Mako Crossover Chapter 15

Goodbye and Hello

By Chris Homer

"We.......kicked.....ass......" said a recovering Cid, on the receiving end of a recover spell by Tifa. Cait had been fixed by Reeve back at the Chocobo Farm, via static link-up, and Cait was fixing everyone up with revifify spells.

Everyone had escaped serious injury. The most people got were burns, cuts and bruises, which were cured via the magic of materia.........

A lot of people were worried by the Mako area, in case they were affected by Mako poisoning. However, they had an unknown savior with them....

Well, unknown with most of them.......

"Aeris....." James said, recovering. His magic had saved them all via his protection spells and healing/invicibility spells.

Never before had James felt so good, or as powerful as before.

Jessie looked at him as he looked like watching the stars. They had barely escaped death, and he was looking at the sky....

"I tell you, Meowth, James is really lost it here...." Jessie said to her feline companion.

He didn't say anything.

"Meowth.....didn't you hear me......" she said again, only Meowth wasn't there.

Meowth was being petted by Julia, who was petting Red as well as they all recovered from a tiring experience.

Jessie smirked.

"Figures." she said, then remembered what James had said to her before, about staying here.

She was going to stay with him. Her mind had decided. She wouldn't be a troll here, and hopefully, she could have some friends, and live a proper life, without machines, plans, tinned food, and danger.......

Julia was being held by Jin as Red and Meowth snuggled up to the young girl.

"Not jealous are you, young Jin?" Red said.

"No, of course not. It just seems that everyone likes Julia....much to my chigrin at times...." he smirked, as Meowth purred to her, like a real cat.

"Meowth.....I wish I could stay with you Julia....your the only person who has treated me as well as a person, with possible exception to Jessie and James....." he said.

Jessie then had a dilemma. Where would Meowth go? Maybe Julia could take him in or he could remain with us......although he didn't like this world, he had said.

Hwoarang had got up as Ling felt the restore materia go through her arm, which had been badly hurt.

Ling breathed a sigh of relief as the warm feeling of magic went inside her.

"So, how are you?" hwoarang said, concerned.

"Better, but a little sore......" Ling said.

"Aw, do you want me to kiss it better?" Hwoarang said, with a puppy dog look in his eyes.

Ling shrugged back in mock disgust, but still smiled.

"At least you're worried about me. I remember when we first met, you didn't give a rat's ass....." she said, as Hwoarang grabbed her.

"That's a lie. I thought you were really cute and pretty when I first you, but my reputation as a bad-ass made me be peeved off at you. I was still upset about Kazama...."

He looked at Jin.

"But not anymore. It looks like you've changed me, you little miracle-worker." he smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

Ling blushed as Hwoarang held her softly, waiting for everyone to recover. As far as they were concerned, it could wait forever.

"Everyone alright?" Cloud shouted.

A unison said 'yep' except for Hwoarang and Ling who together said 'darn.'


Cloud and Tifa exited the Crater, as the Highwind lay there, as good as new.

The Lifestream seemed to have healed it.

James and Cid had told Cloud about Aeris, particularly James, and Cloud was as shocked as many of the Avalanche members, but couldn't do anything about it.

Except say a silent prayer of thanks.

Then James snickered.

"What?" Cloud said.

"She just said 'no problem.'" James snickered.

"You....can communicate with her....." Cloud said.

"Yeah......" James held out the pokeball. "Aeris cannot re-enter this planet physically, but her spirit lives on in the lifestream. Within the explosion of Mako, elements of the lifestream were also exploited there. From it, she was able to summon people of good as well as Jenova's will of evil to stop it." He looked at the pokeball.

"She gave me the ability to seal the power of evil in this pokeball when Giovanni had it, and change it into good. I know, have the Cetra power thanks to this ball, and be able to create any pokemon I can."

He looked at Jessie, and back at Cloud.

"But if I leave, I won't be able to use this power again. In the short time here, I have felt more good than I ever had..........I've for the first time, made a difference....and also, I met people who don't treat us like trolls....." A cross stare went at Ash, but it wasn't as mean as he hoped it to be.

"I've talked about this with Jessie, and we'd like to stay here." James said.

A few murmurs went through everyone, but Ash, Brock and Misty were gasping, shocked.

"We would like to stay here, and be able to give lessons on to use pokemon, make them a real purpose on this planet, that magic isn't the only way you can defend the planet. We can start a school, a business, anything, it doesn't matter, plus I've made more friends here than I ever did back on my own planet." James said.

Jessie held his hand and squeezed.

Cloud was a bit surprised at this request. He hadn't expected anyone not to leave, he though home was where the heart was.

But when home was hell for them, and beginning a new life was the only way to renew their lives, how could it be stopped? He knew the feeling, leaving Nibelheim to join SOLDIER was a step to a new life for him.

Cloud went to James.

"I can also communicate to Aeris, so if you want to speak to her, just call me and I can speak to her for you....." James said.

Tifa squeezed his hand as old feelings went into Cloud's heart. But the young woman by him made him realise his true feelings and he discarded them.

However, he wouldn't discard a potential great friendship.

He put a hand on both James and Jessie's shoulder.

"Listen, I'm surprised, and this world isn't a picnic, but if you want to stay, then how can I stop could, will be most welcome here, and your powers are going to be extremely I guess I can't stop you."

He shook James hand as Jessie hugged them both.

Meowth looked a bit shocked.

Jessie released them and went up to the feline pokemon.

"Meowth, we are staying here, and we know you aren't keen with this world, so we have a proposition with you....." Jessie said.

Meowth looked a bit sad, but interested.

"We've spoken to Julia, and she says she'll look after you back in our world. She will move in with Jin in their grandfathers mansion, as the new CEO of the Mishima corporation, and you will live the rich life you've always wanted. They will train you and protect you and care for you as you wished to be, instead of the outlaw life you had with us......."

Meowth looked happy, but also sad, tears of sadness in its eyes.

Julia walked up to Meowth.

"I'll take care of you Meowth........" she said.

Meowth turned to her and then back to Jessie.

"I'll miss you Jess....I will go with her if it will help, as I hate this place, no balls of yarns anywhere.....but, despite our problems, I'll still miss you. You and James were my family for a long time.....I can't forget that....."

Meowth leapt into the arms of Jessie and gave her a cat hug, instead of the usual scratch in the face. He then leapt into James arms, who was still deep in thought.

"I'll miss you furball....." James smirked.

Mewoth growled, but smiled at the same time.

He scampered off to Julia, but as he did....

"Meowth...." it was Misty.

"Yes...." he said, still not fully trusting the kids.

"Someone wants to say goodbye to you....." Misty said.

"Huh?" Meowth said, but then saw a face pop out from her backpack.


Meowth's face saddened and tears and a smile came upon his face as the egg pokemon, Togepi, the pokemon that he had taken good care of when it was an egg, hop to it and leap into its arms, obviously remembering the care it was given from a fellow pokemon.

Meowth made no escape to hold the tears as he fell, hitting the ground. Would he ever see Togepi again?

"Pri...pri..toge.toge...prii!" Togepi exclaimed.

"I'll miss you too, Togepi." Holding the egg pokemon tightly, but in a soft way.

Togepi let go and scampered back to Misty.

Ash looked at Jessie and James with confused emotion. They had been enemies for such a long time, but now, it looked like a sad ending. Many of their adventures had come because of Team Rocket, and they had been saviors instead of satans in this adventure.

TR looks just as uncomfortable with their former adversaries. There was no reason to chase Pikachu anymore.

Brock extended his hand.

"No hard feelings....and good luck, Jessie, James....." Brock said.

James shook it firmly.


Ash looked at Jessie. Normally, he would be ready to ask Pikachu to thundershock them. But times had changed.....

He shook with Jessie. Jessie smiled. This was the first step to peace.

"Hold it....Pikachu....." Jessie said.

The mouse pokemon stuttered a questionning 'Pikachu?'

Jessie released Arbok.

"Huh...hey...." Ash started, but Jessie shook her head.

"Arbok just wants to say goodbye to Pikachu....and to apologise for all the times they battled."

"Chaaarboook...." (See ya, pikachu!)

"Pika...pikapi!" (Yeah, and thanks for the drink when you were Ekans!)

"Char...." (Umm...blushing) And it extended its big tail.

Pikachu shook it as Arbok returned.

"I guess we leave paths......" Barret said, as he approached them, as many of them looked to the portals.

"Not yet, Mr. Wallace. Can you take me and my friend Misty back to the Gold Saucer, I've got one thing to sort out....." Ash said.

"What...why...." Then Barret remembered. "Oh, yeah...come on, we'll take a Gold Chocobo. Misty can ride on"

"Starmie...." Ash said.

"Yeah that.....Misty? Your friend wants to take you somewhere....." Barret said.

Misty ran over to them.

"Yeah what Ash?" she said.

"Let's just say its a surprise....." Ash said mysteriously.


Barret drove the gold chocobo down south-west to the Gold Saucer, with Misty struggling to catch up with them on Starmie, so they slowed down for her.

Misty was a bit upset driving here, but was amazed by the huge amusement park ahead of her.

It sparkled gold and beauty, all in one combination.

"Thank you Ash...." she smiled and hugged him but a bit confused. "But why have you taken me here....." she said.

"You'll see......." Ash said, mysteriously.

Misty headed off with a Gold Ticket and Barret put a hand on Ash' shoulder.

"You like her don't ya, thats why you got that bike...." he said, smiling, knowing he'll teach Marlene the basics of love one day.

"Well, er, well, I, er...."

"It's O.K, kid, I'm a father, and hell, I'm as worried as you are when I've got to explain love to Marlene.....just go for it, you've been friends for a while, and it seems she likes you just go for it."

Ash smiled.

"Thanks, Dad!" he said, smiling and hugged the man.

Barret smiled. He just couldn't hate kids.

"Go on, scoot, then get your asses out of here so you can go back home!" he said, smirking.

Ash obediently ran and followed Misty.

"Yes, can I help you?" the young receptionist (not too unlike Nurse Joy, shame Brock wasn't with them)

"Yes, I won something here and asked if I could keep it here a while ago......" Ash said.

"Oh, yeah, your that young un who won that bike. Hang on a sec....."

Misty perked up when she heard the word 'bike'.

"Ash, did you....."

Ash smirked. "See for yourself!"

The receptionist pushed a brilliant new bicycle out. It was the latest thing from Square Tech, a brilliant piece of work, it could be adjusted to how many gears you wanted, and sped at great speeds, and a fantastic grip on the road.

"Ash, this is the best! Oh, thank you, your the greatest!" she screamed, jumping around and holding Ash.

Without thinking, she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thank you!" she said, before realising what she did.

Ash held her awkwardly, as he smiled at her. "Your welcome, Misty. Even though I won it, so it should me mine!" he said, in a fake nastiness.

Misty broke out of her small trance and grunted at him, but the feeling inside of her was beginning to erupt.

Ash smirked and bobbed his tongue out.

Misty ran and bit it.

"Ow...what was that f....."

Misty leaned over and kissed him hard on the mouth. She bit him so there was no way he could break out of it.

But Ash didn't even attempt to. His tongue was sore but that was nothing compare to the love and incredible pleasure she was feeling. Misty tongue came into his mouth and started to seemingly heal his tongue. Ash almost fainted.

When Misty finally released, she saw Barret clapping. She shrieked, embarrassed, whilst Ash laughed.

"Well, now I have your attention, are you gonna get a room, or get your butts outta here....." he said.

Misty looked at Ash, then at Barret and nodded. Ash winked at Misty as he got her bike and began to hold it awkwardly as she left, ready to mount Starmie again.

Ash pecked her on the cheek as a new and understanding love was met between the two of them.


As everyone got together (and a few wolf-whistles at Ash and Misty, particularly from Brock and Jessie/James, yes, Barret is a gossip), it was time to say their final goodbyes, or in James and Jessie's case, hellos.

"Well, Ryu, we'll never have that match...." Tifa said to the world Street Fighting champ.

"Yeah, I wanted to face you as well..." Ryu said.

"Is that all you two think about, fighting?" Chun-Li and Cloud said together.

Ryu grabbed Chu-Li as Tifa grabbed Cloud and gave both of them a solid strong kiss on the mouth. Chun-Li and Cloud were both shocked, but then held their respectives warmly and enjoyed the kiss.

But Ken and Sakura were waiting quite impatiently.

They released as Ryu hugged Tifa and Cloud hugged Chun. Then Tifa hugged Chun and Ryu shook hands with Cloud.

"Take care Cloud, this world needs you." Ryu said.

"You too. And take care of yourself man." Cloud said.

Tifa and Chun broke up. "Thanks for everything Chun, I hope we can still see each other." Tifa said sadly, knowing that was unlikely.

Chun smiled. "I'm sure you'll know when I'm kicking ass." she said.

Tifa smiled as they released.

Ryu and co waited for Guile to finish speaking to Cid before they were ready to leave via the reopened portals.

"Hey, Sakura?" screamed a voice.

"huh?" Sakura said, distracted, as Yuffie ran to her.

"Hey, I just wanna say goodbye. It's been cool to talk and annoy someone my own age, as well as beat up." she smirked.

"Hey! I beat you!" Sakura said.

"Yeah, but I didn't use my magic!" Yuffie smirked. Sakura growled, but instead Yuffie shook her hand and hugged her.

"Bye, I've still got to steal everyones materia here, damn, never got the chance last time." Yuffie said.

Sakura groaned but smiled.

"See ya, Yuffie." she said.

Ken wailed a bit.


Tifa and Yuffie smirked as they approached Ken and kissed him on the cheek.

"Huh....thanks..." he said, then made a mental note NOT to tell Eliza everything that happened here.

Both girls giggled as they waited for Guile.


Guile shook hands with Cid, his only real friend he made in this trip. He was looking forward to returning to his wife and daughter.

"Well, old man, time for us to depart." said Guile.


"Please, no profanity, it's a goodbye, not a death match!" Guile said.

Cid (just) managed to hold his swear words together as he wished Guile a good trip as he approached the portal.

"Take care of that lovely woman of yours...." Guile said.

Cid smiled. He had finally realised his feelings for Shera and was not going to ruin them again for her or for himself.

"You too." Guile said.

Guile smirked.


"Take care of them Brock!" the young teenager said.

"They're yours, why do you want me to take care of them........" Brock said to the girl.

Ling groaned. "You want to be the best breeder of Pokemon, well, with my martial arts training and....a new relationship now, I can't look after Ninetales and Pidgeot. I'll take care of my beloved Panda and Articuno, and I'm sure your Ninetales would like some company."

True enough, Brock's Ninetales was female whilst Ling's was male. Interesting.

"Yeah, but...." Brock said.

Ling knew an easy way to get him to listen.

"Listen, if I kissed you, would you look after them?" Ling said with a smirk (and making sure Hwoarang was out of sight)

"Huh?" Brock said, not sure that he was hearing right.

"You heard me." she said as a deep shade of red came to his face.

"Oh well.....I suppose....."

He didn't finish as Ling gave him a small peck on the lips. Brock immediately fell on his back, half-fainted.

"Oh brother...." Ash said as did Ling.

"Heh...heh..." Brock said, with a goofy look on his face. "Oh well, if you really want me to..." hoping for another one.

"Nice try." Ling said smiling, instead extending a handshake.

"Good luck Brock." she said.

Brock shook it. "You too Ling." he said and released.

Ash then went up to her. "I'll miss you Ling, you taught me a few things." he said.

"Like?" she said.

"Never trust a girl!" he said laughing as Misty came up behind him in a sleeperhold.

"Ahh...O.K, O.K, I'm kidding....." he said, breathing deeply.

Misty laughed as did Ling.

"Look after him!" Ling said to Misty as she blushed.

"Err...." she said, embarrassed.

Ling went up and shook both their hands.

"Thanks everyone, you've made my stop a bit more memorable than just killing monsters....." she said and went to talk with Hwoarang, who seemed to be making peace to Jin.

"I think this trip has been memorable, don't you think so Ash?" Misty said.

Ash smiled, and answered with a kiss to the cheek. Misty rsponded with one on the lips as they held each other, Brock not noticing as he was still in shock with Ling.

Pikachu and Togepi were sitting down, munching a bit of popcorn.

"Pika! Pika! Chu, pika, pikapi, cha!" (Is this supposed to be nice or sickining?)

"Pri....pri....togepppppiiiiii!" (Quiet, it's so cute!)


"So, are you ready?" Red said to Julia, Meowth perched on her shoulder.

" looks like the others are ready, so it looks like we are ready to go!" she said and shook the legendary Beast of Cosmo Canyon's paw and stroked its head. Many a person her age would have thought second thoughts but Julia was always at peace with the animals, even ones which spoke. (Weird.)

Vincent surprisingly came to Julia to wish Julia goodbye as well. Meowth was still a bit scared of Nanaki, but with Julia by him, he was confident of disabling fear.

Vincent shook her hand.

"Thanks for saving me....I'm not good with words....." Vincent admitted.

"None needed. I'm glad to have met you." Julia said.

Vincent smirked. "Not too many people say that to me."

"Well, I mean it! And thank you." she said, a tear in her and a stride in her step, she walked over to her friends.

Meowth nodded, looking at his other friends, Jessie and James, waving to him, as did Togepi, and surprisingly, Pikachu, Ash, Misty and Brock did as well, as they walked up to their portal.

But wait, weren't they forgetting someone.....


Gary screamed, the outsider of the whole series (O.K, I don't like him!) had managed to catch up, trying to show off with Ling, and failing as Articuno blew him away.

"Oh, thanks for joining us!" Ash said.

Gary ignored him and tried hitting on Misty, unaware of what had happened between Ash and Misty.

Instead of answering him, Misty kissed Ash hard on the lips.

Gary was speechless. For once (in his opinion), Ash had something that he couldn't have.

A true love.


They were all assembled. All three portals, ready to give everyone a real entering back to their real worlds.

But one person was missing.

And he came.....

"Sagat......" Ryu whispered.

Sagat had left the crater and had been walking around for a while, reflecting on times past and present. He wondered if everything gone, could be restructure his life again.

The answer he concluded, of course he could.

"If we meet again after we've parted ways Ryu, we will fight again. But for now, I will leave and created the Thai temple into a Muay Thai dojo, and begin tutorring. I will return to the life I lead before you defeated me."

Sagat ended his speech and a head and shoulders over everyone else, entering the portal first, not saying much, but it was more than words were needed.

Ryu and Ken looked at each other.


Ryu and Ken with a wave to their new friends, entered their portal, followed by Chun-Li and a tearful Sakura.

Next, were Jin, Julia, Hwoarang, Ling and now Meowth.

Meowth looked at Jessie and James.

"Are you sure 'bout this?' Meowth said.

James nodded. "Life the life you've dreamed of Meowth. This is the true life we've dreamed of."

Meowth smiled and nuzzled Julia's cheek.

"Bye everyone!" Ling said enthusiastically, as she entered first with Articuno and Panda by her side. Jin and Hwoarang waved as they entered and Julia left with Meowth, both having tears in their eyes. They weren't the only ones. Yuffie, Tifa and Red weren't trying hart not to spurt tears, and failing.

Lastly, Ash, Brock and Misty entered the final portal.

"O.K, thank's guys, thank for everything!" Ash said, especially to Barret.

Misty smiled and shed a tear. "Bye!" Tifa and Yuffie would remember the young girl.

Brock smiled, as his new Pidgeott was on his shoulder as he entered the portal, remembering this adventure for a long time.

Then, they were gone.


After the tears were over, and most of the celebrations had finished, most of the group known as AVALANCHE had left. Barret had gone to get Marlene, Cait and Reeve were reunited as their PHS' were fixed again, and Barret had told Elymra she could stay with him as well. She accepted.

Yuffie left for Wutai, with materia and a tale to tell her father. Cid returned home to make up to Shera about what happened with them. Red, tearful, returned to Cosmo Canyon, with Vincent surprisingly following him. He decided to live a life there most likely.

The Turks had already left and were heading for the Gold Saucer, to cash in some winnings (and apparently Dio had promised them some money for helping AVALANCHE).

So, remaining in the Chocobo Farm were two of the founding members of Avalanche, Cloud and Tifa, and the two newest members, Jessie and James.

"I hope you guys will have a successful life now." Cloud said with Tifa snuggling by his side.

Jessie smiled. They had lent some money off Cloud (they were rolling in money from the killing of monsters) and set up a version of the Pokemon Gym, where using James' Pokeball, they would teach children and adults how to use pokemon, and sell off ones for special prices. The small weaker ones would be small in gil (e.g. Caterpie, Weedle), but some of the rarer and powerful ones (e.g. Dragonite) would be expensive.

It seemed that the pokemon craze would erupt in this world, as Cloud himself had recommended the place, and would also learn about it. It looked fun.

James was in concerntration as Jessie snuggled up to him. It looked like they had found each other.

"Aeris says congratulations." she said. He paused again as he heard something else.

"Oh, and she has something to say to you Tifa....." she said.

"Huh...." Tifa said.

"She says 'Good luck on straightening him out'" and chuckled.

"Grr..." Tifa smirked as Cloud was laughing and she hit him.

"I'll miss her." Cloud said, and put his arm around Tifa. "But Tifa, don't worry, I'm not gonna loaf around. I love you."

And they kissed gently.


THE END: (Well almost)

Just an epologue here. A few questions.

Why did I pick James to become the new Cetra guide? Simple....I don't know. I just thought it would be an interesting plot.

All the romances that I wanted (and some certain people wanted as well) are in this fanfic;

Cloud/Tifa (just, I don't mind Aeris as well)

Hope you enjoyed it. Now, what happened to them afterwards?


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