth

To be decided;

Chun-Li Zang vs Fei Long for the Number 6 Rank.

Chun-Li like Sakura had been a late starter, but Ryu hadn't payed attention. Fei Long was someone that Ryu had beaten but it had been his only loss. Chun-Li, apparently, had less matches, but won them all. This was to decide the final slot....and also the only woman left in the competition.........

"Excuse me sir, can you move please?" a female voice hit him from the behind.

Ryu turned.... see a face he had been looking for for a long time.

The face which would give him his final emotion.

He quickly moved, trying to sound as calm as possible. But this was no ordinary girl.

This girl, looked young, 20 he guessed, in a blue oriental get-up, probably Chinese. However, her face didn't look Chinese. In fact, it didn't look like any face before. If you looked 'beauty' in the dictionary, it would probably be a picture of this face. her hair had been brought up in two ponytails, drapped along delicate features of white. Her nose was perfectly form and her lips were rosy red.

Finally breaking out of his trance, Ryu said. "Sorry, Miss...."

The girl smiled. "Zang. Chun-Li Zang." she said, looking at the man. He was one of the men that her boss at Interpol had wanted to look at as an ally. However, as a late starter, she had only concerntrated on her matches. She had to win them all to get to the last eight, and even that didn't get a guarantee. She did the first part, defeating opponents such as Dee Jay, Blanka, Cammy, Rolento and Katana. It was the minimum someone could face to get into the last eight, but she knew she would have to fight someone else to find the last spot.

"Chun-Li, you're the opponent of Fei Long for the final spot......" Ryu looked at the sheet again.

Below were the fights;

Ryu vs Guile

Ken vs Sagat

Akuma vs Gen

Vega vs Chun-Li/Fei-Long

Ryu momentarilly looked knowing that his battle was against Guile, and then looked at Chun-Li who looked upset and angry.

"What's wrong?" Ryu asked.

"Nothing." she said, although it didn't look like nothing.

Ryu decided to take the inititative. "Listen, do you want to go to the cafe for a coffee. If you don't want to, thats fine, talking to a stranger, but....."

Chun-Li smiled. "I'd love to."


Since then, Chun had become fast friends with Ryu, Ken and Sakura, along with their other friends. At the cafe, Chun admitted to her intentions of removing Bison, as a policewomen of Interpol, and that she was upset with the battle with Fei Long, a childhood friends of hers. But she would win, as she wanted to face Vega, who was the demonic member of Shadowlaw.

Ryu admired her courage and honestly, and her emotion. And because of her, his last emotional block had finished. He didn't know her feelings on him, but she had gone out with him in sparring matches as well as normal breaks, and went to restuarants with Ken and Sakura as well.

Ryu had to admit that Chun-Li was the best female fighter he had faced, and the best fighter who didn't utilise Shokotan Karate. Sakura was good, but her inexperience was her weakness. No, Chun had power in all fields of her work.

He watched her battle Fei Long. He chuckled. He remembered that his friend Honda was by him, watching her, developing a crush on Chun. Chun liked Honda as a friend, a sweet man as she said. Honda had been the surprise of the tournament, who had defeated Fei Long, but unfortunately, lost to Balrog, which meant him out because Balrog was a lower rank than Fei Long.

The match between Fei Long and Chun-Li was 'awesome' as Sakura would put it. Both friends didn't want to fight each other, but both wanted to win, for different reasons. So, there was no mercy. Ryu had defeated Fei, but Fei had faced 10 opponents, the most in the tournament, and won all but the matches again him and Honda. Fei was quick, his punches flying in, striking Chun a few times, but she didn't look much bad off. On the other hand, Chuns kicks were lightning fast, and they were doing a lot of damage on Fei.

Fei probably sensed he was in trouble so uped the attacks tenfold and his speed. He started getting back into it, but Chun was calm and waited for opening, striking with punches and kicks time and time again.

Chun hit her lightning kick at the same time Fei hit a Rekka ken. It was done to the last move.

Fei hit his flaming dragon kick on Chun-Li, as she fell, she felt unconscious, but the image of her father kept her awake. With amazing agility, she landed on her hands, and hit her spinning bird kick, connecting every time on Fei's head, before finishing the match with an axe kick.

She had done it.

In the next round, Ryu had defeated Guile with a hurricane kick, dragon punch combo. He for some reason, helped them in Austrailia, and is probably here. Chun, in a remarkable match had defeated Vega, using a technique which Ryu had taught her. Something about the fireball she used brought back the time he taught it her.

He demonstrated the palm approach, and taking in using your chi and releasing it. She done it, but used the word 'Kikoken' instead. It was when Ryu was demonstrating how to release, he held her hands around her waist....

....and they had locked eyes. Their heads dipped towards....

.....and then an argument between Zangief and Guile down the hall broke them out of it.

However, she did give him a peck on the cheek. He remembered the warmth of it, he still felt it. It was like she was with him now.

Ryu sighed, and heard Barret screaming. "Get your asses out, Cait's got us our transport!"


Ken seperated from Ryu, seeing he was in one of his 'moods'. This mood was when he thought about one of three things. His past, his master or Chun-Li.

Ken knew that the two of them showed attraction, but decided not to go along with it. He had shushed Sakura, who despite having a crush on Ryu, wanted to tease the pair.

Ken smiled, things of his young wife, Eliza and his son, Mel. Could it be that this tournament had been the deathwish of his family? The tournament had made him stay away from his family long enough, and know this new world, he was a chosen one, apparently.

He wasn't the smartest of men, but Ken knew that his family was life, and every moment away from his family made him believe that he was never going to see them again.

Ken was the most potent fighter after Ryu in the universe, and yet, no fighter could scare him as much as never seeing his family again.

Ken powered up his kata and sighed, after hearing Barret voice echo around the Gold Saucer, "Get your asses out, Cait's got our transport!"


Cid was heading towards Cosmo Canyon on direct route. His crew, if you can call them that, was either being silent (Guile/Gary) or being silent and deadly (Jin/Hwoarang). It wasn't an atmosphere Cid was particularly fond of.

Out of all the crew, Guile and Jin he seemed to get along with. Guile was brash, whilst Jen was calm, and yet Cid felt good with either of them.

Hwoarang was annoying, but vicious. Gary was just annoying.

Cid headed up to the Canyon.

"Is that it?" Guile asked.

Cid peered down. "Yep, the universe of knowledge, also known as Cosmo Canyon, right upon us. Ready to land."

Jin and Hwoarang looked around, breathing in the air. Both of them had been in air travel, but neither felt the feeling that did here. The outside of it, the coolness of air, the fresh scent, it smelt like freedom.

Despite their arguments, they seemed unified in this plane.

Gary was in the back, looking on, keeping his pokemon safe. He hadn't had much luck even before this. He didn't get the Earthbadge, he saw Ash go in and followed. He decided to try and divide his attention by trying to get Misty to go with him, after all, Gary was the charming grandson of Professor Oak.

Unfortunately, he didn't realise that Misty found other things more interesting than being a cheerleader. Like anything else.

Rejected by Misty, he challenged her. Misty refused, so Gary tried to tackle her. Misty responded with a kick to face which sent him spalling.

When Gary recovered, he saw Ash's Pikachu, Charizard and Squirtle triumphant over his opponents Rhyhorn, Rhydon and Aerodactyl down. Impossible!

Ash was about to recieve the Earthbadge, when Gary stormed in. But at the same time......Team Rocket members entered.

In fact....

Gary saw some figures below, weren't they the same team rocket members that he had faced?

Gary was intriged, as was Cid, who saw a cloaked man, along with some strangers which he didn't recognise, but saw Red and Vincent.

Jin had also looked and saw Julia running like mad. Julia.......


"Giovanni!" Jessie said.

"Boss!" Meowth and James said.

Vincent had his gun ready. This must be the evil from Team Rocket's world. And he didn't like the look of him. An aura of darkness was around of him, and he sensed power throughout his body.

"Boss, what ya doing here?" Meowth said.

In a computer like voice, Giovanni said;


Meowth seemed to see the whole world smash in front of him.


Vincent angered, remembering that Sephiroth was influenced by Jenova believing it to be its mother, when his lover, Lucresia was the real mother.

His gun was ready.

Giovanni looked at Julia.


Julia jumped back. "Don't you touch me, you bastard!"

Julia rarely swore, but she was disgusted with this man, and this evil, and she was ready to put an end to it now.

Jessie and James seemed heartbroken, they may seem like failures, but they never gave up, even after flunking Pokemon Tech.

Suddenly, a decison was made by everyone.

"Ex-Boss, it was nice knowing you!" James said.

"Weezing, Victrebell, go!" James said.

"You know, your leering pissed me off!" Jessie said.

"Arbok, Lickitung, go!"

The four pokemon assembled, looking at the dark man ahead of them.

Meowth was scared. Would he fight the boss?

He was rejecting him. Perhaps he could prove himself that he wasn't weak. He had tried to harm Julia, plus his friends (even though he wouldn't admit it), Jessie and James.

He made a decision. He ran and went to slash him.

Almost lazily, Giovanni raised his magic pokeball.

"PERSIAN, DESTROY HIM." he said calmly.

Out of the ball, a persian came out, scaring the kitty litter out of Meowth.

Meowth's biggest fear, evolving into Persian. He hated them. It was a persian which got him off being top cat with the boss. It would be a persian which would finish him now.

No, it would be a persian which would fall to a meowth.



Giovanni looked at his former's team Pokemon.


From the same pokeball, four pokemon came out. Kadabra, Alakazam, Magmar and Kingler.


A bullet tried to pierce Giovanni's skin.

It didn't. The shield protected him.

"YOU HUMANS ARE NO MATCH EITHER!" Out came some more, for Vincent, a Zubat and a Moltres. For Red, an Exeggutor and an Articuno. For Julia, an Aerodactyl and a Zapdos.

The battle was tense for all parties.

Jessie and James' best pokemon, Arbok and Weezing, were no match for Giovanni's Kadabra and Alakazam, as poison were weak against psychic. They were almost taken out straight away, but Weezing and Arbok were stronger than Giovanni had taken them for.

Victrebell and Lickitung were less experienced, and Giovanni had chosen wisely again. Magmar's fire attacks were strong against the plant pokemon, Victrebell, whilst Kinglers claws were powerful enough to knock the wind out of Lickitung.

Meowth, however, was hell bent of revenge, and tearing into Persian.

Persian and Meowth specialised in scratch and bite attack, but the charms on their heads had unique attacks. Persian didn't seem to bother, as his claw attacks were strong, but Meowth on the other hand.....


Coins flashed round Meowth and bashed into Persian. Meowth repeated the move twice and Persian was dazed.


Meowth best attack. Multiple blows into the face, can K.O an Onix, as Brock found out. The attack found home.

Persian had lost.

"MEOWTH." It said quietly.

The Persian disappeared into air.


Vincent tried to blast holes into the Zubat and Moltres, but was failing, as Zubat was quick and they didn't seem to affect Moltres. The flame bird was simply melting the bullets which tried to pierce him.

Giving up, Vincent turned to his materia. He cast Ice, Ice2 and Ice3 in quick succession on Moltres, weakening it. Moltres hit back with lava waves whilst Zubat hit sonic attacks.

Vincent tuned out the sonic attacks, and felt rage envelop him from the pain. He knew what was coming next, but Giovanni didn't.

Vincent's next noise was more of a growl rather than the spoken word, as his form began to change shape, much to Giovanni, Team Rocket and Julia's surprise.

Chaos ruled, literaly.

Chaos simply slashed away at the two air creatures, who were paralyzed in fear. They fell instantly, no bothering to return to the fight as they vanished into light.

Chaos growled and decided to help his comrades.


Red didn't need help as neither pokemon could stand up to his fire materia. It looked like Giovanni had been a bit careless.

He went to help Julia whilst Chaos/Vincent went to help Team Rocket. (NOTE: Team Rocket were just a tad scared, but if it was helping, then who gives a damn)

Julia was having problems. Unlike Red and Vincent, she didn't have weapons and magic (other than her pendant, not used for situations like this), and unlike Team Rocket, she didn't have any pokemon to help her with. Plus, she didn't want to harm the creatures, even though one of them had pierced her skin with a shock attack.

Julia was down, the two pokemon were in the air and she could do very little to attack.

Suddenly, Red was by her, nuzzling her, hoping she was alright, and cast ice on Aerodactyl and fire on Zapdos.

Aerodactyl fell to two more ice spells and a lightning spell. Zapdos was trickier, as there wasn't a real weakness to lightning.

Red cast gravity, being an air pokemon, gravity might be made for it.

He made a good choice.

The electric bird was screaming in angish as it flew lower to the ground. Red kept casting fire then until it finally disappeared into a stream of red light.

Red nuzzled Julia and licked the cut where her flesh was pierced.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

"I will be...thanks." and hugged Red as he began to cure her.


Giovanni couldn't believe it. The humans and that carnivore creature had some kind of power that Jenova hadn't warned it about. And his two lackies pokemon were stronger than he thought. Victrebell and Lickitung were out, but despite being against psychic, Arbok and Weezing were still in the battle.

And they stayed there, as the power of Chaos ruined over Alakazam and Kadabra. They couldn't read Chaos' mind, it was filled with a tangled web of thoughts. Before long, it was hard to recognise them as they vanished.

Giovanni was now more wary. Time to bring out the cavalry.

"You've surprise me. All of you." He glanced at Meowth. A Meowth beat a Persian. Another 'miracle.'

"But time to bring out by best of old and new......" He concerntrated and more pokemon came out.

Only a few was recognised by Jessie and James. Dragonite and Mewtwo, the two most powerful pokemon.

But the rest were new.

The first one was a snapping turtle pokemon, who had a lightning rod style sword instead of an arm on one side.

The second was an ice crystal with a face, similar to a Metapod, but much bigger.

The third had huge rock muscles, looked like a Machoke, but was made of rock and was huge, near 7 foot.

The last one was an air pokemon, with huge thunder like wings and a bloodthirsty look.






"PREPARE TO DIE." Giovanni ended.

Everyone was a bit nervous. They seemed impossible to defeat.

They steadily backed away.


Mewtwo blasted them away with a psychic attack, flooring everyone. Julia stood up groggily, prepared to fight when a familiar voice.


Julia looked up as a blast of lightning hit behind Giovanni, distracting him.


And from the plane, Jin Kazama leapt from it and landed by her. (It was Cid who cast the lightning spell)

"JIN!" she screamed and wrapped her arms around Jin. Instinctivelly, she kissed him, softly on the lips, and whispered 'I love you.'

Jin wrapped his arms around her and gently stroked her hair. 'I love you too.' And gently, softly kissed her on the lips.

As they released, Jin smirked. "So, these things bothering you? Looks like I'll have to answer with my Kazama calling card."

"Oh sure, take all the fun!"

Hwoarang screamed landing by him.

"Hi, babe, avoid that Kazama like the plague!" he said, smirking to Julia who had to giggle.

Gary jump next, by Team Rocket.

"Hey, losers, you want me to save you from these.....whoa! What the hell are they?" Gary looked a bit nervy, seeing the powerful and unusual pokemon in front of him.

"Well, your here, we can go, come on Jessie, Meowth...." James said all too quick.

Then, a voice appeared in his head.

"Young trainer, don't go, your life is starting. Here is a little present which may help you defeat them....."

A pokeball dropped on his feet.

Cid heard the voice as well as he landed, it sounded so familiar. Was it...

Nah, it couldn't be. She died. And yet....


Cid and Guile emerged from the plane, thoughts divided on Giovanni.

"Well, Red, Vincent, nice to see you welcome our visitors in." Cid smirked.

Red nodded. "The two there with the 'Rs' are Jessie and James, and the young girl is Julia Chang." Red said.

Cid looked at them. Julia was a real stunner, way too young for him, but Cid knew she was going to grow up to be a fine young woman, and it looked like she and Jin were besotted with each other, a good pair, he thought.

But now, he, like Julia and Jin, and everyone had put everything out of their mind, concerntrating on Giovanni.

Cid smirked as Guile readied himself for battle.

"Now, the party begins."


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