Mako Crossover Chapter 10

Blue Blood

By Chris Homer

M.Bison looked on as a parody of loveliness erupted in front of his eyes. His arch nemesis, Chun-Li, along with the young girl Sakura. He didn't recognise the rest, but remembered the vision of Tifa Lockheart via Reeve, and licks his lips in anticipation.

He recognised Yuffie Kisaragi as well. He didn't know who the fifth was, but he would find out after he controlled her mind, body and soul.

Heihachi was a bit disappointed that Jin wasn't here, but any excuse for that trick that they just pulled off.

Sagat's thoughts were piling on a mile a minute. His thoughts weren't straight. A warrior of honour, but his ideas of revenge were clouding his mind. His revenge consumed his very soul, so his mission was to injure Sakura and Chun-Li. He reckoned that Ryu's weak point was these two young ladies, and he would take advantage of that opportunity gladly.

Chun-Li's face was a mask of concerntration. Every time she had got close to Bison, something had stopped her. In the last tournament, she got injured against Vega, despite winning, making her unable to face Ken Masters in the semi-final. Ken advanced on a bye, and she lost her chance to fight Bison.

This time, however, she was ready, fit and able.

Bison was the first one to speak, the electricity could have been cut with a knife.

"Well, my dear looks like destiny has brought us together.....shall we have this last dance?" he sneered.

"It will be a pleasure....except to destroy you won't be enough. This will be for my father, and the destruction of this evil in this world!" she screamed.

Yuffie had snuck behind them like the thief she was, and broke Reeve and Elymra's ropes. They had passed out again, but seemed to be sleeping more comfortably than before.

Chun-Li and Bison gazed into each others eyes.

Tifa interrupted the trance, stepping in front of them. "Listen, bud, I tell you've got something against her, but you are an evil son of a bitch, I can tell that. And I have a quest to destroy the evil in this world....and you will be the first...."

Tifa didn't finish the sentence as she was lifted up in the air telepathically and slammed into the wall.

Bison leered over her. "You are a pretty little thing...but what makes you think you can beat m...."

A fist quicker than lightning came upon Bison's nose, and he fell to the floor.

"That....that hurt...." moaned Bison, holding a bloody nose. "You have a great fighting spirit, but my battle isn't with you." He looked at Chun again.

Heihachi got up. "I am Heihachi Mishima, legendary fighter of 5 generations. Any of you young ones, good enough to challenge me?"

Tifa got up from the fall. "I accept your challenge. I am Tifa Lockheart, master of Zangan martial arts, only myself and master Zangan have that high an honour. You will fall."

Sagat towered over the others. He wanted to get Chun-Li, but it looked like Bison had that honour. He looked over Sakura.

Sakura, despite over 2 feet in height difference, looked straight up into Sagat's eyes. Sakura had a score to settle with him from their last battle. She was no match for Sagat though.

Yuffie put a hand on her new friends shoulder. "Let's chop down that tree!" she said, drawing her shuriken.

Sakura smiled. "Let's kiss ass!"

Misty stayed behind. Despite knowledge of martial arts, she knew that she would be no match for them. However, her Pokemon brought the element of surpise, and when things would look down, she would be ready. She went over to Reeve and Elymra, hoping they would be alright.

Chun and Bison looked at each other again.

Tifa and Heihachi stood eye to eye.

Sakura and Yuffie had a determined look against Sagat.

The battle was on.


Three familiar figures were walking alongside Fort Condor, talking about times past and present.

"No, Rude, Aeris was the cutest!" one said.

".......Tifa." the other said simply.

"Oh brother!" the third moaned, a female in comparisson to the other two.

The Turks refused to battle with Avalanche during the raid on Midgar, so they had gone to the Gold Saucer, and made a residence there, thank to Dio. Reno was still the smart ass of old, whilst Rude was the quiet peacemaker, as Reno and Elena enjoyed bickering.

"Give it up! You guys haven't got a chance!" Elena smirked, Reno's pride dropping a few notches.

"Hey, what about that young girl, what was her name.....we saved her at DaChao....." Reno said.

"Yuffie." Rude said.

"Yep. She was pretty cute!" he smirked.

"Your either getting mad or desperate now! She is half your age!" Elena shouted.

"Oh please, since when did I let that bother me........" smirked Reno.

"True....." Elena said.

A noise near Fort Condor got their attention.

Something else got Elena's attention nearby.

"Oh god!" she squealed.

Reno and Rude went over to Elena, who had just seen a sight and a half.

Three bodies were beside her, dead, all killed in the same way, their heads burst, and their skulls dripped body and brain haeomerrage.

"I'm gonna be sick..." murmered Elena, and Reno seemed to feel a bit queasy as well. This wasn't the site he wanted. Only Rude remained expressionless.

That expression changed dramatically when he heard a scream come from Fort Condor.

"No way......" he whispered.

Reno was trying to drag Elena away from the corpse, who seemed unable to cope with the shock. Reno managed to drag a stone cold Elena away eventually, but the shock was a bit surprising.

"Rude, man, can you help us here, instead of standing about....." Reno moaned.

Rude wasn't there. He was walking towards the Fort.

"Rude, what the hell are you doing?" he said.

"I heard her." Rude said.

"Heard who?" Reno said.

"Tifa." Rude said.

"What?! No, way, man." Reno scoffed, before another scream rang through their ears, and it went quiet."

"That was her....." Reno said, a bit disbelieving.

Rude had already started to climb the ropes.

"Hey, Rude, what ya doing?" Reno asked.

"I'm going to help her." Rude said.

"In case you've forgotten we aren't the good guys, here...." a different scream pierced Reno's heart.

"Oh no, Yuffie's there too." Reno whispered.

Even though they were offically enemies, Reno and Rude didn't want any females hurt, including Elena, Tifa and Yuffie. Rude was besotted with Tifa, and nothing could change his mind.

Reno sighed and followed him. Elena was still in paralysis.

"Listen, are you gonna help, cause I'm not carrying you up here!!" Reno said.

"Huh....." murmured Elena.

"Oh, never mind." and Reno continued to climb.


Chun-Li was fighting like a man or in case, woman possessed. She had learned how to control her rage thanks to Ryu, but it seemed the lessons were failing at this moment. She had only one purpose at this moment, to destroy the demon known as M.Bison.

Visions of her father flashed before her eyes. Her revenge would be

Chun-Li made the first move, running with an incredible roundhouse punch. Bison calmly teleported away, as Chun-Li reversed her own move, trying to connected with a reverse roundhouse kick. Bison moved again, and Chun didn't know where he was.

Bison appeared in front of her and elbowed her under the chin. Chun felt the blow and quickly backed off. The man was powerful, and his psycho power made him damn near impossible to beat. Maybe she should have thought this through.....

Chun ran in, attempting her famous lightning kick, a move which had saved her on more than one occassion. However, Bison, again (it was getting annoying) teleported out of the way, and powered himself up.

"Huh?" Chun said, as Bison unleashed one of his most potent attack.


Chun felt herself on the end of many kicks from Bison's double knee press move. Chun felt blood down her face. 'No, I can't lose this early......'

Chun got up, groggily. Her vengence was costing her the battle......


Heihachi on the other hand, didn't have the powers of Bison, and his skill and experience, no matter how high, were getting outclassed by the beautiful young woman in front of him.

It was a smaller version of Julia Chang, but she was twice as good. Heihachi had never met an opponent with such speed and agility, plus potent attacks. The style was very unfamiliar, and Heihachi found it very difficult to counter.

Heihachi had struck a few blows, and they were all powerful. Tifa felt pain every time he connected, despite the mans great age, he was a very accomplished martial artist.

Tifa's blows however were almost as lethal, and connected more times than Heihachi did. Tifa's quickness was avoiding every strong blow that attempted to hit her.

Heihachi tried a hammer fist into a straight punch. It missed Tifa's thin stomach by inches. Now, was the opening.

Tifa struck with a fury of fists, sending blood into Heihachi's eyes.

The next move was a somersault kick, similar to Guile's flash kick.

A powerful sweep came next.

Then she went behind him for the Dragon Suplex.

Heihachi was groggy, but now aware what was going on. He reached into his pocket.

Tifa found the leverage to bridge him over and lifted.

The next thing she knew was pain in her leg, lots of pain.

Tifa let go, clutching a blood torn wound in her leg.

Heihachi looked over her, a gun in his hand.

"I like to defeat warriors with honour, but you proved to be a bit too frisky for my own good."

Tifa tried to raise some materia but the injury was life sappening, and Heihachi put his hand on her head, stroking her sweatened hair.

"Now you die, luv."


"NO!" screamed Misty running to Heihachi, and releasing a pokeball. "STARYU, TACKLE!"

A starfish looking creature was released from the pokeball and sliced into Heihachi's flesh, holding the gun. Heihachi screamed as the starfish came back, not liking the blood on his body.

"I don't know who you are, young lady....but you die now!"

Normally, Misty would be scared of a man over twice the size of her, and threatening. However, her new friends had given her confidence, and companionship, reminding her of her two friends....wherever the hell they were.

Time to bring out her big guns.


As she said that, another pokeball flashed.

"PSYDUCK!" (All right, all Pokemon watchers, how many of you didn't see that coming. Oh, all of you saw it coming. Damn!)

Misty decided to let it have a chance, but released Starmie, Jigglypuff and Vaporeon still. Goldeen was no use, Staryu was too weak, Horsea wasn't strong enough, and she wasn't sure of Togepi's well being in battles. Being a bit motherly.

Heihachi at first looked confused, but then laughed.

"This is your battle???????? Wimpy creatures! HA! HA! HA! HA! I'll crush them as I will crush you........."


Vaporeon became almost invisible to the naked eye.

"Jigglypuff, Song Attack! Starmie, Tackle and Water Gun., scratch!"

"Jig-gly-puff.....Jig-gly-puff.....Jig-gly........puff...." Jigglypuff sang a beautiful melody, soothing to the ears of Heihachi. A bit too soothing....

Heihachi woke up, realising that he was being put to sleep. He went into meditation, trying to break out of the trance. Keeping his mind stable....

.....and then kicked Jigglypuff away.

For a moment, Jigglypuff was happy because someone had stayed away from its song, but unfortunately, was kicked badly to be caught by Misty.

"Oh, Jigglypuff....." she said worriedly. "Vaporean, tackle it!"

Starmie and Vaporeon both did a tackle attack, Vaporeon still invisible as Psyduck ran up to Heihachi to scratch his leg.

Misty didn't want to see this.

Heihachi sent Psyduck across the room like a football.........

........only to land on its head!

"PSY--Y-Y-Y---YY------DUCKKKKKKK!" it screamed, casting Disable.

Heihachi screamed at the pain. It was too much for a man to take. Heihachi sensed it came from the duck, but how was he gonna get out of this one?

Misty took time to check on Tifa's wound. Tifa had told her about restore materia, but Misty wasn't sure if she could use it. She began fiddling with it.......


Even though it was two against one, Sagat seemed to have the advantage. His gargantuan size was great imtimidation against the two young girls, but Sakura knew his moves. They were similar to Ryus' so should have similar strengths and weaknesses.

A problem came at the start of the match. As Yuffie threw her shuriken, Sagat kicked it 15 feet behind him, saying that no weapons should be allowed in a match. Yuffie would have to rely on her fists and feet.

Yuffie's blows did little damage. She realised she spent too much training with her materia and her shuriken instead of her ninja skills. Her materia had been disposed of momentarilly thanks to Sagat as well, which were in her shuriken of course.

Sakura, on the other hand, was doing some damage. Despite her small figure, her body was more muscular than it looks. Her double arm blow was her best normal attack, and her special attacks were more damaging than expected.

However, Sagat was starting to dominate. He had just put Yuffie out with a tiger knee and was focusing on Sakura. Sakura had hit an air fireball and somehow, an air version of her dragon punch (NOTE: These air moves are only as far as I know on Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter for Sakura, I haven't played SFA3 yet). Sagat felt the chi energy from her dragon punch rip apart him like Ryu did, giving him the scar he will never forget.

Yuffie groggily got up, pissed as a rat. She was angry. Even though her shuriken wa gone, she still had a few attacks which would piss Sagat off.

Sakura was sent down with a big kick.

As she got up, Sagat grabbed her by the hair and lifted her up.

"I have no intention to hurt young girls. Especially ones who could amount to something and ones with expectional young beauty such as yourself. But you are a friend of Ryu, and I have to have my revenge. You will be my ransom. You have given me a good match, but it is over." He prepared to slam her face first into the gravel.


He didn't see Yuffie blazing at him with her fists powered up by the power of the Shinobi. Sagat fell back, dropping Sakura who landed safety, although hurt, on her back.


Her fist went into the ground and beams of blue electricity circulated around her, and then round Sagat. Sagat screamed in pain, what attacks were these?

Sagat fell back, as Yuffie then cured both her and Sakura with her Clear Tranquil spell. Perhaps this wouldn't be as easy as he expected......



Bison hit his most powerful move, his body sizzling with electricity and evil intensity as his entire body slammed into hers, Chun-Li screaming in pain.

Chun-Li's lithe body slammed into the wall, cracking a rib, and making her damn near an unconscious state.


Bison was pretty far away, as he charged up for another superattack.

It was then at that moment, Chun-Li began to flashback, to when Ryu taught her the Kikoken........


"How do you do that? A move like that could defeat any opponent, including Bison. Can you show me how to do that? I have to kill him...."

"Chun, revenge is never the best answer. You are a disciplined young woman, with great character and power. If revenge is your way of life, then so be it. But don't let it consume your very soul......."

Chun sighed. Ryu was a good friend, but he liked to take the fun out of things.

"All right. But I can't promise I won't kill him if I see him...." she said, preparing for a quarter-final fight against Vega. "That bastard Vega is one insane psycho. I need to beat him."

Ryu nodded. "A person has to have to have their own role in life. Vega is extremely dangerous, fights with a combination of ninjitsu and spanish matador training. He is ranked number 7 and is the quickest male fighter I've seen. Almost as quick as you.....but not quite." He chuckled.

Chun chuckled. But she had come for a reason.

"Listen, I've studied Vega, and his weakness is that he doesn't have projectile attacks. His attacks are quick and similar to mine in ways, but if I had an attack like your Ha-do-ken, I could get an advantage.......please, can you teach me."

Ryu sighed. Women......

"All right. Your chi is very strong, you could probably get it easily. But it can be dangerous....I'll help you."

Ryu proceeded to hold Chuns hand in an open way, as if pushing something.

"Right, the basis of the Ha-do-ken is to channel one's chi energy, and then express it openly. I'll hold you, as you try to grasp it. It can be very deadly, and when executing it, it can be a shock to someone. Try it."

Chun-Li tried to grasp her chi as Ryu let go of her. Chun tried to channel the energy and released, but nothing came out.

She attempted a couple more times and nothing every time. She started to get a bit tired.

"It's no good. I don't know how to get it right exactly." Chun sighed.

"Here, I'll help you." Ryu said.

Ryu grabbed her hands and drove them into her chest. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her arms.

"Now, concerntrate on your own aura, your own chi, hold it in your body as long as possible and then channel it through your arms. Then, release it in a ball of energy.

Chun closed her eyes, Ryu arms pinned her across her chest. The feeling of power, amongst possibly other things, drove into her in a wave of energy. One stage done.

Now she had to release the energy. She concerntrated, her arms outstretched.

Something clicked in her mind.


A power of blue energy was in her palms.

She released.


The fireball was slightly smaller than Ryu, and had a different shape, more oval shaped and it was see through, but it hissed across the wall it hit, giving it a big mark.

"RYU....I DID IT!" she squealed, still in Ryu's arms.

Ryu smiled as Chun tried it again. This time it was much easier, but it was tiring. But now, she was ready.

"Ryu....thank you!" she said.

She then realised that Ryu hadn't let go of her. Chun was about to tell him to let go, but then stopped. Did she want him to let go?

She turned, seeing Ryu looking at her. Chun gulped. Most men had casually looked her, and she was usually annoyed by it. None of them appreciated who she really was. But this one was different. He was kind, honest, and had an unseen power which could protect and destroy. Power like that could make a man corrupt. But not this man, as pure as silk.

Chun started to tip her head towards him. "Chun, I....." Ryu started as he started to tip his head as well......



Chun and Ryu quickly released each other seeing and hearing Zangief and Guile go into another 'Love thy country' debate. Sighing, Chun and Ryu quickly made their exit.

Chun stopped outside the door. She had to thank Ryu somehow for teaching her that move, and such being a good friend.

She tilted and pecked him on the cheek.

"Thank you, Ryu, for everything."

She walked out, a heavy load off her heart ended.


Next day.......

Vega was winning the battle. Chun has suffered internal injuries thanks to Vega's claw, but wasn't about to give up. She seemed to be losing blood, but she wasn't going to let Vega have the satisfaction of her giving up, licking her blood on his claws.

Vega was on his cage, ready to leap, to finish her off.

Suddenly, a thought went into her mind.

"The basis of the Ha-do-ken is to channel one's chi energy, and then express it openly."

Ryu, she thought.

Vega's diving claw attack would end it if she didn't do something. She followed the instructions of Ryu the night before.

Vega didn't even see it coming.


Vega screamed as it him him in the face/mask, Vega flew to the opposite end of the cage, slamming his perfect face in the mesh. The mask split in half, smashing it, and Vega's once perfect face was turned into a scarred bloodly mess.

Chun-Li bend down, badly hurt, but Vega was finished. Chun-Li had won.

The realisation made her laugh. Then she choked. Her own blood.

From the crowd, unknown to her, Ryu was smiling.

That was her last thought before she passed out.


Chun wasn't about to quit against Bison. Like Vega, she was badly hurt, but she had her power, and was about to utilise a version of the fireball more powerful than normal.

Bison went for his scissor kick nightmare attack again. But Chun had a surprise for him.

Her hands cupped in a blaze of electricity.

"WHAT THE....."


The blaze of electricity hit Bison at close range, but it didn't stop there. The electricity expanded....and expanded.

Bison had to scream in pain as his muscular flesh started to heat up. Chun-Li's most effective attack, the Kioshou, was being utilised to it's full potential, as Ryu had shown her.

Bison fell back to where he came back from, about 15 feet to the right.

But Chun was still hurt. She couldn't take advantage.

Suddenly, she felt energy flow in her, but it wasn't chi energy, she was spent. But this energy, made her feel...


She started to regain strength, and realised that magic was somehow behind this. Tifa's.....

No, she was surprised. Tifa was also getting up, hurt, as Heihachi looked confused, as did Misty.

Yuffie and Sakura were also getting energy flowing in their veins.

Then who....

"I'm in heaven." said a male voice.

There, behind her, were three people, two male, one female. The one who spoke had very distinguished red hair, and he looked very casual. (The scruffy attire probably had something to do with that) The other male, who had used the cure spell, was very tall, but very bald. He had a pair of sunglasses on, despite being indoors. The third was a blond woman, had a pale face, but her features were still well presented.

"Well, I like to be in service, especially for pretty young dears, like yourselves. But ones with tricks like that......." Reno smirked.

Rude glanced over at Tifa, who just looked gobsmacked. The Turks helping them?

Reno had drawn his nightstick. Rude and Elena drew with guns and materia.

"Yes, I know. Helping members of Avalanche. Not good for our reputation. But with Shinra gone, what's the point? It's been only a few days since Sephiroth died and already more problems. And not with us, what's wrong? Looks like we'll have to settle this....."

"Turk style." Rude said.

Bison, Heihachi and Sagat back off. These figures looked dangerous. They were hopelessly outnumbered now.

" seems that an evil presence has drawn us here. Well, it looks like we'll have to meet it...." Bison pondered.

Without warning, a flash of white light filled the whole room, blinding everyone temporarily.

When everyone recovered their sight, their enemies had gone.

"Aw, damn. And I wanted to show off in front of the ladies." murmured Reno, twirling his nightstick like a bigshot.

"Shut up, Reno!" moaned Yuffie.

Rude went over to Tifa who was still on the floor, the cure materia hadn't sunk in yet. Rude offered her a hand.

Tifa looked on in astonishment of the Turk offering to help her. She knew Rude had a crush on her, but business was business, and he had attacked her with purpose in the past. And now, a gentleman.....

Tifa nodded and accepted it, Rude lifting her up easily, as if helping a child up who fell off a bike.

Elena was still pale from seeing the bodies, so she was in more of a trance after seeing three huge figures vanish from sight.

Meanwhile, Tifa had gone over to Elymra and Reeve and had cured them, whether damaged spiritually or physically, they knew they had been in a rough time.

Sakura was eying up the male Turks. "Who are they?" she asked Yuffie.

"Trouble." Yuffie simply said.

"So, why did they help us?" Sakura said.

Yuffie shrugged. Why did they help them?

Reno was enjoying this situation. Yuffie was giving him looks of mistrust, anger, confusion but most of all, surprise. Reno wasn't lying when he said he was in heaven. Along with Yuffie and Tifa, she had seen the most gorgeous girl blasting away that red jerk. That girl was now heading towards him.

"Er, I don't know what your problem is with my friends, but thanks anyway." Chun-Li said simply.

Reno gave her smile as she walked away, to help the youngest girl. Reno noticed Yuffie's friend, similar look and age, and the really young girl. Although way too young, he had a feeling that they would grow into beautiful young women.

"So, Yuffie dearest, who were those bastards anyway?" Reno inquired.

Yuffie would have hit him for calling her 'dearest', she couldn't get over the fact that the Turks had saved her life at DaChao not long ago. But they had helped her again, and decided just for the sake of it, tell them what happened.

Reno 'listened' to her, still surveying the loveliness in the room. Yuffie sensed that he wasn't listening, so woke him up with a trademark punch.

Reno decided to listen.


"Reeve, are you O.K?" Tifa said, as the man controlling Cait Sith woke up.

"Huh......what...." he said.

"You had a bit of a shock." Tifa said.

"That's an understatement!" said a young girl, Reeve didn't recognise.

"Misty.....huh, never mind!" Tifa said, moving over to Elymra, curing her again. "Elymra, are you alright?"

Elymra blinked her eyes many times, hoping the torture she endured was a dream. She felt the pains though.

"They're all right!" Misty laughed.

"Phew." Tifa whispered, wiping off some sweat from her brow. Rude had come over to help the two figures get up, hurt, shaken, but not scarred.

"What....Tifa.....Rude....what you doing here?" Reeve said, turning quickly. "Hey, where's the mad-men?" he whispered.

"Gone." Rude said simply.

Reeve breathed a sigh of relief. Elymra started to recover as well. And remembered something.

"Marlene, those bastards had left her for dead...oh, god, no....."

"Elymra, shush, it's O.K. It's O.K." Tifa said in a soothing voice. "We found her. She being cared for at the Chocobo Farm. It's O.K." Tifa said, hugging the foster mother of Aeris Gainsborough.

Elmyra cried silently in her friends arms. Tifa content to hold her.

Despite everything that had happened, they were safe for the time being.

Now, the task was to keep it that way......


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