Mako Crossover Chapter 11

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

By Chris Homer

James threw the pokeball that mysteriously came upon him.


"GROWLY!" James smiled, his beloved growlithe was with him. Growly smiled at his trainer and leapt upon him and licked him.

James laughed, but realised quickly that this situation was gonna be very difficult.

Already, attack after attack had been unleashed. Gary had released Raichu, Vaporeon, Ivysaur and Arcanine, whilst Cid had readied his materia to work beside Vincent and Red. Jin and Hwoarang took the flanks of Julia. Jessie and Meowth meanwhile were practically out of it from before, but neither of them were quitters.

Giovanni's pokemon were attacking madly. Dragonite had been surprisingly defeated easily by Vincent's Chaos, but Mewtwo, using its barrier and minimize attacks, had avoided the onslaught. The unique pokemon were extremely tough. Slash, Onma and Pipod all had difficult skin to penetrate and Vampira was just damn impossible to hit, it could move literaly at the speed of light and could teleport as well.

Cid ran at Onma (the rock pokemon) with an attempted Big Brawl. Attempted yes, got, no. He got a few bruised knuckles as Onma threw him 15 feet in the air and slammed him.

Onma ran with a version of Onix' tackle attack. Cid fell back, and felt increasing pain, like he broke a rib. Damn, this was gonna be difficult.

Red healed him as Chaos teared into Onma. However, the rock body was extremely difficult to penetrate. With help of Gary's Vaporeon, however, it started to weaken, although not by much.

Pipod's hard ice shell was not as weak as it looked. Arcainne and Growly went to take care of it, but it didn't melt easily. Pipod sent it back with psychic blasts, along with Hwoarang and Red, despite using fire materia and lethal kicks which could have broken rock easily.

Slash was a real pain. Its shell absorbed all attacks from Jin and Julia, along with Gary's Raichu, and released it back on them. Slash's rod like object brough any close attacks from the two martial artists to a close. Julia was hurt and Jin's usual calm nature was thrown out the window.

Slash executed a lightning attack at the same time Jin executed his Devil's uppercut. The lightning from Slash' attack was absorbed from Jin's fist and his fist connected with Slash's head, unprotected from the shell.

Slash fell back, hurt, but not out.


Giovanni raised his hand and Slash was up. Jin gasped.

Meanwhile, Vampira was teasing Jessie and Meowth, along with Gary's Ivysaur, and Guile. Weezing and Arbok, despite being weakened, were fighting for their beloved trainers. Meowth had got over a huge win over a Persian, and was fighting with a renewed spirit.

However, Vampira seemed impossible to hit, even with Ivysaur's accurate vine whip attacks. It's speed was remarkable, and it could teleport as well. Weezing and Arbok were poison types, and despite Vampira also being poison, it could utilise psychic attacks as well, which weaken poison types very easily. With an attack known as 'Psychic Drain', the wills of the two pokemon were sucked into the Vampira. It was soon over for them.

Guile blasted it as accurately as it could with sonic boom attacks, whilst Ivysaur and Meowth continued to attack, wondering how long they could hold out......


"Remind me why I came here!" moaned Ken.

"You were thrown here, remember?" Ryu reminded him, behind him on the chocobo they were riding.


"Where are we heading?" Ash cried, riding beind Brock, who seemed to handle the chocobo well. Being a breeder had help him in many things, and the chocobo seemed to recognise that.

"We are trying to get as near to the crater as we can, where you were brought here from. I'll bet my golden chocobo that is where all the problems are." Cloud said, with Ling perched behind him. Barret rode one seperately, as did Cait, although seeing a robot riding a chocobo isn't the most everyday thing you see.

"The furthest we can get to is Rocket Town!" Cait moaned.

"And the submarine is in Junon!" moaned Barret.

"If Misty was here, we could get by on her Pokemon!" said Ash. It hadn't occured to him that he had a water pokemon, but anyway, how could Squirtle carry 7 humans and a robot, including one man near 300 pounds?

"It looks like I'll have to bring out my gold chocobo." Cloud said as he pulled out his PHS.


"Oh crap." Mako screwed it.

"Now, what?"

Something inside Ling hit her in the chest, Articuno flying above them. Articuno cooed in its language which Ling understood. Pikachu had also popped out from ash' backpack and started to 'talk' worriedly.

"!" (Ling, some fellow pokemon are here!)

"What? Where?" Ling said.

"Pika, pikapi. Chu, chu, pikachu!" (Ash, ASH! I sense some pokemon down south!)

"Eh? What? No way....."

Ash remembered then who else had come through the portal. Gary and Team Rocket.

But did that mean that others were here?

"Cloud....Barret....Ken....Ryu....Cait.....we've gotta go south man!" Ash said.

"He's right!" Ling said, Articuno perched on her shoulder.

"Why?" inquired Cloud, knowing that something was up.


"...and Articuno..."

"...have sensed other pokemon down in the south!" Ling and Ash said together. "Which means some others have arrived there. It might be a clue, there may be some of your friends there as well!"

Barret looked at the two youngers. He had a feeling that the creatures had better senses than he did....

"Vul! Vul!" Vulpix moaned in Brock's arms.

"Vulpix, are you alright?"Brock quietely soothed the little fox pokemon.

"Vul! Vul! Vulpix!" it moaned.

"Vulpix sensed pain of pokemon kind. IT's hurt as well, although I don't know what from! VULPIX!"

Vulpix started to glow in a weird eery green colour. Brock was in hysteria.

"WE'VE GOT TO HELP IT!" Brock moaned. He cared for Vulpix more than anything, even girls......

"But how?" Ryu asked.

"Let's go down to Cosmo Canyon." Cait suggested. "We've already been to Gongaga, it would be most logical to go there, the next most southern town." Cait said.

"It may be the only way to find out whats going on.....and to help Vulpix." Ling said, watching Brock start to form tears in his eyes.

Cloud looked at the group. If they couldn't go any further, they might as well have a look. And something in his heart said it was the right thing to do. Call it a hunch, hell, they had worked in the past............

"O.K, lets turn to Cosmo Canyon He-yah!"

Cloud, Ken, Brock (desperately) , Barret and Cait turned around to head for Red's hometown.

"Please, Vulpix, don't die on me....." Brock cried softly, whilst trying to ride.

Ash had never seen this side of Brock before. It reminded of what he felt with Misty, hoping she hadn't been harmed.

Ryu felt the same thoughts, for Chun-Li.

Barret, for Marlene.

And for Cloud....Tifa......



Giovanni was starting to piss him off. Every time they managed to even dent his pokemon, Giovanni had recovered him. He was starting to get bored.

Chaos was tearing into everyone, with claws, blood and skulls attacking, but Giovanni was just healing everyone. Growly and Arcaninne were starting to bring a dent into Pipod, the ice melting in his head. Growly was very strong even though Arcanine was the evolved form of it, and its flame attacks were just as strong as Arcanines.

James had returned Weezing, as did Jessie with Arbok. Victreebell and Lickitung couldn't fight, so for them, just Growly and Meowth remained.

Meowth had fought with the pride and spirit it had been born with. It's agility managed to surprisingly strike Vampira a number of times, and it was intelligent, knowing where it was going to move, establishing a pattern.

Red was getting peed off though. He raised a red materia at the same time Cid raised one.

"Giga Flare!"

"Pheonix Flame!"

The two summon attacks rose in the air, blasting all the pokemon and Giovanni in powerful blasts of fire and holy flame.

Gary, Jessie, James, Jin, Julia and Hwoarang looked shocked. Guile wasn't as surprised, believing any power could come from those materias.

Pipod finally passed out. Growly and Arcainne barked happily. Hwoarang couldn't believe the power of that thing, or the power coming from those rocks. However, Onma, Slash and Vampira were still attacking.

"Pipod....return." Giovanni simply said. "Go......APOCOLYPSE...."

From the pokeball, a huge creature, with a devil's head, but a grizzly bears body, with demon's claws, and a blood look in its eyes.


Guile ran with a flash kick.

Hwoarang smashed an axe kick.

Jin followed up.

Julia hit her bow and arrow kick.

Cid cast Judgement Bolt.

Red cast Fire 3.

Vincent/Chaos slashed away.

Arcanine and Growly used a double flamethrower.

The others just tried to hold off the other three pokemon which remained. Not an easily job with Giovanni keeping on healing them.

Apocolypse laughed off the attacks and sweeped them all away with one claw.

Arcanine fell. Gary returned at and sent out Golbat and Hitmonlee. Growly remained uptight and Gary was upset that the weaker pokemon out of the two was still standing. Perhaps he had underestimated James....

What neither James or Gary knew was that Growly had been blessed from the heavens by a very special lady.........


"Come on, hurry!" screamed Cloud, seeing a darkened man spiritualising some black aura, which Cloud immediately knew was evil.

Ash and Ling flew off their chocobos, Brock much less dramatic, his interest was mainly on Vulpix, except for something Ling had told him just beforehand.

"Brock, listen Vulpix is a pokemon you obviously care about, but listen, please do me a favour. As a breeder, you know how to take care of pokemon, and as a gym leader, are knowledgable on attacks. Please, Articuno and Panda can come with me, but take care of Pidgeott and Ninetales, for me please, they may be needed for the battle ahead.

Brock looked at her. Ninetales, the evolved form of Vulpix. If something happens to it, at least he could get revenge with its evolved form.

Brock nodded, letting Ling use her fists and feet do the work.

Ling was letting her thoughts control her as she and Ash ran along with Cloud to the carnage. However, she recognised some figures and ran, screaming at them, in trouble.

"Hwoarang, Jin, Julia.....miss me?" she screamed.

"Ling.....of course!" Ling disappeared into his arms, Hwoarang hugging her as tight as he could.

A growl from behind them broke up the reunification of friends as Hwoarang(reluctantly) let go of Ling, to prepare against this Apocolypse.

Ash saw Gary moaning as all his pokemon were spent. He couldn't do a damn thing now. Hitmonlee and Golbat were useless against Apocolypse and Raichu had used up it's last bolt.

Gary saw Ash and decided to at least have one last barb at him. "Hey, loser! If I can defeat it, then there is no way your wimpy pokemon could!"

Instead of Ash getting upset or angry, he just said two words.

"Shut up."

Ash and Brock released some pokeballs, Ash a bit upset, not with Gary, but the fact that he couldn't see Misty anywhere.

From the pokeballs, Ash' Pidgeotto, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charizard, along with Pikachu, Brock's Onix, Zubat and Geodude, plus Ling's Pidgeott and Ninetales came out.

Ryu and Ken came behind Guile's side, cursing his head off against this Vampira and Apocolypse.

"Normal days, eh Guile?" Ken smirked against his American counterpart.

"SHIT! I never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad you two hot-shots have shown up1" Guile smirked back.

"What the heck is that thing?" Ryu exclaimed.

"I don't know, but lets not wait around to find out." Guile commented.

"Cid, man! Are you all right?" Cloud said, as he, Barret and Cait bounded up to him.

"Spike, took ya time man?" Cid said, in pain though Red's cure spell came upon him.

"Just wanted you to have all the fun." Cloud said.

"Listen, that bastard ahead is Giovanni, he is the boss of some dumb asses over there...." he said, pointing to Jessie and James.

"Hmm. Team Rocket?" Cloud presumed.

"Yes." conformed Red. "How'd you know?"

"Apart from the fact that they have giant R's on their chests, we've met up with a couple of their nemesis', Ash and Brock." said Cloud.

"Hmm. So the rival of the git is here." Cid smirked.

"Rival?" Cloud inquired.

"Long story. Gary is from their world as well as Team Rocket I guess. It looks like everyone is coming to place."

"Not everyone. Tifa and Yuffie aren't here." Barret said.

Cloud realised when he said that that he was right. Tifa and Yuffie weren't here. Now he was extra worried.

"Cloud, you have a KOTR(Knights Of The Round) materia, don't ya?" Cait said.

Cloud nodded, and held up the powerful red materia.

"Use it." Cait said simply.

Cloud complied.

The knights materialized to the amazement of practically everyone who didn't see it before, including Giovanni. The words 'Ultimate End' rang through his ears for a long time, as the knights attacks specific pokemon with specific attacks. One knight even got a blow on him.

When Giovanni recovered, all of his pokemon were out except for Vampira and Apocolypse.

He cursed. He would be even more ruthless now.

"Go....." But he never got the chance.



"GROWLY, EMBER!" James said.

Gary kept quiet, unable to command, and jealous of James Growlithe being more powerful than his Arcanine.

"VULPIX, THIS IS FOR YOU, NINETALES, FIRE SPIN!" Brock screamed angrily, as the tiny fox was glowing rapidly.

The four attack hit Giovanni with accuracy. James ember attack hit the magical pokeball, sending it flying out of Giovanni's hand.

Giovanni cursed, but no matter. Jenova came him more power in other ways.

Giovanni struck with powerful black blasts heading towards the group.

They scattered, as Giovanni blasted again.



The two street fighters attacks penetrated the powerful dark aura of Giovanni and he screamed. A cue for everyone to split up and attack.

Apocolypse was still strong, as Panda and Articuno attacked it. It turns out that Apoloypse is weak against cold, and also, that Giovanni was weak against fire and lightning, because of their light, against Giovanni's dark.

Jin, Julia, Hwoarang and Ling stayed to attack Apoloypse.

Cid, Guile and Chaos helpedJessie and Meowth finish off a weakened Vampira, who had a recover attack, but was starting to weaken. Arbok was still amazingly in the fight, and Meowth was fuelled with power like never before.

The rest, Ash, Brock, Gary (what use he may be), James, Red, Ken, Ryu, Cloud, cait and Barret were left to take out Giovanni.


Vampira was slowly losing its energy. Jessie had returned Arbok, telling it it was suicide to continue fighting and let it have a deserved rest. Meowth however kept jumping the area with continuous scratch attacks.

With Vampira getting weaker, Vincent could slash it much easier as could Cid slash it spear as it weakened. Guile had pummeled it with Sonic Booms and Flash Kicks as well.

Vampira couldn't hit its psychic attacks and it's poison attacks weren't effecting Chaos, the main course for worry.

Suddenly, Chaos stopped and fell down, returning to Vincent.

Vampira gave a smile. Now, it could.....

It never finished its sinister thought as Vincent pulled a bullet through its head.

A pathetic scream and squeal later, Vampira vanished in a spurt of red light.

"Well, that was easy!" Cid cheered.

Jessie and Meowth just groaned and fainted on the spot.


Apocolypse was more difficult. The attack from the KOTR materia had been damaging, but it had stored energy for fights like this.

The Tekken fighters knew each others moves and knew when to strike. Ling had lat Panda and Articuno on self-control, i.e. let them perform their own attacks.

Apocolypse was weak against cold and despite its height, Articuno easily avoided its swipes. Apocolypse shot out laser beams at the pokemon, but Articuno avoided it, and Panda rolled through it.

Ling ran first, striking with kicks and powerful Pheonix blows. However, Apocolypse shrugged them off easily, and with one swipe, made her fly 6 feet to the right. Ling groggily got up.

Hwoarang, angered, ran with a powerful axe kick followed by another standing side kick. Hwoarang avoided the blows of Apocolypse, and struck many times with fists and feet. But it felt like attacking a brick wall.

Hwoarang ducked a blow as Jin and Julia attacked together. They knew it was powerful but slow. Julia drew it out, easily avoiding the slow attacks whilst Jin hit powerful blows, worthy of his mother and father. For the first time, since the KOTR incident, Apocolypse screamed in pain. Julia powered up her fist and send it into the lower abdomen area of the creature.

Apocolypse screamed again, but surprised Julia with a powerful knee to the chest. She tried to block it, but the power of the knee send her flying. Jin, angered, powered up his most powerful attack.

The uppercut is lethal, but when powered from a fathers ancestry, it can be lethal. The Devil's uppercut was in full force. The skull felt like it snapped.

Apocolypse roared, pounded the ground and shooting fire from its mouth. sending it to Julia and Jin. Down, Hwoarang took over and smashed kicks in the weakened head area of the Apocolypse.

Apoloypse spat out blood, into the eyes of Hwoarang. Hwoarang never felt the blow on the neck.

He gained consciousness seconds later, but he was lifted up by the monster. He was still dazed and slightly blinded, but saw his fate. The other arm ready to come down and crush his skull.


Ling ran, jumped and executed the most accurate and powerful flying kick she had ever attempted in her life.

It connected, right in the mush.

The Apocolypse screamed, its face a demonic face. Ling almost screamed at the sight, and that moments hesitation cost her.

Apocolypse angered, hit a powerful backfist into the head of Ling. Ling's neck snapped back slightly as she fell hard, unconscious.

Apocolypse staggered, ready to feast on the child's flesh.

But that sight was seen by Hwoarang. "Ling....."

He was pissed.

Panda saw her best friend floored by a monster several times larger than she.

She was pissed.

Articuno saw her savior of the past risk her life again for a friend.

She was really pissed.

All three made a decision.... the same time.

Hwoarang screamed and raised his leg above his head, powering it up, and delivered the most powerful axe kick he could, onto the weaken demon's skull.

Panda rushed back, with a salmon slash attack slicing the rib areas in half of the demon.

Articuno delivered its most powerful blizzard attack it had ever unleashed.

The three attacks meant one thing. Pain.

The Apocolypse screamed, practically dead from a cracked skull and sliced ribs.

All it needed were a couple of executioners.

And they came.

Jin and Julia powered up their fists....

...and delivered, plunging their fists into the scratched heart area of the Apocolypse.

Their hands came back bloody, but the Apocolypse didn't give back any revenge.

It simply fell into nothingness.

It was dead.

Yes, the impossible had been done.

But for Hwoarang, hell could freeze. Ling was down and badly hurt.

Hwoarang rushed over to his friend, holding her tight. She wasn't breathing well.

Julia tried not to see it, her friend badly hurt. Jin held Julia tight, not wanted to really see this either.

Hwoarang may have been a street punk in the past, but entering this tournament gave him a sense of purpose, to defeat Jin Kazama. However, he didn't think he would experience the feeling growing inside of him at this moment.


"Ling, get up damn it! You saved me! I'm not gonna forgive myself if you die!" Hwoarng said, and in a quieter tone.

" you."

Hwoarang bent over and kissed the bleeding lips of Ling Xiayou. Like Ling, her lips were soft and gentle, but had a hardness which could keep you on your guard. Hwoarang kissed her softly, and released.

Suddenly, arms pinned him back down as the kiss continued, expect the more pressure was coming from the girl.

Hwoarang's eyes rose in surprise and happiness, as Ling kissed him back, tenfold. She was alright!

She released momentarilly. "I love you too." she smiled, before falling back into a deep sleep.

Hwoarang released her, stroking her injured neck, feeling nothing broken, a sigh of relief came from his lips and then....


When was the last time he cried? Not since Master Baek died.

"You brought her back Hwoarang. You showed her you cared." jin said.

Hwoarang, normally, would have given an angered remark, but the look that Jin gave him wasn't one of sarcasm, but one of admiration.

"She loved you, Hwoarang. And now, your retaliation has brought her back, like the stubborn girl she is. Has to get what she wants, and you gave it to her." smiled Julia.

Hwoarang had to smile as he wiped the tears away. A tear landed on Ling's forehead.

He bent over and kissed her forehead.

"Thank you, Ling, for making me a better person, and saving our lives." he whispered, before scooping her up in his arms, her soft touch quietening his voice as he hugged her and cradled her.

Jin and Julia smiled, then realised that it wasn't over yet.


Giovanni was falling. He couldn't believe it. Vampira and Apocolypse had been destroyed and he couldn't get his pokeball.

What was worse was that the rest of the group were hurting him. Hurting him! No one hurt Giovanni and gets away with it!

But they had found the pattern.

Pikachu was spent, but had done the most damage. Ninetales and Growly worked together well as Brock kept thinking about Vulpix, Red's fire spells and Barret's powerful blasts kept Giovanni at bay.

But Giovanni had some tricks up his sleeve.


Two dark Shade based attacks came from his hands.

Ash, Brock, Gary and James got many dark blasts entering their bodies, sending them many feet back. Their pokemon was also affected and many fell. Left was Pikachu, Charizard, Ninetales and Growly.

For Red, Ken, Ryu, Cloud, Cait and Barret, a powerful portal attack send their energy draining many times.

Ryu and Ken got up and powered up their Shinku-Hadokens.

The powerful blasts sent him back as Ken ran with a ShinryuKen, a huge flaming dragon punch.

Ryu powered up lightning in his legs as he ran and his his Super Hurricane Kick.

Giovanni was hurt, but he could recover and the flames weren't all strong enough to finish him off.

It seemed true, the combined power of Pikachu, Charizard, Ninetales and Growlithe weren't doing enough damage. The fire materia and attacks of Ryu and Ken did help, but it didn't seem to be doing enough.


"He's.....right....." puffed James. He looked at Growly, who was incredibly strong, looking tired. Pikachu was also very tired. Ninetales had practically passed out. Only Charizard looked fresh, but even his attacks lacked bite.

It was then the shock happened.

The glow of Vulpix from behind them, unknown to everyone, except for Brock, who sensed something happening.

He ran, forgetting Giovanni, picked up Vulpix, who was glowing......

.....of Mako energy.

"Whats happening....." Brock said, as Vulpix started to glow.

Brock gently put it down.


"Vulpix!" Brock was first in tears.

"VUL......Tales!" it finished.

"Huh?" Brock said.

In front of him, was not a dead Vulpix as he thought would happen, but a very healthy and powerful looking, Ninetales.

Brock was shocked. Vulpix could only evolved via a Fire Stone.

Unless.....that glowing, was that energy from the...what was it.....Mako...that had caused this problem......could it help evolution as well.

Brock tears of sadness turned to tears of joy and relief, as Ninetales walked beside him.

"Guys, Vulpix has somehow evolved!" he screamed.

Ash smiled, but was too busy with Giovanni.

Brock then had an idea. With Vulpix evolving, flame attacks would be more powerful. With the other light based attacks coming, it would be the end for Giovanni.

"O.K, everyone, attack again, I've got a new partner." he smirked.

"Ninetales." Ninetales spoke.

"O.K,, Ninetales and er, Ninetales, double Flame Spin!" Brock said.

"Growly, ember!"

"Ifrit. Hellfire!" Red said.

"Fire3!" Cait said.

"Fire3!" Cloud said.

Barret blasted a Satellite Beam Giovanni's Way.

And finally.....

"Pikachu, ultimate ThunderShock!" Ash said.

"Charizard, Fire Blast!" Ash said.

The attacks came so fast for Giovanni that he didn't know what happened. He was screaming as both Ninetales attacked. Lings looked beat quickly, but Brock's attacked with incredible force. It seemed the power of Mako in its body had powered up its attack as well.

The twirling ember of James Growlithe surrounded Giovanni, enabling him in a blood-curdling scream.

The fire spells of Red, cait and Cloud blasted him further back, followed with a Satellite attack from Barret, a fire blast from Red's Cosmo Memory, and Cloud's powerful Omnislash.


Pikachu's Thundershock sent him flying into the air.

Giovanni screamed as the pain went through his body. The battle was over....

...but the war wasn't.

"I'll be back...." he whispered, before vanishing.

Promptly, everyone (including the pokemon) fell to their knees, exhausted.

"" Brock said.

"Yeah....." Ash said.


The cure spells had been used many times on everyone, but Ling in particular. Hwoarang had stayed by her side in Cosmo Canyon the whole time, with Jin, Julia, Guile and Cid as well as Red by their side.

Lings eyes started to flutter. Hwoarang gasped for breath.

Ling's eyes began to open. The first thing she saw was a handsome Korean boy staring over her.

"Hwoarang....." she stuttered.

"Right here, Ling." he said, holding her hand.

"Oh, Hwoarang..." she said and hugged him, crying happily.

"I thought I was a goner.....I thought you was a goner....." she said.

"Shhh....shhh...." he said, rocking her gently. Holding her at this moment, he wished he could do it for the next 20 years.

"You saved us. You saved all of us........." Hwoarang said, but stopped as Ling kissed him full on the lips.

Hwoarang's eyes opened momentarilly, but kissed the beautiful young girl back. She was three years his younger, but she was a savior in his eyes, and a beautiful one like that. At this point, a changing point in his life was made. Hwoarang was no longer the street punk, the cocky Tae Kwan Do champ, or the rival of Jin Kazama.

He was a man.

And kissed her back tenfold.

Jin and Julia turned to leave, but Jin held her arm.

"What?" she said, as his hand wandered into hers.

"You know, those two are good for each other. And I've been just as blind to my feelings for you as he had for her." Jin said.

"So, how are you gonna make up for it?" Julia smiled as her arms encircled his waist.

"This." And gently lifted her chin up so he could kiss her tenderly on the lips.

Both young couples got caught in the moment, so Guile, Cid and Red took their leave.


Everyone assembled by the eternal flame of Cosmo Canyon. Everyone, including Ling had recovered well and Cloud took charge.

"Listen, everyone, we are all from alternate worlds, but we have a similar goal. To remove an evil obstacle from our worlds. Now, it has occured to me that not everyone from our or your groups are here." he said.

"Yes, Cloud. Two of our friends, Sakura and Chun-Li aren't with us." said Ryu.

"As is a friend of ours, Misty." said Ash, as Brock stroked his new Ninetales.

"And with us, Yuffie and Tifa." said Barret. He muttered under his breath, 'Marlene' as well.

"Correct. But it seems that the main guys from Jin's world are here, but not everyone is here, if you know what I mean." said Cloud.

"Yes, many of the evil beings are around." Guile said. "That bastard Bison is somewhere still." Guile angered.

"So is a man named Viktor Sagat and a devil entity known as Akuma." said Ryu.

"The Ogre and my grandfather Heihachi must be still here......" said Jin.

"And I'll be damned if our 'ex' boss is dead."said Jessie, angrily.

"I suspect the same. I think its time to find out the other members of our parties, most likely, they are all together, and destroy this evil once and for all." Ryu said, leader like, probably make Cloud a bit jealous.

"Yes. Cid has the Baby Bronco, but its too small to fit us all in......." said Cloud.

Suddenly, a voice appeared in James' head as the other began talking.

"Young pokemaster, look to your left of the rock you are sitting on." the voice said.

James looked around, the voice was really confusing him. It was female, and it was sweet. He wished to hear it, yet whenever she spoke, it was seemingly in riddles.

It was the voice, he presumed, which sent him Growly, whom he was petting at the time. Brock had been kind to give Jessie and James' pokemon some of his famous food, he was in too much of a good mood (except for the fact he had learnt that Ling had a boyfriend, as did the young cutie he had just met, Julia) for anything to spoil it.

As if on instinct, he turned to his left....

....and saw a pokeball, glowing with Mako, the same one Giovanni had used.

He remembered, Growly using his flame thrower, hit the pokeball and sent it spinning.

And it was still here.

He grabbed it.

"Now concerntrate on a creature which can help you...." the voice died away.

James noticed the hubbub ahead of him, but remembered his days at Pokemon Tech. What Pokemon could be used to run great distances.

Of course! Rapidash!

But in water.....

Gyarados! Lapras!

"Hey, guys......." James shouted as friendly as he could.

But there was too much arguing going on.

"GUYS?" he screamed.

No-one acknowledged him, even Jessie.

"Er, Weezing, Smokescreen!"

The Poison Bomb pokemon coughed out a blast of smoke around the group. A few coughs and spluttered made them all gasp as they turned to him.

"Why did you do that?" they moaned.

"So, I could get your worked!" he smirked, happy to be on the winning team and in control.

"Now, remember this?" The glowing pokeball.


"Exactly! And here comes our transport!"

"Ponyta! Rapidash! Lapras! Gyarados!"

Four pokemon emerged. Two flame horses, one sea serpent, and one water horse like creature.

"These babies can travel either on land or water, and as were gonna be looking everywhere, we need to be quick, and these can help us out!" James smirked.

"Wow, James, you've done something right!" Jessie and Ash said together.

James moaned and a few more Rapidash, Gyarados and Lapras came out.

"All aboard!" he said.

Cloud and Barret had to admit that luck and cleverness played their part here. They decided that going by water would be best as they had searched most of the western continent.

James nodded as more water pokemon came out, such as Starmie, Staryu, Dratini and Tentacruel.

"It looks like we've got some planets to save!" Cloud smirked, happy that their luck was starting to increase.

And their mission underway.


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