Mako Crossover Chapter 14

Final Battle

By Chris Homer

Cloud opened his eyes, rubbed them and saw his arm around, cuddling a beautiful young woman next to him. Tifa was still cold, but was helped by the warmth of Cloud Strife next to them.

Cloud realised they must have slept outside, even though they were supposed to be in the stable. Oh well....

It reminded the young warrior the time when they had to face Sephiroth, only a few days ago, before this whole mess started. Last time, he held her close, and the feelings were coming through him, and almost confessed his heart to Tifa, but decided not to, because of his feelings for....

Aeris. Was she still a part of this? Cid and James had told him that they had heard her voice, and Cloud wondered if she was literaly watching over them. However, it seemed he had finally let her go.

True, he would never forget her. Nobody could forget the beautiful brunette. However, she would want it this way. To continue with his life.

He smiled at Tifa who was starting to stir. He quickly kissed her on the forehead.

"Morning, sleepy." he said soothingly.

Tifa sighed sleepily. "Morning, handsome." she said.

Cloud stroked her hair. Never was there a sight more beautiful than the shine of light around Tifa Lockheart as far as he was concerned.

Cloud looked around and hand to smile. It looked like he wasn't the only one who had gotten his last chance.

He saw Jin and Julia sitting by a tree, asleep, an arm over each other. On the other side, he saw Guile asleep, and by the stable, Chun-Li and Ryu, Chun-Li in Ryu's lap, his arms around her waist. Cloud then noticed that they were both awake, and tried to turn away, but both winked at him and he quickly got the jist.

Ling was tucked up asleep as Hwoarang was also awake, watching over her, contemplating whether to wake her up. And Brock was already up, cooking a meal for everyone. Cloud was surprised about the young mans ability to cook. He had been doing it for his group, and he wasn't half bad at it, either. He was cooking up a nice aroma of eggs, meat and vegetables, and Cloud was starting to get hungry. He saw Ash and Misty next to each other, asleep, a very cute picture, although he wasn't sure even they knew what was happening.

Ryu walked up to Brock.

"Need anything else?" he said.

"No thanks Ryu, you've given me enough to last me a lifetime." Brock smirked.

"Well, this may be literaly the last meal, if this evil is as bad as expected." Ryu said.

Cloud walked up to them, Tifa by his side.

"That was a nice sight." he said, smirking at Ryu, his essence of leadership was similar to his own, they had gotten on quite well during the journey.

Ryu blushed (a rarity for him) and quickly replied, "Look who's talking!"

Tifa threatened to punch his lights out. Ryu held back, knowing of her legendary skills. Ryu wouldn't mind having a match against her, perhaps someone worthy of a challenge. However, the deal this time was to save the world, not continue the fight.

Cloud tapped Brock on the shoulder.

"Hey, thanks for everything. You guys have been a great help. You don't cook half bad either, almost as good as Tifa!" smiled Cloud as Tifa hit him.

"Well, thanks Cloud!" Brock smirked, modest when people complimented his cooking.

Cloud turned to the two sleeping figures by them.

"You know, thats a cute picture." smiled Cloud.

Brock leaned over to see Ash and Misty sleeping close together. A bit too close together.

"They remind me of myself and Tifa when we were children, but because of problems, we couldn't get close together. It took me this long to realise my feelings for you, Tifa....(she blushed and held his hand), I hope they don't have to wait as long."

Brock smirked. "Don't worry, it's so obvious they like each other, but when they get into their arguing and denial act, just play along." Brock smirked.

Cloud nodded, a grin forming on his face.


Ryu heard the voice first as Chun-Li stormed up to him. "Where were you? I fell asleep and I needed my blanket to keep me warm!" she said, semi-angrily and semi-jokingly.

Ryu again blushed and stammered. "Well....I..." He was cut off by Chun-Li's sloppy kiss on the lips.

"Hey, get a room guys!" screamed Ken, emerging from the stables, dressing in his red gi again.

Chun and Ryu broke the kiss and gave him the evil eye. Ken hastily backed off.

By now, all the noise around them and the delicious aroma from Brock's cooking had woken up Misty and Ash.

They were groggy before they realised two things. One: how many people were staring at them, and Two: How close they were to each other.

"Enjoy your nap?" Tifa said with a smile.

"YAH!" both of them quickly parted away as Pikachu (who was also awake beforehand) giggled as they both turned away, blushing mad.

"Pika! Pika!" it giggled, meaning "Young love!"

Ash was going to threaten the young mouse, but decided not to. He didn't have the strength, and he was embarrassed at the same time.

"And I now pronounce you....." started Ken, before getting redirected thanks to Misty's sneaker.

"SHUT UP!" they both said. "WE MAY DIE TODAY, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PROLONG OUR AGONY!" they said.

Brock gave them a knowing look as they turned and blushed again, neither one noticing the others discomfort.

"I think we'd better wake the stragglers." said Cloud and went into the horrid task of waking everyone up, he particularly didn't want the job of waking Barret, Cid or Yuffie, whilst Reno would also probably be a bad sleeper.

Oh well, no-one said life would be easy....

For AVALANCHE, that was an understatement...........


As predicted, getting everyone up wasn't easy. Hwoarang had gently woke up Ling, but she decided to be hard for everyone. Hwoarang eventually got her up by whispering something in her ear, which made her eyes open immediately.

Others weren't so easily pleased. Reno and Yuffie got two of the beds of the six avaliable, and weren't pleased with being woke up by Ryu. They were even worse off when they released they were next to each other. Yuffie asked Reno a few questions about.....certain things......which of course Reno denied, but Yuffie was certainly a bit apprehensive.

Ryu had to practically carry Sakura out of her bed, whilst they let the other bed merchants, Reeve, Elmyra and Marlene to continue resting. They weren't battlers, and Reeve could help in the background via Cait, who is in the corner powered down.

Gary, the other one who was sleeping however was given a rude awakening.

Others were even worse. Poor Brock had the job of waking up Cid Highwind, and ye of legendary temper was a bit too much cursing for a 15 year old boy (I think) who scooted for cover. Cid had quickly apologised, realising what he did and what he was about to do, but told Brock that 'If you're my age young 'un you need your beauty sleep, and I don't like to be disturbed.'

Barret was even worse. Hwoarang drew the short straw, but his temper was just as quicks and his brain raced much faster. Barret grumpily got up, but not without threaten the Korean kid a few times. Hwoarang baited him back and Barret quickly realised that for the youth in the morning, he was no match, and just got up.

Before long, everyone was assembled outside the farm, including Reeve, who had got up as well.

Cloud addressed everyone, and adressed everyone.

"Everyone, of worlds past and present, we are gathered here to destroy an evil calling itself 'Jenova'. This Jenova has tried to control me to come there, and I have obliged. But not in the way it expects. We shall go in force and destroy everyone that stands in our way for peace on this planet, and make sure there is no chance for them to return. That is why we destroy Jenova once and for all." he said.

"In addition, you all have the option of returning to your worlds. However, I have really enjoyed many of your company. If there are anyone, which is unlikely, who wishes to stay, I will appreciate your decisions. I will miss you all, if we or if we don't survive, at least, we managed to get together." Cloud said.

A few people certainly wanted to speak, mainly Jessie and James, as well as Ash, who said in a quiet voice 'I have to do something first.' The others remained quiet, but Meowth was looking at Julia in a strange way. Jessie and James had told him its plans, and he had understood. However, he didn't want to stay, so what was he going to do? Looking at Julia gave him an idea.

"Today is our final battle. Let's hope it isn't the final time we speak." he said.

Many of them nodded. A few looked disgusted but gave up before they started.

Cloud got to the chocobo farm and got 3 gold chocobos out. Tifa didn't know about the other two. Apparently, the other two were their originals offspring. He had strengthened them of course, and they were ready.

James cast many Lapras' out of his pokeball. If he was back in his world and job, he would have been working out the profit. However, times had changed, and he realised his potential.

Cid still had the Baby Bronco out. So there were many options out.

It was decided that Cloud and Tifa would ride one, Chun-Li and Ryu would ride the second and Reno and Elena would ride the third.

On the plane went Cid, Barret, Guile, Sakura, Ken and Gary.

On the first Lapras was Jessie, James and Meowth, the second, Jin, Julia, Hwoarang and Ling and the third Red, Vincent and Rude.

The miscellaneous were Ash on Squirtle, Misty on Staryu and Brock on Starmie. (With Pikachu getting a ride from Ling's Articuno)

It was done. The transport was set.

Cid wished he could see Shera at least once more, he didn't get to say goodbye....

It may be for the last time........


Jenova was getting excited. All these powerful souls entering her domain, ready to be taken by her minions. She was ready for them to destroy, and then Jenova would absorb them for herself.

Jenova couldn't believe herself, her power had worked so efficiently.

Unfortunately for her, not as well as she may have hoped.

Akuma had no soul, and the power of Mako may have affected him, but he wasn't stupid. Ogre may be a demon, and controlled, but Akuma was still human (kind of), and had ready Jenovas plans.

He had continued the charade so that he could get the power of Mako through his body. His raging demon wouldn't be survived this time. And after he had squashed his enemies, he would kill Jenova and rule this power himself!


The rides were fairly quiet. Everyone was looking for unification as they went into the area of the crater.

Rude gasped as he saw it. It was still gushing with Mako. This Mako was obviously powering up Jenova and her 'chosen ones'

Misty was starting to get scared. This was not what she meant when she wanted an adventure.

But Cloud knew that this was it.

The Chocobos were dropped, thanked and returned to Bill. James returned the Lapras' as did Ash and co with their pokemon. Cid landed the plane carefully as they entered the blinding flash of united Mako.

"Walk into the light....." murmered Reno.


Jenova was surprised as it sensed the humans (excluding Red) coming earlier than she expected. No matter.

She didn't want it to make it too easy. She was going to send in some of her monsters first, accompinied by a son of hers.

She decided to keep everyone except Heihachi, who she saw as expendable. Sending the controlled human out, her Mako enhanced monsters were created thanks to her and Ogre/Akuma.

It was time.


Cid nervously went into the mountaina area of the crater. They had done this once before, but now there were many others with them. More lives to risk.

He had to be patient, his Venus Gospel ready at the waiting, his materia at his hand, and his trusty cigeratte in his mouth. It was the only thing which was calming his damn nerves at the moment.

He looked around and their was conflicting emotions. Cloud and co looked ready, whilst some of the others were giving looks of determination, whilst others were having looks of fear.

He couldn't blame them....what could be worse than....

He never finished his sentence.

The mountain ledge they were on started to rumble.

"What the hell?" Barret screamed.

"You're too heavy, Barret!" said Reno, in some humour.

"Why, you little....." Barret retaliated.

"Cut it out, this blasted ledge is collapsing!" Cloud said.

He was right. The ledge was collapsing.

Cid's last thought as he saw them all falling was Shera....


Turns out the falls wasn't as far as he expected, and the Mako jungle below them softened the fall. However, there were definetly a few groans, curses and most of all, bruises that came from this.

"Whose bright idea was this anyway?" moaned Reno.

"Did we ask you to come along?" Cloud said.


Good point.

"Now, we've got to...." he said.


Jin froze. He knew that voice.

"Grandfather!" he almost spat the word out.

" young grandson, so inept of the ways of the world, or how the mind didn't get it did were so useless, your mother raised you in your goody act that she was brilliant at, I tried to toughen you, you proved weaker than I expected. Well, the only think weak tissue is for is for flushing."

Jin angered, not just for what he said about him but his mother. He took a step forward.

Heihachi raised a gun, the same gun he had tried to kill Jin with before.

"No way." he said. Hwoarang put a hand on Jin's shoulder holding him back. "Coward, master. Stand and fight."

"Of course I well, but first I'd like you all to meet some friends of mine....." he said.

"I'd like you to meet the elemental sisters, Snow, Fire, Earth and Bolt....." he smirked.

Four beautiful, less than clothed women came out. Snow the group recognised, but the others were new. All the girls winked and went into attacking positions.

Jin and Julia held back at the anger for this man, knew that their odds were strong with their overwealming numbers.

However, it was difficult for them all to fight at the same time.

"Cloud, this is our battle." Jin said, as Julia, Hwoarang and Ling all nodded at the same time.

Cloud understood. They couldn't all attack at the same time.

However, they would have to get past them all.

"I'll give you a head start." Cloud said and raised a materia.

Heihachi was wondering what kind of witchcraft this was as green light emitted from it. The ultima materia was a wonderful thing, and it worked a treat.

As Heihachi woke up, as did the elemental sisters, only four people were left, and Heihachi unfortunately recognised them all.

"Very will do as a sacrifice." Heihachi said.

Snow giggled and wiggled her hips seductively, as she cast Fascination on Jin.

Bad move.

Jin's mind was put on 'instinct' mind as he forgot all thoughts coming into his head and coming out. Using a confuse spell like Fascination would work. He powered up his fist as he started spinning.

Snow was panicking. Whatever she had to do, she had to do it quick.

She cast Cold Breath, hoping it would slow him down.

It didn't.

The electricity around his body was repelling the weak cold attack and Snow realised he was getting a bit too close to her.

The other elemental sisters shood in shock as in one blow, a rising uppercut, Snow flew 15 feet and crashed into a wall, a broken neck and blue blood flowing, freezing on impact.

Heihachi was dumbstruck. Jin's power was not to be underestimated.

Jin stood eye to eye with Heihachi. Heihachi didn't flinch.

The other sisters ran to avenge their fallen sister.

Fire cast a powerful explosion spell upon Hwoarang, who was attacking it. Hwoarang took it as best as he good as Julia had the only materia given to her by Red, a cure materia. She cured him quickly and Hwoarang hit a powerful axe kick to the head and neck area of Fire. Fire quickly backed off and cast a Fascination spell.

Hwoarang's hot head wasn't as cool as Jin's, and the confusion was working. He was smiling seductively at her as Fire smiled, ready to kill him.

Not surprisingly, this pissed off Ling Xiayou.

Taken time out from her battle with Bolt, she hit a cartwheel kick on Fire on the head. This somehow broke Hwoarang from his trance and reminded himself not to fall for that again or he was dead.

As Ling returned to Bolt she was struck with an Air Blast spell. This involved three lightning circles surrounding her and blasting her in the air. As she landed, Bolt cast a Confuse spell of her own called Silence.

Suddenly, Ling didn't realise where she was going, she couldn't control her emotions or movements.

A huge lightning spell brought her out of her trance. She sizzled, blood leaking from her arms.

Julia quickly cured her. She was having problems curing everyone whilst fighting Earth at the same time. Julia's speed had avoided its attacks, but her magic attacks, involving Earth Slide (huge earth pile striking her on the head) and Gem Missile (earth gems striking her in the body: yes, these attacks are also the ones from Secret Of Mana, my favourite RPG of all time), Julia was getting weakened.

Hwoarang had been cast Fascination again.

This time Hwoarang controlled it by think of Xiayou. Fire got worried as she cast it again and again. Hwoarang ran and went to strike her with his triple air kick and axe kick combo.

Fire tried to cast her Lava Wave spell.

Too late.

The three kicks sent her into her unconsciousness. The fourth kick conformed her death.

These things were easy once you released their weaknesses.

He saw Ling on the ground not moving.

Maybe not as easy....he worried for his young love and ran and struck a deadly flying kick to the side of Bolt.

Jin had returned and was attacking Earth with Julia. Both sisters were getting very worried now. They knew a losing battle when they saw one.

Julia jumped from a bow and arrow kick as Jin hit a tsunami kick. Earth had had it.

Ling's Sundance move struck her, making her fly in the air as Hwoarang hit an axe kick. Bolt had had it as well.

Julia made a prayer to thank Red for giving her the materia and how to use it.

Heihachi was now in deep shit.

He started to step away but Jin blocked his path. He turned as Hwoarang was there and he was blocked by Julia and Ling on either side.

Heihachi growled as he took his fighting stance.

Julia ran in, but Jin grabbed her hand.

"No, go help the others, all of you......" he stared into his grandfather's eyes. "This battle is mine."

"Jin, no!" screamed Julia.

"No, he's says I'm weak and petty. Let's let him find out." he said smirking.

"Jin, man, we've got to get back and help them...." said Hwoarang.

"This man, my grandfather, is part of the evil brought here. I am a reason why he was here. It is my duty to destroy him." he said.

"Jin....." Ling whispered.

"He laughed at me, tried to kill me, insulted my mother and was willing to work with th creature that killed it. This battle is mine more than anyone elses, even you Julia." he said.

Julia looked at the pendant in her hand. "Michelle....."

"Go, help them. Julia, destroy the Ogre. I'll give you your revenge for your mother......" he said.

"Jin....." she whispered.

"Go now!" he said, angrily.

Even Hwoarang didn't argue with him. It was so rare that Jin was so angry that Hwoarang would have made fun of him normally, but with an issue with his grandfather, I guess it would even make the most calm daemoner angered.

"Don't get yourself killed now!" Ling said.

"Yeah, you still owe me a rematch!" Hwoarang said.

Julia just bowed her head, and took off, following them.

Soon, there were just two figures left.

"Well, grandson, your nobility and nature for protection of your friends and yourself has shown your real bravery. I'll say I'm impressed." Heihachi smiled. "Foolish, but impressed."

"I'm foolish grandfather. I'm not the one who kill his own son and attempted to kill his own grandson. I'm not the one who spent many years bring his own empire ready to destroy a world. You are the one who is foolish, you lost your warriors pride and honour, but now, I will give it back, my making you die and repent on your crimes. You will die like the great Heihachi Mishima I used to know." Jin prepared his battle stance.

"Big words from a big mouth." Heihachi humphed. "Let's see you keep your promise." Heihachi threatened.

The battle was intense as expected. Neither one wanted to let out, angry at each other for various reasons, both going for the kill.

After a while, it seemed that Jin was getting the advantages. Very few hits had connected on either of them, but Jin's health and younger body was much more healthy than the veteran Heihachi. He was getting old, and this match seemed to prove it. Heihachi knew he couldn't win in terms of strength and health. he had to use his cunning and experience.

That meant using trickery.

Heihachi came at Jin with some impressive blows, but none were able to get through Jin's guard.

One hand came for the face....

....and from it, a pile of dust was released into the eyes of Jin Kazama.

Jin coughed and couldn't see where he was going. The next thing he felt was a powerful fist sent into the chest of him. Jin couldn't breathe, the pain was excruitating.

He dubbed over, trying to see. But his grandfather wasn't finished.

A punch, kick, throw and super side kick later, and Jin could see, but barely, he was near unconsciousness.

Heihachi stood over him and he laughed.

"Well, the poor boy can't defeat an old man, eh?" he laughed again. "You were much weaker than I first thought. Poor fool. I lend you to hell now, where you belong."

Jin spat out blood. "YOU go to hell!"

Heihachi laughed. "Such spirit. Shame I'll have to release it." And he brought his foot over his head, ready to smash the axe kick into the young man's chest.

Suddenly, something tackled Heihachi.

Heihachi spun, distracted....... see a fist connect with his nose.

Heihachi dubbed back as his nose started to bleed. He looked around as did Jin, now trying to get up, to see....

"Julia, what the hell are you doing here?" Jin said.

The pretty Native American shuffled her feet slightly.

"I had to see you again, I couldn't let you die. I don't care what you said, I'm as stubborn as a mule when you get to know me." she said.

Jin smiled slightly, still hurting.

"Let me take over." she said softly.

Jin was surprised. Julia wasn't an accomplished martial art, and she wanted to take on a legend in Heihachi.

However, it looked like Jin had underestimated Julia's thirst for revenge also. Plus, he needed to recover. He was hurt.

Or at least, he acted it. Julia was already beginning the cure materia. The wink she gave him was a direction of words in more ways than one.

Heihachi scoffed at the young girl. "Foolish child, what makes you think you can defeat me?"

Julia held out a pendant. "This. This is my hope. And hope is what will defeat you!" she screamed.

Julia took her time in her attacks. She knew that originally, she would be no match for Heihachi. However, he was tired and she had given him a bloody nose. Heihachi was amazed at the speed of the axe kicks of her, sending him 180 degrees many times.

Heihachi fought her off well, but forgot about Jin.

Jin came up again with a powerful Devil's uppercut.

Heihachi's nose had been crushed now, smelling little but blood and crushed bone. Heihachi was near unconscious now.

"You will pay for this...." he screamed, but then saw a sight he didn't want to see.

Both Julia and Jin were supercharging a final attack. A double uppercut. Julia would use her Heaven Cannon uppercut, Jin would use his devastating Lightning uppercut.

Heihachi screamed. He couldn't move out of the way, the pain in his head showed that.

He couldn't think as the attacks came into play.

Both hits connected on either side of the head.

Heihachi's last thought was his underestimation of

Heihachi landed head first, killing him instantly.

Julia gasped. What had she done? Murder wasn't in her nature.......she was seen as a peaceful young tune with nature.

She started to cry. "What have I done?" she whispered.

Jin out of breath, saw the young woman which saved her life and put an arm around her.

"'s O.K. We had to do it. We had to stop him. It was part of the destiny we had here." he said.

Julia cried on Jin's shoulder as Jin held her. They had done it though, they had defeated one part of the evil.

But there was more. They had to catch up.

Still holding Julia, they got up.

"We've got to stop this evil. We've got to finish it. I know what we did was a bit extreme, but you know as well as I do that he had to die. I feel pain too, despite what he did, he was still my grandfather, and I will miss him. But we had to do it."

Julia wiped her tears, and looked into Jin's kind, loving eyes.

"I'm sorry...." she said quietly as Jin wrapped his arms around her.

"Shhh..." he whispered as he held her gently, rocking her back and forth.

Julia perked up and kissed him on the lips.

"Thanks." she said. Jin smiled.

"Now, lets hurry before we get left behind on this planet...." he said, as they started to run.

And behind them, the green mako was erupting, but not around Heihachi.

Instead, other elements were coming in.

The Lifestream.


She was returning Heihachi to the planet, to make him repent for what he has done, but also to make him see the wrong and right things he did, and hope that one day, he will learn what life was really about.............


Jenova wasn't disappointed that Heihachi had been killed. Not really. The humans were dispensable. However, she needed a strong army to face them, and decided to send out some of the most powerful monsters that she could create.

She laughed, wondering if she had underestimated them..........


Hwoarang and Ling had caught up, but was worried about Jin and Julia. Neither were surprised when Julia stayed behind, but they hoped she knew what she was doing.

Cloud was concerned of course, but he had to concerntrate on eliminating anything in its path. If something had happened to Jin and Julia, he had another insentive to destroy Jenova.

As we know, he needn't have worried, but at the moment, worrying was all Cloud, Tifa and many of the others could do.

This may be the last time that they see each other.

As they said that, an Iron Man appeared in front of them. The giant metallic figure with its huge blade came upon them.

A lot of them were being scared, particularly the younger members.

But Cloud knew they couldn't be scared now. They had the numbers and the powers, they could......

Before he knew it, he had to dive to avoid the giant blade.

Yuffie and Tifa both cast Wall around everyone, as there were more people, it wouldn't be as strong.

Red cast Cosmo Memory and Vincent used his Chaos attacks again. They had to make short work of this but not use their strongest magic.

They all went into their limit breaks attacks, many of them striking powerful blows, the Street Fighters attacked with fireball attacks, the Pokemon people stayed back, knowing they and their pokemon (with possible exception of Charizard) were no match for it.

The Iron Man screeched, not comprehending all of the strong attacks coming at him at once. Ken came brave and hit a flaming Shinryu-Ken at the monster. As it screamed, another flaming skull attack came from Chaos as Yuffie hit her All Creation.

A final scream came from the Iron Man as they quickly carried on, not standing to rest, except for Rude and Yuffie curing everyone.

Cait then turned around suddenly.

"WHOSE THAT...." his sensors indicators people within a 3 mile radius, but relaxed.

"You're allright...." he said, as the others relaxed.

"Well, we can't let you guys have all the fun!"Julia said.

"Yeah, our fun was killing my grandfather......" Jin trailed off.

Cait bowed. "I'm sorry....."

Jin and Julia shook their heads. "No need. He's got what he's deserved, maybe he's finally got some peace....."

Hwoarang and Ling nodded and sighed, glad to see their friends alright.

"Now, Jin, we've gotta kick the Ogre's ass....." Hwoarang said, Master Baek heavy on this mind.

Jin nodded, his mother was heavy on his mind........


Cloud and co had rushed through the Iron Man quicker than Jenova hoped. It looked her little army was going to get more action than she hoped.

Giovanni was set out in the back with Bison ahead of him.

Akuma on the left, Ogre on the right with Sagat ahead of them.

She wouldn't be defeated, deprived of the world which was rightly hers.

Not this time.......


Jenova's last ditch effort was nothing short of a WEAPON.

Because basically, that was ahead of them.

Again, Misty screamed and held back as the main fighters went ahead.

WEAPON attacked viciously, shaking the crater with its pounds, strikes and ultima spells.

It was magic all the way, mostly lightning spells as well as some of the strong summons, but they decided to save their strength for using the BAHAMUT ZERO and the KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND materia.

They had cast Rahum, Odin and Typoon in quick succession, as well as certain limit breaks, Barret with his Satellite Beam and Vincent, still in Chaos form attacked viciously.

As lightning was strong, Pikachu very surprisingly attacked, but only to aid the lightning magic. It (wisely) stayed back in the main carnage.

Red kept casting Cure and Wall repeatedly as Tifa's rapid Bolt3 and Cloud's Ultima Spells took affect.

Cid then felt a desire from his body.

One he hadn't use in a while.

But didn't it sink.....

Oh, %$£! it!

"HIGHWIND!" Cid screamed.

Suddenly, as if by magic.....

By the gush of the Lifestream, the airship appeared. Seemed to be drowned in Mako, it had literally risen from the dead. The Airship had seemingly a mind of it own, as the WEAPON looked at its last sight.

19 missiles were its last sight, blowing straight into its metallic face.....

With amazement, and shock, the WEAPON fell back onto the floor and was absorbed in Mako, returning to the planet in a huge vial of energy.

As they were cured again, Cid wondered how the lifestream had cast his ship up?



Jenova cursed. They had arrived. Everyone. And hardly so much of a dent. In fact, their spirits had seemed to have strengthened.

Jenova sighed. It would use his minions to attack.

Well, some.....

Akuma was plotting a scheme so that he could destroy both Ryu and Jenova. He could control this world, and wonder if warriors as skill as he were about to come here.....

Test this worlds strength, as he tested Earth's as well.

People like Ryu, Ken, Bison, Sagat and Chun-Li had proven strengh, whilst people like Sakura had potential strength.

He was now actually looking forward to the battles ahead.....

Sagat was having a different thought at the time.

He was a warrior of honour, being reduced to being controlled by an alien. He wondered which was worse, losing honour or losing to Ryu?

Sagat wasn't being directly controlled by Jenova, but as Jenova had said to Cloud, he was a puppet. A puppet to be moved at will.

But for Viktor Sagat, near 8 feet tall, being a puppet wasn't his level.

He would have revenge tonight.....

But against who......


Cloud led his merry band to the place where he fought Sephiroth and Jenova. The Mako around them was surrounding them with elements of Holy and the Lifestream surrounding them as well.

As well as the negative aspect, elements of evil...Meteor.....were still around them.........

Cloud scowled as he literaly walked into the light.

Followed by 20 more humans, a dog like carnivore, a talking cat, an electric mouse and a stuffle talking moogle.

Didn't sound too positive at first.

But then, this is AVALANCHE.........


The platform chosen was the same one when they faced Jenova the first time. A huge plane of energy, solid ground, enough for the many people which were coming at.

And Cloud saw them.

A devil like human on the left of him, his body circulated with energy, an equally devil like man as powerful as God made him, his body glowed with electricity.

A, it was a man, but he was huge. Taller than Barret by over a foot and Barret was no small man.

The one they had fought, Giovanni was at the back, glowing in dark energy.

And there, at the back....


Cloud unsheathed his Ultima Weapon. His two sidekicks for battle would be Tifa and Red. Barret and Yuffie would attack from the back. Cid on Tifas side, Vincent (in Chaos form) on Red's right. Cait was in between Cloud at the front and Barret at the back, fists ready.

Jin, Julia, Hwoarang and Ling stayed in the centre in a line, ready to attack the close range competitors in the front, including the legendary fighter Viktor Sagat.

Ryu and Ken eyed many of the fighters in the front, Chun and Sakura said in the middle with Guile at the back, although not happy about it.

Ash was the most front of the pokemon trainers, and even he was nervously behind Barret. Misty and Brock stayed by him, with Gary at the far back.

Jessie and James, the last two were ahead of Ash, either side of Barret.

Jenova smirked from above.

"So many disciples, young warriors. Can you defeat my few?" she said.

Cloud's sword gleaming in the Mako light was its answer.

"Oh least I can make it fairer....."

Suddenly Jenova glowed in a bright light and shot out small things which looked like spores at members of the party.

They were only aimed at the FF7 members of the party though.

They couldn't react or destroy them in time as thyey grab their bodies, pierced their skin very slightly and went in between Sagat and Giovanni, in a line.

The tine scratch had drawn blood but it wasn't anything to worry about, unless it was poisonous. Luckily, Cait had casted Poisona and Esuna quickly and Red had cast Regen.

"What was that in aid for?" Cloud finally spoke.

Jenova didn't reply.

What did happen answered for her.

From the spores, they started to form humanoid figures. But not just any humanoid figures.

They were...


8 figures totally alike to the FF7 members present, Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Cid, Vincent(not Chaos), Red, Yuffie and Cait.

"It looks like this may be more even than you thought. DESTROY!"


It was decided that certain people would attack certain people. The clones had to be destroyed as quickly as possible.

This battle was going to be long and confusing.

The clones didn't attack their counteraparts. They attacked who was in range. Wall had been cast on everyone very quickly, as everyone went into their attack modes.

Cloud was cutting a wall through his path as a Clone version of Red was in his way. Tifa and Red were trying to strike Akuma and Sagat respectivelly. Chaos was trying to abliterate everyone and everything. Barret's bullets and Yuffie's shuriken kept the fight at a distance for them, with Yuffie adding materia attacks every now and again.

Cid was sparring with a clone Cloud and not doing well if Julia hadn't been helping. Jin, Hwoarang and Ling went to attack Clone versions of Vincent and Cid, as well as the Ogre, with aid from the Turks, who also focused their attacks on Bison, as did Guile and Chun-Li. Sakura, Ryu and Ken were facing off against Sagat, Clone Barret and Clone Cait.

The Clone Tifa faced against Cait and Misty, who had learnt her first limit break, Thai Combo (a flying chest kick, sweep kick, uppercut combo) Ash, Brock, (who had permission to use Ling's pokemon), Jessie, James and Gary focused their pokemon attacks against Giovanni and a clone Yuffie.

Jenova laid back and watched the carnage begin.


Giovanni was not fully recovered from his last battle and the fact that he didn't have the pokeball which created everything that he ever wanted. He had help from the fake Yuffie, but his power wasn't with him.

No, it was in the hand of the incompetent James, formerly of Team Rocket.

However, he looked anything but incompetent as he battled Giovanni.

"Hey, we keep getting these, so you can have one!" Screamed James as he released some energy at Giovanni.

And from it formed....

"A VOLTORB!" Giovanni cursed.

"Voltorb." And with that, it exploded.

Giovanni's dark aura kept him from being extremely damaged, but not to extent that he wasn't hurt. He blasted blasts of dark aura and shade attacks such as Evil Gate and Dark Force. The fake Yuffie never spoke as she continually threw her shuriken.

Ash and co were happy that Wall had been cast. They had sent their most powerful pokemon to battle Giovanni, knowing now what kind of power James had. Ash had sent Charizard, Pikachu, and......

"Wartortle?" Ash said.

"War." It said, smiling, and shot a huge water gun at Giovanni.

It seemed it had evolved here in this world. The power was even getting into the pokemon.

Brock had send out Ling's Articuno, and his Ninetales and Onix. Jessie had (not surprisingly) sent out Arbok, Lickitung and for James, Weezing, as he had his own power now, he had given her his two pokemon. Meowth sent out himself, and Gary sent out Arcanine, Raichu and Vaporeon.

Giovanni looked around as the combined delta attacks of fire, ice/water, lightning and earth attacked without mercy.

"Pikachu.....thundershock!" Ash said.

"Raichu.....a real thundershock....." Gary said, still trying to better Ash, even in a life or death situation.

"Onix, tackle attack!" Brock shouted.

"Arbok, glare attack!" Jessie said.

"Meowth, scratch attack!" Screamed Meowth, acting as its own trainer again.

Giovanni repelled most of the attacks, knowing that the fire and lightning attacks would weaken him, so he cast his most powerful Evil Gate spell to surround them all.

Suddenly, James raised his arms.

"Huh?" Jessie said.

"Great Gospel......" he said.

What happened next was shocking. From the pokeball, a beam of green light shot from it, instead of red. It surrounded the little party in a warm light, as Giovanni's spell was cast.

Instead of a slow death, as Giovanni expected, all of them looked as healthy as before.

"Huh?" Jessie and Giovanni said at the same time.

"I'm beginning to understand." James whispered.

Jessie was still confused, but James continued.

"It looked like they chose me." he said.

"What? You chose? Chose by who?" James said.

"The Cetra. That young girl." James said.

"What? What's the.....Cetra...." Giovanni had to ask.

"A race of people killed for scientific research. They had the ability to speak to the planet. The last one was a girl called Aeris, who has been talking to me recently. It must be her power in his pokeball. No wonder I wanted to stay, she had given me a responisibility and a sense of purpose in this world. I am her champion." he said. "She needed an outsider who hadn't been given a chance in his former world. Now, she is giving me this chance, unlike you, boss." he sneered this last word.

Giovanni growled as the others looked at James, shocked.

"You'll pay......" Giovanni screamed and blasted some dark energy at James.

Instead, James cast a version of Planet Protector around them, increasing their shields and invincibility.

He laughed. Jessie looked at him with a new look of.....admiration......

"Now, let's finish this...." James said as he held his pokeball in a similar stance to what Ash does.

"O.K, deal with this......"

Out from the Pokeball, all the ones which Giovanni didn't want, came.

Out came.......

Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Pikachu, Raichu, Vulpix, Ninetales, Growlithe, Arcanine, Ponyta, Rapidash, Magnemite, Magneton, Electrabuzz, Magmar, Jolteon, Flareon, Zapdos and Moltres.

Not good sight.

James beloved Growlithe, Growly was by his side.

Ling's Ninetales and Brock's Ninetales were also ready.

Pikachu and Raichu forgot their trainer's rivalry and were ready to attack.

Charizard roared loudly.

Giovanni knew he wasn't going to win this battle......

A huge voltage of combined fire and lightning attacks, which were aimed at Giovanni and the fake Yuffie, (although the power strayed into others areas, see below) do you think they could survive?

Not a bloody chance.

Giovanni screamed an evil scream as James smiled of satisfaction.

"That was from Aeris, with love." he said. He was beginning to understand.

He had to survive, and asked Cloud about this new power, and that he was gonna stay behind.

That is if he survived, as the fake Yuffie and Giovanni swiveled into the darkness.......


The clone Tifa wasn't as easy though. It attacks viciously, with the martial art strikes which had made the normal Tifa legendary.

Jenova hadn't perfected them. They didn't have the materia of Tifa, as the creation only came from their blood and DNA. So, the materia couldn't be extracted, so all 'Tifa' could attack with was her fists.

Unfortunately, for Cait and Misty, that was more than enough.

Misty decided to try and fight for herself, she did use Starmie, Horsea and Staryu, but she wasn't gonna be scared. The Wall Spell cast before had been comforting enough to know that she wouldn't be demolished, and Tifa and Chun-Li had been teaching her a few pointers, but against a master like Zangan, would it be enough?

Cait struck with fists as often as it could, Reeve (back at the C. Farm with Elymra and Marlene) giving instructions via a small computer model he had created. Cait attacked with materia blasts of gravity and fire. Staryu and Starmie used tackle attacks whilst Horsea used water attacks such as bubble and water gun. (NOTE: I don't know Horsea's attacks, so I'm using these)

The clone Tifa seemed as tough as the real thing, and Misty was getting pounded. Her knowledge of martial arts was no match for Tifa's, and her pokemon were getting weakened.

Cait was fairly fresh, using his powerful dice attack to try and suck 'Tifa's' energy out. It seemed she was getting weaker....

......until she retaliated.

Her limit break, all 7 hits, came out of nowhere, 5 of them hit Cait, her last 2 attacks struck Misty, laying both of them flat.

Misty was in tears as Tifa went for the kill on Cait. This fake Tifa may not be real, but she is dangerous.

The rage inside Misty was a bit too much.

She used her first limit break, Thai Combo.

With a loud, "YAAH!" she ran, struck with three hits, one kick to the chest, a sweep kick and an uppercut.

But Misty wasn't finished yet.

She struck again, with a second limit break, Rage Attack.

Misty ran, grabbed 'Tifa' and kneed her 5 times, before grabbing her neck and sending her down with a wrestling neckbreaker.

The fake Tifa was as surprised as Cait was, but Cait had recovered. 'Tifa' hadn't.

Misty lay panting, wondering what had come over her, but Cait put a friendly paw on her shoulder.

"Let me finish this....." he said, smiling at her. Misty smiled back, still slightly in shock.

Cait used Manipulate and then Transform materia.

The fake Tifa had no way to counter Manipulate as her energy was getting low. She was instructed to stay still as Cait cast Toad.

'Tifa' felt herself shrinking but couldn't do anything about it.

A loud croak was the next sound she made.

Cait on his padded feet, raised one foot above the ground.

Misty gasped, and closed her eyes.

The next thing she knew as she opened them..........

Nothing. Not even a mess.

Cait smiled. It wasn't a real frog, it disapatted in red energy back to the Jenova.

Misty smiled but was a bit beat. She hoped that her friends, both old and new, were having the same luck as they had.........


Sakura, Ryu and Ken were having a battle against the Clone Cait, Clone Barret and.......

"Sagat." smirked Ryu.

"Ryu." he whispered back.

"A man of honour, has lost it by joining this evil scum....." Ryu said.

"My honour was lost when you scarred me. I am nothing but a fool thanks to you......but now, my chance at revenge is now......."

Sagat lunged at Ryu with his tiger knee. Ryu avoided as Ken battled 'Barret' and Sakura battled 'Cait'.

Ryu avoided a straight punch as Sagat went for a low kick at the same time. Ryu somersaulted back as some energy of fire and lightning erupted nearby.

Sagat and Ryu both had to dodge the afterblast from James' attacks from earlier. However, the fake Barret wasn't as lucky.

'Barret' had kept Ken at bay with his gun blasts, which was all he could do, but it was enough. Ken didn't know about the wall spell that had been cast, so stayed back, cursing as he couldn't use his close range attacks. It would be risky to use the hurricane kick, and by the time, he would have charged his fireball, it would be too late.

It was then a lucky break came upon him.

A blast of fire and lightning shook the earth. The fake Barret has stumbled and his gun arm had been shocked by fire and lightning.

He tried to get it back to a good condition. Ken, never an opportunist, took advantage.

He ran, powering up his punch. Barret couldn't block in time from the....


Ken's powerful rushing uppercut attack hit every hit possible on the fake Barret. He screamed in pain as he flew back a few feet.

It wasn't over yet, but it would be.

Ken powered up his fireball as he prepared for the Shinku-Hadoken.


'Barret' got up as he saw his last sight.


A huge blast of chi energy was heading towards the big chest area of the fake Barret Wallace.

It connected.

'Barret' screamed as the pain in his chest became unbearable. His heart would burst if he had one.

Instead, he vanished into thin air, back to the devil's spawn from where it came from.

"That was easy!" Ken said, before a pain in his shoulder made him think otherwise.

A stray bullet had hit him.

He was reminded that it might not have been as easy if that lightning and fire hadn't happened.

Luckily, the real Barret had dispel most of the bullets from the back as Yuffie cured him.

Ken sighed.


Red was busy helping Ryu dispatch of Sagat as he crawled behind him as Ryu sent a chest kick. It staggered Sagat as he fell over, Red behind him.

Red snarled, ready to pulverise Sagat, but Ryu held him back.

"Stand back, this is my fight....a fight of honour and revenge that we had had for the last few years......" he said.

Sagat smirked.

Red was surprised, but agreed and went to the back to help Yuffie and Barret in their back line work.

Sagat and Ryu faced off.....possibly for the last time.


Sakura was having real difficulty against the fake Cait. Her attacks didn't seem to harm the moogle body. It's attacks however, were flooring her everytime. Every time she tried to block, the microphone snapped her bones in her arms, now they were black and blue......

Sakura powered up her chi attack.

"HA-DO-KEN!" she screamed.

'Cait' didn't do anything to block, the energy displed as it hit his chest.

Cait was about to use Dice attack, but Sakura was rushing at him, a second after the Ha-do-ken 'hit'.


Her version of the dragon punch hit the fake Cait's moogle head and it flew back a few feet.

'Cait' groggily got up as Sakura powered up another attack.


She span, hitting kicks many times, finishing with a roundhouse to the chest.

'Cait' fell back, surprised at the intensity of the attacks.

Sakura's wall spell wasn't brilliant against Cait's attacks, but she was ready to use an attack she hadn't used yet, and didn't want to use.

However, the Mako flowing through her was signal enough to show that she was ready.

She jumped in the air, powering an air fireball.

The fake Cait tried to block it, but it faked her true attack.

As she landed, energy flowed into her and she ran, grabbed Cait....

.....and then, there was light.

'Cait' was down, and out, it's controls smashed. The fake Cait soon vanished into thin air.

Sakura panted, tiring from using her version of the Raging Demon, the Firecracker, it wasn't designed to kill, Akuma had put it on her as a way of getting to Ryu, trying to control her. However, he had survived, barely, so Akuma had put her on a machine to cure her. However, this all lead to the altrication in Austrailia, which led to them being teleported here.

Sakura decided that despite finding new friends, she wanted to get the hell out of here.

As long as she stayed alive............


(NOTE: all of these are going on at the same time, which is why say, after Ken defeats the fake Barret, he doesn't help out Sakura)

Ryu struck Sagat as powerful as he could with his hurricane kick, the one move that Sagat hadn't prepared a counter for. Sagat was as strong as ever, but Ryu knew he could defeat him. A few years ago, when he first defeated him, he considered himself lucky. But now, Ryu was confident in his own abilities.

Sagat was on the other hand, more apprehensive as usual. He liked to attack and destroy, which was the case of most opponents. But with Ryu, and for that master Ken, he had to be more defensive. Sagat shot energy bolt after energy bolt of Tiger Shots, keeping him at bay.

Ryu sensed him doing another one and poweredup his own fireball.



Sagat added in his mind 'Oh crap'.

Ryu's fireball dispelled Sagat's, but continued. Sagat was tired, and couldn't block or cast his more powerful fireball, the Tiger Cannon.

It hit him directly in the scar.

Sagat screamed, but shrugged it off. The pain was excruitating, but he had to continue. He had to have his revenge.

Sagat ran and attack Ryu with one of his most potent attacks.

"Tiger Genocide!"

His powerful tiger uppercuts went through Ryu like butter. He couldn't block the powerful blows of Sagat, who despite his size, was amazingly quick. Ryu fell back, hurt, but he nipped up ready to attack.

"You're as good as ever Sagat...." Ryu admitted.

"You're very strong too....Ryu, but it must end now....." Sagat said.


He ran, trying to plant many kicks and punches, to end with a tiger knee/uppercut combo. Ryu expertly blocked them all as he powered up his dragon punch.

"oh no." thought Sagat.


Sagat was exposed after missing the uppercut as the powerful move struck him in the chest. But Ryu wasn't finished.


Ryu powered up a bigger dragon punch and unleashed it on an airborne Sagat. Sagat fell to the ground with a crack.

Sagat however, wasn't finished, huffing and sweating.

"You.....are....good.....but don't underestimate me....." Sagat said, amazingly getting up.


Sagat had kept in his power and surprised Ryu with it. The powerful blast hit him in the head and chest, flooring Ryu.

Ryu felt pain through every inch of his body as he waited for him to pass out.

"NO!" he screamed. He couldn't give up now.

Ryu, with stubborness, got up and didn't slow down.

"Close, sagat, but no spare eye...." he said.

Sagat was shocked he got up, but he had to finish it now.

He ran, powering up a Tiger Uppercut, expected to snap Ryu's neck.

Ryu knew it was now or never. If he missed this move, the match was over.

He powered up his fists and feet.

Sagat was inches away.

His fist came up....

"SHINKUU....." Ryu jumped just as Sagat was going to.

"Huh...." Sagat stopped momentarilly.

That moment would cost him the match.


The super charged hurricane kick was the one move Sagat couldn't escape. He was too close and his moment of hesitation was his undoing.

The hurricane kick struck once.....twice.....many times as Sagat went airborne again.

And again.....


Ryu hit multiple times with the multiple punch. Sagat flew over his head in the air.

And this time, he did not get up.

Ryu was exhausted, but he did it. He defeated Sagat, for the final time.

Or had he?

Sagat blinked as his head perked up, close to unconsciousness. Not willing to fight, just to talk.

"Ryu.....why.....can't....I beat you......I'm nothing......." he said.

Ryu kneeled by Sagat. "You are still the greatest Thai master and a former champion. People half your age marvel your skills and strength. Sagat, you were once a master and an honourable man. It looked like I scarred more than your chest when I did that. But the man of honour you were has not left your body."

He looked at him. "You will not die today......your body is still strong enough to re-think your actions. Look at you, controlled by aliens and a drug master in Bison. You stooped that low for petty revenge. Look at yourself in the mirror Sagat, the man of honour is still within you, find him."

Sagat looked at Ryu with his one good eye, before passing out.

Ryu smiled slightly. That look Sagat gave him.....

....was one of recognition....

.....and agreement......


If Bison had heard that, he would have killed Ryu or possibly Sagat, but he was having his problems.

Along with the clone versions of Cloud, Vincent and Cid, the Ogre and Bison had attacked as powerfully as possible. The energy the Mako had gave them shot out dark blasts, flames and increased psycho power.

Ogre had managed to clone himself via Jenova and the Mako, so both versions of the Ogre were attacking, his normal form, and his ferocious true form.

Against them were mainly Jin, Hwoarang, Ling and Julia, with Cid, Guile and Chun-Li as well, with the Turks protecting their sidelines (surprisingly).

The clones were almost as strong as the real counterparts. Reno had been on the wrong end of an omni-slash, and would have died, if Julia hadn't cured him in time, and the effects of wall and regen from Red didn't come into play.

The fake Vincent however was much easier. He could only shoot, as they had got Vincent's DNA in human form, but not in beast form. He couldn't cast any of his limit breaks or materia, as Ling took him out extremely easily.

The fake Cid was still standing, he couldn't call the Highwind, but it used Big Brawl and Dynamite attacks as effectively as the real Cid, as the real Cid found out much to his discredit.

Bison and Ogre stuck with many powerful attacks, and the True Ogre just hovered over them, blasting flame after flame.

Chun-Li countered with a huge Kiosho, and Vincent (in Chaos form) decided to take this beast himself.

Chun-Li and Guile stood on either side of Bison, as Jin, Julia, Hwoarang and Ling trapped Ogre, whilst the Turks and Cid took on the clones.

Despite the overwhelming numbers of the good guys, the power of Jenova was certainly in their bodies, and they attacked with powerful blasts.

Bison unleashed a new move, Psycho Shield, a Magneto style shield, except instead of magnetism, it was pure dark essence, as it expanded to attack Guile and Chun-Li.

Both were hurt bad, but like Sagat, their need for revenge was ultimate.

Chun-Li however, had learnt her lesson the first time. Ryu's words played into her mind as she kept calm.

Guile on the other hand.....


Guile attacked without mercy, every blow hoping to be crippling. However, none connected, as Bison avoided them easily. His psycho power able to partially read minds, but Guile's moves were so blantly obvious, Bison just sidestepped them easily, before teleporting behind him.

He grabbed his neck, ready to snap it back in a reverse DDT.

Chun-Li came out of nowhere and hit a flying kick to the face, sending Bison away from Guile. Chun's mind was clear. Battling him recently, Chun knew what to do.

Chun-Li's superior agility kept her at bay as she taunted Bison into attacking. It was good she was so quick, as the blows Bison had attempted were all intended to cripple.

Chun-Li jumped at the same time Bison attempted his head stomp.

With amazing agility, she hit her famous lightning mid air!

Bison felt many blows hit him in the chest, but Chun wasn't finished. She landed on her hands and span into the spinning bird kick.

Bison was hit a few times as Chun nipped up and hit a thunderous punch to the skull of Bison.

Bison stepped back, very wary of how good Chun had recently got. Guile had got up, seeing Bison on the floor.

Guile's anger at Bison was obvious, but he knew that wasn't gonna bring Charlie back. Chun had played calm and was doing well, Guile was playing angry and powerful, and had lost badly. He would have killed him if it hadn't been for Chun.

Guile knew he would have to calm down. They would win....they were good guys....and there was two of them.

But Charlie was one of the good guys as well.......

Guile shook the thought of his deceased friend as he ran, stopped and hit a flash kick, faking Bison with the move he was going to do.

Bison was shocked. Before Chun interfered, he had been winning this.

"Psycho Field!"

A blast of pure energy attacked Guile and Chun-Li and expanded. Both were hurt as Bison attacked with multiple Psycho Shots and Bison introduced them to the Psycho Crusher, Knee Press Nightmare and Psycho Cannon in quick succession, both looking much worse for wear now.

Chun felt those moves. They were stronger in this surrounding energy, to answer it, as she couldn't give a warning to the others so they could cure them, she decided to finish him off now.

She looked at Guile who seemed at edge as well.

Guile blasted multiple sonic booms at Bison which he easily blocked, but what Guile was doing was a perfect distraction for Chun.

Guile ran in with his Opening Gambit attack. Bison deflected most of the punches but was caught by the Flash Kick. Guile quickly followed up with a double flash kick.

Bison was airborne when he saw his fate.

Chun-Li powering up her most Kiosho ever.

This once was much bigger than Bison's Psycho Cannon and it seemed to expand as it powered more. It was attacking even before Chun had said the words.

The frazzle of skin was upon him even before Chun said....


The huge fireball expanded to over 20 feet by 20 feet and kept growing. Chun remembered how to do the Kioken, had been building up her chi for a long time to execute this extremely potent attack. However, the love she had grew with Ryu had somehow powered it up. Maybe Ryu's strong chi had become one with hers......

Bison screamed as he was caught in the middle of the attack....

But Chun didn't stop.

She kept unleashing it. Her chi along with her hidden desire for revenge making the attack even more stronger.

As she released it, an explosion blinded many an eye for a few seconds.....

And before she knew it.....

Bison was gone.

Chun panted. She had exhausted herself, she was ready to pass out.

And she did in Guile arms, who looked amazed and happy.


Vincent's clone had been easy, but Cloud and Cid's clones were certainly more difficult.

'Cloud's' limit breaks came in much faster than the real Cloud's, and the Turks and Cid were struggled to keep up with the speed of him. And when they finally overpowered him, the fake Cid was there to attack.

Elena blasted them both with lightning attacks, Rude used fire and Reno used earth. Cid used ice, trying to combine the best of all worlds.

They were strong physically, but stupid. Jenova had obviously not noticed the weakness of this plan, that the materia couldn't be cloned and the clones were weak against the strong blasts of the elements.

As the Turks finally realised the pattern, as did Cid, and kept attacking. The clones kept trying to get closer, but it was no use. The blasts of materia kept them back, and very slowly, began to weaken them.

It wasn't long before they fell.

Cid struck them both in the back with his Venus Gospel, a final couple of blood curdling screams, and they vanished into thin air.

"Yaah, we kicked as...." Cid said, as a powerful light was sent their way.

"Hit the dirt!" he screamed as they all fell flat.

They needn't have worried. It was only the aftershock from Chun-Li super attack.


Vincent was never in a stable mind when Chaos attacked, and attacking the True Ogre didn't help.

The True Ogre attacked with flames more powerful than Chaos, and Chaos had been taking a beating for a while.

It was then a couple of saviors showed up.


"Jin.....if we destroy True Ogre, this Ogre will also die!" screamed Julia. She held out her pendant.

She looked at Vincent. He wasn't doing well.

"I've gotta help him!" Julia screamed as she ran to him.

"Damn!" said Hwoarang. "Ling, help her out......"


"Just do it, I don't want to see you die in front of me.....go, help Julia....."

The look that Hwoarang gave her would have melted stone. Ling didn't argue. It might be more safer, or more dangerous. Who cares? They were doomed from the beginning of this mission anyway (unknowing how wrong she was), so whats another problem?

Hwoarang and Jin knew that Julia's pendant could destroy the Ogre and that Ling was probably safer with her.

Now they had to work together.

"O.K, Hwoarang, here's a deal. If we kill this son of a bitch, we becomes friends, if not for our sakes, but for theirs." Jin said, looking at the two girls.

"And if we die?" Hwoarang said.

"Then you can curse me out in heaven or hell....." Jin said, just as Ogre tried to strike.

Hwoarang realised that this was no time to joke or argue. They had to keep alive against the Ogre so that Julia could have the best opportunity to kill it.

However, the Ogre was not unbeatable. Hwoarang and Jin had weakened it before, if Heihachi hadn't interfered.....

...but he was no longer an issue. Jin focused his fist and it connected with the stupidly unguarded chest of the Ogre.

Ogre reeled back as Hwoarang quick kicks and Jin's fast punches came at Ogre a mile a minute.

Ogre retaliated with Jun style flash kicks, which Jin parried (knowing his mothers style) whilst Hwoarang fell. On the other hand, when Ogre hit some rising axe kicks, Hwoarang had defended better as they were based on Baek's attacks.

The Ogre was strong......

.....but the human spirit is stronger.......


Chaos was tiring badly. He had fought a bit too much, and now was paying for it.

The True Ogre was more powerful than he imagined. It's slash attacks made the Apocolypse's attacks look weak. Chaos' carcass looked dead as blood seeped from its wound.

True Ogre prepared for another powerful flame attack. Chaos waited for the inevitable charring of flesh........

Instead, he felt a warm presence, but it soon dispelled, before another warm presence entered his way.

Chaos had no chance to attack, so it reverted to Vincent, as Julia Chang entered and cured him.

"Happy to see me Vincent?" Julia said, remembering their first encounter wasn't as pleasant for either of them.

Vincent smiled a rare smile as Julia and Ling hopped to him.

"All right, Toshin, the legend may be true, but lets see you defeat me....." Julia said.

True Ogre seemed to laugh, as it shot a powerful flame at them.


The flame seemed to head towards them, but it vanished as it attempted to burn Julia's carcass to the ground.

True Ogre almost screamed.

The pendant......

"As you can see, my Tribal legends are also true, and thanks to my mother, I have found out the true legend of the pendant and why Heihachi wanted it so much, to control you. But....."

"It can do other things as well....."

The shield powered up and blasted straight at the Ogre, sending it down to the floor.

Julia ran up and landed a punch with so much force that it shook the earth.

A high kick and elbow later to the skull, Ogre was looking very much worse for wear.

The pendant hung around her wrist as a beam of light shrone through it, surrounding the Ogre in a bright light.

And then, the Ogre disappated in that light......

...and was sucked into the pendant.

She dropped it and using the last of the power, raised her leg over her head.....

......and promptly destroyed it.

The Ogre was gone. It's spirit was scattered along with the Mako and Lifestream, as it too, return to the planet.

But not the planet, it's planet, hell.

Julia held her breath, destroying Michelle's pendant.

"Forgive me, mother....." she said.

Vincent put a metal hand on her shoulder.

"She will young one....she will......."


"She's done it." Jin said proudly.

"How can you tell?" Hwoarang said sarcastically. The Ogre' s body was already flashing and about to explode.

A sound not too similar from a very loud curse word came from the destroyed legend as it exploded in rays of light.

"You know what the bad thing about this is now....." Jin said.

"What?" Hwoarang said.

"We have to be friends now...." Jin said.



Jenova couldn't believe it. All of her forces were diminishing.

She needed to use her power soon, if her last line of defence wasn't going to be intact.

Cloud had destroyed the clone Red as he and Tifa battled against Akuma.

Akuma had said to her before the fight had started.....

'I sense a presence in you, a very strong one, you should be submitted to the power of the Raging Demon." he said.

"Screw you!" Tifa retaliated.

" interesting new challenge...." Akuma said and attacked.


For the first part of the battle, it was just Akuma against Tifa as Cloud along with back up from Yuffie, Barret and Red attacks the Fake Red.

Akuma never underestimates an opponent.

And this one was tough.

Tifa was striking with a speed similar to Chun-Li, but with blows as powerful as Ryu's. Her Premium Heart was glowing as power came out of it.

"SHA-MA-KEN!" Tifa said as a version of the fireball came out, she easily learnt it from Sakura and Chun-Li and was utilising it against the devil fighter.

Akuma sidestepped it and teleported behind her. Tifa, a split reaction before Akuma could break her neck, somersaulted beackwards and struck a powerful fist into the side of Akuma.

Tifa followed up with a series of quick kicks and punches, spinning out of the way of any attacks Akuma attempted.

Akuma jumped back and powered up.


The powerful blast got past Tifa's guard, and blasted her into a broken rock face. Tifa fell awkardly, an ankle slightly twisted.

Akuma noticed the slight injury and attcked with furious speed.

Tifa was still quite quick and very few attacks got by her guard, even his version of the Shoryu Reppa, the Messatsu Gou-Shoryu Ken. Tifa was slaving away, hitting her limit attacks in different orders for a change, managing to hit her Meteo Drive suplex as her best manoevre on Akuma.

Akuma was getting tired of this game. Tifa had started to hurt him. He couldn't allow that.

A demon blade kick send her dazed and groggy as Akuma powered up his ultimate chi.


Akuma rushed at her. Tifa couldn't run because of the increasing pain in her ankle.


Cloud's cure spell came a second quicker. Tifa felt it and jumped, rolled avoiding the death attack.

Cloud had dispatched the Fake Red with a Finishing Touch, sending it back to the netherworld. Now, Cloud had seen Tifa take a beating.

"Now, we'll see how the devil faces the hero and heroine of the planet....." Cloud scowled.

Akuma smirked.

And attacked.


The fight with Akuma with Tifa and Cloud was tough. Yuffie aided with materia blasts, but they seemingly were aborbed by Akuma.

It looked like this would be a fight to the death.

Cloud's ultra quick slashes were very dangerous, and a number struck the almost as quick Akuma. His teleportation made him escape certain death a number of times.

None of the materia worked, not even Ultima.

Akuma smirked.

"Your power is strong, but is no match for one with no soul such as myself. You think a mere alien can control me. That is why the other 'sons' have fallen. They listened to her. I will not do the same. My power will destroy everyone. The Mako inside my body had extended my raging demon to a longer range, so I can dispel it around, and destroy everyone......"

Cloud went to attack, but Tifa held him back.

"There is no attack which can dispel it, so prepare to die......" Akuma smirked.

"Ready Cloud....."




Akuma was ready to destroy everything when a double sight caught his eye, both Tifa and Cloud glowing in a bright light.

Full Cure was being cast by Barret.

But the glow was beyond that.

Cloud ran in with the quickest and most powerful Omnislash he attempted to hit.

Akuma couldn't complete his attack quick enough as the first of many sword blows went to hit.

Cloud knew that Sephiroth fell to this, but this was a real devil.

So help was needed.

As Akuma tried to block, he shrieked as Tifa ran in with the start of her limit break.

As the multiple swords blows hit, the punches, flash kick, sweep kick, suplex, uppercut and neck throw attacks hit.

But it wasn't finished.

Tifa felt held back in many colours as her Final Heaven was executed.

Cloud's final blow of the Omnislash tested the end of the evil.

A crucifixition.

Akuma fell.

Cloud sheathed his sword as he looked at the dying demon, energy dispating from him.

"So, it looks like this planet has strength, strong warriors....heh....heh....I am glad to leave this world on a strong as I am....with people stronger than I was......"

"It looks like....Jenova...didn't see my treachory.........but it looks'll have to complete it......"

"Heh...heh....destroy she doesn't.....destroy this world.....with warriors as powerful as you.....I will be watching.......from the spirits......"

Akumas body ended in a green glow, as an explosion of devil energy and Mako power was sent into the air.

Akuma was gone.

Ogre was gone.

True Ogre was gone.

Bison was gone.

Heihachi was gone.

Giovanni was gone.

Cloud turned to Jenova, almost shell shocked.

"It looks like your power wasn't as strong as it looked." Looking at the crater left by Akuma and an unconscious Sagat.

Jenova fumed.

"You're finished!"

And it attacked.


Jenova's power was incredible.

The Mako circulated around her as a weapon, and expanded like painful shrads.

The Wall and Planet Protector spells cast were trying their damned hardest to block, but they were seeping in. James had to cast and recast, which was a problem because Jenova seemed to focus on him the most.

Jenova had sensed the Cetra helping, and the power came from the young man in the back. The attacks Jenova came out were unbelivingly powerful, as powerful as Sephiroth's Super Nova attack.

Red had cast Regen and Wall many times, and Barrets Full Cure worked overtime. Attack wise, Cloud's Sword and Ultima spells were the main offence, Ryu and Tifa working together with powerful attacks, as Ken, Sakura and Chun-Li aimed their fireballs.

James had sent out Mewtwo, Dragonite and Raichu for powerful attacks, as Pikachu, Charizard and Wartortle continued their attack. Misty sent out Vaporeon, as Gary sent out all of his pokemon. Brock sent out all of his and Ling's as well, Articuno hovering above them as we speak.

Guile sent out Sonic Booms, as Cid cast Judgement Bolt. The Turks attacked as well with weapons and materia. Yuffie cast her materia, using her shuriken every now and again, whilst the Tekken fighters found it hard to get close to Jenova hadn't it been for Julia's cure magic. Meowth stayed close to Julia as Arbok and Weezing came in as well, Jessie commanding both of them now. Vincent was very tired so could only fire from his Death Penalty, as Cait cured him and attacked with other materia.

But Jenova seemed to shrug off the attacks easily, curing itself with the Mako surrounding them.

James cast Great Gospel. But the young ex-member of Team Rocket couldn't hold out forever, and to Jessie, he was starting to tire.

Julia cured him, hoping it would help. Mewtwo also used a 'Recover' spell on him, and used powerful psychic energy.

But Jenova was too powerful. She had directed many attacks to the most powerful members of the party and anyone who came two close were given a present via her poison tentacles.

Esunas from Cait were helping, but not much. Many were falling.

Jenova closed it's eyes.


Jenova vanished and a huge ball of ultima energy came from behind her. This was a new summon, the ultima summon, and Jenova commanded it. It was similar in size to the super nova of Sephiroth's, but of ultima energy, it would be even more powerful.......


Ultimate struck without mercy on many of them.

They fell, hard.

She cast it again, twice. Jame used the last of his energy to cast Planet Protector, Healing Wind and Great Gospel before also falling, to join many of his teamates.

Remaining standing were;


This was not looking good. James Protector spell had just about saved them, but they couldn't help them as they had passed out. None of them had a revive spell, Cait had that magic and his electronics had been severly damaged.

Cloud hoped that Reeve could fix it quickly, because this Jenova was feeding on the Mako and hoped that some miracle would happen.

Well, not miracle, but a start of something happened.

Jenova went to cast Ultimate again.



Jenova stopped in anger.

Powerful energy blasted in the air and struck her in the chest. Jenova screamed as her green flesh twisted and sizzled.

Ryu looked behind him and was shocked.


The huge Thai master was up, his hands blazing.

"Why.....why are you helping us....and how did you get up....." Chun said, quietly.

Sagat looked around. It seemed that fight with Ryu had finally knocked some sense into him. Why had he been spared when others had died?

He was human. He had human emotions. He had just hidden them away for so long.

"It took me many years to realise it Chun-Li, but I see that the man of honour of so long ago hadn't vanished away, just tucked under this muscular chest. However, I realised that a loss against the greatest warrior of our planet isn't exactly anything to be ashamed of. I had been spared for a reason.....that I can help, not hinder......"

He looked at Ryu. "That doesn't mean I won't like to battle you again, Ryu, but I realised that working with low-lifes made me one, not the warrior I wanted and had been."

He powered up his chi again. "For one time, I will help you.....and destroy this mother....."


A much higher, more powerful blast of energy went through the Mako power of Jenova. It passed through the guard of Jenova as it hit her on the chest, she screamed again.

"SHINKU-HADOKEN!" screamed Ryu and Ken together, powering up.

"KIOSHO!" screamed Chun-Li.

The three super powered fireballs blasted into Jenova, making it flail pathetically.

"Yeah....we got..."

Jenova got back up and blasted them with a Poison Wave attack (a tidal wave of Bio energy came at them)

Now they could really use Cait, who had the Esuna based magic as well.

Tifa used her antidotes and went to cast her limit breaks. As this was going on, Jin had been hit with a couple of tentacles and went down, but he battled to keep consciousness, as his teamates had fallen.

'Please, don't let us die......" he thought.

Sagat held back, not sure how to battle. He had avoided the wave which Ryu had been hit with. Half an hour ago, he would have taken advantage and killed him there. But not now.....

Sagat powered up again, but realised he was still weak from before. He had to hold back, and recover, or else.

Barret full cured them all, but Ryu, Ken and Chun still had poison running through their body and were quite weak.

Cloud ran and jumped, hitting the Meteorain at the same time Barret cast Comet2.

Jenova screamed again, and healed quickly. It was started to be in trouble.

He had to take out the stronger members. Misty was no fighter, her Vaporeon had passed out, as had all of the pokemon from Ultimate.

But she had to do something. All of her pokemon were tired except for the ones she hadn't used yet. Jigglypuff, Psyduck and......, she wouldn't use Togepi. It couldn't fight, could it? It was just a baby, she wouldn't be much of a mother if she sent out a baby pokemon out......

But she had to do something. She was her friends only hope....

She looked at Ash. It seemed the stubborness was wearing on her as well.

"Ash, please forgive me if you die........."

"Jigglypuff! Psyduck! You're our last hope!" she said.

She released the two pokemon, knowing that against Jenova, they probably didn't have much of a chance, but she had to do something. She felt so helpless.

Both pokemon looked scared beyond their wits seeing the alien.

She said "I know, but we've got to do something. Jigglypuff, trying your...." No, if it sang, everyone else would fall to sleep as well.

"Psyduck, use your Disable attack now!" she said, down to her last option.

Psyduck's headache however was stronger than ever because of the Mako swirling around it and was able to cast Disable.

This attack had more of an impact than Jenova realised. Disable had made her unable to cast many of her spells, including her healing spells. This threw a spanner in the works for Jenova.

"Yeah, Psyduck...." she said, but screamed as a tentacle sent her way, hitting her, Psyduck and Jigglypuff.

"Ooof...." she said, landing, and something fell out of her backpack......


"Togepi, no...." Misty said.

Togepi started speaking to her rapidly.

"No, can't....please.....don't...."

Togepi scampered off to see Jenova ahead.

Jenova scoffed at the egg and shot out the shards of Mako at them.



(flashback to Chapter 11)

The glow of Vulpix from behind them, unknown to everyone, except for Brock, who sensed something happening.

He ran, forgetting Giovanni, picked up Vulpix, who was glowing......

.....of Mako energy.

"Whats happening....." Brock said, as Vulpix started to glow.

Brock gently put it down.


"Vulpix!" Brock was first in tears.

"VUL......Tales!" it finished.

"Huh?" Brock said.

In front of him, was not a dead Vulpix as he thought would happen, but a very healthy and powerful looking, Ninetales.

Brock was shocked. Vulpix could only evolved via a Fire Stone.

Unless.....that glowing, was that energy from the...what was it.....Mako...that had caused this problem......could it help evolution as well.

(end flashback)

The Mako shards aimed at Togepi, Psyduck and Jigglypuff were supposed to kill them.

It had the opposite affect.

Jigglypuff inhaled the Mako and started to glow.

Psyducks' head began to glow in a white glow.

And Togepi was glowing as well in a green light.....

Jenova was confused. They should have been killed.

Misty was shocked. "What is happening to....."



Instead of the small balloon pokemon and a pathetic duck, came a larger ballon pokemon with rabbit ears and a much larger duck, now in hard, metallic blue skins, razor sharp claws and a temper.

Jigglypuff and Psyduck were replaced by their evolved forms, Wigglytuff and Golduck.

"GOLD....." It concerntrated a blaze of Psychic energy, in an attack known as Psychic Wave (NOTE: I don't know Golduck/Wigglytuff/Togepi's attacks, so just bare with me). A wave of psychic energy blasted towards Jenova, cutting it's energy down.

"Golduck, Hydro Pump!" Misty shouted.

Golduck looked at Jenova, and Hydro Pump came about. But unlike Squirtles, or Wartortles, this one surrounded the huge Jenova, in a Water Spin like movement. It was huge and this Jenova didn't like the water.

Wigglytuff shot out sleep beams from its eyes, aiming at Jenova.

Cloud and co were watching this display with excellent interest. It was amazing.

Jenova retaliated with a beam of pure psy-energy.

Wigglytuff seemed to scream....

.....then Togepi jumped ahead.

The beam hit the egg. Misty screamed.

But the egg didn't even budge. The energy was absorbed into the egg.

And released in a huge wave of Psychic energy.

Ripples of psychic waves surrounded Jenova. More powerful than Mewtwo could use.

Misty was amazed at Togepi's power.......

Jenova was now disabled. Her magic was useless.

Cloud, Tifa and Barret saw their chance now.

"O.K, NOW!"



At the same time Tifa began her limit break.

Jenova couldn't believe it. It was over. She had lost, because of a stupid egg and some kids.....and the heroes of the planet had done it again.

The beam and bullets shot through Jenova's skin. Cloud's sword slashed right through it. Tifa's blows were crippling.

Cloud raised a materia.


And that, it was...........

Jenova screamed in anger, a dying scream, as it gurgled. It's plan had amazingly, failed, and her underestimation of everyone's power had been its undoing.

Jenova faded away, and the Mako was released from it body..... be absorbed into the Lifestream.

The portals remained above them.

Cloud panted, and looked at everyone, they were all breathing. They had been spared.

They had achieved the impossible yet again........

Cloud smiled.

"It's over."



The way that James has been used was an idea that I wasn't going to do, but I thought it would be interesting how it would work. I like Team Rocket, and wanted them to be portrayed as something other than bunglers.

Yes, I made Misty's pokemon extra-powerful! Yes, I'm happy about it! Yes, I'm mad. (Some hit me....aggh, too many!)

One chapter left, some say goodbye, some don't, and a few heart-warming scenes to come as well.......


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