Mako Crossover Chapter 12


By Chris Homer

Jenova was a bit disappointed that the attempts of removing the obstacles which could get in her way had failed. She had given Giovanni almighty power, and he had lost it.

The young man James had acquired, and Jenova couldn't do a damn thing about it. It was her who gave the power, but it was Akuma and Ogre controlling it, and they didn't know about her scheme.

Or at least, she hoped they wouldn't.

It was time to unleash the full arsenal.

She would send a message to Cloud, the one with Jenova Cells, to come to the Crater.

There, the final battle would be engaged.


If there was one thing that Akuma was good at, it was being cagey. And it looked like Jenova had underestimated the beings power. Being one of no soul, he could sense other souls and other presences here.

The 'man' opposite him, the Toshin/Ogre, was also one of no soul, and possessed the same characteristics as Akuma did. Both of them had a desire for power, and tried to use it to vanquish their enemies, as Giovanni did as well as Jenova.

However, they were tougher than expected. To deal with Giovanni was no easy task, it was time to enter the battle themselves.

Giovanni reappeared with them.

"You failed." Akuma said simply.

"I know. They were stronger than I expected." Giovanni said and looked up. "Will you kill me?"

"No. You will stay here. They are coming here." Akuma said, although he had no idea where that thought come from. How the hell did he know they were coming.

'Put more pressure on' Jenova thought to herself, looking over her new 'family'.

"It is time for the final confrontation." Akuma said.

"AND I'M BRINGING SOME HELP....." Ogre moaned.

And with that, white light shone..... Bison, Heihachi and Sagat came upon them.

Before Sagat could murmur 'WHAT THE HELL?' Akuma, Ogre, Giovanni and Jenova(unknown to them), had cast a cloud of Mako over their minds, for ones as evil as them should be formidable allies.

They found it difficult to persuade Sagat to fall to the evil level, but he succumbed, revenge is a form of evil in their book, and Sagat thirsted on it.

Bison and Heihachi however were more than willing, to conquer one world and to crush their enemies at the same time, it would be like a dream come true.

Bison sneered as he saw Akuma, the second man only to survive the raging demon was indeed Bison, and Akuma hadn't forgot it.

However, they had a united passion together.

Power and evil.

And a united evil laugh was screamed upon them all.

With Jenova watching under unknown eyes..........


"So, you three are some another world?" Elena said, still disbelieving.

"Yes..." moaned Sakura for the one-hundreth time.

"Well, if all the girls look like you over there, I'm outta here!" Reno smiled, happily and ecstatically.

"......" was all Rude could say (as normal).

Chun-Li was a bit bored with the conversation. It seemed that Elena was oblivious to everything (seeing a couple of dead bodies does that to a person), Rude was a non-speaker, and Reno was an over-speaker. At least they had saved them, well, sort of.

They were off to Junon now, heading to the western continent. They had searched most of the area surrounding them, and were tired, so could get a rest in Junon, as well as get on the submarine.

"The blood is still on my clothes..." Elena whispered, before dozing off under the sleep spell that Reno cast.

"Useless....." Reno sighed.

"Why'd you do that?" Yuffie said.

"Watch." And held another materia, an ice materia.

It glowed toward Elena.

"YAAAH!" A sharp pain entered her body, screaming hard. The cold ice flowed through her and woke her up with a shock.


"She's back to normal." Reno smirked, and Yuffie and the girls couldn't resist a smile either.

"What? What the hell happened?" Elena said.

"You've been asleep for the last 20 years trying to evolve from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. Hasn't worked though....."

Reno felt a good slap across the cheeks.

"CHEEKY BASTARD!" she screamed.

A few more laughs erupted from the crowd, Reno didn't find it funny, but at least women were paying attention to him. In a painful way mind you.

Even Rude had to smile at his best friends discomfort.

Tifa had went ahead into the town of Junon, asking to use the submarine. They had left it in Junon Dock, and Tifa had to get permission to use it. Of course, they did, as a heroine of Avalanche, but was a bit more wary of the Turks and the unknowns.

"I trust them. Well, most of them." she said, eyeing Reno warily.

Reno responded by pulling a face at her.

"Why are we going on the sub?" Misty said to the older woman.

"As we've searched most of this side of the planet thanks to the chocobos, the only option is that our friends are on the other side." said Tifa, unless they were on the far western continents, such as Wutai, or worse, somewhere like Mideel. If so, they were gonna have a few problems.

Despite this, she managed to get the sub out, then came upon a problem.

"Er, guys, anyone know how to pilot this thing?" she asked worriedly. In their adventure, it was Cloud, Cid and Vincent who had piloted the damn thing, and she didn't have a clue about mechanics and all that crap.

Looking around the faces, it looked like everyone had a similar look, except for....

Rude stepped up. "I used to be a navigator before I joined. I've studied the layout of the Shinra sub and know how to operate it." He glanced at Reno. "You should have as well, or were you being a lazy ass, as usual....."

Reno shrugged. Rude took that as being a lazy ass. He sighed.

As he went to the controls, Chun-Li went beside him.

"I have some knowledge in electronics and mechanics. As an INTERPOL police officer, I knew how to prepare for extreme situations, include war vehicles. I know little about submarines, but enough about electronics to at least set us a course." she said.

Rude nodded and Rude and Chun-Li took the controls. Tifa gave a sigh of relief. She had earlier sent Reeve and Elymra back to the Chocobo Farm to get Marlene and they stayed there, resting. Reeve had been giving a BAHAMUT ZERO materia, just in case. It was mastered, so nothing would survive in it's path.

But they needed a third person for the engine lookabout.

Suddenly, Misty surprisingly volunteered.

"I've been in a ship before, and know how the things work. I've escaped from a sunken ship as well, and know about survival." she chuckled, remembering all the problems she faced with Ash and Brock. "Probably, you've got better experience in danger, but I've escaped from a sunken wreckage, and if anything goes wrong..." she patted her backpack, " friends can get us out of here..."

Tifa smiled. This was getting better than expected.

"O.K, Chun, Misty, Rude, set a course for Costa Del Sol."

"Why?" Sakura asked.

"We're gonna meet our friends." Tifa smiled.


"You know, we could have gotten on the ship at Costa Del Sol!" moaned Barret, not happy riding the sea serpent known as Gyarados.

It growled in retaliation.

"Barret, the next ship comes in 4 hours, do you want to wait that long?" Cloud said, knowing that Barret wasn't the most patient man in the world. Then again, neither was he.

Besides, Lapras and Gyarados were extremely fast and efficient, and could carry more than one person.

Ash and Brock choose Staryu and Starmie, knowing how to surf on the starfish pokemon as Misty had shown them. Looking at them made them realise how much they missed their friend.

As several Lapras', Gyarados', Starmies and Staryus assembled, James had a question to Cloud.

"Uh, where are we going exactly?" he said.

"We've got to find our friends.....there are still people missing from some of our groups."

James understood but Jessie was a bit pissed because they were gonna help the brats by finding that young girl. However, her real anger was because that their boss had betrayed them. Jessie wasn't a heartless girl really, she had suffering bitterness even before she encountered Ash and company. Her past wasn't a pleasant one, flunking Pokemon Tech, thrown into the street and heartless parents, was enough for her to become heartless and uncaring. Even joining Team Rocket was a bit of luck, as Giovanni only accepted them because of their feeling of rejection and hatred, thinking it would be useful.

However, even that was gone. There was no reason to chase Pikachu anymore.

And James had the power of pokemon in his hand.

This world had more feeling and power than her old world. She had already meet a place with peace and understanding (before Giovanni attacked) in Cosmo Canyon, and wondered if this world would be more understanding. They knew nothing about her or pokemon.

She loved pokemon, but only had two. But she cared for Arbok and Likitung dearly. And also, her friend, James, was still with her since Pokemon Tech. Despite arguments and her choice of weapon, the mallet, they cared for each other. As friends, or more than friends? (Well, the unusual cross-dressing may put her off, but maybe it will stop now TR is finished with them)

Jessie sighed. This world seemed to find peace with her. She stepped on a Lapras with James and Meowth.

Barret, for one time in his life was scared stiff by the Gyarados. James smirked. Who would have thought that came from a wimpy Magikarp?

Barret reluctantly grabbed the Gyarados as did Cloud. Cait had to be careful, as his electronics weren't exactly waterproof, so he got on a Gyarados as well and scooted up to the top of it, the highest point and held on, although it was difficult for the cat and moogle.

Vincent didn't need one as he could fly as Chaos. Red was more tricky. His flame tail and the fear of pokemon at him made him difficult to be ridden. However, a Dragonair was created and wasn't afraid. Red had no choice but to get upon it.

Ryu and Ken choose a Starmie and Staryu, Ken was about to introduce Ryu to the heights and horrors of surfing. Ryu wasn't particularly thrilled by that prospect. Cid look like to be screaming profanity as it was being held in the air by a couple of Pidgeoots and Ling's Articuno. He didn't want to go 'damn near' the water, in case his cigerrates got wet. Guile had taken the more sea-faring root, going on the only Vaporeon, as he didn't mind getting wet.

On a final Lapras, came Jin, Julia, hwoarang and Ling, all fully recovered and held on tight to the Lapras and to each other.

"It looks like the journey is going to begin." Cloud said, nervously hanging on to the Gyarados.

On contrare Cloud, it's only just begun............


"Damn, and it was going so well!" moaned Yuffie, trying hard not to be seasick.

The electronics had jammed due to the access Mako. Rude and Chun-Li were on it, whilst Misty watched the periscope.

"Is everything like this?" moaned Reno.

"I'm afraid so." said Tifa, getting worried.

Reno checked his PHS. Interference and static. Damn!

"Ir's looks like the interference is affecting with the electronics. We'll have it fixed in a bit." said Chun-Li.

Tifa moaned. Chun-Li failed to mentioned what a 'bit' was. Probably a couple of hours........


Barret was trying not to scream as he was riding the sea serpent, but it was damn difficult. It was like a giant rodeo show, and Barret wasn't winning any time soon.

Cloud (on a seperate Gyarados) was enjoying the show, then quickly turned away seeing the look of doom given by Barret.

Cait wasn't fairing much better, his hands has literally turned into suction cups so that he didn't fall. If robots could sweat, I'm sure Cait would have been drowned in it.

Guile on the Vaporeon, was speeding through the water, Vaporeon was extremely fast, small, and strong. Guile didn't mind getting wet, he had been through worse times. Beside, he was having some fun, it had been a while since he had thought about something asides from revenge, but he had been glad he was getting it off his mind.

Team Rocket were enjoying the calm surroundings (aside from Barret) around them. Like Jessie, James had seemed found a sense of peace. No longer part of Team Rocket, he had no problem with the kid anymore. He was free.

He hoped now his friendship with Jessie could continue, perhaps even more than friendship.....

Ash and Brock had sensed the change in Team Rocket as well. They seemed more relaxed and weren't bothering them at all. He was surprised, he thoguth their job was everything because since Day One they had pestered him. But now....they were different.

He remembered when they found Togepi. He said that they were beginning to sound human. Well, now, they had found humanity and were living with it.

Brock was also happy, but for other reasons. His Vulpix had somehow evolved without the aid of a stone, and Ling had congratulated him for using her pokemon expertly with a kiss. Brock blushed, but decided to ignore it. His habit of fliritng was something he couldn't help, but he was starting to learn how to control it. A few girls had accepted him, such as Misty and Susie, his rival breeder, as good friends. Perhaps he should leave it as that and let things go naturally without being slapped every time.....

Now, he had his new ninetales to worry about. True, he would miss Vulpix, but now his breeding skills were going to be tested to the limit.

Ryu was having a more difficult time than Ken on the starfish pokemon. Ryu was usually one of great balance, but on a craeture which could pierce flesh with its spines wasn't the most encouraging thing. He tried sitting behind it like Brock was doing, but he kept sinking in, and the Staryu moaned its frustration. Ryu apologised and just held on, hoping for the best.

Ken heard a huge element of cursing coming from above him. Cid was screaming his head off, with curses even he hadn't heard before. Ken chuckled at the agitation of the old pilot.

All of them were worked up with worry, a bit too much.

So much that they almost didn't see the submarine below them.......


Below water

"All right, almost done!" Chun exclaimed, asYuffie kept jogging down, trying hard not to be seasick.

Tifa gave her a tranquilizer, hoping to calm her down. It turned out Sakura also needed one, more of nerves rather than sickness.

Tifa sighed, but then felt something whizz over head.

Misty was still looking at the periscope, when a few whizzing figures past them. She recgonised the creatures. A Starmie? A Lapra.....

She then recognised the figures on them.

"Team Ro....Ash? ASH?"

Tifa felt something as a whizzing went over them. She felt a sense of recognition.



Above water

A whispering voice fluttered in both Cloud and Ash's hearts.

They had heard a couple of angelic voices.



"What?" Brock said.

"I felt her. Misty, she's nearby...." Ash said.

"Nonsense. You just miss her. We're in the middle of nowhere....."

"But I...."

"I feel it too young one." Cloud said. "James, can you stop us all for a minute."

James had fallen asleep on the Lapras.

"JAMES!" screamed Cloud.

"Huh?" James eyelids fluttered.

"How do we stop these things?" Cloud said.

"Oh, er.....everyone, stop!" he shouted.

All of the pokemon, hearing their 'master' and stopped.

A couple a bit too quickly. Barret's Gyarados stopped abruptly and Barret went flying off into the sea. And Pidgeot stopped, but Articuno didn't. The force of pressure was too much as Cid went flying from Pidgeot's claws and into the ocean.

Everyone started to laugh, until they saw the look on the pilot and former leader of AVALANCHE's face.

"O.K, WHAT THE $%£! WAS THAT ABOUT?" Barret and Cid said at the same time.

"I don't know, your leader wanted me to stop?" questioned James.

Barret and Cid turned their pissed looks to their leader.

"Well, Spike, did you want a laugh or is there a reason for this balls-up?" Cid asked, as calm as an irate man could.

"" said Cloud.


"I don't know. One force feels bad, like......Sephiroth......but also....." Cloud spoke quietly by the end.



Below water

"It is them!" screamed Misty excitedly.

Chun-Li had stopped to look as well and saw Ryu, Ken and Guile among them. He was beyond happy! Ryu was O.K!

Tears flowed from Tifa, Sakura, Misty and Chun-Li, which prompted Yuffie to cry as well, as happiness flowed. Reno wondered what the hell was going on, but Elena hit him for not being sensitive enough.

"They are being reunited with their friends and loved ones, or can't you comprehend that?" she said.

Reno said nothing, but instead kissed Elena on the mouth.

"Mmmm....what was that for?" Elena said, ready to hit him.

"I being reunited with my friend and love one." Reno smirked and winked at her.

"Grr....." Elena hated sweet talk, but still had to smile. She would beat him up later.

Rude remained motionless as he watched the emotion flood the sub more than any ocean wave could. Despite only being around them in a short time, it seemed the emotion was affecting him as well, as he removed his sunglasses and wiped his eyes.

"Rude, do us a favour please?" Tifa said, excitedly.

"Of course." Rude said, knowing what it was. He started to raise the sub to surface.


Above water

"They are here somewhere!" said Ash, Ryu and Cloud together, who could all feel something.

"You are imagining it!" said Brock, Ken and Barret together, who thought they were going mad.

The others didn't say anything, just watching the confrontation get stronger. Cid had taken refuge on Team Rocket's Lapras.

James and Jessie also felt something was here, as did all the Tekken characters, but they felt it would be wise not to get involved in an argument in the middle of nowhere.

"They are....." started Barret, but then they all stopped open mouthed.

A submarine began to surface below them.

It was the sub they had used in their travels.

Which means.....

Cloud decided not to gloat against Barret. His eyes were as watery as the ocean below them.

The sub emerged fully, as Ash and Ryu waited patiently.

And then.......

Tifa emerged, a bit tired, but as beautiful as ever.


"Cloud?" they both whispered.

They then screamed their names out as Tifa jumped 6 feet across the sub to Cloud, not caring about the splash, or that they were reunited on the back of a giant sea serpent.

Cloud and Tifa were back, and Cloud hugged his best friend to the limit.

Tifa returned it as tears flowed through their eyes as Cloud continued to hug her.

Without warning, he kissed her on the forehead, and held her even more tightly.

Tifa cried some more as tears of happiness came from her. She had never felt so relieved or as good in her life.

Ash was happy for them but was a trifle disappoin....


Ash turned to see the girl of his dreams.




Misty sent out Starmie and surfed over to Ash and Brock and wrapped her friends up in a bear hug.

Ash laughed out loud, the trio reunited. Suddenly, tears appeared in both their eyes, tears of joy similar to when Pikachu returned to Ash and when Misty realised that Ash was alive in Lavender Town.

Brock and Pikachu got in with the bear hug as well, but released much quicker than Ash and Misty did. It was so obvious they liked each other, but lets humor the plot of this fanfic just a bit longer.......

And the last piece of the puzzle......

"Ryu! Ken! Guile!" screamed Chun-Li and Sakura together.

Ryu looked up at the two voices.

Sakura and Chun-Li?

"YOU'RE......YOU'RE ALL RIGHT?" Ryu said.

"Is that all you can say?" Sakura said.

Ryu took his actions as words as he swam to the submarine, forgetting the wetness as he climbed up and hugged the two girls, making them wet as well. But they didn't care, they were back together.

Ryu held them as tight as possible as Yuffie appeared.

"Oh, I don't get a tearful welcome?" Yuffie scoffed.

"Hey, Yuffie, you're here too?" Cloud said and beckoned for her to come over.

"Huh?" she said.

"I'm glad you are all right." he said smiling, still holding Tifa.

Yuffie blushed. "Well, er, thanks...." she said as she and Cloud hugged.

Reno, Rude and Elena watched this from the sub as all the friends got together in the middle of the ocean to offer relief and happiness.

"Should we point out we're here?" Reno said.

"Nah, let's not ruin the moment." Elena said.

"HEY, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Barret screamed, spotting them as he hugged Tifa.

"Darn." Reno said.


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