Mako Crossover Chapter 13

Love And Hate

By Chris Homer

"Who are these guys?" Ling asked.

"Allow us to introduce ourselves to a beautiful young lady." Reno smirked and bowed. "We are the Turks, master of kidnapping, murder and all that junk among the highest power known as Shinra." said Reno.

Reno, sensing that he sparked trouble (The fact that Ryu and Ken's fists were glowing was an indication) decided to make peace.

"However, Shinra was recently....retired......thanks to Sephiroth, WEAPON and these bunch of rebels." Reno said, indicating AVALANCHE.

Barret was ready to ring the scrawn mans neck, but surprisingly Tifa defended him.

"Let it go Barret, sure, he's a jerk, but they did save us and our new friends." she said.

Barret looked pissed as a rat, and his anger didn't seem to drain. However, Cloud was more interested in these new friends.

"Tifa, who came with you then?" Cloud said.

Tifa motioned to the older woman. "This is Chun-Li, a police woman from the other world, one of the best and also one of the best fighters I have ever seen." Tifa said.

"And pretty too." said Cloud. Tifa looked angry but saw him wink at her and she blushed.

"Pleased to meet you miss Li. I'm Cloud Strife, leader of this lot, unfortunately." he said, smirking as Tifa playfully hit him again.

Chun-Li returned it, seeing love in the eyes of Tifa and Cloud. She smiled.

"Thank you Mister Strife." she said. "This is my friend, Sakura."

Yuffie had been talking to Sakura as Cloud was looking in her direction.

"She's a bit young for this type of excitement....." Cloud said as Tifa hit him again.

"Oh, please, she's the same age as Yuffie, a kick-ass fighter and has a much better personality than certain apes around here....." said Tifa.

"You saying I'm an ape?" Cloud said.

"No, I'm telling you are one." Tifa smiled. Cloud grunted as Tifa and Chun giggled.

Cloud then noticed the young girl in the corner talking to Ash, Brock and Ling.

"Who's that? She was with you as well?" Cloud said, whose memory must be on cloud nine because Ken and Ryu and Ash had been telling them about their friends for a while.

"That's Misty, a pokemon trainer, I think she calls it!" she said. "She saved my life when I fought Heihachi...."

"She saved your life?" Cloud was surprised, the girl couldn't be 12 at the most.

"Yep, her pokemon saved me as Reno cured me. If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't have won." she said.

Cloud smiled. "I think we'd better talk together....." then observed his surroundings.

" somewhere other than the middle of the ocean."


Thanks to the many water pokemon James created, they arrived at Junon dock within minutes. After a bit of walking, they entered the Chocobo Farm, where Barret was greeted by Marlene.

"DADDY!" she screamed and leapt into her fathers arms, squeezing him really tight.

"Marlene....." Barret said, emotion cracking in his voice, the biggest man in the groups, looked ready to openly gush tears.

But there is nothing wrong with that. A tear trickled down from his eye.

"I thought.....I would never see you again....." he said.

"Daddy, you are crushing me...." she said.

Barret laughed as happy tears came upon his big face. They weren't the only one. Tifa, Sakura and Misty along with Red were also having huge smiles with tears coming upon their faces.

"Daddy, the chocobo man let me sit on the chocobo. I fell to sleep on it. It was tame, it didn't hurt me.....I thought I would die, those nasty men, have you stopped them....."

Barret smiled at his daughter. He'd have to calm her down as they all had to talk.

Surprisingly, despite how dense he was sometimes, Ash was way ahead of him.

"Pikachu, do you want to have a bit of fun?" Ash asked his tired mouse pokemon after the battle with Giovanni.

"Pika! (Sure!)" he said.

Ash released Squirtle and Bulbasaur (he would have released Charmander as well, but as it was now Charizard, that wasn't an issue, Charizard would have quickly scared Marlene to death) and they scampered to Marlene.

Pikachu climbed onto Barret's shoulders, Barret confused to what it was, and then it exchanged a friendly handshake with Marlene.

"Pika! Pika!" he said.

"It said 'Hello Marlene!" said Ling.

"Aw, how cute! Hello!" Marlene said, shaking the paw of Pikachu.

Pikachu went over and licked Marlene's cheek. She giggled.



They peered down to see the small turtle and grass based pokemon on the floor. Barret set her down with Pikachu hopping down.

"They said hello as well!" Ash said before Ling could interrupt.

Marlene petted both of them and both pokemon smiled.

"Pika, pikachu, pika, pika, chu?" Pikachu questioned.

"It said do you want to play a game with tag with them outside?" Ling said, before Ash could. It was turning into a contest of wills, and Ling didn't like to lose.

Ash sneered, but smiled at the same time.

"Sure, they are so cute!" Marlene smiled. Barret did and made a reminder to thank Ash to restoring his childs relief.

"Hey, don't leave Jigglypuff out of it, she's the master!" Misty laughed, and released Jigglypuff and also Psyduck, hoping perhaps a game of tag could get some air into its head.

"Jiggly!" said the cute balloon pokemon as she hopped onto Marlene and hugged her. Marlene hugged back.

"Awwww......" said most of the members of the group, including Elena and Cid.

Marlene, holding the two main rivals of the tag game (i.e. Jigglypuff and Pikachu, I like their cute rivalry in the anime, I think it's to see which one is cuter......) whilst the rest scampered off, Barret relieved, not only was his daughter going to have some fun, but she would be safe. He had seen the electric attacks of the rodent......

"Ash, you are such an amateur, letting them play a stupid game of...."

"SHUT UP GARY!" said Cid, Ash, Brock, Misty, Guile, Jin, Hwoarang and Barret said together.

He quickly shut up for the rest of the fanfic. (Some hope!) Even Jessie and James were snickering.

"O.K, now that we're settled.........." Cloud started.


The chocobo inn was where the 'meeting' was held. Cloud sat on the table, Tifa to one side, Barret to the other. On the beds were Jin and Julia, Hwoarang and Ling, and Ryu and Chun-Li, with Ken, Gary and Sakura by their feet. Guile said at the far edge near them, by Vincent, quiet as normal.

Red was just outside so he could see both the meeting and watch Marlene at the same time. Reeve and Elymra stayed near them as well, Red wished he was playing sometimes, enjoying Pikachu tackle Squirtle friendly.

Yuffie sat by Cloud on Tifa's side, Reno and the Turks sat at the far back, on Barret's side, were Ash, Misty and Brock, with Cid and reluctantly Gary on the other exit, along with Jessie, James and Meowth, who was talking to Cait.

Yes, it was a tight squeeze, but it was managable.

"Now, we are all here from different worlds, and are all here to defeat an evil from their world." Cloud said.

"Yes, we are here to destroy the evil known as Akuma and Bison." said Ryu.

"The Ogre and Heihachi are our worries." Jin said.

"And Giovanni has turned into a nutcase." Jessie said.

"Exactly. But something has driven them here, probably the evil from our world? It can't be Sephiroth, so it must be......"

Tifa looked at him, realising the strained looks in his eyes.

"No, we killed her......"

"Remember what Sephiroth said....."


"F..Fools....My.....mother......had....a.....plan......for.....such....occassions...." he said.

" soon.....emerge....from......different entrances.....from the....Lifestream......."

"Yep, Jenova has brought them here. She has caused the portals, and brought you, as well as your enemies here in some sort of burst of energy."

He saw that most of the crowd was blank, not knowing what the hell he was on about.

"Oh, I'd better explain Jenova....and Sephiroth....."

"Are you O.K?" Tifa said, knowing the subject wasn't a favourite one of Clouds.

"I'll be fine." feeling the strain but continued on.


After a while of talking, Cloud had delivered the main principles of Jenova and Sephiroth in the past, such as that Jenova was an alien, had tremendous power, it didn't seem it could die, and that she has controlled her 'son' Sephiroth into trying to destroy the world and find the Promised Land. He had to mention the subject of Aeris as well, and how she saved this planet.

At this, both Cid and James had to raise an eyelid, both hearing Aeris recently. James had no idea who she was, but the voice he had heard was very soothing, and she gave him the power in this pokeball that he held.

Before either of them could speak, Red started to laugh.

"What's funny Red?" said Cloud, a little agitated.

"Look." he said, smiling.

Elymra and Reeve were also smiled, as Ryu and Chun-Li, Jin and Julia and Hwoarang and Ling saw the sight and all smiled and said 'Aww....'

Marlene had been exhausted in the game of tag and she was sleeping on a comfortable Jigglypuff, who was also fast asleep. Pikachu lying next to it, tiny sparks coming from its cheeks, Squirtle passed out with Bulbasaur resting on its shell. Psyduck, next to a tree was snoring its head off, increasing its headache.

Ash and Misty saw this and had to giggle.

"I guess we'd better round them up." Misty smirked and headed out to return them so that they could nap in peace.

"Anyway....." Cloud said this stuttering. "Recently, I've been getting.....headaches......"

"Oh no, not again!" moaned Barret.

"You're not gonna go nuts on us again?" Cid said.

"No, it's calling me. It's challenging me. It wants me to come to the crater, and finish this once and for all. A final battle, to avenge her 'son.'" he spat out that word.

Vincent mumbled in the corner. "Lucresia....."

Barret nodded. "It wants us to finish this." he said.

Cloud looked at everyone. "I think there is something more to this. The feeling is strong. It's like Jenova is in control of it is not even Jenova who is sending this....."

"Did anyone who could have come from the portal have tremendous power, enough for control of the mind, body or soul?" Cloud said.

Ryu heard that, especially the word soul. It seemed Jin had the same thought.

"Akuma." said Ryu.

"Ogre." said Jin.

Cloud nodded. "It looks like Jenova has some back up under her control. And I can sense that they are powerful." he added forlornly.

Jin and Ryu nodded. Ken stood up.

"So, when do we kick their asses?" he said.

Cloud smiled.

"As soon as we are all up to it. We all have unique skills, and some new powers." he glanced at James and Jessie as he said this.

"If we defeat this Jenova, the evil will be destroyed, and you can all go back home....." Cloud said.

A few gasps and murmurs came out from everyone's mouth.

But not all were positive.....



"Yeah, James...."

"I don't want to go back." James said.

Jessie looked like she had swallowed a bug and choked on it.

"WHAT?" she said. James seemed to expect this so he calmly spoke away.

"Think about it Jess. We are outlaws, but we have been 'terminated' from Team Rocket. Yet, we will only be known as outlaws. Our lives will be hell, my only option would be to return to my family, and Jessiebell will hound me for ever." Jamed looked down, stroking his Growlithe, Growly.

"And what about you? Where will you go when we return? You told me that your family were poor and your father....."

"Please don't get into that." Jessie said, biting her tongue.

"Here, is a new life. No-one knows what we do or where we came from. We won't live like trolls. See this?" He held up the pokeball.

"That girl, Aeris, I think, had whispered into my ears somehow many times already, and I think it is her power which is allowing me to use this pokeball. This way, we could teach people to use pokemon here, and make our earnings that way, open a school, live properly instead of outlaws. Look around."

Jessie did, an area of country and beauty.

"There are no pokemon here we can steal. However, we have them all here, plus our imagination, to keep us going."

He grabbed her hand.

"But I can't do this alone....." he said softly.

Jessie stopped and caught her breath. James hadn't looked at her that fondly since he returned from teaching Jessiebell a lesson in freedom.

Jessie and James had been friends since Pokemon Tech. Neither could leave each other........

Jessie nodded.

"I'll do what it takes." she smiled.

James smiled back.

They turned to see Meowth snoring, dreaming about Cassandra probably.

"Now, how are we gonna tell him?"


At the crater.......

Jenova's message had been replayed hrough Akuma and Ogre's sick minds and via her control, and they had relayed it to Cloud.

Jenova smiled (if it could). Everything was going according to plan.

Her battle plan was simple. Her power would strength her warriors, being Ogre, Bison, Akuma, Heihachi, Sagat and Giovanni, and they would crush them.

However, she knew if she got destroyed, so would their power, so she was gonna play a back wall to the action.

Her tentacles wrapped in a delicious feeling of irony.

The power of her 'son' was huge, the power of many 'sons' would destroy those petty humans away, and the world would be hers.

Not only that, but other worlds would be as well. Her spawn would infect the other worlds from those portals, and quickly destroy them all.

All they had to do was destroy these gnats......

But as Sephiroth and previous Jenovas had found out, that was no easy task...........


Jin and Julia walked outside, hand in hand, looking at the scenary.

"It's beautiful, reminds me of the mountains back in our land." Julia said, sighing. She missed home and her mother, Michelle.

Jin put an arm around her.

"We'll get her back for you. I'll destroy the Ogre and my grandfather.....I can't believe he had been scheming all these years....." he said, angry for not realising it.

Julia held him worriedly. "Oh, Jin, don't torture yourself! Your grandfather has hurt a lot of people in his long life. It is time we ended it...." she said, angrily, holding up her pendant.

"I'll destroy the Ogre. You take out your grandfather." she said angrily.

"Julia, no, you'll get killed!" she said.

"This is something that my tribe would want me to do, and something I will do. Our revenge will be complete, as will Hwoarang' come you two didn't kill each other....."

Jin smirked. "I don't know, I guess he's O.K really, since he and Ling have got together, I think he's.....changed."

Julia held him close. "What about you?"

"Huh?" Jin said.

"Have you changed?" she said.

"What do you mean?" Jin said as his strong arms encircled her waist.

"Your image. Discarded the grandfather image and finally escaped his clutches....."

"Sure." he said quietly as he carassed her hair.



They kissed each other passionately, realising that tomorrow they had a battle ahead of them which neither may get through alive.

"I love you, Julia Chang." Jin said as he released her.

"And I love you too, Jin Kazama." she said, realising that both of them had to say it, as it may be the last time they saw each other and get an opportunity.

Jin kissed her again, on the lips, cheek and neck and held her close as they hugged each other on the grass, as warm as two lovers could be..........


Hwoarang and Ling had sat by each other as the sun started to dip. Ling was talking excitedly about everything that had happened, whilst Hwoarang was politely nodded, 'hearing' everything she was saying.

When she finally realised he was ignoring her, she promptly shoved his on his ass. Hwoarang smiled and quickly tackled her.

Holding her on the ground and around the waist, a cute smile appeared on both of their faces. They quickly kissed on the floor, their softness enrapturing them in the moment.

Ling was 100% fit from the injuries in the battle thanks to rest and cure materia, but she was tired. Without realising it, she fell asleep in Hwoarang's arms.

Hwoarang felt her snoring quietly. He smiled as he kissed her on the cheek and held her warm body as he lifted her up and cradled it. As the inn didn't have enough accommodation for everyone, some were going to rest in the stables (cleaned out of course) whilst some were gonna sleep outside. The Tekken fighters and the Pokemon people were the ones who would sleep outside, as both were surprisingly used to it, usually in martial arts training, one had to be alert at every sound that happened, so sleeping outside was one thing that Baek had taught Hwoarang, as did Jun with Jin, Michelle with Julia and Wang with Ling.

Hwoarang had borrowed some spare blankets and wrapped them around Ling. He would be alright as he kissed her again on the cheek before sitting beside her waiting for sleep to overcome him. They would be up early so they had to get an early sleep.

Watching the sun go down as moon light glowed around Ling, Hwoarang wondered which was more beautiful.........


Chun-Li had said goodnight to Sakura as she was one of the lucky ones who got an inn bed. Chun was wondering where Ken and Ryu were as well as Guile, her partner, and remembered that Guile volunteered to sleep outside and Ken and Ryu were in the stables. Chun was gonna keep watch with Guile, taking sleep shifts.

Chun didn't see Guile anywhere as the first signs of darkness was shown. Ken was presumbly sleeping, he was a heavy sleeper, but she spotted a lone figure practising some kata.

No doubt, only Ryu would do this.

She skipped across to see the young martial artist.

Ryu was practicising to finess his skills a little bit more for the battle the next day. He knew he would be facing Akuma, Sagat and Bison, along with the legend Heihachi tomorrow, with power more incredible than he had seen with Giovanni. Ryu had to be ready.

Unfortunately(or rather fortunately), a pleasant distraction had come his way.


Ryu turned to see Chun-Li heading towards him.

"Hi, Chun." he said simply, but was smiling, remembering holding her in his arms after the submarine.

"Thanks for getting me wet!" Chun smirked, remembering the sub incident as well.

"Well, er....I was just happy to see you!" he said.

"Happy you?" she said.

"And whats wrong with that?" Ryu said in an 'accusing' tone.

"Well, er...erm...oh, er, ah..." Chun stammered.

"It's alright. I know I seem cold, but I've detached myself from that aura. I'm just happy to see my two good friends O.K!" he said.

"Good friend?" Chun said.

"Yeah. Since the first day I met you, I thought you were an incredible person. You and Sakura tried to straighten me out with arguments, smiles and kicking the crap out of Ken. And to credit, it worked. But there was one thing which I didn't get out of my system, that is, until I met you......." he said.

"Oh...." Chun said, interested and a bit embarassed.

"Yeah. Until I met you, I had never cared for anyone deeply, to fill a hole in my heart. Sakura had tried, she is a sweet girl, but despite only a few years younger than me, that does worry me a bit, she's 16, I'm over 20, it does worry me a bit."

"She is a bit well. It makes me smile, but not enough to love. But you....." he said.

Chun-Li gulped. She had realised what was going to happen.

"I don't know what you think, and I will understand, but I have to get this off my chest. Otherwise, I'll go crazy, and I don't know whether I'll get another chance to say this." Ryu said.

He grabbed her hands gently.

"Chun-Li Zang, I love you." he said, bowing down.

He released her hands and started to walk away.

That is, until a pair of hands grabbed him and turned him around.

"What the...." he started until Chun-Li Hugged him tightly and put her lips tightly against his.

Ryu's eyes opened in shock but then relaxed and began kissing her back passionately, as he held her. The warmth of each other was enrapturing them in the moment, and neither one wanted to let go.

The sweet kiss carried on for a while before Chun-Li finally pulled away.

"Mmmm....that was nice. You ever kissed a girl?" she said.

"No, not like that." Ryu said smiling.

"Well, I'm impressed. Lets try again." she said.

And with that, they kissed again, even more passionately, that it looked like Ryu would melt, heat was coming around him, as they lost themselves in their love.

When Chun released this time, she said. "I love you Ryu Hoiji, I've always love you, and I will probably always will."

Ryu smiled. "Good."

"Grrr...." she said and hit him on the head, as Ryu pulled himself on top of her and kissed her again.

And from opposite ends of the farm, two people were looking on in emotion. Ken Masters was looking at his best friend, finally hooking up with a girl, and a damn beautiful one as well. If he weren't married to a beautiful wife either, Ken would have been jealous. But no. He wanted to get off this planet so that he could see his wife and son again, but at least this planet had brought two of his friends closer together.

From the other end, Sakura was watching. Most people thought she had a crush on Ryu, which was true, but only a schoolgirl crush. Truth be told, Sakura thought she never had a chance, she was just glad he was paying attention to her. But now, her best female friend, Chun-Li had gotten herself together with her best male friend, Ryu. And despite whatever people may think about her, she was happy.

Both characters smiling away as they returned to rest, letting Chun-Li and Ryu be content for one night.......


People were at first surprised when the youngest members of the party, Ash, Misty and Brock wanted to camp outside because of the lack of space, but they said think nothing of it, they had done it so many times before, it was like a habit for them. They like to breathe in the cool night air to help them sleep, well, except when it was raining of course.

Brock's Vul....I mean Ninetales (great, even I'm getting confused) had made a nice fire for them to warm by before getting ready for sleep. Brock petted the Ninetales contently as it made sounds similar to purring, as it fell to sleep. Misty had been holding Togepi and Jigglypuff as they started to vie for Misty's attention, both getting plenty and yet still like to conflict (I guess Jigglypuff likes confrontations). Misty returned Jigglypuff to its pokeball so that Togepi could rest. The baby pokemon had to sleep a lot. It enjoyed Pikachu snuggling by it, as long as it didn't turn into fry egg.

Ash had been thinking a lot recently. The bike he had got he hadn't told Misty. He decided it wouldn't be right to give her hopes up as they may never see light of day again. These last few moments he wanted to keep with his friends without spoiling anything....even if it meant giving up a possible happiness.

As the last of the sun light poured onto the land, he felt the fire of Ninetales starting to blow out as Ninetales fell to sleep. Brock had his eyes slightly open whilst Misty was still wide awake, checking on Togepi.

Ash sighed at the red-head. Misty noticed this.

"Ash, whats wrong?" she said.

"Oh, nothing........Misty, I'd just like to say something." she said.

"Yeah?" she said turning, pretending not to be interested, when in fact, she was blushing and avoiding seeing his face.

"I want to say to you, that despite all our arguments in the last year, I've really enjoyed having your company. I would say you have been my best friend in the last year." Ash said.

"Pika?" A quiet voice said.

Ash smiled and stroked Pikachu on the head. "Best human friend!"

"Chu!" it finished and went back to sleep.

"Well Ash.....I....I...don't know what to do. I've enjoyed your company as well, and you've been my best friend too!" she said, smiling at her.

She and Ash exchanged a hug. Ash held it on as long as he could, and both were surprisingly reluctant to let go.

Ash decided he couldn't hold it in any longer. "Misty I....."

Misty had fell in her sleeping bag, overcome by sleep.

Well, almost.

Ash felt a bit sleeply as well as he yawned. "Good night Brock, good night Pikachu...good night Misty, see you in the morning. "

Misty replied as Brock was fast asleep. "Good night Ash." And whispered "Sweet dreams"

Misty didn't know what to do. She wouldn't be able to sleep for thinking about her friend and the feelings she had for him.

She looked upon one of her romance novels. She read up to a page where a lovesong had been written for one of the main characters. Misty, a good singer, decided to put the words into a soothing song, to try and contrast these feelings she had for the young Pokemon Master.

[song begins: Misty's Song from Pokemon CD: All rights are from them, I do not intend to profit from this]

"Out here in the quiet of the night
Beneath the stars and the moon
We both know we've got something on our minds
We won't admit but it's true"

"You look at me, I look away"

"I wanna' tell you what I'm feeling, but I
don't know how to start
I wanna' tell you but now I'm afraid that
you might break my heart
Oh, why should anything so easy, ever be so hard to do?
I wanna' tell you what I'm feeling, and to
say that, I love you"

"I practice all the things that I could say,
Line by line, every word
I tell myself today could be the day,
But everytime, I lose my nerve"

"I look at you, you look away"


"Why, do you turn away
It must be, you're afraid like me
I try, but I can't pretend that I
Don't feel for you the way I do
Can't you see "



Ash then stirred. Misty held her breath.

Sleeply, Ash said "Did you say something Misty?"

Misty nervously replied back. "Me? No, nothing. I didn't say anything Ash." And whispered "Good night."

Misty knew now she wasn't going to get much sleep tonight.


Tifa had sat on a rock watching the view overhead of the stars, on the blanket known as the sky. It was always beautiful to watch the sky at night, but for someone watching her, no star shown as bright as the one on the ground.

Cloud decided now or never. Aeris would have wanted him to get on with his life.

It was time.

He was nervous though how she would react. They had been childhood friends for many years, but did she feel the same way? There was a difference between friendship and love.

Well, if he was going to find out, he'd better do it now. He may never have another chance.

He walked up to her.

"Teef, you alright?" he said, then noticed she was shivering.

"Tifa, you're cold!" And put a blanket he was saving for himself around her.

"It's fine Cloud, really...." she said.

"Miss Tifa Lockheart, you will freeze out there if you don't do what you're told!" Cloud said, in his best imitation of an old teacher's voice.

Tifa tried her best to grimace, but burst out laughing. Cloud smiled at her and took a bow.

"I'm too much!" he said.

"Yeah, but too much of what?" Tifa retaliated. Cloud scowled.

Then Cloud remembered the reason why he was here. Slowly, he cleared his throat.

"Tifa Lockheart....." he started solemly, and Tifa knew this pose as Cloud being extremely serious.

"....since the day we met as kids, I've wanted to know you. But things got in our ways, and we could never be true friends. Then one day, I told you I wanted to go to SOLDIER, and be like Sephiroth. But my dream was failed. However, since then, I have grown, and defeated Sephiroth on more than one occassion, and I thought we were free."

"But now, there is another evil. One more powerful than the last. I don't know if we are going to survive Tifa Lockheart, but if I don't get another chance to say this, I will die."

Cloud wiped his eyes as his face was on the floor. He looked up in her eyes.

"Tifa Lockheart.....I....."

He stared directly in his eyes, and Tifa would remember this moment for ever.


Tifa stopped in shock. Her crush, her childhood love, was admitting feelings for her. Was this a dream? Pinch her?

She pinched. It hurt. She was awake.

This was a dream all right......a dream come true.....

"Oh Cloud....." Tifa's tears flowed through her face. At first Cloud was worried about what he said via the tears, but a closer look of her face, didn't show one of sadness. Far from it.

It showed one of happiness.

"Oh, Cloud Strife, I love you too! I loved you since we were kids! And I will always love you!" she said, smiling and crying.

Cloud had to sniffle a bit as well as Tifa squeezed him in a giant hug. The tears flowing more freely now.

Cloud knew he wouldn't have a better chance.

He kissed her tenderly on the lips. Tifa returned the kiss with force.

Tommorrow, they venture into the northern crater. Warriors from different worlds, unified to defeat a common goal, evil.

But for one night, all was well with the world.


That was a tad sappy, but I like romantic stuff, so I wrapped it up with all loose threads finished. Didn't I?

NOTE: I put in Misty's song from the CD because I thought it was appropriate. I am not, repeat NOT trying to rip off material. That song is directly in link with whoever wrote it, and I am definetly not trying to make money from it.

Right, all clear? Good, the climatic finale is coming up, with two chapters left and a epilogue.

Thanks for reading, everyone!


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